Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking out on you

Shall start with an awesome quote:
“Newton’s Laws do not apply in Singapore due to domestic distrust of a funny 400+ year old ang moh interfering with their physical affairs”
Or something to that extent. But I say it’s awesome. Because IT IS>XD
Today was a sucky day. As usual.
Well. Not as sucky as most other days . I mean the Year ones were like…adorable…at the CyberWellness thing which in fact turned out to be…better than expected. AND YY IS SO MUCH LIKE YAO RUI XD. I mean he looks like him walks like him and even talks like him and HE’S SO CUTE! XD
Oh and hey I just checked and realized that…WOOT nothing added to my blog. Or not. There was this…draft or something. But I deleted it. Unfortunate. I wasn’t even really doing my job anyway. Just walking around seeing ppl playing COD and…DOTA on some fking big-ass laptop Got no idea how that even turned out WTscrew.
Joshua Sia: The Year Ones prefer Tetris to COD man WTH. And they don’t play DOTA
From that er…comment on the lack of life of the average Year ones…you can probably figure out who were the ones actually playing. XD.
Yea man spent time beating some really lame flashing lights game at the Science Centre after NSC camp same day last week. With all five of us pressing the flashing buttons crazily XDD awesome pic on Byorn’s blog.
Anyway Chinese was…I dunno. Just writing some letter. And WJ was telling me not to write so fast, dunno whether to prevent demoralizing everyone of to really avoid spelling errors…
Math was spent talking about the…er…less desirable relationships between Jazlene and Sooraj (but then again any relationship with Sooraj is…undesirable. No better word for it. But there are…worse…take your pick) Then we saw Nicole and Jaz paying $10++ each to Raphael. Here is kind of how it went.
DH: Eh Raphael why you getting paid ah?
Jit: You Jaz’s what ah? Pimp is it?
Me: Yea man pimping her to Sooraj
*Then Nicole pays him
Jit: wawawa…2 girls is it?
Me: I see…a protégé for DH. He is obviously the master. You can…teach Raphael the ropes before he moves on to…bigger things
Chem was like so screwed up dun even know when the lesson is then wasting everyone’s time WTcrap.
Peng Seng calling Ms Teh, then like arguing with her, then arguing with Shreyas, and then Ms. Teh coming in to explain, and when she said it was Simin’s fault Peng Seng was like “you don’t talk” *hinthint*
Me: (at around 1230 or sth) the best thing would be…your wasted ½ hour waiting for her…then at 1330 you stay back till 1400 and she still doesn’t come
Jit: Then I gonna…skip all her lessons for the rest of the year…
And that’s the way you do it; it’s my dick in a box!
OK being random liao

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to be a pro runner

Yea man first game with a human. As in really with.
Ur probably know what I am talking about. Or not.
NUU today was like so fking screwed up our physics launcher…failed. I think. Because I decided to be nice to Dr. Pek who was always so nice to me during his 2 hour lessons.
But anyway phew today was like close almost got GG-ed by a higher-up personnel. (no it’s not THE ONE YOU ARE THINKING OF he doesn’t deserve such a nice title).
Anyway. Good news before the bad. I GOT FULL MARKS FOR PHYSCIS TEST WOOT(OKOK I know it’s nothing to brag about I mean the test was so fking simple BUT EGOING IS FUN XD)
OH dear my post number going to shoot up like mad tomorrow a bunch of over-eager year ones are going to type thousands of random stuff on my blog all in the name of Cyber-Wellness and (GASP) at my suggestion to APS. But as you know I’m SUCH a nice person…
Not sure what Galen coming up with. Some powered up thing that shoots 3 meters with the ball holder not properly positioned.
YAY biology was slack all the way Mr. Lee is also such a nice teacher I mean he came behind me and saw the computer at some random unrelated webpage and said VGd doing extra research. But he but short the lesson by about half an hour due to our moaning XD.
But oh noes I have a…erm…bio worksheet to do now. I guess it’s win some lose some.
OMG pictures of me are being circulated by our paparazzo who happens to be one of the only three people who are able to launch my awesome plant properly. But I probably should have expected that. Bleaurgh.
Math was boring as usual.
Oh and we saw Ms. Lee at the Vivace concert O.o NEVER knew she had such interests. And who promptly disappeared at the beginning of Blue Danube.
To quote Jit, on Tseren’s amazing archery skills:
He will pull down a tree trunk, strip its branches to be a bow string, and grab a nearby pillar. Then he will shot some huge missile.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Short posts FTW

NUV stupid Ji go run away before I could slap you. Or maybe I could make you dwell upon how hard I COULD have slapped you. Probably because the judges were being so insistent about having to hear sound effects and all.
Anyway. Thursday…was weirdly interesting. Probably because of the Opera discussion. Here’s me crossing my fingers and hope we don’t screw it up or something similar. I’m guessing the something similar will happen. But still. Wondering how to choreograph an uncertain number of people to dance some random piece of crap to the Pirates of the Carribean Theme song. Yao Rui was just there suaning everyone with his piano skills moste awesomme and distracting Claire while trying to teach Galen and Raphael some fking difficult to sing aria.
Or nvm I can just beat up Sooraj for not having it.
LOL chem. Was brilliant. Some Awesome Ms Teh quotes:
*to Joshua Park who was disturbing Jazlene
“Eh dun disturb her…later she THROW YOUR BAG INTO THE POND
Man GG I think Yong Jen probably still remembers
*Ask James question
*sees him smiling or something. Personally I think it is the…overabundance of pink all over the paper..
*takes paper and looks at it
Ms. Teh: RANIA!
Class: OH!...
Ms. Teh: James…don’t you know Rania is VERY close to Tae Jin?
Yea man later Tae Jin go punch him up.
NOO HOLY SCREW FORGETTING EVERYTHING. Except that Physics test was like comparatively easy, and that Roy was pro in presenting, and Vivace concert was like obviously much better than last year (but isn’t it vivace? Why Dr. Wong go compose such an emo song to put in the middle of it all? And WTF s the entire idea of clapping and cheering at random places?)
OK. Well. Freezing chess pieces is fun. But the graphics are stupid. I mean…frozen with a puddle of blood?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nom d'om

NUUU was supposed to post this on like Wednesday but NSC made me come home so late and do homework until so fking late at night.
Nvr mind. Shall post three posts in a row. XD.
OK actually Wednesday was totally bull**** mainly the only thing I remember is Ms. Li bitching to us about her having to do everything for the stupid CyberWellness Week which s like basically useless I mean HOW MANY WEEKS OF WORK FOR 45 MINUTES OF ACTIVITY?! Totally doesn’t make efficient sense I tell you Wtcrap.
Oh, and Ms. Li somehow made Jazlene emo O.o.
Yea Chinese was like so awesome I should probably learn to talk louder for stuff that I’m actually not interested in everyone seems to have started to noticing I let my voice wander to unknown domains when I do some presentations. But back to the original topic Ansel was SO EPIC he borrowed my (OK yea IT IS MINE NOW NOT MY BRO’s OK?) netbook and was like typing and clicking for about 5 minutes so I was O.o-ing at him and wondering why he taking so long to set up (dreamweaver ppt maybe? OMG) then we saw a presentation of…OMG SO MANY FKING WORDS WTH. Then he was like skipping all the funny names of the fishes except for the…erm…for lack of less funny description, the big-headed fish and grass fish. Then when he got to the last slide, we saw that the text…overshot the slide. And when he ended the presentation, we saw that it…overshot the slide capacity by twice. AND when he closed the PowerPoint programme, we saw this Baidu page which HAPPENED to be of the same topic…and with huge highlighted sections O.o PRONESS. XD
Math was…randomly talking to jit about rubbish. As usual.
English was…Bleh. DUN RMBR NOR DO I WANT TO. XD
Yea then NSC workshop. Which was retarded to start with cos like Justin thought in front of GO so I also thought in front of GO then N1 we’re actually taking public bus man no special bus for us so we gotta go to the first floor. :( teachers also should come a bit more on time *hinthint*
Then on the bus Ms. Lee was like “not that I’m pressurizing you, but you should do better than last year’s team…because it’s expected of our school!” (Yes and we bitched to the judges about this XD) and going on how much she hated seeing my netbook everywhere EH TOO BAD LIVE WITH IT.
Well the judges were fun, waved to an old friend, did a (kindof) remake of whatever got me into this team, planning to lose to SOTA in NSC, redoing 3…no four times because Ji Hyun swore luckily no one else was in there and HEY I thought there was censoring, hearing the judges…erm…for lack of less offensive word, bitching about one of our seniors swearing too much, feeling ego cos they said we were better than last year’s batch (I was like WE’RE MORE ENTHU). Yea. That pretty much sums up NSC.
(Oh noes I wonders what Justin has sent me)
Yea then wandered about Science centre, then walked to JE MRT discussing the usage of F*** and the chancing upon its display. Then when I reached dover wasted time and effort walking in another direction !@#$%^&* man.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day Too

WTF MAN NICE ONE MSN just decided to SCREW UP and everyone is not appearing online to everyone WOOT.
Today was Hell.
Well. Not really. ~I FAIL AT JUMPING~ but I am honored to have required the help of THE Lim Jeck and He was willing to help. Killing is much more of my cup of tea anyway. Hopskipjump and the Only Level is DUMB.
Shreyas: Hey…stop SMS-ing in class
Claire *smiles innocently*
Shreyas: Mentor-rep some more…
Jazlene: O.o What about YH?!
Shreyas: *Looks really surprised or something similar* er…YH is not a mentor rep…different conditions.
Yea I am AWESOME those who know me/ex-204-ers probably know what is happening…
Bleh Dr. Pek CHIONING revision questions…and Mr. Lee CHIONGING notes and depriving us of our breaks as usual… And as usual I have decided to carry out various less than authorized activities with some of my classmates. More like shady business dealings. Best not to say more XD might make my personal hell more hell than it can be than my not-too-personal earth.
LOL LSH short-term memory or sth.
LSH: Where is ur Assignment B?
Me: ? I handed up?
LSH: I don’t have it…go check
Me: Yea I have it…and it’s marked…
LSH: Oh erm OK…
That Joshua Park spastic or something shrieking unimaginable utterations while preparing for Bio quiz man. And DH was like giving damn good descriptions for CLAIRE’S random utterations…
I fear for our Math project. And our Physics project. And our Chinese project.
Hang on.
Replace all “our” with “my”

Monday, March 22, 2010

Term 2...dundundundun

Let’s start from the very beginning of the day.
Ms. Bay is still being as sarcastic as ever. Really annoying.
“You should have been doing it throughout the term and not have been rushing it only during the holidays.”
Yea whatever I say to screw with that YOU KNOW HOW MANY THINGS CAME BETWEEN WTH. SO TOO BAD about your reading journal. Ignoring the fact that I passed it up.
Ms. Bay: You can treat it as homework and write less than the allotted word count…
And n0pE no one really bothered to write narratives for this Claire WUT DYA EXPECT YOU K OW HOW MUCH BRAIN POWER GOES INTO NARRATIVES?
:( Why are we having Sprechstimme in our opera that sounds really sucky I have no idea what Raphael is going to come up with ZZT
I realized it was probably good advice not to put me Jit and DH together because we usually end up talking crap at the back together. Mostly involving crack, DH’s Highness, and the various sexual fantasies of random people.
OH NO WINNIE AND IAN CAME INTODAY TO STEAL MY NETBOOK. Dunno to take random picture of what using my netbook’s camera and posting some picture on Facebook EH U PPL GOT IPHONE FOR WHAT HUH in order to prove some random piece of crap. Which reminds me to wonder about what our class s doing for CyberWellness… (Here’s a hint: seems like nothing)
YAY conformity should be adhered to by reading the Bible in hotels if you’re a Buddhist.
Chinese was hell. Well not really. I shall maintain it was YY’s fault for talking too much. After all he was the one who got shouted at not my problem…
Like after WJ shouted we observed a 10 minute silence in memorium of…I dunno. The loss of YY’s talking ability.
I dunno WTS Sooraj doing for his Physics projectile project the last time I saw it SERIOUSLY looked like a catapult that children use to hit birds
Roy: I and Wei Zhang did something which worked then Sooraj said it didn’t and destroyed it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

For one more Day

OK. Rants about Bill Gates and his minions aside, other than the fact that I want to gloat and say HAHA YOU’RE NOT THE RICHEST GUY IN THE WORLD ANYMORE BY HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in his face, I seem to recall wanting to blog about the other half of the day but then too many things are coming in between such as STUPID OPERA WE’RE SCREENING IN A MONTH WE ARE SO SCREWED OMG.
And now I find myself before the computer with nothing to do whatsoever besides waiting for Claire to come online and Galen to come out of comatose. That guy is fantastic I mean every time you call his phone YOU GET NO RESPONSE and the ONLY TIME he is responsive is when…he wants to talk with you.
:( Ian abandoned me for 8 hours I know you’re sorry BUT YOU KNOW HOW BAD TRIGO WAS?!
In opera we are doing everything out of order…and to be achieved in around ten times the speed operas are usually done. Of course, that’s because we are probably going to do a crap job but don’t tell Claire or she’ll…I dunno. Do something.
I feel so unoriginal, koping everything from YouTube and ABRSM exam pieces. Other than the fact that it’s probably the right way to do it.
Me: I read the Bible whenever I go to a hotel.
Byorn: ??WHY??
Me: Because I’m Buddhist. *keeps a straight face*
Yay non sequitor FTW
And too many children are helping their mothers give birth. Of course, it depends also on the way you see this sentence.
Yea I haven’t forgotten about wanting to tell you about the second half of SSEF day but I suddenly realized too much of the actually funny stuff was…a little racist. So there. Too bad. But I CAN tell you our physics projectile launcher looks awesome. WE ARE GONNA GET >9000 for creativity, or as Ansel would say…
Hmm. What would he say?
:( Not much to blog about because I haven’t been going out and have been spending too much time on too much homework which the teachers just decided to give us because of the convenience that we HAppEN to stay at home the whole day for three days. ACTUALLY IT’S TWO AND A LITTLE DAYS STUPID SSEF CAME IN THE MIDDLE SO NICE RIGHT.
OK. Awaiting the end of V for Vendetta
Er…no scratch that. I think I meant end of e-learning week two. Adieus…

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bleh OK finally hit 204 BOO

Bleh suddenly feel like posting cos…yesterday was epic. I think.
OK basically we like went to the SSEF so like half the day of E-learning was gone. What a freaking waste of time…
Or not.
Well yea I thought I would be there late but some events occurred…so yea. Bleh.
Walking around interacting randomly with Sean, found 204-ers slacking at a corner, talking about…random stuff
KM: CHANGE IS HERE! *when Chen Ge came LOLOL*
OK so then Jit found me.
Me: Ur here for how long liao
Jit: 30 minutes liao…eh LOL now WTF did Galen go
Later…Galen found.
J.Lau: Eh WTcrap DH walking to where huh?
Jit DH U noob come back here MAN
Me: OK…when DH comes back we should lose J.Lau or something.
Anyway we were walking about waiting for Galen, talking to random ppl…
J.Lau: Apparently Sooraj still in Sceince Centre watching Einstein humping the rope
WTF man that guy has problems
Pro guy called YY
So then we like met up with a few ppl from 201 last year…and walked out of Science Centre to IMM. WOOT.
Jit Wu: I think they say got teachers and HOD walking around all talking rubbish
J.Lau: No they on the bus…upper deck and looking for us using bionoculars
Me: If we meet any one say we’re…going to IMM for lunch…
Dao Han: Then later teachers also all having lunch there. Like Dr. Hang having bak ku teh then he sees all of us and goes “eh boys” until we walk off and pretend not to have heard. Then he will say “ oh who cares” and continues eating.
So we continue walking and meet one of those construction work tape barriers. So me and J.Tan walk under it.
Jit and DH: eh WTF u going huh?
Me and J.Tan: Oh…go back under the tape
DH: Oh rite… *Jit LMAOs*
OK so basically we were going IMM to look for the most important part of the catapult we were supposed to make like…TODAY AND DH DIDN’T GET IT.
DH: Why am I thrown with the job of looking for the spring? It is like, the hardest???
Well too bad it’s the most important for a reason man.
Anyway we were going around IMM looking for a spring. Which happened to be…really hard to find there.
DH: OK here’s the information board let’s look for Homefix.*Goes around from Lvl one to Lvl four then comes back to Lvl one. And starts searching diligently again)
Jit: Eh you ardy looked here man
DH: HUH you sure I think this one looks new
Ohohoh and when we asked the information center the person said straight left (or right? Whatever) then we walked…turned a corner…walked…turned another corner…hmm, very straight
So anyway we couldn’t find what we wanted in homefix…and we decided to go Daiso instead.
DH: Galen can you stop talking and concentrate on getting us to Daiso?
Galen: Where’s Daiso?
ZZT I found it in the end by turning my head in a particular direction
OK so after that we decided to call Sooraj in an attempt to misdirect him to IMM.
Jit: OK then halfway back we see Sooraj walking halfway to IMM cos he dun wan take bus.
So back to Science Centre for Mac’s. And waiting for my dad. And imagining the T-rex at the front of SC getting pissed off at Sooraj humping it and eating it.
DH: Then at about 6.00pm the workers hears a rumble and…Sooraj comes out!
Galen: Looks like shit…smells like shit…tastes like shit…MUST BE SOORAJ!
OK gonna post on 2nd half of day tmrw XD after I die for my Math Olympia test

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A new beginning

I dunno about you but I think I might just start blogging almost everyday after this March holidays. Mainly because all of us in 303 know each other a little better, and can interact a little more, added with the fact that about 1/3 of the class now plays DOTA, so…
Actually the DOTA has nothing much to do with anything. Just mentioning. Along with some of Claire’s tendencies, and Joshua’s weird dreams…but I kind of recall to not speak of either. On the pain of death. Literally because Claire has taken to bringing a penknife to school almost everyday. Anyway.
Why is our PM like coming to our school on the day our opera is screening !@#$%^&* man he chooses a really nice time. So nice Claire and Galen decided to like change the plot of our opera entirely from dissing Twilight to something medieval, Italian and TOATLLY un-fun BLEAURGH what with less than two months before we have to screen it and we haven’t like even started on the lyrics yet goddamn. But screw.
Why are there some funny rumours about Byorn and Candice that I have never heard about?
Oh right I am like in different class from either of them now. Which probably means they are true ‘cos I didn’t play a part in spreading them. (Hang on then what am I typing?)
Any way chem. Quiz was great, English test was OK, and Chinese test was sucky. I mean like I RECALL READING THE FKING CLOZE PASSAGE BEFORE and I didn’t bother to memorize it because I wasn’t a mugger. And the comprehension question ssuspiciously asking the exact same question around…oh, three times. WHO WAS THE BRIGHT GUY WHO SET IT HUH.
At least not so many projecs now cos Math is out of the way, which I cleared in…oh 30 minutes. All by myself thanks to physics. Now the trouble is because no one helped and I ran into exactly zero problems, I suspect we may need the rest of the month to think up our reflections.
Sigh probably gonna fail today’s Math Olympiad test today. I dunno why I agreed with Mr. Low in the first place. Probably because Ian was kinda forced to go too but the wise guy overslept last week went to SLI the week before and when I finally get to see him today we had to do the test.
Life is such a screw-up.
Journalism last week was a complete joke cos I was like doing almost nothing except slacking around and playing DOTA or laughing at Google search’s stupidity. Go XD it owns epic XD. And I never knew how ownage LR sounded or how irritating the Scourge sound effects are.
Boo haven’t finish Stephen King and library fking dun wan to open on Friday ZZT

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'll NEVER hit 303 posts at this rate

Well. Not actually or I wouldn’t be writing this post in the first place. But I HAVE recently picked up DOTA. Would be addicting if I could just win the AI on Easy mode.
Hang on. That is probably the thing that makes most games addicting in the first place. Especially when you ALMOST win…
That feeling really sucks. Anyway. No other way to spend our wonderful physics lessons.
But I realized that my grades are almost dropping. Perhaps I should at least pay SOME attention.
On the other hand, who cares. Too many projects to do, too little time to spare, too many things to care about.
Let me list thee ways/projects:
1) Bio project – aiyah who cares I just did everything almost complete except for pictures WOOT
2) Chinese presentation – Er…just crossing my fingers and hoping that Jit can talk well. Hopefully.
3) Music project – Screw haven’t even started. Or known how to start
4) Math project – just realized that…no instructions given. OK then…
5) Physics project – I kinda dunno how to start. Afraid that it would probably fail like last year :(
6) English project – Probably going to leave it till forever…then rush in one day. As I always do.
Uh oh why do I have six projects due. Doesn’t sound good. And I though I had like eliminated two or something.
Stupid Ian go oversleep until one WTcrap WHY DO YOU GET 5 MORE HOURS OF SLEEP THAN ME HUH. Leave me to emo by myself for two hours again summore. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.
Bleh Shreayas is like in Australia for half a month leaving me with nothing to post about except me learning DOTA the moment he left.
School is like getting retarded all the stupid homework and don’t even get me started on LSH. ~Wan go to sleep~ during her lesson but I colonized three tables.
Ms Li is getting on my nerves. But to screw with her new sitting arrangement. I AM THE NEW MONGOL KHAN WOOT 3 tables and one pillow bag
Dao Han likes to talk a lot of crap. Maybe one day I might post all his fat jokes.
And sick jokes.
And MY fat jokes.
You get the idea. I’m still waiting for Mr. Lim to trip on the track/hall stairs
Stephen King is a bastich. I’m just saying.
Tie this up for now. Busy Dark Days