Friday, January 30, 2009

Red Cliff 2 (Part 1)

So, I watched this movie instaed of Inkheart like every single one of my classmates. Inkheart sounded too boring, but I liked the theme music. Nothing else to say.

Fortunately, the movie did not follow one jot of the novel except for the characters and the main strategy involved. I like change, the only constant.

The film begins with a scene in Cao Cao's camp. Cao Cao's soldiers were in the midst of a game of Cuju and he was watching the game closely with his generals and advisors. Sun Shangxiang had disguised herself as a soldier and infiltrated Cao Cao's camp where she acted as a spy for the allied army. Cao Cao was impressed with the performance during the game by a soldier named Sun Shucai and appointed him as an officer in charge of a thousand men. Sun Shangxiang was secretly noting down details about Cao Cao's army and had sent reports to Kong Ming via a pigeon. She bumped into Sun Shucai, who did not suspect her identity, and the two of them became fast friends.

At the same time, Cao Cao's troops are infected with typhoid due to the new environment. However, Cao is not worried and instead sends the dead troops to the Allied forces of Wu and Shu, despite objections from the physician Hua Tuo. In no time, the allied forces are infected and Shu warlord Liu Bei withdraws his troops, saying that he is too old for another defeat, earning despise from the Wu generals. Zhao Yun remarks that he Viceroy Zhou Yu "will meet again". Kong Ming, the Shu strategist, stays on, stating that he will finish what he has started. Fortunately, Kong Ming's efforts manage to drive the plague from the Wu ranks. Cai Mao and Zhang Yun, Cao's naval generals, propose the plan of chaining their ships together to prevent seasickness and Cao commends them on their strategy.

Later, Viceroy Zhou Yu and Kong Ming make bets to each other to assassinate the Wei naval generals, and to make a million arrows within 3 days, with the loser of the bet losing his head. Viceroy Zhou's plan is accomplished through a persuader from Cao, Jiang Gan. Jiang steals a letter which Zhou had tried to conceal during their meeting, and finds that it is a plan to murder Cao by Cai and Zhang. Zhou is invited out of the tent in the middle of the night, apparently to meet Cai and Zhang. He hurries back to bring this news.

At the same time, Kong Ming sends a group of fast ships towards the Cao camp on the last day designated to finish making the arrows. He invites Lu Su, who has been worrying for Kong Ming's life. A relatively comic scene ensues as Cai and Zhang fire thousands of arrows thick and fast towards the enemy ships, not knowing that these have all been trapped in straw. Kong Ming returns with the ships now bristling with stolen arrows, but seems to lose one inadvertently.

Later, the culmination of both plots results in the death of Cai and Zhang. Jiang submits the letter to Cao, who thinks it is a trick by the enemy, but realizes it has the same handwriting as one of Cai's letters. His suspicions increase when he hears that the navy has lost about a million arrows in a battle with Kong Ming's ships. He remarked with sarcarsm that Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were very 'generous' in 'donating' arrows to the enemy, before having them executed on charges of treason. Later, he discovered that he been fooled and was furious with Jiang Gan so he had Jiang poisoned to death during a banquet.

to be continued...

A post for fun

YAY I'm such a slacker everybody has 200++ posts on their blogs ardy and I haven't even hit 100 :D

Not that I want to post much more or anything. Too busy these days doing bio. Finally finished though. Though i wish that ansel had come with his advice earlier so I didn't have to redo everything just 3 days before the deadline. Blehh.

In any case, I think I would like to talk a little about Chinese New Year. First thing, i got $382 (I think) interestingly neither increases nor decreases, fortunately or unfortunately. Maybe it's cos I visited the same places and got money from the same people. Recession seems to have no bump.

Then on potluck day, happily everybody brought too much to eat and drink so like, no one touched what I brought (or maybe it's because everybody was to lazy to open the box). so some of us were trying to play some music but then for no good reason everybody was changing the song halfway through. Even Sexyback. **** sorry for the swear.

So I shall end here. As I said, this is a for fun post so who cares...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

An update (stupid Ji's fault)

So yea, this really is her fault. She told me to update so I'm gonna slap a few stuff about Thursday.
Hmm...let me try and recall...
Oh yea. I think I sort of started the day by asking everybody,"Raise up your hands who brought your class jacket." and guess what? no hands raised. Hahaha. And by the way, Ji, I am definitely NOT bringing anything for some crap about our class blog's wallpaper, whether money or my freaking jacket. No nothing so too bad.
After that, lessons like normal... But during Chinese I forgot to bring both my textbook AND workbook. Fortunately the teacher didn't notice. Then, me and Jit Wu were so bored at the back, so we started paying shogi. Then, we opened all the cupboards and were trying to search for the missing panda. Of course, we turned up with nothing. So I said to Jit, "hey maybe the panda is some how stuck in the overhead steel trays..." so he was like,"Chances are... it isn't" Then after Chinese I went to the Tamil class and heard loud cheering (dunno why) so I went back to class...and found YX and Adrian trying to poke the panda from the overhead trays. It really was there OMGZZZ. Then Jit brought news that Milton (tamil teacher) actually swore at one of the students and that student recorded it! So then he started sending to everybody, and Daryl played to everyone in the class.
At about one o'clock, most of us had left, but then Candice came into the class and started bitching about the air-conditioner turned off by J.Lau. Like I gave a crap.

Happy Ji? Maybe not. But then I care!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So, today was the first time I had a ownage long break( actually I had one on Monday already...maybe I write about the Year ones some other time).

Well, like usual I was slacking in class, watching the girls fuss over the flag and seeing Mr Cheong (dunno whether I spelled that correctly but he sure is a great mentor)talking with everyone else...(so sad he keeps on getting static from the whiteboard. I tried to do so but couldn't. Maybe the white board hates him O.o).
So like, we played J.Lau's new board game (dunno what happened Jit owned us all with alien technology) then watched Sooraj deck out and lose in Magic (OMG Soosoo how could you) and Daryl PWN everyone else in DM (Using my deck's Holy Awe yea man) so after that we were like waiting for the Da Vinci talk to start, and spent the time seeing J.Lau and Sooraj battle.(Like they always do. OMG Sooraj J.Lau actually spanked you hard, failure). Then Sooraj was trying out a new trick(swing gluestick into J.Lau's face) but failed so badly and J.Lau was like mocking him all the while. Then Jit told Sooraj to blow the glue-stck at J.Lau and OMFG it slammed into the wall so hard J.lau almost went deaf and was shating "WTH was that man!" so Sooraj demo-ed onemore time and this time the glue-stick shattered (J.Lau was lucky Soo's aiming not good).
By the way (I think it was before that) Everyone wanted to chuck the plushie panda into the fan so I went ahead and did it. The panda was so totally owned. In your face Ji!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Going Up

I didn't really like this piece, as I wasn't exactly inspired by the picture provided...still...

I stand there, going up. Alone.
Hmm. Where on earth am I? How did I get here?
That rising feeling. Handrails. An elevator. Must be.
Wait. Where’s Joan? My girlfriend. She never leaves my side. Annoying maybe, but now I feel so…empty and so alone without her presence.
I look around. Funnily enough, there is no one in sight. Come to think of that, there is totally nothing in sight. The elevator seems to be suspended in a midst of nothingness, except for a thick whitish mist that hangs about, engulfing everything but strangely not impeding breathing.
Then I see my blue shoes. It all comes rushing back to me.
We trooped on the streets as a group. Me, my friends and our girlfriends. Normal teenagers on a normal day.
Flush with the joy of pay packets that we had just received, all of us were ready to flaunt our wealth in front of each other and buy down whatever we wished. We headed for the nearest bar and bought round after round of drinks. Finding that we still had some money, we set our eyes upon the nearest arcade in the shopping mall just across the street.
Going up the elevator, we are caught in a drunken frenzy, and we decide to start fooling around. In a height of excitement, I vault upon the handrail. I tilted over a little due to my drunkenness. I go down many metres, screaming.
A soft, disembodied voice chants from above “Going up…”

P.S. It's title is just up there...