Sunday, December 20, 2009

Till then, adieu...

You opened your gift and found a…Blogpost!
This is gonna be my last post of the year…not sure if I’ll keep blogging so all I can say is have hope!
Have a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Heh this sucks I REALLY am beginning to forget. Nvm. Shall complain about class allocation first.
I blame…Mr. Cheong. And I pronounced him wanted on charges of complete non-random-ness, , plotting elaborate conspiracies, the telling of lame jokes, emotional damage and…I dunno, littering. Of students. XD
Ian: I swear ZE and Clarice were put together on purpose
So while Candice was being a pig Bryan was eating the cup noodles which were supposed to be our supper/breakfast/whatever random meal you would like it to be, and discussing Windows operating systems with me KM and Daryl. Then I realized he seemed to have finished eating the noodles but still seemed to be eating some thing so I looked and said Bryan WTF are you doing. Then he said Eating lah LOL and I said Eating what? The soup?! And Bryan was like Yea…while I was like O.o.
Hmm. Somewhere through the night Jit succeeded in punching a huge hole in the covering of a cup noodles’…cup. Jit u so hungry is it I thought u eaten BBQ liao.
Back to the past/present. Candice started to complain about how full she was. WTnoob.
Then God spoke unto my classmates, thou shalt sleep. And thus it came to pass.
And I said unto God, too bad I shalt not.
Apologizing an all Christians and Catholics behalf, what with Christmas so near. Still, I kind of found YX and Clarice sleeping the in the same bed. Both curled up and facing each other. Hmm…at least they weren’t curled up with each other…
And Ji was sleeping grabbing a project paper.
Just a random fact file: Jit Wu’s is an officially proven to be a polar bear, as he has the ability to sleep comfortably in temperatures no human has gone before. That sounds a little dramatic but I can assure you it is not true. Sounds contradictory but who cares.
Anyway, we were REALLY bored and were just walking around for fun. So Me and YX were playing the lame games provided by windows on my laptop, and I was listening to Just Wanna Live REALLY loud while he was playing.
YX: Hang on…where is that sound coming from?
Eric: (who has been lapsing in and out of sleep constantly within the past hour):*shrugs
Me: it’s my song
Just for your information…he was having earphones on as well.
So then Ji and Ruth and Clarice I think came in and were staring around for a while and wanting to do something.
Well. There was nothing much to actually. I suggested UNO Spin, and it turned out that Nikki was sleeping on it. ZZT. So we slacked around more, until I went to get it out…and subsequently woke up all the girls.
Hmm. More fun now. And we uncovered J.Lau asleep on the TV sofa.
Me: Actually if we just went away and no one noticed he wasn’t with us we could probably just leave him here forever.
OK I’m evil. But he was like sleeping across a sofa positioned right behind a wall. Which covered anything on the sofa from view perfectly.
Anyway we did play UNO Spin, which turned out to be less fail with less people, and Ji insisted that making me or Ruth do dares wouldn’t be fun, so she tried to lose. She did a bad job…but she did it. Unfortunately Mr. Cheong refused to be hugged. Boo.
So let’s just conclude this by saying we left for Changi Village, some guys zao-ed, and Mr. Cheong refused to let us choose our drinks. I was going to order organic orange juice since he was paying…
And my parents being illogical. But who cares.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ye olde memoria

Back. After a week.
Freaking gale force winds.
I think I left off at the part where…
Oh we chanced upon YX preparing to propose to Candice as part of a dare.
Apparently they already started on this for some time. For Clarice came into our room when we were playing Risk randomly and told Jit he rocked in bed.
Maybe I kind of missed the fact that we made Clarice to say in bed after every sentence she spoke.
Ah well. Added it in now. But she didn’t continually adhere it. Bad gi-
Hmm. She’d be a bad girl either way.
Back to YX’s proposal. He was holding a…kinda plastic rose. Wonder who brought it WTF.
So Mr. Cheong and I were proposing plans for YX’s proposal.
In reality the Truth or dare was relatively boring. Basically we were continually hugging each other. Or answering the same question. Except the part where we were trying to…urm…make Ruth speak. Mr. Cheong just kept bullying her. Evil guy.
Mr. Cheong retreated sometime afterwards., and couldn’t take it.
Mr. Cheong: Please let me sleep for at least one hour!
LOL that fellow brings papers to mark to this chalet I can’t imagine what he want to sleep for.
Just one question…am I so scary to hug that one would rather do thigh exercises?
So at around twelve, plans that had been hatched were lain into action.
Sounds too drama. But Mr. Cheong’s life with us has always been drama, and just because it’s his birthday shouldn’t make that fact any different.
He was grateful. He SOUNDED grateful.
(Yea, I’m evilling him up)
Then he proceeds to say he has actually booked the chalet for 3 days, and he was going to have a holiday with only his wife.
Me: Didn’t you like say this chalet is too big for the 20+ us? Then when we all leave it will be…the 2 of you…
Well it turns out that he wouldn’t be sticking around. Still.
On a totally unrelated note, we finished all the drinks and wasted lots of food.
On a little more related note, we lost Felix to the night nuu…
I make sound like he was eaten right. Heh. But seriously his parents won’t freaking let him stay overnight till he’s 16?!!!
On a related note, apparently some people’s parent’s were hounding Mr. Cheong then he was like damn scared for our safety.
Hang on, since when was our safety related? Scratch that. It’s something in the wrong place at the wrong time anyway.
OK, so after the tiny birthday party, people crashed. I think. Garn my brilliant memory’s failing me after 3 weeks.
Oh yea I remembered ZE INSISTING on NOT freaking sleeping even though he was going sandcastle making or sth early tomorrow and he looked freaking tired. LOLOL.
Played mahjong through the night.
Ji: What’s the first thing you should do to win?
Bryan: Get a winning combo.
No, seriously, you need J.Lau’s mahjong tiles.
OK admittedly that wasn’t serious either.
Adrian freaking lucker only guy who wins WTF.
Then Candice joined, took a look at the hand that she was given which was crap, and didn’t want to play.
Then random girls came over from the girl’s room to look randomly.
And Nikki slept sitting up in a corner. Talking to YX. I can never be able to sleep not lying down…so I just did away with that unnecessary activity. If it can be considered activityrious.
Creating adjectives is fun.
In the morning Candice went to overstarch herself.
I know starch is good but why fill yourself with such a tasteless thing first thing in the morning…?
Bleh OK I think I can stretch this out for another week, so just hang on there K?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Death be to us all

We unpacked.
Ok then. J.Lau started playing mahjong immediately. Sigh.
The rest of the guys…all the three of us…went to explore our rooms. It was easy to identify the one meant for KM and Candice, since she voiced her opinion so enthusiastically the a few months ago. Couldn’t they put Queen in all of them :( Not that I’m sleeping but it cuts some space for us to play something else.
Then Eric and Edith arrived, and we were shouting up an down the house to see if Mit was coming (He didn’t boo the chalet trip could have been so much more fun with that little devil around) and the girls banned the guys from the kitchen for some retarded reason EH I WAN DRINK WATER ONE HOR. (it was somewhere during my wanderings near East Coast that I realized I didn’t bring water SCREW)
Some time later I started to teach my classmates to play Risk. Of course, that was after KM and Daryl were trying to rape Ji Hyun in the same room.And was consequently wiped off the board LOL. Zzt where can move troops from one end of the world to another when the game started LOL. Too bad I couldn’t get the chance to teach them the new Risk I created. Over-complicated for beings below my genius I guess. XD
KM: (when other girls came in) Take it easy girls…I can only do one at a time…
Hmm. Subtle.
Anyway the barbecue began in the middle of it so we left it at that and…watched J.Lau get his hands dirty while I…went cat-hunting.
So after that we spent quite some time fanning up flames. Literally. I got some skills in raising flames from the dead.
Mr. Cheong: Eh cannot take pictures of me not doing work *grabs a random piece of cardboard (yes we were reduced to ripping the cardboard box up to fan the coal)
Daryl: Anyone who’s not working can take a seat.
Well Daryl KM and I was like almost doing nothing for most of the time so we went back to embrace air-son which I finally got to work after trying three times. Does the fan like not know how to respond to simple instructions?
Ji Hyun: (comes and sees KM touching the board) Oh you came to cheat at Risk too?
And Eric comes in. Guess he wanted to cheat too.
So later we went to eat, and I’m not really a judge seeing as I only ate sausages and drank 7-up. Still. The sausages tasted kind of uncooked. But I preferring them to cheong-microwaved potatoes any day. Even if he sweated and bled over it.
I sound like an ingrate XD.
Mr. Cheong wanted to play Eric’s Flight Simulator. So he decided not to ask and just play.
Well In the end Eric DID let our dear mentor fly some planes. Just that our mentor sucked at that.
The first crash: He was just running along the run way, haven’t even taken off, and he decides to pull up the landing wheels. And he tilts.
The second crash: I was a bad boy.
Me: Hey before mr. Cheong takes over cut off the engines K?
Eric: Hm…that’s a very good idea…
Ok, well, admittedly he was a naughty boy too.
The third crash:
Mr. Cheong: Eh these planes too noob I can’t fly them. Fighter plane more suit my class
Shan’t elaborate. Let’s just say he…crashed…
The fourth crash (Cheong is such a glutton for punishment)
Mr. Cheong: Can I fly the helis they look so fun…
Sometime later…
Eric: You’re falling so fast even the meters can’t register it…Oh you’re rising…Oops falling again…
Fuller than I usually am, I retreated to the TV to watch random stuff including Mark Lee bringing $1000 notes to coffee shops. While J.Lau and gang came up with every way possible to make fuel. They used up the butter, cardboard, tissue, more butter, more tissue, more cardboard, potatoes…
Oh well. Watching TV is better. At least I don’t binge on…charred food.
When everyone was tired of keeping the flames on, about half the class played UNO Spin. Which took…about 2-3 hours.
And Nikki was being random and taking hell lots of pictures for no good apparent reason.
About 2 hours into the game…
Ji Hyun: One has no luck, one has little luck, one is pissed off major and one is…bingeing.
Soon enough it was down to Candice and Clarice.
Ji Hyun: Could then both of you just simultaneously give up?
Candice: NONONONuuuuu!
See we’re just suckers for UNO.
Upstairs the guys were playing epic mahjong games. They finished about 3 in the time we took to finish one UNO game. And consequently gave up on the whole long-ness of it.
Watching Sooraj on America’s Nest Top Model is just…embarrassing…It is decided that he is just unquestionably gay.
And he was one of the freaking judges.
Jit Wu: he’s saying something, but all the judges just ignore him. Even the camera man blocks him out.
Me: Whatever comments he makes is attributed to… background music. Or interference.
For some reason…there seems to be something called racism going on…but best not to mention it. Later Tyra Banks comes to pwn me.
Jit Wu: Tyra Banks sees the prospective models too hot…so at the end she awards the place to her self.
So after that we played Risk. And taught Bryan how to play.
I’m a sucker for boring people, so here goes the breakdown of the game:
Jit decided Britain had the most powerful Empire during that Age so he planted every reinforcement he ever had or ever was going to have there. The rest of us just spread ourselves out to the continents . But Daryl decided to be a little greedy and try and take two.
Soon enough all of us got what we wanted. Except that…Bryan and Daryl suddenly realized they had only one or two units in each of their territories. So KM moved in for the kill and took over the entire Southern Hemisphere of Continents leaving Daryl and Bryan struggling for survival in Asia.
Jit: Bryan u freaking noob try to one-shot conquer Asia then get pwned now right smartass? No need to take such a big risk cos it's Risk
After I stabilized North America, I decided to accompany Jit who was still just planting everything he got into Great Britain to where the other 2/3 of the class was and saw Mr. Cheong getting pwned at Daidi.
Jit: Bryan your only hope now is just to keep planting in Japan and hope no one notices like me
Me: Actually everyone is noticing just that no one is like daring to hit your diamond fortress.
Quite obviously Bryan and Daryl were soon wiped off the map.
Bryan: (when KM was about to eliminate him with vastly superior troops) You’re making a BIG mistake KM.
Me: Famous last words, Wong
Inevitable me and KM decided to destroy Jit’s fortress.
What? We just didn’t like his face.
And we succeeded WOOT
So me and Jit went over and saw the rest of the class playin—
Going off now. XD

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cliff jumping

Adrian kind of suggested this.
And I couldn’t resist the temptation anyway.
So the dalliance of my blog shutdown. Just for our class outing to the chalet.
*hint: you guys should feel honored
Anyway most of us were meeting up at East Coast Park and some of us were cycling. And I came a little later. Or at least set off a little later.
First I need to make it clear that I was carrying a Risk board game. And my laptop. Which I couldn’t get freaking Internet while on the train. ~emo~
So I went to Bedok Bus Interchange intending to take 401.
And I realized it didn’t exist on Thursdays. And all other weekdays.
So I walked around and THANK GOD found a sign telling me to take 196/197 for 5 stops and then take the underpass.
I did. Surprised?
On arrival to the fifth stop I realized that Bedok conveniently left out the part to tell me to start counting from the Interchange.
But walking back to the fourth stop didn’t stop me from being unable to find the aforementioned underpass.
Fortunately there was a helpful sign pointing to East Coast Park…and I walked through the underpass to find myself in green pastures and a highway.
Luckily I somehow spotted a beach like area in the distance. So I walked through the green pastures towards it.
Upon reaching the edge of a VERY BUSY expressway I realized the highway had a walkway beside it. Leading straight to East Coast Park. And I was currently located 10 metres above my head.
And when I finally ended up in East Coast Park, I had no idea where the McDonald’s was. So I asked a random guy where it was.
“Oh it’s gonna be a REALLY LONG walk”
Uh. Oh.
As luck would have had it, I was at the OTHER END of East Coast Park.
Felix appeared.
And he was just as lost as me.
And J.Lau randomly rode past looking like a total retard.
And the first thing Keshiniy said when I came into Subway’s was.
“I knew he was wearing blue/”
Random. Too.
Some time later after two Moon Shootings in a row Adrian and Leyi came in looking like they’d sprinted rather than cycled.
So 204 took over Subway’s soon after.
Clarice and Zhi-En were conspicuously absent.
Me: Zhi-En, why are you so tired?
*waits for expected laughter*
Me: Clarice, why are you so red?
I rawk.
Well at least there was Internet access in Subway’s.
Zhi-En then walked us to his apartment. And abandoned us. Evil guy.
We still managed to get in. And drank lots of water.
Well actually it was just KM spilling most of the water. Still.
Daryl: I think Sooraj isn’t actually in UK…
KM: Huh lol he really is.
Daryl: No I think when he reached the border checkpoint they found a match to a known terrorist…then they rejected his passport…
I gave the celing of a certain bus 31 a rather good clean after that. And attempted to terrorize the driver.
Me: Ruth.
Ruth: *Apprehensively* Yes?
Me: what…did you get for your oral examnination?
Ruth: I…don’t know
Me: Tell me when you have a suitable answer…
So we arrived at Tampines Interchange where Candice had been waiting for an hour. Or so.
Daryl: Eh Candice move over I wanna sit
J.Lau: If you noticed Daryl the bus is like here already.
LOLOL owned.
It started raining halfway zzt. Then we saw J.Lau was like shouting at Jit and Jit was presumably swearing back…
Me: Hmm…Jit AND Nikki at the chalet? They’d throw them out even before J.Lau arrives…
KM: Oh No…
J.Lau: Cheong says he 4.00 then come…that probably means 5.00
But WOW Cheong was actually on time.
Way to chalet quoting Cheong: Go up turn left.
Jit: Go up turn left?!
J.Lau: Did you like book the tree?
Bleh and I haven’t even like posted on what we did at the chalet.
Some other time maybe.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 days to shutdown

I think…there won’t be much time to write an emo piece any time in the holidays. Not that I would purposely make time for emo pieces after the holidays anyway. So. Here it is.
With 2 days to the impending closure of my blog, I dedicate a tribute to our days as the class of 104 and 204.
(Well, another reason I don’t write such stuff is because I suck at them. Emotion is better expressed through slasher/gore or lemon stuff. For me. So see I’m making an effort XD)
Firstly, I’d like to thank all 24 of you for showing me the varied shades of human psychology.
(Damn. The first sentence already sounds scientific.)
Let’s try that again.
Thank you for making my life more wholesome through my first two years of NUS High’s Life, and being such awesome classmates who have added to the fun of my life.
(There…that sounds marginally better.)
For being the awesome class that we are for the past two years, I really hope that we will be able to maintain our close contact in the years to come.
Of course, not forgetting to pay tribute to the teachers we have had for their unending endurance of our class and its randomness
(OK, I understand how some of you feel about mother Tongue teachers, but still…)
…especially our mentors, Mr. Cheong Kang Hao and Ms. Ng Zuli Joon, though I must admit the former returned us much of his own randomness.
(Try and stay off too much of the painful jokes, cheong, kay?)
…as well as our 3 PSLs who have spent time and effort to share their experiences, leading the new recruits on the path less taken
Looking forward to our last chance of coming together, the chalet trip, and hope we will really have a BLAST for our final day as class ‘04
Come to think of it, I seem to remember we had a class cheer. And I admit I cam only remember two lines of it. The most important.
WE will be the best of all!
With that, I conclude my dedication to class 204.
PS advised you remove the video of me dancing, Clarice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 days to shutdown

In actual fact there was nothing remotely exciting to post about today. But then our life is so often made up of nothing-remotely-excitingness, so I might as well just post this not-remotely exciting stuff.
That’s all crap. I guess the only reasonable explanation for the existence of THIS post is that I’m too bored to do anything else.
So I was bracing myself for the horror of spending 5 hours in the Audi…but hey actually it took about…1 hour. WOOT. And that one hour was amazingly remotely fun somehow. I guess the Malays and Hindus learnt how to see their festivals in a whole new light.
Oops. Language seemed more appropriate.
Somewhere along the one hour or so the MC made us do a quiz. Understandedly, we attempted to make ZE write down the MOST RETARDED answer from the list. I drink Horlicks during festive seasons wut…
Wow nice Word’03 doesn’t recognize Horlicks.
Somewhere along the hour or so, the Dance club danced. Twice. Out of sync. Twice.
Well maybe the second time was marginally better than the first.
On average. And the marginally only comes about because of the on average.
After the first dance Bryan was like telling me (supposedly Eric or J.Lau told him this) this is the result of too much Dong.
He didn’t have anything to say about the second dance.
Probably because he was laughing too hard to speak, and I was laughing to hard to listen.
Let us observe a minute of silence for randommers who bring joy to the world.
No, seriously, don’t laugh.
Anyway. While I was hoping that they would suddenly start singing carols, I was disappointed to not see Ansel in the line-up. Well…you cant have everything in life.
Zzt gonna leave Journalism stuff to tomorrow. Screw Valles. (eh I’m damn nice ardy Daryl calls him Tinsay)
Not gonna mention us failing at ketupat making. The Kolam looked nice.
Tigers and goats is the stupidest board game I’ve ever seen. Set a move limit or something right…

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 days to shutdown

I usually like to begin Tuesdays with Tuesday.
Well now didn’t that just make sense.
Anyway we were briefed for our SIFAS visit, which apparently Ms. Mak reused the Tea Chapter visit slides, and forgot to amend some of them, for.
The allocation for the foreign students is just so freaking sexist. Just an observation.
So 204 got 3 girls (you see, that can either sound wrong or not depending on how you see it, and what gender you are posting this as) ALL FROM CHEENA Luckily Ansel has a different type of racism this year.
I think they were surprised to hear me speak Chinese.
J.Lau: Eh Dun speak Chinese leh remind me of Sion…
Sion was socializing with them later on. Eric looked pissed.
Anyway. We were honored to listen to the principal promote his school for 15 minutes. Moving on…
Candice was made to play the…uh…veena(YES I GOT IT RIGHT I’M SUCH A GENIUS)
Me: Eh later she gets crushed by the instrument.
SO then Mr. Cheong forced ZE to play the violin Indian style, after having a fleeting hope that the cello was simply a supersized violin. Or a violin was a shrunken cello. Whatever.
Well now obviously we couldn’t have that so we TRIED to make Mr. Cheong play the pita but failed. EH WE ONLY STAYED THERE FOR 10 MINUTES THEN HE RAN OFF.
So it was up to me to make him dance. AND I DID HAHA.
And… we made him dance again.
Poor Adrian sabotaged so many times. Mainly by Cheong SO IT'S ALL YOU FAULT CHEONG.
Next time dun be spider man la.
AMC WAS JUST DUMB. Not just talking about the questions.
Firstly me and Ansel had no idea where to go to.
So we went to the classroom on the second floor which happened to have quite a few people.
Then Seu Koon was like telling Ansel Wrong Class. So I followed him out.
Then we wasted some time trying to find the other class. And Mr. Valles somehow managed to make me do work for him in that short time without helping me one jot.
So I went into the other classroom and realized I was supposed to be in the previous class after all. WTF.
Did I mention it? The questions were dumb.
Oh I did.

5 days to shutdown

School gonna end in about a week’s time. And they decide to make us to retarded stuff in the meantime. While the Year Ones go to camp. ZZT.
So like at least it was better than the Sports Day. There was Internet reception, and we could go to the library. But Bryan was dumb, and didn’t want to take out his cards. Still. None of my concern. Just that the guys were talking damn loudly in the library. About Bryan impaling Felix on…I dunno. Who cares.
Mr. Valles was so smart. Call me on Friday say someone needed help so I called that guy like so many times and he never answer and today Valles tells me maybe he doesn’t need help after all. Nice.
Stupid ppl want go out of library. Stay there can avoid everything right…
I couldn’t believe how Fleming could lose 16-0 to Faraday.
Until we played them
And Fleming.
Then I could believe.
Actually ZZt did Faraday like manage to block every single one of Justin’s long balls?
Then we went around doing nothing and trying to leave school early. And Mr. Cheong was a –insert preferred swear word- and wouldn’t allow us to go early WTFBBQ. Even when another teacher wanted to let us go he STILL must argue.
Mr. Wu Liang: -in Chinese- Actually they’re all done can go what…
Mr. Cheong: Huh no they can only go at one…
That Mr. Cheong go feed us false information can go at twelve want us go at one WTF.
So we went back up and I had no idea WHY CANDICE WAS THE DEFENDER???
Even Ms. Mak couldn’t let us go early. Due to some mysterious identity called the House Committee just saying we can’t. And now she knows I’m gay.
Ms. Mak: In the mean time, you can have coffee, tea or me…
Me: Hey! I’m gay
Ms. Mak: O.O No wonder you keep hanging out with Jit Wu.
Well. Never mind then. BUT CAN’T OYU FREAKING RELEASE US?!
Apparently not. BOO.
So…back to playing games. And watching Sooraj and gang trying to send a love message to Ji Hyun with Jit’s name on Ansel’s Facebook account. WOW.
Oops. Was that a secret?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Camp reds

Boo this like freaking sucks. NO ONE ELSE STAY UP WITH ME THRU THE NIHT NUUU
And WTF am I doing blogging first thing six-thirty in the morning.
Nevermind. Wonderful experience. Just me and my notebook. Enjoy the solitude.
WOOT English better than most. XD. Nikki and Keshiniy and Edith somehow got pwned my Ruth I DUNNO WHY. Oh. Ji Hyun was also pwned. Well.
Anyway. I like didn’t take the history test due to some competition where I just did nothing for about 24 hours, then KM and Jit and ppl were like WTF…but Tower Defense is fun. Except where I keep losing…at EASY stage. BOO
SLACKSLACKSLACK for 5 hours playing world domination. Oh don’t mind me I’m megalomaniacal. Still. Mirror’s edge is fun to watch. So I like became real bored and started to play all the retro games possible.
Chee Seng: I realize you like to play all these kinds of stupid games…
That’s how you do well in tests boy. As well as…uh…maximizing ur time.
This is stupid. Supposedly we shld play some games tmrw but Clementi is like freaking drenched. ENTIRELY WTF.
Candice and Shini getting a little despo lol
Candice: I need boys…
ZZT hope Monday like rains cats dogs, elephants, rhinos and whatever. So we can’t play. CANDICE SO BLUR THNK PPL GOT NO TEAMRITE. It’s just the Fibo house. Which incidentally Ji Hyun is the Yr 1-2 level Head of. Hmm.
SC camp so much better only got 36 ppl this time. But the stupid thing is everyone insists on squeezing to the corners of the room and leave a HUGE space in the centre. Not like we’re going to disco party tonight.
The SC leaders so cute. Suggesting we pla n for a Friday the 13th activity. The n another one remarks it’s Friday the 13th. WOW.
ZZT not looking forward to breakfast gonna go thru interview. Later Mr. Cheong purposely give me some retarded questions with retarded answers which somehow only he knows then I DIE. NVM I JUST TELL EVERYONE HOW HE LIKES SEXY BACK
This is so freaking weird only got 4/36 in the camp are yr 2s.
Bleh. So there.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To make a Mockingbird

Just to mock the rest of my classmates...



Seriously, who needs to mug for History?

Bryan's Imbah Answer: Everyone EXCEPT YU HAN!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So I was like suggesting a much better continuation to Ji's story.
And here is the result. XD

The ensuing work of fiction is STRONGLY not recommended to be read by those under 18.

An arm suddenly reached, wrapped around me .Soft, smooth, yielding. With faint surprise, I turned to face him. He held me in a steel, body hot, grip. Had he always been this strong? This large? Never before.
I heard him suck in breath, and the sensation that raced through our bodies was instant, white hot, electric shocking…passion. Cutting off air, blinding. Hot. With an unsuppressable groan of pleasure, he fell forward, pushing me onto the ground. Panting; drawing in perfumed air from my burning body.
I lay motionless and staring for a long moment. His panting, his weight, pressing against me, hard against real. My mind raced, trying to grasp what had just happened. What had happened? Had I imagined it? Was I dreaming? Was a dream coming true? Hesitantly I stretched up, closer to the fierier skin and gently pressed my teeth to his throat, my throat, my property. The reaction was the same. He moaned eloquently, full of lust, full of desire and then lay still, softly panting. His chest heaving against mine. My chest, my property. Gasping, labored breathing, fighting for air.
For a second I cast my glance inward, puzzled, and found I was panting just as hard as him Closing my eyes, I tried to focus, but the flaming reactions of my body were threatening to consume my. Burn me to ash, burn him, too. The weight of his body as he lay on top of mine, pressed on top of mine, the warm scent and intoxicating taste of his skin, my skin…
I decided it was far more interesting to lavish my attention on him than to wonder where the missing pin was. To see what reactions were possible, for us both. With this resolve, I leaned forward, straining heavenward and placed my tongue against his neck, silky warm unguarded. Blindly, I began to lick his skin, my skin! Delicious, hot satin fragrant, mine. The tip of my tongue a moist warm finger on his pounding seething pulse.
The relentless shivers that raced through his body made his head swim, eyes cross, blinding, sightless. He couldn't withhold the cry of surprise desire passion longing lust that escaped him. Yes! I belong to you! The feelings he was experiencing were coming close to overwhelming drowning him. He bent over me, drawing nearer my hot flesh, HIS flesh, and lowered his lips onto my/his smoothly polished shoulder. A soft sigh, laden with longing, dripping with desire, escaped my lips as he placed several million kisses on my burning exposed flesh, barely contained furnace. Wrapped in my scent, my heat, he slowly relaxed his grip on my wrists and drew his arms around the petite thief lover soul angle, encircling my, caging my, owing, possessing, dominating…dominated. I lay prone under him on his bed, his bed. Our relationship would never be the same.
For a fleeting second I thought to escape fly free but then he pounced, driving toward me once again. But gently, so gently questing lips encountered the base of my neck. I had bit him just once, a bite meant to tear away his soul. A direct hit. Breathlessly I waited, longing for him to show me the pleasure that had so arrested his cause. Awaiting the bliss that had changed my life, awakened my life, had been born to.
"Please,” I whispered, purred panting deep in my throat. Please! It was a barely hidden plea for his attention. Please! I belong to you!
Finally he reached my throat and moving suddenly viciously attacked me.
The feeling was exquisite.
Blinded by the explosion of white that echoed his attack, I cried out with pleasure. Gasping, sucking in the hot air that moved between us. Heat charged air, searing my lungs, burning away fear reason pride. He pressed teeth against me, cutting off air for a second, then two, three, then backing away, then attacking again. Lips tongue teeth lips cutting off air, gasping, panting. Again, breathe, again… gasping, can’t pant, breath. More! More! I belong to you! I writhed under him as he alternately bathed my skin with his sweltering tongue and chewed on my cool silken exposed throat. The point of contact between us was burning under his touch then cool the second he moved on.
I seemed to be drawing out of him an aching hunger craving that he hadn't known, but had guessed at, was there. The desire need to possess me, absolutely unconditionally, completely utterly alone, superceded all thought. He swept his arms under my shoulders, catching me up, longing to draw me closer, nearer, to meld, join with me. You belong to ME! I did all I could to help him, my own arms enclosing enfolding him, my hands winding into his hair, raking his scalp, pulling him down.
"Am I dreaming?" he whispered, pausing to catch his breath, forcing his voice to work on something more tactile than moans.
"If you are, I am too," I replied, my voice a mere sigh, the softest ghost of sound.
"I don't know what to do," he went on as he rubbed his cheek against mys, smoothing the polish of my, feeling for the first time the satin gloss of a lover. He kissed licked panted chewed..."I mean... should I stop?"
I ran my lips along his jaw, trailing moisture and breathing out longing, then, only to gasp, as he returned his lips teeth tongue to my ear. His warm breath on my skin sent a shiver rippling through my body. "If you do..." I breathed as my head fell back, offering exposing taunting, "I'll never forgive you." I belong to you! I’m yours. Reason lost, muscles weak; fight, flight…gone.
Him smiled against my neck, Yes, you belong to me, before applying his teeth to my ear lobe. His plan, his reward, was a gasp of surprised pleasure that delicately cut through him like a knife. The loss of fluid, the draining of blood came in the next second, only to be stopped as my ruby lips were drawn to his ear. Grazing with fire.
He drew away from my then, seeking my eyes in the dark of the room. Searching for permission for the unthinkable, only caring for his own sake. For a long moment he stared down at me before he slowly, deliberately, lowered his lips onto mine.
At first they both stared at each other in wonder. He was sure there was nothing, ever, as soft as my lips on the earth, on his lips. He was loath to be separated from us, even for a second, but the longer he lingered, the stronger the need to devour, consume and own me was. Elusive touches gave way to more urgent pressured pleasures. He quickly learned he could elicit a soul wounding moan from me when he drew his tongue over my pearl smooth lips. I received the same response when finally ultimately I opened, parted my lips and allowed my owner, slave to explore my mouth.
My interior was hot sweet heady delectable and he felt himself submerging drowning willingly, happily in its depths. What began as gentle probing rapidly became enflamed stroking as he closed his eyes to the night, his life and the world he knew and opened his senses to the young woman, his lover, his property his master in his arms.
There was no doubt in his mind that his body’s reaction the softness, hardness, could be no mystery to me. He could feel my soft subtle body under his hips, he could press himself into the curve of my body where he naturally fit as if I had been molded with him in mind. The blood flow, the path of heat. He knew the throbbing, all consuming erection he was suffering from, delighting in, would be just as obvious to me, and yet he felt no embarrassment. He was thrilled that I would know just what effect, reaction plans I was having on him. His master. I belong to you! How he longed to know what I felt.
As if in answer to this thought, I let out a frustrated yowl and drew away from him. My hands became claws that pulled, caught, ripped at his shirt, seeking the skin beneath societies Ill. I disturbed the warm globe of air around us in my fight to liberate my poison of choice.
A smile was the only answer I received to this silent battle, as he carefully stood and began removing his shirt. I lay unmoving on the bed, watching absorbing. When he was bare to the waist pale in the moonlight smooth as glass he reached out and pulled me to my feet. Moving quickly he spun my around and pulled my back against himself pressing against bare skin. My gloves and bow tie were gone in a twinkling, his work. Reaching under my arms he ran his hands along my velvet clad body, gently pressing against my breasts, forcing us together, deepening their swell as he reached for the buttons of my jacket.
I looked down past my own flesh to his hands. He worked to undo my, and my buttons, and I, silent witness wished only for more hours to the night, cursing the dawn. The black velvet material was slowly peeling back, dissecting, exposing the tiny pink dress. When he reached the last button he slowly drew his hands up along my, his, body, smoothing the jacket off my body was he moved. Waist stomach breasts shoulders. I took a small step forward to let him pull it clear, remove this next barrier before I pressed myself, molded myself against him again.
"What can’t I do?" he whispered as he returned his hands to my breasts, gently stoking me through the dress. He gently kneaded my flesh, rekindling the smoldering panting breath that had paused in the undressing. My head lolled backward, my pony tail a silk cord that brush coolness on his skin as my body weakly allowed him to explore what no one had ever touched. And why not, I belonged to him as much as I owned him.
"You can’t touch my hair," was the reply. That was all, the only condition, only taboo. I am yours, this body is yours, take me, love me, but don’t expose me.
With that he reached into the dress and began fondling, greedily grasping my skin. He quickly unlaced the back of the dress, pulling it fiercely from my body, exposing my smooth, incandescent bare skin. The very object of his every wish was commanding his life. The forest that had echoed with his pitiful cries of longing now were filled with my labored panting rich with desire breath as he caught my nipples, hardened by his attentions, and rolled us in his fingers. I writhed, my long hair lashing against his naked chest, as I fought to remain standing.
Wherever there was bare flesh his hands went, trailing heat. He caressed my breasts, toyed with my nipples and licked, chewed, kissed my neck and shoulders the whole while. I could do nothing but let him. Wanted nothing more than to let him. I was powerless under his spell, under his hands, gentle attention. My whole body was humming with his touch and I was both unwilling and unable to stop him. Him ran his hands, firmly pressing against my, down my body. Past breast, stomach, over my panties, squeezing my thighs still in their black silk, stroking my boots, then up, drawing passion along as he moved. When he swept my off my feet and deposited me once again on the ground I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t make a sound.
He lay me down, gently, fragile spell that I was and pulled himself over me, covered, draped my side like a blanket. Offering himself as devotee supplicant, he placed his mouth on one breast and a hand on the other. With a cry of delighted pleasure, I arched my back as his cool lips closed on my burning skin. It seemed his tongue was everywhere and my body was aflame with the desires he was stirring in me. I was panting his name, worshipping him from my place in his bed, running my hands along his back, raking us into his sleek hair. Luring, pulling, longing to draw him closer to the raging fire he tended. That all this was my fault I was sure, and that there was only one suitable punishment for me I was sure, but when that time would come I couldn’t say.
Swiftly he wrapped me in his arms and rolled over. I sudden found I was on top of him, and I rose up, straddling him, gazing down on him as he, gazing upon the face of God, looked up in wonder. His hands once again explored my body, always pressing deeply, dragging my flesh, always I was aware of his presence. Until I fell forward, my hands on either side of his head, my breasts within reach of his mouth. But he didn’t reach for us at first. His hands went to my hips, and with a swift wrenching jerk my panties were removed from my body. His hands roughly gripped my hips and forced me downward, smearing me onto his firm stomach. I cried out exquisitely at the introduction of flesh on flesh.
He sat up then catching my, as his hands opened released the last barrier. From somewhere in my mind I heard the jingly sounds of his belt, zipper, and the rustle of fabric and knew the time was at hand. Finally. I belong to you! I want to belong to you alone!
He drew my forward, worshipful onto my knees over him as he sat on the edge of the bed. His hands caressed the smooth curve of my ass, traced up my spine and then one hand was gone. I could feel him reaching between us, and then the instrument of my need chastisement longing was gently splitting my in two, spreading my wide to the room. He held onto his own flesh, moving himself forward to where my entire blood supply was pulsing throbbing, then back drawing into my moist depths. Silken smooth glass played along my drooling length until the hand on my back settled on my hip and began to force, insist, on my submission. Sliding my knees apart, I acquiesced lowering myself, feeling him growing, blossoming pushing my further part, spreading, stretching...entering.
The harmony of their conjoined panting grew with each passing second until he realized there were words in the sound. I was entreating swearing pleading promising. Trusting himself, he swiftly swept his hands up my back, caught my shoulder and forced, dragged my downward. Splitting my along a new plain. I screamed then, and again as he rocked back and thrust upward, and again, again, again again again againagainagain…
Suddenly the world changed. My screaming became his own as I was pulling on him, deep within. Seemingly my body was trying to draw him out, and he couldn’t resist. The loss of fluid, again, and again, swept over him, cutting off all light sight sound except for the pounding of his heart. The massage from my interior muscles continued, then again, and he felt the blood that had been so long in his hips returning there, like coming home. Without moving thought or action he was hardening within my hot moist slick fist. I squealed in delighted pleasure as I rocked forward, capturing his mouth in a deep kiss. Pressing my softly padded chest against his, grazing his nipples with my own. He could hear my still, begging, pleading insisting and then he joyfully came again. Filling my again giving his life to my again.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Useless stuff

Thursday is a little…useless. But it’s short, see, so I’m just posting it while I can.
Just transfer some games first.
The things I do before the exams. Sigh.
ZZT Mr. Cheong just had to come in today. BOO. At least I finished the revision package.
And then he wants us to do it. Which can be accomplished on the calculator.
Bleurgh. Tell the Math Department and their workings to stuff themselves. WHAT IS A CALCULATOR FOR???
Zzt. Can’t remember much now…
But I have an ability to block out painful memories. XD
One of those uber-long ones. Everyone felt studious, so we went to…chemistry remedial class.
Mrs. Chong: O.o why are all of you here?!
Us: Keeping Adrian and Shankari company…
Bleh the girls just went there to get extra notes which I have been looking at with Adrian for the last two/one weeks…while using his laptop. There are always some advantages. But my mission there is definitely not totally studious.
Apparently LJJ was there to do some quiz he missed.
Mrs. Chong: Have you revised ur chem. Stuff O.O
Me: *grabs him by the shoulders and glares at him8 HAVE YOU REVISED YOU CHEM STUFF *really threateningly*
XD I’m bad
Then WJ wanted to use the laptop ~NOOOOOO!~
So I left. Shankari was looking at me with a WTF expression for some reason. HA I CAN GO IN AND OUT FOR FUN YOU CAN’T.
Never mind I got my laptop now HA.
Then I went back to the chem. Lab…with all the guys.
Mrs. Chong: O.o First all the girls then all the guys…
LOL only got one copy. So Jit had to scan for about 4 hours…
I’m bad at robbing banks I can’t believe it NUUUU
At 12.30 we evacuated to the library
Ji: hey ZE you have Adrian to amuse you…
Ji: …and LYH to bully you!
So I bullied him. And continued robbing banks. The learning curve is like so huge from level 2 to 3 LOL

Countdown to Cold Turkey:approx 7

Think I shall just finish off Wednesday. For today.
WOOT Ms. Mak didn’t come. But must do some essay. Sad.
You know what? Who cares. Essays can die.
Relief teacher was like so smart
Mr. Ho(I think): I might be back later…or not
Yea right. Then you go off and forget about us like totally. So I can go off anywhere and do anything I want. Such as going up stairs to mock the Express Chinese-ers.
Eh. Odd this is getting REALLY short.
Just make mention of totally unimportant things then.
Candice can’t beat my high score on snake. HA
Adrian is just a dramatist. And a…war hero???

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is getting retarded.
Which I naturally am. Unless I get to eat raw meat. UN-fortunately, my parent would NEVER allow that.
So. Stay on dissatisfied-with-the-entire-world-in-general-state. Especially at the creators of a certain strategy game.
Speaking of games, I need to mug. Somehow.
The good news: We get break
The bad news: Mr. Cheong, as usual, had to stretch his definition of “on time” like a rubber band
The stupid news: We got cake. The type without no obligation to mug but equally edible. And no one brought tissues to eat with.
So we were reduced to ripping out the cardboard of the cake box. We suck. At cutting cakes. Into 24. Which amateurs…obviously suck at.
To day…was a more-photos-taken-than-usual-day. Eh girls send me the photos so I can have some fun with them.
Sounds wrong right. I meant it to.
WOOT apparently my Daidi luck still goes on. But who cares.
Cheong wants us to do revision. The end. NOT.
We had a totally amiable discussion with Mr. Cheong about the validity of the school system after he brought up the attractive fact that if you got below B for your CA you’re screwed. WHO SAYS THIS SYSTEM DOESN”T SU—
Mr. Cheong: Please don’t post anything on your blog…
And HEY I realized that the reason the girls were late was ALL YOUR FAULT MR. CHEONG SO DOWN GIVE ME 25!
I’m Evil. And the girls were asking for Mr. Chai who was supposed to pop in for 5 minutes. BOO.
In any ca-
Got to go. AHA

ZE-ed Milleniumon

Prolly 90% of those reading my blog won’t understand what I’m talking about. Except…it.
WOOT Ms. Lam like didn’t come so we had…5 hour break before PE. WTF. And no one brought a freaking laptop. Screw.
Played Asshole Bridge and Hearts. BOO Why do I get such shit Brige hands and such ownage Daidi hands. Dis have too much of an affinity with me.
The shatter patterns on the broken library window actually looks nice…Ze and YX couldn’t photo it. Too bright. WTphail.
Anyway. Classmates except Daryl decided to be sinful and go to KFC. Oh BTW Daryl did you have coke and cookies with your…uh…healthy sandwich?
Didn’t make any difference to me. I live on a lunch of coke and ice. Aha.
KM was O.o-ing and comparing the size of ZE’s lunch and his…while I went to discuss how best to eat a chicken and not leaving anything behind.
And humans ARE edible. Watching Ruth eat two big pieces of chicken is…boring. Boo.
KM: ZE I will kill you!
KM: One day!
KM: I will kill you before you get the chance to die
So we went back to school, ZE fled to the fourth floor, YX tried to chase him, and almost rammed straight into…Clarice Candice and Pin Lin. So they were both like WTF LOL.
Met the guys playing…er…dodge-PANTS. Yea. Which kind of REALLY fails compared to dodge-the-tiny-basketball
Girls like so freaking late. But making them do push-ups is fun.
Anyway. Played soccer and got pwned my 206.
Not exactly pwned. Second game was just a margin of 1 goal. The first game, on the other hand, where Daryl was the ‘keeper, he had to be a smartass and leave the goal empty to take a corner kick. Pro.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Anyway. Just see if I can somehow get to the com each day. For about an hour or something. Might be able to post. I dunno.
Before Chem
Daryl: Cheong is pronounced with a silent “e”
BOO so many revision worksheets. And I can get some of them wrong.
Perfectionism Disorder.
Mrs. Chong: All metals can produce zinc oxide…
Class: O.o
Mitra(to me): Yea OK so you burn gold and all of sudden ARGH WHERE’S ALL MY SHINY YELLOW STUFF?!
Me: Yea that’s how you lose money.
LOL my assignment 4 was screwed up
Me: Mrs. Chong do you have the original?
Mrs. Chong: Original?
Me: You know…the written one…
Mitra: Yea I distinctly remember him having a written one…
Mrs. Chong: Uh…this IS the original…
All of us: *stares at each other* HUH
OK. Weirdness. But I solved the mystery.
Not telling you guys. Aha.
BOO so many spam of each letter for the chem. quiz. By everyone. But I believe the answers are BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.
Was telling Ji the answers to Chem Revision Wksht.
Ji: What’s the answer to 20?
Me: A
Ji: 16 (dunno which one)
Me: A
Ji: 19?
Me: A!
Ok so see the answer turned out to BE A.
Gonna cut into half again. Totally no time to post. So…
I’ll be back.
Time to die. For Chem and Physics. ~one whole year of stuff how to mug~

On a totally unrelated note…

Actually not totally unrelated. Might help relieve exam stress.
Intelligent(?) quotes
"Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life," -- Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for federal anti-smoking campaign.

"I’ve never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body," -- Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball forward.

"Half this game is ninety percent mental." -- Philadelphia Phillies manager, Danny Ozark

"It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it." -- Al Gore, Vice President

"I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix." -- Dan Quayle

" It’s no exaggeration to say that the undecided could go one way or another" -- George Bush, US President

"I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the truth. I assisted in furthering that version," -- Colonel Oliver North, from his Iran-Contra testimony.

"The word ’genius’ isn’t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein," -- Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback & sports analyst.

"We don’t necessarily discriminate. We simply exclude certain types of people." -- Colonel Gerald Wellman, ROTC Instructor.

"If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure." -- Bill Clinton, President

"We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur." -- Al Gore, VP

"Traditionally, most of Australia’s imports come from overseas." -- Keppel Enderbery

"Your food stamps will be stopped effective March 1992 because we received notice that you passed away. May God bless you. You may reapply if there is a change in your circumstances." -- Department of Social Services, Greenville, South Carolina

"If somebody has a bad heart, they can plug this jack in at night as they go to bed and it will monitor their heart throughout the night. And the next morning, when they wake up dead, there’ll be a record." -- Mark S. Fowler, FCC Chairman

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boo this is freaking tiring. I can’t keep up with days.
So that must mean my typing speed is less than three pages in 24 hours.
LOL. Mr. Cheong came into the field like some candy seller with a huge cardboard box slung over his shoulders. Of course the whole class had to take a look.
BOO so sad it wasn’t cream or sweets it was our math files. Then Mr. Cheong was being an *insert preferred swear word* and made me and Sooraj lug them to class.
So I randomly tapped Jia Min’s head on the way to class, and she took Clarice and Valerie down with her. ~evil~
So Mr. Cheong took that for going through the test paper ~finally~
And screw should minus marks from everyone for not putting signs for interquartile range. ~cos I did~and I deserve 5 marks for 10 ticks (yea there really were 10 ticks for my Q3) so I can get 30. XD.
O.o was so forgetful even forgot there was 2 hour Math for some time.
Anyway. Chai was teaching some retarded new technique by some retarded new mathematician who like Polya have NOTHING better do than to make student’s lives difficult.
Hmm must start mugging for binary, hexadecimal, trinary etc.
Mr. Chai: I think I’d better not show number four.
And since when can psychology play a part in math. WTF
The bad thing about posting stuff whack out of order is that everything…is forgotten.
See I should take a break from Higher Chinese and go to sion’s class so that the Standard deviation for marks will be super huge.
But seriously. Can’t remember ANY-FREAKING-THING
So there. Except…Mr. Lim might want to start lugging a bag around like Mr. Valles. So he avoids falling down 11 times again.
BTW, prolly I won't be posting for about...many weeks until after the exams...unless people lend me their laptops.
Just a personal-benefits-driven heads-up

Friday, October 16, 2009

I hate NUS High's exam policy

One small step for man, one great leap for OOPS
Well in that opinion that should have been what he said. So fun. Neil speaking historic words halfway then suddenly fly off.
Just some random thoughts
LOl the Assembly was so…dunno. I think all those ppl go take the AMC to suan everyone cos they know they will definitely get some imbah crap. And pwn everyone.
Then before Assembly Candice was talking some crap about the History test in 1 hour going to have 2 essay questions and some other questions so I was like WTF is that and told Daryl to go ask Mr. Lim. Who was walking in with us before flag-raising. Fortunately it’s just fill in the blanks+short answers+2 SBQs. SBQs on merger WOOT.
Sad ZE got one more question to perfect score. Failed.
Cheong walked in and…I dunno. Forgot. Bleh. Who cares really. He made special mention of Ji’s Honorable Mention. I wonder why…
LOL then later on he start saying something about Pin Lin emo-ing cos he never talk to her during Mentoring. Then Pin Lin was like ZZT.
So when he was talking with her outside Daryl decided to have some fun with some SMO pics and…crop some pics. So apparently Pin Lin went to SMO with 5 Jits.
Pin Lin: You should ask Jit you ppl spend so much more time with him…
Me: We don’t know which one is the one we spend much more time with!
KM: It might be the short one, the tall one, or the one of middle height…
Our class too imbah ardy. Ms Lam wants all our pieces.
And we listened to Boom Boom Pow again. That song is starting to grow on me. LOL.
So when Ms. Lam was going through Vocab she was like being retarded and erased like the one we were currently copying instead of the one everyone finished copying like so long ago. Twice. ZZT.
Everyone was mugging History. Almost. Mitra couldn’t care less. And the weird thing is, no one’s taking advantage of the early Deepavali break. LOL.
So like mr. Cheong suddenly popped in to drop a bomb called I-can’t-book-the-chalet. So we were like O.o why MOE CAN GO DIE
Time to start hoping no one from the Ministry pops in for a look. I’d be screwed. O.o.
Hmm. Don’t even know where we’re going now. Who cares luh. As long as we go SOMEWHERE.
So I was plying cards with Shankari Jit and Leyi then halfway Jit was pissed off about the stupid snatch rule which I don’t understand either then he slammed the cards on the ground so hard everything flew. O.o. but Jit always has issues. So there.
Weird 3 2s and one Ace disappeared. Sb hogging all the big cards
Then about near the end of break ZE and Ji and I were so bored we started to make a mockery of whatever happened between 1955 and 1965. While Nikki was O.o ing at us and going are you making a joke out of everything so we were like YES.
Actually ZE started it. ALL YOUR FAULT ZE
ZE: The terms of merger were…150 million dollar grant, two racial riots etc.
Ji: O.o are you sure
Me: they agreed to have each other’s political parties interfere in each other’s politics…
So we started talking about how Konfrontasi was critical to our continued economic success and it was arranged that one of the racial riots should be on a Sultan’s birthday to give more OOMPH BOOMZ and LKY cried because he realized that the merger had been a success for too long.
Boo test lost one mark. I never even heard of the stupid BMA. GO DIE MILITIAS
Jit is the most proded guy in history. MSC WAS SET UP BY LKY AND CREATED TO ARREST LKY! WOOT.
Eh wut crap is this just had a test then make us do letter writing.
206 guys keep arguing the situation was unrealistic. LOL
YY: How to write ugly b**** in Chinese?
People who were listening: O.o
YY: tell you’re the answer. It’s L-A-M.
O.o YY so bad…
Fortunately me and Jit finished in the allocated time. But Ms. Mak probably has some conspiracy against Jit. So she didn’t take his letter.
BOO Test again. In a day.
Oh wait it’s called assessment…
Chai: If you want help eat the sweet
Mitra: Will you lose marks if you…
Chai: Eat the sweet?
Hopefully can get the full 20. The question was easy enough though.
LOL Jit KM Adrian Ji Sooraj and ZE ponned. Bryan tried to but failed. WTnoob. YX AND Mitra held him back so too bad.
Makes me remember on Thursday Mr. Cheong walked in while I was playing cards with ZE Kesh and Shankari the Mr. Cheong was like WAH MENTOR REP ALSO PLAYING and I was like MUST FOLLOW HIS LEADERSHIP ABLITIES.
Nvm. Bryan is pwned.
So we were throwing balls around. Again. Ian joined in. So fun.
So…everyone left and it was just me and Daryl.
I learnt that one should never leave two bored guys in the same room with a couple of photos, the right technology and the right knowledge. I can finally understand why professional editors do their jobs.
Without going into details, IT WAS EPIC.
LOL Bryan was in the lab. And I have official right to kick anyone out of one particular computer MWHAHAHAHA.
Anyway. Chionged the newsletter cps we’ve been slacking for about the other half of the semester. So I’m staying up till 12. At least. I hope.


ZZT this sucks why am I posting like 3/4 days worth of content in about 2 days. WTF.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
And I still haven’t mugged.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
So like who gives a damn everything is going to be posted out of order
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Isn’t that repeating song lyric annoying?
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
I only heard it once in my life and I can’t get it out of my mind
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
So bear with it. XD
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…

I still can’t get enough if this. First thing in the morning. BREAK.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
I can’t actually remember what we were doing LOL. Refused to play cards with WJ? Sunno. Updated FB pages and played hearts and DD with Edith Shankari and Kesh.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
LOL. This is stupid. How many days in a row already I have to win on virtue of doubles. But I still like my clearing 10 cards at a time way of winning.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Oh yea I screwed ZE. Bet he hates me now.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…

Never realized J.Lau actually brought laptop. But anyway. Ms. Lam found the need to praise us for bringing laptops.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Ms. Lam randomly asked the girls (I think) if they would be embarrassed if they had a cartoon character on their birthday cake. I seriously don’t give a damn. I never ever celebrated my birthday. XD.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Edith’s group was presenting on…weddings I think. Then Ji Hyun was like o.o at their pieces and I heard Kimberly Fish?! Edith we’ll have a little talk later…
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
So I was like HUH until I saw that the people getting married were…J.W. Bear. And Kimberly Fish So I was like LMAO-ing at it.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Clarice: They exchanged vowsrows.
Class: WOAH…
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Then when they were finishing their presentation I objected to their blatant reporting of falsehoods. Everyone knows the toy pig cost $21.90 and they were gummy bear not chocolates and they cost $5 WTF
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Ms. Lam randomly said Shangri-La cost lots more than whatever Fish and Bear racked up for their wedding.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Nikki: -smth about having a childhood vs no childhood with lots of mugging- "…You would say the first."
Candice: "Second."
Nikki: -stops- -stareglares-
First row of guys: O_O "WHOA."
Candice: "OOPS. Was it that loud? :X"
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Yes and you fail epicly Candice.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
ZE/Adrian/YX: "..and disarmed the bomb. With a loud boom, the bomb exploded."
Ms. Lam: "Can you please change it? Anything’s better than BOOM"
Class: "With a loud BOOMZ."
YX: "With a loud explosion, the bomb exploded."
KM: "With a loud BOOMZ, the bomb BOOMZED."
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Sometime later…
Nikki: "How can fireworks spew into the cool night AIR?"
Guys in front: "the fireworks BOOMZed."
Ms. Lam: "… night sky being ablaze with colours"
YX: -types- "blaze."
Nikki: "ablaze."
YX: -types- "blazed."
Class: "ABLAZE."
YX: -types- "laced."
Lam: Evidently you don’t know the meaning of ablaze…
LOL So suan.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
So after Daryl KM and Bryan presented (actually just Bryan) Ms. Lam was like Did you make this all up because all the names sound like rubbish and the entire class was like ZOMG you’ve never heard of B.E.P.s???
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
So we got to waste time listening to Boom Boom Pow. Which Ms. Lam thought was rap at first WTF…
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…

Boo everyone ZAO-ed. So we were stuck with the over-eager-to-play-cards WJ. And J.Lau playing his DOTA and being a pathetic Ent-like thing that runs away when his life drops. So Jit was like swearing and SWEARING and SWEARING at him.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
WJ likes to cheat so much at cards. So I got bored and went to the library for fun...then realized that it was probably the hottest place in the school cos stupid air-con. Girls so smart revising in the discussion room. Which worked FINE.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Me: You know the stupid mer ger thing
Candice (dunno being retarded or what)*raises her thumb*
Me: I like wasted so much time on it during my history Year One project
Candice *still raises her thumb*
Me: I like have it memorized by heart already
Candice *STILL raises her thumb*
Me (wants to test her hearing): Want me to kick you to high heaven?
Candice: *hesitate some more* No thanks…
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
So I decided to look for a laptop. Adrian seemed like a good option. So I joined…CHEM REMEDIAL.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Mitra and Felix so fail how many assignments haven’t done. But the chemistry tes papers are kind of demoralizing. I don’t know how to do some. ~GOING TO FAIL FOR CHEM~
TYS=Ten Years SeriesThank You Stupid XD
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
Then Adrian and I realized all the Lit people went to Audi. And took the air-conditioned class for ourselves. NUU Adrian go call YX and ZE for wut. :(
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
LOL apparently Jit and gang were banished from the library caught Sooraj…humping a chair. O.o
J.Lau: (walking into class) So this is your what, land where all sexual fantasies are fulfilled?
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…
We can’t get enough of ball-throwing. Basically it was every one VS Sooraj and J.Lau who were setting up retarded “forts” of tables and chairs. WTnoob.
I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier…

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday:Back for Seconds

Nice. I should get a copyright for that title.
Oh wait screw. First class already uses it. Hmph.
Back to Break
You see Jit has this nice little joke…
Man: Doctor, every time I eat meat, I pass out meat. When I eat eggs, I pass out eggs. What do I do?
Doctor: Hmm…eat some shit.
Then I heard one variation.
When you eat meat, you pass out…shit. Usually.
Now see if all things were reversible, including the digestive system, then when you eat that shit, you pass out the…chicken.
Following the same reasoning…I figured out how cannibals give birth.
Never mind it’s lame. XD
So Adrian and gang came when KM and Daryl had finished ordering. Without Clarice.
Weird. She arrived after I got my coke
Me: I thought you died.
KM: I think when they finish ordering, we’ll have finished eating.
Hmm. So sad KM and Daryl don’t have that kind of eating ability.
LMAO apparently Sooraj’s Mum now thinks F*** is a harsh word for keep quiet. WOW. But that still isn’t a valid excuse to use it when the teacer says SHUT UP to you and you quickly try and find a word to shout back.
So when I like came back to school, we went to the classroom expecting the Malay lesson to be going on and there was…no teacher. WTF.
So Ansel, being the retard he usually is, raided my bag AGAIN, then went to Nikki’s table and said OMG 24! And I was like yea that one’s Nikki’s. But Candice was like but Nikki only got 23 when Daryl like walked over and said yea I believed that for a moment too until you see what he’s pointing at.
A blank Chinese foolscap. Out of any other subject he could have chosen to point randomly at, he chose Chinese.
And in walks the hey-you’re-like-30-minutes-late. He chased me and Daryl out boo.
The moment I walk into the library, there comes Jonathan Tan and he introduces my to a whole new take on the library’s books. I shall need to explore them more thoroughly in the future. Without revealing too much, let’s just say POP ART is NOT for younger readers.
Jit is too much of a perve. How does he have so many pictures/videos of Ji Hyun and Clarice gaying. Or just Ji Hyun. And now Ji Hyun lying on the ground is like his phone wallpaper.
OK, so I was trying to make myself do work for about 10 minutes when Dr. Wong chased us out of the much-cooler-then-library-room. And 10 minutes later…Mr. Cheong entered. 204 just couldn’t miss this chance to gather right in front of him. Tat Year one must have been thinking WTF so many ppl come out of nowhere. The fact that Mit and Jit started discussing MTFK this and MTFK that just drove him to the other end of the library. Called the exit.
Oh well. I got bored of staring at Mr. Cheong who doesn’t even like react, so I went out and saw Ji and KM, Ji and Jit playing with some…deflated, puny pathetic excuse for a soccer ball. WTF.KM or Jit ended up taking it. So we were kicking that stupid thing around, then Nikki Shi Ni and Candice came in.
Shi Ni is such a suan-ner. Keep on throwing the ball at Candice but like missing about 20 cm above her.
Candice: Eh stop suan-ning my height.
KM: Eh is you too short noob.
Shi Ni/Nikki (can’t remember): You’re not that tall either…
KM: Nope…I’m really tall
Zzt. What matters is that I’m taller than everyone else in the room.
KM is too evil. The moment he gets the ball be prepared to withstand minimum 8 hits before he can’t get the ball.
Then Shi Ni was like hitting Nikki and Nikki was trying to hit her but O.o Shi Ni escaped. What a failure.
Then J.Lau and the guys walked in and wanted to chase Shi Ni Nikki and Candice out because they wanted to change. So they were like waiting and waiting and waiting but the girls were like huddled in front of Nikki’s laptop (hey! I thought she “didn’t bring”. Then I realized me and Ji persuaded her not to…show that she brought) so Daryl and Km were like SCREW IT and started stripping their polo tee and at that moment Candice turned around. Pwned.
Let’s not go into details then.
Was really dumb. Cos see the lighting alarm started and we were bitching about ANOTHER SOCCER LESSON FKED. Then it stopped. WOOT. Unfortunately 206 and 205 took control of field SCREW THEM so we had to play street soccer on a pathetically small playing field. Don’t make me count the number of times YX kicked the ball into the godforsaken grass behind the track where it was like freaking hard to retrieve.
I’ll do it myself. It’s 3. And he was the only one who did that. Pro right.
But then that retard Daryl went off to play Captain’s ball halfway. So soon enough most of us ditched street soccer as well.
LOL WTf kind of game are they playing. KM the X-man versus Daryl the double X man. Then they make our jobs easier by putting the chairs about 10 cm apart from each other. So J.Lau suggested we play touch rugby.
At the end, I think the only proper game was played by Mitra, Sooraj, Bryan and YX. Street soccer on a tinier playing field.
Better not FKING rain next week.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Bleh this is such crap I haven’t even finished post for Monday. Prolly going to take 3 days before I finish it for some reason.
Before Mentoring
Hmm didn’t I say I hoped this category wouldn’t appear like ever.
One example of how stupid Singapore’s weather is.
See like in Dover, there was like clouds and no rain.
Then is places like Chua Chu Kang it was like pouring.
Or so I heard. But I did see Clarice looking drenched.
And I only noticed because that stupid laptop of mine my brother’s failed yesterday night.
Sooraj: Are Sodium salts soluble?
Daryl: Yea…
Sooraj: Think la boy!
WTF Sooraj u noob. Salt water tastes salty so the salt not dissolved right.
Flagraising in class.
Jit: (during National Anthem): Hey what’s this song?
Me: (during the Pledge) You don’t recognize this either right Jit
Jit: Nope *shrugs*
WTF la
LOL Mr. Cheong came in to be extra. Say can give us back exam paper to look-see. THEN U NEVER DO IT LIKE LAST WEEK? BS
LOL Mrs. Chong came late, then we were hoping she wouldn’t and we’d get a…2 hour break.
But NOOOOOOOOOOOO she came. Hmph.
Never mind was just some revision worksheet. Which I have yet to do finish.
OK get this we should all store apples in sulphuric acids to prevent browning. WTF. Don’t think about the fact that when you try and eat the apple, and the apple…starts eating you. State farmers ploxx.
Hmm. Apparently I need to…tuition my brother more. They’re learning oxides too WTF.
Mrs. Chong: 60 for structured questions for Chem paper…
Class: HUH?!
Mrs. Chong: *nods*
Kesh and Clarice: 60 Questions or 60 marks?!!
Mrs. Chong: 60 marks…
ZZT Scary sia
Yea crazy tossing of Mitra’s ball tiny basketball.
The moment someone likes hits me I go up to meelee the guy until he is f***ed. So like after that I just sat in the centre of the class and no one dared to throw in my general direction.
Thou must marvel at the decibel reduction levels at a notice.
And the general quickness of return to vigorous activity
*Eric knocks over Candice’s bottle
Candice *comes in*: Hey I saw that who was it?
Every guy: ERIC…
Ms. Lam: You guys seemed to be caught up with something before I arrived…
Mitra: Huh? What?
I got 10. But that’s not the important part. FELIX GOT 8 CAN SUAN 50+++% of the class. AHAHAHAHAHA.
YX: I tell Ms. Lam Felix had your help then he’s screwed!
Me: Tell you what. Ms. Lam told me to help him ROFL
*Everyone turns in my general direction and look as if I’m crazy*
Ms. Lam: Er…Yu Han?
Me: Oh I’m just feeling a little euphoric
Ms. Lam: I can see…
LOL we had to do some crap vocabulary thing. Which had all the answers at the back. And because like no one brought a laptop except Nikki who pretended not to bring and Eric failed to save the day because he forgot to brought his charger. Pwned. Ms Lam was like a little pissed. Damn happy cos I forgot to finish my critical analysis which I’m supposed to do
Ms. Lam: now your brought your thumbdrives but no laptop what’s the use? What are we going to do now the vocab isn’t going to take very long anyway.
Me: let’s stare at each other like OH HI BRYAN!
Screw now I need to find non-existent time to type out my too-imbah essay.
LOL why were we out of the class when Ms. Lam wanted to talk to WJ and Eric. Odd.
Must try and get Candice to play the rack-paper-scissors-and-split-legs game with me. Want to see how badly she will fail. XD.
And Sooraj, that retard, was being racist…against himself. And it’s not even like his own race exactly but something close.
Sooraj: We got NIGGA power!
J.Lau: OK You see racial wars were stared because of him. The Indians all started to attack Sooraj and the Chinse started to try and defend him but halfway realized it was of not much help so…
Back to basics I mean dodgeball.
LOL Jit practicing trench/sandbag tactics. THROW BRAVELY AND MISS LIKE XIAO then hide behind oh-so-awesome KBG personnel Felix.
Then Felix moves away.
Eric is so cute when he gets ready to throw. HE LOOKS REALLY MAD AND GETS INTO SOME BASEBALL POSITION AND THEN…fails. Completely.
Trying to get off before one. Adrian the BAD BOY good student councilor suggested he outrun the guard so we all can escape in the meantime. And then he runs off. GOOD JOB
But we failed LOL. So back to Bridging.
WOOT first game NT I won like ELEVEN tricks by myself. SOORAJ DID NOTHING. WTF. Should have called myself.
Went to Subway with Daryl KM Ji Ruth Adrian ZE and Clarice. Because I didn’t have my laptop. Screw it.
Anyway. ZE was like disappearing so many times and I was like bullying him and dragging him back.
LOL Ji Ruth Adrian Ze and Clarice dunno what they’re thinking got modern transportation like bus lines 96 183 then they want to walk. WTnoob
LOl I only had a coke for lunch. Pro right.
Another thing I don’t understand. See like in Subway you’re supposed to eat healthy, like with the sandwich, and then they provide you with…coke and chocolate cookies.
Me: Hey those cookies looks like J.Lau and Sooraj!
KM and Daryl: LMAO they taste MUCHMUCH better than them
Oh, I also ate ice-cubes.
Jit has this-
Screw this. Going to 3 pages ardy. Time to slash Tuesday into two. It’s the second day of the week anyway.

Monday, October 12, 2009


第一, 听说用华语写博客能提升华语程度
第二, 很久没有用华语软件打字了 :P
第三, 当然是保证不读华文的人看不同… XD
突然发现不懂应该如何翻译cheong 怎么办?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The Singapore Idol judges really have it bad LOL. On the show keep going boomz all day long. Like so out to suan Ris Low liddat. But you know, she actually doesn’t look bad in her…erm…bigini…
Ji writes well, Ruth writes perfectly and Nikki gets pwned. According to Ms. Lam. Wtnoob. Just slack and play 13 days in hell like me XD.
The stupid zombies’ heads don’t go boomz when I shoot them there. Rarrh. DIE NOOBS ANYWAY.
LOL Apparently Candice wanted to escape the guys. So she went with the gals to the library.
Here’s what happened:
YX: Hey Yu Han just come for fun lah.
Me: Ok…
Then, I think they guys missed me. So it all kind of snowballed.
Either that or it’s just my God complex. XD
ANYWAY, they were being guai and improving their descriptive paragraphs.
So Shi Hui came in with Clarice and Ruth.
Then, (I can’t understand how a year three has hands that are like half the size of mine I mean KM’s hands are as big as mine Shi Hui U Suck for having such small hands but that doesn’t mean you don’t suck either Clarice your hands are like just as small as hers) she started to arm-wrestle Clarice. On the air. Childish. XD
KM: Hey how come I never ever notice her? *referring to Ruth
Shi Hui: *dumb blonde thinks he is talking about her* Eh I sit here so big for so long you haven’t noticed me…
Me: I guess your hair colour removed all possible attention on your cody
KM: Oh. Hey YH who’s that? I don’t know her
Me: You mean what’s it.
Shi Hui: *In some borderline indignant tone* It?
Me: Yea. What are you?
Then she wants Clarice to chaperone her to Geography WTF? Supposed to be at lesson then come to extra. I actually saw her like walking among the Year 5s who had like finished some exam on my way down.
KM: Hey have you heard Mr. Lim and Milton Raj jumped at Sooraj from either side. He got crushed, like his body collapsed into DNA into atoms into quarks
Me: And disappeared.
KM: Yea!
Me: Well I guess it wasn’t much different from his original state…
Me: But I’m just saying there was a shell at first. So at first it was shell-nothing, now it’s nothing-nothing
So Jit comes with a different story.
Jit: Hey some Year one just pwned Sooraj hardcore.
Me: How?
Jit: The Year One just pointed a finger at Sooraj. Then he dies. Cos the Year One’s basketball ability too pro ardy.
Well. Nvm. Sooraj gets fked either way.
Most probably we were getting too noisy again. So the girls all evacuated.
And when the guys went back to class, it was like so freaking cool.
Why do I suck so bad at King of fighters. 
Nvm I pwn at Bridge. XD.
So like KM was chatting to with Ji Hyun on my laptop. And both sides were like being retarded and about 3 people were like chatting to 3 other people at the same time.
ZE’s brains should taste fantastic. Oozing with god-ful geniusness and all that…
And see, even after proofreading Nikki’s second/third rewritten descriptive paragraph, I still didn’t feel like writing mine. Too lazy. And fat. And too busy slicing off heads of phoenixes.
I still say you should just burn up a piece of paper with a stack of books drawn on it for Fahrenheit 451…and hand up the ashes. Phoenixes are just so 2-centuries ++++ ago.
Webcamming is so not fun in school. Especially when the person is right in front of you.
And…J.Lau’s luck sucks in 3-D Tic Tac Toe. ROFLMAO
Apprently the guys switched Clarice and Ruth’s things. While I had a fit of identity crisis.
Of others. XD
Library scanner got some prob lol. Contigent of 204-ers and 106-ers walked through and…
Turns out that the scanner was f***ed up. Stupid thing. I SAY IT’S A CONSPIRACY

Saturday, October 10, 2009

F...before T!


SO here we go…
LOL Mitra u evil person. Rise flag slackslackslack make YX wait for you then chiong.

And you weren’t even supposed to come. Bleh. Better be busy the whole of next week. SO I won’t see you. For your own good.
Mr. Cheong: "You all should start revision…Dun wait till last day then chiong"
Cheong: "OK i will return you all next week. But it's very easy mahh. What so difficult?"
Candice: "Circle geom…"
Me: You see that one topic alone is enough to like freaking screw us up *imitates exploding somehow with my arms*
Mr. Cheong: Eh you not tired ah?
Mr. Cheong: "The problem solving thing is very good. research shows that –insert imbah mathematician- used polya."
Classus: "what has it got to do with our maths."
Mr. Cheong: "Polya is very good. Even if you don’t trust me, trust polya."
Daryl: "Oh then matrices use polya."
Yea so basically I finished whatever we had to do today for English while Mr. Cheong was BS-ing So can have long break WOOT.
Nvm. I pwn. XD.
O.o LOL KM is funny. Keep on trying to steal Ji’s chocos
Ji: It’s all melting!!!
KM: That was the point!
LOL ZE was my partner for one game. So he was like Oh! Time to not play clubs forever. So I was being evil and wanted to screw him up. SO halfway through I played clubs and Ji pwned everything else.
ZE you loser. Ahahahaha.
SO we played Daidi. And Ji was like one more game one more game one more game.
Will you people stop emo-ing when you lose?
AND STOP BEING MUGGERS. Make me feel so slackish and fat.
Nevermind. Computer games are a good anaesthetic.
Boo how Adrian gets the time to play every single game on y8 WTF.
Make me feel somehow even more noob.
LOL Mr. Chai blur come in during our imba break.
O.o he’s not going to teach us for some time. And WOOT History test won’t have Burma.
Anyway. Me and Mitra were calculating something. Then Boo Mr. Lim saw us treating his SBQ questions like rough paper.
Eh nvm mind one lah. Just that I haven’t completed the second set yet.
I still can’t understand why the PAP consider their freaking retarded referendum as a triumph. Total BS.
Must add some LMAO because the poster Mr. Lim created had like, er…BS at the very top. Fitting.
Yea J.Lau and Co.’s sad story for Chinese:
“I was born Chinese”
Produced courtesy of ME!
Bleh need to write essay. I was just going through the motions for one page then stopped doing anything. Anyway the essay I’m intending to write is so long prolly won’t be able to finish. Add that to whatever I DID write was crap I just threw away the paper.
How can Kian Wee finish the essay WTF. LMAO.
Hmm. Try and finish over Sunday. XD.
Filming sucks. BOO.
The Chai fellow was getting me to prove why when I swing a square around the centre of another square the over lapping area is the same. I was going to say go F*** yourself but there was this irritating guy sticking the recorder right behind my face so I couldn’t say stuff like that. So he was saying you can’t possibly attach two squares to an exam paper and I was like OKOK. And the moment he walked away I started constructing my two squares.
Probably the teacher thinks Sooraj is a uber-genius cos he drew somany diagrams. OMG how can Chai be so deluded.
Anyway there was this new guy who will insist on taking close-up shots of whichever table Chai was like teaching at. So he took a close up shot of my squares, then later on took another close up shot of my…err…squares. Along with my cubes and other random stuff. BOO GO AWAY.
So Mr. Chai was there saying probably because you don’t have the material to make the squares and I was there cutting and going JUST YOU WAIT and Mitra was ROFLMAO-ing beside me.
Funny guy go call Mitra to expand some quadratic-related crap then Mitra started pointing at me when I was quietly telling him the answer. Bugger with the recorder go turn in my direction. Mitra you evil guy.
Stupid erratic gameplay is so screwed up.
Nevermind. You people don’t know what I’m talking about don’t you.
It’s probably better that way. Basically, the girls just zao-ed whle the boys started to play…soccer with Mitra’s funny little un-full of air mini-basketball.
But I hear that apparently the girls found out the virtue of pool with water bottles.
Sooraj you slcaker VEeryone else go for CCA ardy you pon. BS.
But nevermind next time I'm going to stay in class got some one to accompany me.
O.o Obama got Nobel Piece Prize. Everyone found out at like the same time because one’s of Annabeth’s friend/relations SMS-ed her from Japan to tell her the news.
Bleh Mr. Valles submitted our newsletter to Straits Time, and for the first time we actually went in because…um apparently we were late like every time.
This is such BS. Isn’t like Daryl the more experienced one. Tell him go be layout artist manx.
Oh wait. No student from Year 4 and below would be able to compete in time anyway. Biased Straits Times make the competition be on our test days.
Of course, that is IF we qualify…
Just like I might be going to some camp only IF I’m selected. I want to see Mr. Cheong’s face for many more years…

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Out of order

What a boomz day. I think.
Doomz sounds like a great word.
But Qoomz is the best. XD
Bleh. Being random.
Of course, Ris Low being kicked out of Miss Singapore World and having a bitch-fight with the runner-up helps. Time to quote her as much as possible.
Before Chemistry
Bryan wanted to borrow my Chemistry assignment. SO I went to 201 to get it from Ansel.
Noticed that the 201 guys are like less likely to get together and make a lot of noise that bothers the rest of the levels…
LOL that was pro apparently some of the doors upstairs were locked.
And because of that I like ran into Ms. Evangeline Cheng so many times.
And got stuck outside the class during National Anthem.
Mr. Cheong*sees me**looks shocked*: Eh Yu Han where were you?
Me: Er…outside?
Mr. Cheong: No, I mean just now.
Me: Erm…outside?
Bleh hope don’t need to see him tomorrow. And somehow make Chai fall sick at the same time.
Hmm. Wishful thinking
Lab session is…fun. XD.
So like while everyone else was doing the dissolved salts in acids I went ahead to do the cation tests first. I mean it’s so much more fun and colourful to do. Not like the metal salts white-white-white-white-white.
Apparently I have pyromania.
Mitra: You play with the flame like it’s a…fun thing…
Me: Yea. See I’m not wearing gloves!
Fortunately lab techs never see or I’d be GG’ed. For giving them a chance to get sued.
Bleh I was allowing the test tube to spit white liquid all over the table.
Try not to imagine the wrong things. Even though I put it there so that you people would.
Obviously I copied the rest of the practical. No fun-ner way to do such things.
LOL Leyi somehow dissolved her litmus. And cooked it in an infusion of…aluminium and something…sulphurous/nitrous.
So while Kesh was, uh, carefully heating the same chemical Leyi was cooking her litmus in (damn I so wanted to attempt to use the hot plate )…I managed to stay so still Ms. Chong thinks I could be a busker. Obviously she didn’t see the way I held my AgCl earlier.
I think even my arms wee vibrating.
HOW CAN YOU THINK BDSM IS BackDoor Sooraj’s Mum???
Jit: Bryan You go BackDoor lah U piece of ****
Then some genius realized it could mean Bryan Doing Sooraj’s Mum.
And Candice was there asking Huh WTH does M mean.
Time to go emo. Cos Edith noes more about sex than me.
Well. Just BDSM. But that still merits some emo-time
Ji: Oh, then in that case you should probably go mug for that instead of tests…
LOL all the guys went to Subway again…while I played with fire and burnt my fingers.
Well. Maybe just the playing with fire part was real. No burning of fingers. Unfortunately.
Apparently I fail at Runes of Shalak. I BLAME IN ON MY KEYBOARD IT’S TOO SMALL SO THERE ZE.
So for the rest of the time I played Karoshi. Version One is still really pissing. BRUTE FORCE SO MUCH FOR WUT.
Oh then Ms. Lee just has to cancel the PE lesson with 30 minutes left before the lesson. TELL HER TO RUN OFF A CLIFF
Hmm. Must somehow find time to go to Marine Parade one day. Preferably when I have 2/3 hours of free time.

W before T

WOOT must post Wednesday before Tuesday. It comes second in the dictionary after all.
Wut BS. I thought we could like avoid seeing Mr. Cheong’s face. Then he comes to talk with us about some useless topic called relationships.
EH Mitra all your fault almost got my laptop confiscated. Fortunately Mr. Cheong has the observation skills of an average deaf bat.
Mr. Cheong: Eh Leyi you’ve become more talkative!
Most of the girls: LOL no she’s always been talkative!
Mr. Cheong: Is meh…
Me: Actually Mr. Cheong, it’s just that you’ve finally become more observant…
The model answer so scandalous. “Some one to Have Fun With
Yea right. Friendships are in my opinion a lopsided relationship where one side is the packhorse and the other side benefits. No one ever has a true friendship ever since age…I dunno. Seven? Alliances are a better term.
And anyway. Whatever Mr. Cheong is talking about, sounds like too much terms for a proper relationship to me.
Mr. Cheong: Eh so Yu Han what is one of the aspects of the good relationship?
Me: Sex everyday.
*Mitra starts clapping*
Mr. Cheong: Huh?
Me: Sex everyday!
Mr. Cheong: Wut u toking? We’re talking about friendships!
Me: Huh I thought U said relationships?!
Mr. Cheong: Uh…I would prefer not to go into R-21 definitions…
Me: But it’s true cos see when a couple stops having sex on a regular basis this is a BIG sign that their marriage is failing and…
Dumb guy start to dao me. BS.
Hmph. Don’t feel like talking about the rest of the Mentoring. Cos he was talking to Eric WJ and Felix. Again.
Hmm. At least we did more than…er…2 questions in two hours. That Chai guy is really a focused teacher. Of course, it helps with every syllable recorded and two cameras focusing on you.
Mr. Chai: So…do you have any problems with the problem?
Me: *knows he is probably trying to be funny and notices the ubiquitous recorder*: Nope, no problem at all.
Mr. Chai: Oh, er OK, so how are you going to carry out the plan?
Me: *considers* Practical experiment!
Mr. Chai: What? Oh but I can’t get the revolvers for you…
Me: *thinks DAMN*
Russian roulette isn’t fun if you don’t have a gun…
But Uzis are like so much more efficient. Gatling got more kick but it’s a little overkill.
Mustn’t bore people with weaponry discussions. XD
Today’s lesson was so much fun.
Now I wish I have like photographic memory or something. So I can record every single one of Ms. Mak’s epic quotes.
Unfortunately I don’t have that particular gift or I would have aced History, Music, Geography, Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
Darn this is just too freaking unfair how can people with good memories have so much advantages.
*goes off on an injustice-filled bounce*
Stupid Pin Lin and HER photographic memory.
Anyway. That wasn’t the point. But I digress.
Ms. Mak: Let’s say me and…Shu En fall for the same guy…
Who is that unlucky person?!
Ms. Mak: And then I realize Shu En only has 3 months to live.
I stand corrected on the unluckiness actor
Ms. Mak: So YY was trying to make Galen like him so he keeps on bothering Galen but Galen gets pissed off ad starts to like another guy
Ms. Mak: (about YY): I can’t be sure about his gender.
So for the remaining 10 minutes of the lesson we were like discussing where to go for some extra-curricular activity.
Zuo Wei: We must be a cut above the rest and do something different…so we should go to a cemetery and go ghost-hunting…
Galen: Hey I think we should just throw Zuo Wei into the most haunted place in Singapore with a camcorder aimed at his face while we watch his antics in school.
LOLOL what a good idea.
Bleh dun go East Coast Park. Go West Coast. XD
O.o someone wanted to go KTV. Yea. Book about 20 lounges for an afternoon. WOOT.
Ms. Mak: 167 ppl how to book??
Joo Kee: Our school can book and entire Tea Chapter…a few *note: a few* lounges shouldn’t be that hard to book.
Yea. Sooraj had better submit my file for me.
Hmph. I guess I dun feel like posting tomorrow.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We own. Oh yea. No more Math lessons by Mr. Cheong. WOOT.
Mr. Cheong:That guy was my teacher, so the first thing you do when he comes in, please shut up.
Me: Isn't it like supposed to be...interactive?
LOL that feller start the lesson with a lame joke.
Mr. Chai(me thinks):Why do you think I told you such a lame joke?
Me: One of the only things you just had to pick up from Mr. Cheong...
LMAO. Of all the things you could learn from him...
But the Chai fellow is likeable enough.
Mr. Chai: So when you write out the numbers and add the beginning to the end you realise that…
Daryl: There’s no 75
Mr. Chai: Oh. :P
It's just those camera men damn irritating.
Just then one of them strikes the window. With his expensive equipment.
Mitra: we don't need to trash their stuff--they're doing it themselves already...
LOL. Noobs.
ZZT Mr. Chai was unfortunately or fortunately unexperienced with our really-likes-tobounce-all-the-way-back-unless-attached-to-a-chair projector screen. GARN WHY DIDN’T THEY CATCH THAT ON VIDEO?!!!
It wouldn't do good anyway. They still could film J.Lau, who hadn't handed up his permit. What crap.
Weird Ms. Li so pissed at us today. but I maintain that she is the variable and us the constant. Just too used to the roaring quiet of plane engines as compared to our chatter.
ZZT nice I had like 0/3 of the class worksheets. Even Jit had like 2. WTF is this BS.
Ms. Li: Do you think you are right?
Me: Yea!
Ms Li: *zzt (goes on to explain why I am wrong)
Me: Hey Ms. Li you asked what I thought…
Wordplay is fun. Not to mention exceptionally evil but who gives a darn.
Halfway through the lesson…
From upstairs—THUD real loud
Jit: Mr. Lim fell.
Class: LOL
Li Lina: What’s so funny? (goes to Jit)
Jit: Oh ah Eric fell *turns around* Eric U OK?
Eric has that HUH? Look at stares back at Jit
Some time later…
Class: Laughing Out Louder
I think I’ll just round up this…ah…lesson by quoting some of Ms. Li’s more…quotable quotes. Another one of my fun-and-exceptionally-evil-which-is-the-ONLY-reason-I’m-doing-it habits. XD
Ms. Li: So the end pointing north is the N-pole, the end pointing south is the S-holepole!
Ms. Li: This is the…shoehorse shape.
LOL then you still pwn Felix for not paying attention in class. Which he wasn’t anyway. We were thinking about how bad he would get pwned when this situation occurs…
NIE Instructor: Felix, why didn’t you hand in your assignment?
Felix (In that bored tone he usually uses to reply everyone unless discussing some cool thing he did): What assignment?
Now let’s see THAT happen.
OMGWTFBBQ Bryan u fail at Bridge boy. Like everyone you pair with fails with you. WTF. Who tell you go bid so high. WTnoob.
WOOT got A+ for test. Now if Ms. Mak could just apply what Zuo Wei wanted…
Who cares about the lesson. Fast forward
So like it was about some time AFTER the end of lesson bell rang. So I like saw the Express Chinese ppl outside, so I wanted to make an excuse to go to the toilet to talk to them.
WTF I go to Ms. Mak she totally ignore me. And I’m like freaking infront of her. So the entire Higher Chinese and 204-Express Chinese ppl saw me gesturing madly at her. Then I just grabbed a random chair beside the teacher’s table and emo-ed for a while, and started walking around the class.
PPL outside: WTF (well actually you can’t hear WTF but you can so see it from their faces)
Later on…
KM: Your teacher like doesn’t care if you like walk around the class twice WTF?
J.Lau: I think you walk out of class she also won’t notice LOL…
Yea I own uh-huh-uh-huh
History is like…as dry as dust today. As usual. So…let’s concentrate on the interesting parts…
Mr. Lim *stops in front of DJL and KM* :Hwy did you touch his ****?
Class: ROFL
Mr. Lim: *shush* In front of me some more!
Mr. Lim: *turns to KM* And you let him touch!
Class: ROFLMAOWithTearsInOurEyes
WTF cares about the reliability of a source.
Mr. Lim: When it’s a respected political profile like LKY or Dr. Toh Chin Chye, it’s most probably reliable…
Then the retard J.Lau starts laughing…
Boo sign at bus stop got trashed. Meatballs too heavy right. Told u ppl not to put that poster there ardy.