Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Funny. Singapore seems to be heading its way towards becoming a desert. As I type y second blog post today it was turned from scorching to chilly. And the winds are arid. Something to do with it having no rain today. :O Not good. The next thing you know, we’re spending millions trying to convert the Garden city into Las Vegas. Hang on…now why would that be a bad idea?
Must persevere on writing this blog post and stop getting sidetracked by winter melons. But they’re SO CUTE XD. Real life ones are much sweeter though.
Pop splatter Whap.
Anyway. Not sure about everyone else, but I wish that our projector had never been fixed. Having classes in air-conditioned laboratories can really grow on you. Other than that, attention needs to be paid more often, seeing the way Ms. Lim is rushing.
Chemistry. I have learnt my lesson. Of which the implications I am not obliged to reveal here for fear of implication of some. But darn I forgot everything nice about it. Except that I got lowest in quiz. 12/15 leh so sucky.
Ooh Mr. Yee came half an hour late HOW COULD YOU I WAS WORRIED.
Chem remedial was a bagful of laughs. I need to come more often.
Firstly, we somehow clashed with Chinese remedial. :D Don’t ask me how they booked overlapping time slots.
Then Jeremias and Jit were trying to squeeze the more comfortable chairs past Sion.
Everyone: Eh Jeremias dun sit on that chair! Will break.
Then Jit and James bitching at each other about whose answer was correct, while the Chinese remedial people were bitching at their cloze passage. (actually it IS rather hard for their level how can ah), and Cyrus finally began doing the worksheet due today.
Cyrus: Er…what s the full form of LDF I forgot.
Everyone :O
Timeto prepare for the next worksheet for the next remedial. I suspect I will need it.
Chinese culture was a practice in watching prospective presenters fleeing the scene. And discussing related stuff.


Perhaps the argument regarding homosexuality isn’t as cut out as it is supposed to be. Then again, nothing is ever what it is cut out to be. Everything would be what it isn’t, and nothing should be what it is.
I am so busy. Maybe was, but present tense is a state of mind.
I suspect the main reason why time travel is not is due to strong objections from the English departments. Imagine if I will had been going to school when it would suddenly explode instead by an explosion causing by me. :D
Had to remember what happened on Monday.
We were doing homework during lesson time. For Chinese. Kind of illogical, but hey whatever keeps the teacher happy…
Maybe we’ll start with PE. We were deserved of a game so we will had follow Dr. Sun instructions when he says them. This was getting confusing.. But it was a fun experience all the same. XD.
OK anyway. We had deserved of a game by putting on a relatively pathetic act of juggling the ball or something similar. So after some time trying to decide on 10/11 players on the field the game finally got started. In order words, here forth began my period of extreme slacking. OK. I wasn’t really slacking; it was more of a disturbing whoever was the 302 goalie.
And after half an hour and two goalkeeper changes, we somehow led 4-0. :O It was SO amusing after Young Joo scored from the other end of the field (come to think of it, the way he scored was also amusing. But I digress.) Roy displayed the most exact meaning of throwing a tantrum on the field when his “clean sheet” was broken.
I wonder what homework I still have except the ones I remember.
Physics IN LAB YAY. Other than that. BOO NO GET PHYSICS TEST. And Galen and Nat were discussing being retarded. Basically, it was just Nat trying to scam Galen. :D
Mentoring. Forgettable things are forgotten.
Math was fun in a kind of way. Mr. Yee was randomly commenting on why we needed Nikki in our class, to say YOU WANNA DIE IS IT? And the class was just commenting on how HAPPY DH would be if that were the case, while I spilled a couple of beans, which caused Mr. Yee to mistakenly think I was interested in DH, so I obviously had to one up him and tell him I already had a boyfriend. The look on his face and the dropped marker was priceless. :D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

On 42 and asterisks

Doing bio assignment is just so annoying. Especially when it goes to the left, to the left…
Bleh so sad it would have been so nice if we could just tell Galen about this screwed graph at approximately four. Dunno who go ask Ms Fong and spoil all the fun. But the look on his face was still priceless when he realized he had to redo a graph and 2/3 of a one page answer. :D YES I KNOW I’M EVIL.
WE HAD SHEEP”S HEART CUTTIONG TODAY WOOTZ. SO FUN SO FUN. I know I’m Hyper but IT WAS JUST SO OWNAGE. Well. More like torture. I was feeling hungry all through the One hour practical. And all that for measuring the walls of the heart. AND THE HEART JUST SMELLED SO DAMN GOOD. But I can’t eat mutton. *sobs*
English speech…went OK. But not as well as I hoped. Maybe I shouldn’t have a script in the future. SERIOUSLY cramps my freaking style. Either that or I could have played Baby all the way through. Maybe everyone’s hearing capabilities would have been so impaired I might just sound better. XD
James: Sometimes, one would become even uglier after plastic surgery
Yes see James, you shouldn’t have gone.
James: If I had a girlfriend, I would probably ask her to go for plastic surgery…
Jit: It’s like, Yu Han goes up and talks about something profound, then Galen goes up and talks about something profound, then James goes up and talks about shit.
The two Koreans in our class were JUST SO FUNNY after Cyrus.
YJ: I am here to talk about hostel………In conclusion, DON’T GO HOSTEL! SERIOUSLY, get a MC or something.
Excerpts from Cyrus’s speech:
I see people moping all around all the time, like guys moping about a lost girlfriend, or girls moping about a lost boyfriend, or even guys moping a lost boyfriend. Mm.
…and did you know that 42% of statistics are made up on the spot? (OK maybe it was 41 but 42 is a MUCHMUCH nicer number dontcha agree?)
…100% of successful suicides result in death. I swear this is NOT made up.
…I am going to express what all teenagers need in a acronym: F*** I am sure you know what the asterisks stand for. (I dunno…O-O-D?)
…And K represents potassium because I couldn’t find anything else.
FTW-ness. Totally.
Chinese was. I dunno. I completely forgot. NUUUU. Music was life as normal, although composing a good melody and helping Shreyas then finally trying to ignore him is tough.
Mrs. Lay: Enjoy your weekend!
Class: Yes enjoy your trashing!
So sad it RAINED LATER. :( probably prevented the trashing.
On a random side note, Wu Jiong gave me a really good 2 hour exercise session. Running up and down 4 storeys consecutively does that.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Bleh screw it was raining. And I missed it. But air-con is obviously OK.
Damn I’m going to like die horribly sometime this month. Maybe startng from tomorrow. Because the stuff in my homework file is like piling up without removal. Bleh. Sullen little blebers.
*sigh* the obsessive weirdity of California Gurls is just getting at me. Which is something I shouldn’t be thinking about when a quiz is tomorrow.
ARGH THE QUIZ TOMORROW AND THE TEST THE NEXT DAY AND THE SPEECH THE NEXT NEXT DAY. And Italian terms which I never had a problem with. But I’m still so screwed.
Paranoid much?
Today was bad. Ominous. Whatever.
Physics was ARGH. SO was Chinese. ARGH. Fortunately I was sleepy and distracted and doing fine all at the same time. But I hate it when the use so much math during physics. What is the deal behind calculating area?
YAY begged Ms Teh to change the quiz to tomorrow. It is a good sign for all our persuasive speeches come the rest of the week. Then James was smart and after we begged for a day’s lease, he went
James: OK then can extend to next week Tuesday?
N1 But WTF how come all other classes had it postponed. :( bias. :P
BOO for missing Mr. Yee. Not that I have anything against Mr. Li, who is also cool. Still. That funnyman was trying to make us do a…sin^12(6x) sthsthsth derivative to do. :O
Barging into Chemistry halfway is cool. At least I ensured my fate would be less sealed tomorrow. Though it did cause a screw up in my carefully planned schedule. I like planning. At least Chinese Culture was OK. And it’s probably only going to get better. If oonly I could talk mmore about random stuff and less debating with Chinese nationals.
I realized that the person to my left is always going to get imba cards. Not a good sign. DH and now Justin. :(
Adrian’s epic reasoning:
You hold the door there, then run up and return the card to me here on concourse?
Maybe if I ran as fast as him. Which is probably never.

Monday, September 20, 2010

JAMES deprivation

I am so screwed.
It seems like when they squash the many tiny quizzes/test I will get screwed for all of them except one. *stress*
And they’re giving too much homework. *stress*
I curse the weather control for leaving it on hot for half the day. DAYUMMM. And we had to kick around the darn ball for all that time. It would have been preferable if it had a purpose but OBVIOUSLY it hadn’t. And one more PE lesson to go. ARGH.
And two more CCA lessons but that’s not really the point. There was never any anyway.
Nat so pro play with Yohannes and pwn. Maybe DH REALLY had all the luck. DAYUMM
Tomorrow will be a happier day. Maybe I can do some random stuff that I’ve been meaning to do. And also some random stuff I haven’t been meaning to do but will do anyway.
Will do.
Anyway. After PE we discovered James could make his own talk show with just that tagline. JAME---SIII!!!
OK it sounds really retarded but hey.
Ms Fong checked it and fortunately all of us we wearing formal. On the outside, at any rate.
Random fact: Ms Fong does “weightlifting” daily GG
Stupid weather make me want to freaking sleep especially when it was PHYSICS oh gosh darn a dry topic with a dry weather is the worst possible weather for concentrating.
At least Math was nice and vaguely interesting. 3D writing is just so brilliant.
I think Ms Li has the suspicions about my sexuality.
NUS High is ripe ground for racists jokes. Just…not mentioning them here is deference to the brilliant ISA.
Except spontaneous energetic disassembly doesn’t sound so bad after all. Wonder who the heck uses it though.
Need to listen to music more. I feel so deprived suddenly.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Crapping about some random trends (TRUE and PROVEN) raised my a couple of me classmates. Warning: all these trends are biased in one way or another. If offended I apologise for my fellow classmates beforehand here.
Now, not to be racist or making fun of anything, but let me tell you about my Hitler-Jew Theory. In fact, it’s not racist at all. DAMMIT.
Hitler came to Singapore at a certain point in time and had a horrific experience that had him screaming all the way back to the Third Reich.
Now, Hitler always had the habit of speaking really fast.
So the moment he landed in Berlin, he shouted,
The Nazi officers, who talked at normal speed, thought,
He wanna kill the Jew!
And thus the Holocaust began.
Of course, the more Jews killed, the more angry Hitler got.
All the Nazi officers thought it was because they weren’t killing enough Jews, so they killed more. XD
And thus the ancestral Jitwu was saved.

It is the most simple thing to mark the Physics of script of 307. You just have to tick, tick, and tick some more.
Marking the scripts of 302 is the next simplest: Mostly it’s just cross, cross and cross again. They were so brilliant almost the whole class found out about the test just the day before.

Damn needa find more fun things. Oh yea our Chinese culture likes using Chinese websites so much, once when she was showing the students Cao Cao this pic of some scantily clad hot gal popped up. Proness. XD That’s why we should all use the power of Cheena.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Bada Bing

Shall try and recall the Tuesday. But maybe Thursday, more important, being the universal destruction day and anything. One reason why Thursday is thouroughly likable.
Never mind. Tuesday then. Or maybe Friday. Sounds like. We achieved lots on Friday. Hail Friday.
YAY now I likes Bio. Though I wish I had just followed my instinct rather than think about how freaking screwed up the blood and lamella were. :( Also, the sign of impending doom is made known when you reslise that the 6 structured questions are going to cost…70 marks. TIME TO DIE REALLY UGLY D< Until I remembered that Chem probably has 5 questions giving 80 marks. Oh noes. On the bright side, 18/22 is quite good, compared to what I was getting last year. At least I’m on par with THE GALEN.
Dh was being stupid and making cutting/splicing, squashing heart lesson when we were discussing sheeps’ hearts for next week practicals,
Such a freaking rainy day. And Galen has the perfect theory.
Galen: God is crying for his creation of Jit WU, like “WHY OH WHY DID I GIVE SUCH A THING LIFE?”
Better not let him hear it, or Galen is gonna be squashed. In any case, I need someone to blame because my table was freaking ruined. ARGH. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to forecast the weather.
Now I wait and see the effect of loud music on essays. Though almost everyone managed to kinda write like a FULL TWO SIDES OF A PAGE at least for their essay, which probably isn’t a good sign. Now I wish I had more hands on experience in caning.
GG. In the morning all so busy afking or pccing no time to talk to me. HEY GUYS I NEED TO DISCUSS IMPORTANT STUFF HERE. Not that they would hear me or anything, butit’s still nice to get it out.
Sometimes, one wonders how 0.15% difference in DNA can produce…flatfishes rather than a humanoid shape. Manga does that. Often.
So the Chinese lesson was quite emofying for me, as in “HOW COULD I HAVE NOT IMPORVED FROM THE LAST TEST?!!” I know it isn’t obvious, but still. :(
Then WJ was talking about how pro his other students was, then…
WJ: Cos all the hardworking girls taught by Mr. Chua
Tsktsktsk make Simin so sad. Especially when Jit Wu poking her all day long.
Simin: Ooh shouldn’t poke ppl on your birthday.
Jit: My BIRTHDAY man I have the right.
No comment on music. Though any author who warrants the drawing of 32 notes is a freaking faggot.
CCA was a joke. I mean, more than usual. The first thing Mr. Chin did when he came in was to tell us to ditch CCA and go support our soccer team. Which on hindsight wasn’t probably a bad idea, because we miraculously managed to lead 2-0 in a matter of minutes. Obviously because of the playmaker called THE ROY. NOOBS go sub him then ACS started scoring. But there were some nice moments. Our genius strikers missed twice, one genius defender smashed his sternum against the goalpost AND got a handball. But we still managed to win. Probably because ACS looked at our pit, then went OMG REAL GRASS AND MUD? WHERE IS THE ASTRO PITCH?!. Then this random guy was running with the ball past all our defenders who were chasing him hopelessly…then he ran straight past the scoring area. I’m guessing he looked down and thought WHY IS THIS BALL NOT PURE GOLD?! Halfway through. Sometimes, cheapskate is a very good distraction. Especially when another one of their players decided than the face would be a better tool to hit the ball with. And Raphael telling our team to dive every time they lost the ball. Surprisingly, it seemed like it was the ACS people who took that golden piece of advice (note: golden) and the same player dived twice in a row. Then later, the referee caught them for diving. :D
So Jit was calling for updates when on the bus ride to the concert.
Jit: What? They’re all diving?
Jit: What? LOL
GG we won 3-2. This will go down in history. We will have a plague with the words “We WON” on it.
Saw Mr. Lim at the concert :O
Concert…was awesome. Other than the shroom-eating composer for the Flute Concerto, there was this fat guy who took out a huge box for the 1812 overture and was just sitting there being fat for the whole concert. Just as we were discussing whether he was waiting for his oven to cook his chicken rice, he gets up OMG and heaves a HUGE mallet. And starts smashing up the box. Maybe the oven was taking too long. XD

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just getting what I deserve

I have finally got a pair of earphones. Together with a new hand phone but that’s not really the point. I HAVE A NEW WAY TO DIVERT BOREDOM WOOT. On a random side note, the hearing capabilities of the human are amazing.
And today started off with a…beepbeepbeep YAY assembly in class. It’s little things that make life rock. Or suck. Whatever. This is one of better ones. Including my earphones.
So it turns out that it was Simin’s birthday today. Obviously, she got presents. So we asked her what she got from Gabriel. *Warning: potentially scandalous stuff ahead*
Simin: Stomach *points at stomach region*
Jit Wu: O.O He made you pregnant?!
Simin: :O NO obviously it’s food right…babies dun grow in the stomach…
Jit Wu: Tsktsktsk…you so young…
Shreyas: Yes Simin, we have had many talks about this…how could you ignore the consequences of unwanted pregnancies?
Me: How do you know it’s unwanted?
Shreyas: … OK maybe it isn’t unwanted, but there are still the consequences.
So now everyone should say hello to Simin the Jit Wu way. *patpatpat*
2 hour physics lessons are always torture. Hallelujah earphones. And I insist 0 should be correct. :(
Dao Han was like emo-ing so much after getting 5/20 for the in-class assignment. And jeremias, by some mystical mathematical workings, showed that 3.sth times 2 is 140.sth. :O
GG Chem. Makeup lesson on Monday. But then, looking at our abysmal (and my freakishly atrocious quiz scores—I suppose I probably shouldn’t drink young) worksheet scores, we probably need it. :(
“We cannot go for makeup cos we need to play cards” FTW
I can tell everyone is now pissed off with Nat.
ACE was so kind of funny. :D Not saying anything else for fear of implication, like Mr. Yuen says.
Yay for repetition in Math.
Mr. Yee *stares at what I have written*: How come this looks SO similar to what I have done…?
Shreyas: Quick erase Mr. Yee’s working
Talking about Shreyas, he injured his hand and knee while falling…upwards.

Let’s conclude with some awesome quotes.
In order to counter flooding, we need to set up a HUGE fan and blow the rain clouds to Malaysia, or the sea. It is obvious that Jit is a master planner working for the good of our country.
DH: I had a dream. It was very wet…
DH: There’s nothing you can see in the Martin Luther King video! It’s all black and white!
Now that wasn’t meant to be racist but it so happened that in the context which it was used…

Monday, September 13, 2010

Time or your money

Argh so many things to do today. ~STRESS~
1) DO chemistry. i.e. wait for Jit to send me important stuff and hope Cyrus does important stuff, then hope I can finish up important ends. Ah well. Chemistry’s a tough life.
2) Download Math. And hopefully match Mr. Yee’s record. Except that I’m not really in the mood. :( Just…leave it to slack around and hope it gets arthritis then dies a natural death. XD
3) Try and complete bio. Or something.
4) Wonder why Dr. Pek was smiling at me throughout Physics test.
5) Grind and wonder why Ms. Lim never taught us how to derive satellite period for a binary star system. Maybe she thought that it was too hard for us. But the…we probably would have complained anyway.
So we were crapping in Chinese, and Wu Jiong was probably getting old. He set us three pieces of homework to be due after the holidays, then forgets to collect a single piece. Not that I’m complaining or anything, but still…
What were the sports teacher’s last words?
All javelins to me please.
Which makes one think when you PE teacher starts planting 12 javelins in the field.
So we were kind of crapping/studying during mentoring. And cajoling Ms. Lee to help us understand unknown concepts better.
All this first principle rubbish is seriously getting on my nerves. I was getting more and more annoyed by the minute. ERRR!
Physics test was…Bleh. I dunno whether to be comforted or freaked out. I mean, he probably likes me the same way he likes everyone but still…

Monday, September 6, 2010

Swinging along

Ooh I’m so freaking DEADED
Stupid Cyrus forgot to remind me to go renew Hitchhiker’s DAMN YOU.
Bleh going to take part in 24 hour competition tomorrow :O. Stocking up on as much music and games as possible to while the time away. Not that there’ll actually be much time to while. Sigh.
Great the music downloading is screwing up. Badly.
I hate it when all these random updates need me to close my web browsers continually.
Now I’m convinced my Internet is going to crash. Downloading TOO many music videos at the same time Especially the Michael Jackson Ones. :O. Ah well. Time to just let them load and stop stuffing stuff into my bandwidth.
Friday was pretty screwy. Bio quiz was bad. :(. BAD BAD BIO QUIZ. Still. We FINALLY got around to starting on Circulatory system. Which means we’re behind on like…three subjects. :P. We are so done for.
Music was…GREAT. As usual. A test should be no different from assignments. We needa have more of that.
The test, by the way, was a farce.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

No Playing Chinese Chess

I can just see the REALLY sucky week ahead. And the fact that there’s just one more day left isn’t going to make a god darn blinking bit difference.
I am pissed. I mean, THREE subjects in TWO days.
Today was just
I hate counter-intuitive principles. Couldn’t finding the inverse involve putting the horse before the cart, then putting the horse before the cart? It doesn’t make sense to move the horse in front then decide it would be better off being controlled by the cart now would it?
All this horse and cart talk happened to make me lose 4 marks. In one question. Especially when everything else looked alright.
Then WJ hands out letters with horrible scores, and immediately disheartens us with scores that happen to be even more horrible in the inverse sense.
*flip* 55/70
*flipflipflip*: 53/70
WJ: A bit worse
*flipflip*: 51/70
WJ: This is the worst…
*flipflipflip*: 58/70
Especially when our students have trouble even getting 50. :(
Pulled off a genius act during Physics. Hoping it doesn’t go to waste.
Screw seat-changing.