Monday, September 26, 2011


I like to flip days right round when they go right down.
Bah. Work work work.
I have received a crisis of sorts on Chemistry.
I mean, if there weren’t another presentation of 10 minutes maybe I could breathe easier.
*Bio work due tomorrow. INCOMPLETE bio work due tomorrow. Panicking is in order. Like, now.*
*oh dear*
OK. Panicking about over.
And I wish whatever we might mention in the Principal’s Dialogue can be implemented or at least, paid attention to rather than lying in some random back-burner in the middle of the bowels of unmentionable obfuscation. The last part was randomly made up to see if I could suddenly make up words that don’t make sense in context on the fly.
(I might just be good at that. :D)
Especially when we have to occasionally live through 2 hour-long Physics lessons. *droops from fatigue*
But there’s always MATH :D And Ms. Koo not being in school which means we only have virtually…never mind.
Mr. Loo was all effusive about the elections.
Mr. Loo: To be SC President, you have to get the votes of the younger years…assuming all of you have the same number of friends. Because the Year Sixes will be leaving next Year anyway…and will probably vote for the prettiest…
Jeremias: Later they gay man…
Mr. Loo: I’ve gone to Kaoshiung with those guys…if anything they are undersexed…
Ah…naughty naughty.
Aaaaaaaaaaand right after that. We proved dealing cards was for noobs.
And being noobs ourselves when failing to gank.
I actually managed to get some work done.
I realized for some time that Nat has Jeremias-ed my assignment. Oh dear. *droops*
And sometimes you really don’t feel the drive to do your Journalistic assignment of which only comprises borrowing somebody else’s pictures and arranging it to look pretty.
But that’s not the point.
The point is that they are arranging this (probably awesome) 2 day 1 night camp involving all the Journalism members which I can’t go to owing to either OBS or IRP.
But that’s not the point either.
Maybe it’s the fact that we had no session and I had no idea, and that we “might” have a session next week.
Yes. Suggestive.

Friday, September 23, 2011

International Love

We had a good Chinese lesson. Amazingly everyone did what they were supposed to do mainly because they couldn’t be bothered to do anything else.
An hour of newspaper reading was in order. WJ even helped us through it. Sweet.
I can’t really see the relevance but what the heck. Let it not be me to deny you the knowledge that neutrinos can win races with photons.
Ooh Press Conference.
Yea. That aside, PE was pretty hectic. And much like boring football matches, the score line went 1-0 0-0 1-0.
I say the fact that my team managed to do well is the omnipresence of Jeremias. XD.
Colour divide much. Just saying.
With $4 to spend on something…I felt stupid enough buying two identical bottles of chrysamthemum. But a voucher’s a voucher. And so is a baby tigger with its “shirt” gone
PS: I want the shirt *puts it on his over-undersized teddy bear*
We are a funny class of people
Buuuuut any way. About the fact that Ms. Li started bitching at the lot of us for…(surprise, it’s not the possibly damaged furniture or the state of the classroom or the people in PE attire!) being us. Oh well. I guess it’s probably that time of the month.
Chem test was forgivingly simple. It forgave me for not bothering to study much, except for parts which studying wouldn’t actually have helped. Much. ORGANIC GROUPS AGAIN WTS. And WTH did that bonus question mean?
(and waterhose did that bonus question even mean?)
Yes…contextual differences.
And as my Journalism article which is due draws ever nearer (I hear gasps of sock and surprise at the “due” word) I find that it gets increasingly hard to try and worry about it when there isn’t…ooh shiny.
Yes. This is looking really short but what the hey.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Threw it On the Ground

Let’s take it from here. Or not.
The day started good. Finding out the idea of Shi Ni’s “latest” news and all. Cavewoman much?
(Hey look the men just hunted down an antelope!
DA, that was a million years ago!)
The future Student Council Exco had a very productive morning. Mmhmm. The poster was so cool it had a nice hump. XD
Music Debate—Six teams—five/four speakers each—7 Best speakers—4 Best speakers from the SAME TEAM?
And then the highest scoring team beat the next highest scoring. BECAUSE I’M WITH AWESOME PEOPLE THAT WAY BWAHAHAHA *EGOEGOEGO*
But when the last two teams are separated by a 0.5 point difference…*ahem*
GG we’ll be teaching Year 2s. :O the horror.
So we went for ACE, and I realized, MAN, I’m not an adult yet, so I couldn’t throw it on the ground.
That guy in the video is...seriously and asswipe OMFG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GROUND!
Good lord. Nicole you sick piece of…
Jazlene plays Sudoku peaceably.
Simin tries not to be corrupted.
Te rest of us laugh our asses off.
Jit Wu bitches about how Ashlynna loved yaoi after he showed it to her for shocks.
Claire looks vindicated and shows us a link.
Jit Wu is disgusted by the father-son pairing.
Tseren is a retard.
Claire moves in for the kill
*OMGWTFBBQ happens*
DH and Tseren are probably traumatized.
Jit is trying not to tear from laughing.
Galen hops in beat boxing.
You know the feeling when someone wearing red starts blowing a trumpet right in the middle of a funeral?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Like a Boss

Da first thing that happened today:
(OK not really but it was so awesome we’ll just skip ahead to that for the moment)
Mr. Loo: OK hey guys I think we’vebeen going too fast so today I’m canceling Math lesson O BTW please take the notes Mr. Cheong wants ur to take KTHXBAI
OK back to less interesting stuff. Such as the speeches of who will be leading the bridge between the Students and the One Up Their…nevermind.
Anyway. I bet they set the order such that we could observe the interesting zig-zag formation. The OBVIOUS zig-zag.
Followed by Galen holding a pigeon at crotch level (which the year ones found funny for some reason. I can’t figure out why a bird would cause so much furore) , and Justin pretty much cementing his position as the middle finger guy, they weren’t all as great as I thought. I mean, Galen could have avoided needing an emergency space-filler.
Galen: *momentous pause*
Me: *N1 smartass forgot ur lines right* starts clapping loudly with a coupla others.
Yea. Boring stuff, right?
DH: The master should have said, Disciple, stop smoking of the weed. You holding the very important thing. BUT I BET YOU IT ALIVE! If you can prove me it DEAD you good!
Ok. Math. Wait…
I always liked Bio. And I like Franken Fran.
Um…fruit fly + fruit fly= HEAD?!
Now put it in a human context…
And then imagine octuplets… (actually How in the world would those be OCTUPLETS)
Dr. Low: Hey…Don’t be gross!
(Shit my bio assignments ARGH)
Random side note: Cyrus’ fists are ball-seekers
Jit: I was just walking by, then you stretched and HIT MY BALLS HTH is that an accident?
Galen: Yea man I knew it you…
Yep. I’m starting to not remember Chemistry. Except it was good not to have Chemistry test on that day.
Perhaps it’s good that way. And then some.
GG Chinese test pwned so bad. Our highest is probably other classes’ average.
The AAP was actually good. Just that our class a bit overloaded. 2 times the number of students in a normal class.
SLAP THEM WITH A FISH (like a boss)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Somewhere along the blogging of Thursday I kind of gave up.
Add that to the fact that I will never admit that Friday is a song of any kind, just like a couple of other billion people in the world. Not that it is, and not that this is relevant, but I’m just saying, after Jeremias has got into an annoying propensity to type lyrics in my calculator.
Physics practical. Bah.
Magnet. OMFWTFBBQ HTH do you pull this shit apart.
Jacking DH’s retort stands.
In an aside that I recalled randomly…
Mr. Loo: There was this brilliant student who came in in Year 3. Ten his classmates told him that…WTH means water hose. And WTF meant waterfall. Soon enough he realized something was wrong, because his friends weren’t exactly using them in the context that they were “meant” to be.
And on the topic of making friends…
Me: Jit. Go (do something)
DH: You know, I’ve been wondering for a long time…how did you and Jit become friends.
(that actually made me think for all of two seconds. Then I ignored it because my job today was really not to do too much bullshitting. I had a partner for that)
Galen: I’ve…always wanted to ask that too…
Jit: Same class lah, duh~ like how you and Teck Chye became friends right
DH: Oh, and how you (galen) and YY became friends right…
Galen: Wait…we ARE friends?
*is shocked by the revelation*
*remembers him trying to rape J. Lau*
*maybe not*
Jit: OK time to look for ppl with results the same as ours and copy answers.
See. So efficient.
Stupid clock overtime make me miss 04’s presentations.
Then again, when the questioning was about 10-15 min long without me around there wasn’t probably the need for all the hurry.
Ian: …Roommate, troll, boyfriend…ALSO TROLL
Meh SORRWEE. It wasn’t my fault Ms. Bay extended upon my ONE question.
Anyway. 30 minutes late for Math as a result. Jeremias was disappointed that I actually turned up at last.
Jeremias: OK Math GCT let me copy KTHX
Yup. Very disappointed.
Jeremias: ARGH HOW TO DO
Mr. Loo: It is a joy to see you work, Jeremias. It makes me feel so much better about myself.
I bet it does.
Jeremias: Hey Shreyas can lend me Yao Rui’s assignment?
Shreyas: How can I trust you with 1, 2,3 Assignments, when you can’t even handle ONE?
We have a term for when you borrow someone else’s assignment, and it turns up not handed up half a month later.
Shreyas: You’d better NOT Jeremias it, DUDE
Heehee. Once a Jeremias, always a…lot of people.
English Presentation…was good. Except the part where I forgot to ask all my questions dammit.
Joshua: Eh if can “kill” Jeremias…big catch man!
Nah. Indian too boss.
Shreyas: Hey! Sleepy head back there?
Shreyas: You! Yes, you the one who is hurriedly typing on your laptop. Could you close that? Thanks.
Badass dude. But, I just couldn’t let that slide without one-upping it, could I.
Chen Ge (i.e. the one who was owned by Shreyas)’s group member *looks at slide. For a VERY long time*
Me: So…are we supposed to wait for you, or do we read the slides ourselves?
For the Evulz.
And then, missing slide. Oh the horror.
Apparently the Journalism Club has planned a camp. And they are going to have to chase Mr. Chin for it. Hmm.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hummingbird Heartbeat

Rushing the never-ending pile of work.
Isn’t fun, goddammit.
And for the first time I’m actually doing work for what I never had to do work for. At least, ever since…
But nevermind.
Some people liked the subtlety in my speech. Now I just have to remember enough of it to deliver the punch lines successfully. :D
But at least we all made full use of the time to prepare a speech draft properly.
Didn’t we.
I mean, even Jit completed his…proposal. In writing most readable. (V)
If we could have another debate. Thinking about it wasn’t comfortable, but…yea, fun while it lasted.
There could be less of the mudslinging involved, probably. But there’s the fun, see? (hear?)
Or maybe I’m just not cultured enough. Not like polar bears trapped in safety nets. (Come think of it, that’s something I’d like to see)
Raphael would make a good Communist Principal. :D
In the end we were late for ACE. Um. Yea.
Where Mr. Loo…admired my speech.
And discussed his hardworking-ness, among other things…
Mr. Loo: Just because I’m not seen working…doesn’t mean I’m not working!
Mr. Loo: Oh! It’s one—time to go “work”
And guess who I saw at the bus stop just a couple of minutes later?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thks Fr Th Mmrs

Parade Commander forgetting that Singaporean Citizens took the Pledge. WTH
Mentoring with tarts :D.
A happy man I am.
Ji-hyun: DH PAY ME $2!
DH: OKOK! *slaps her hand* My hi-5 is worth $10, so now you owe me $8! GImme change! *slaps again* $18 now!
Ji-hyun: *throws mini-tantrum* gimme the money!
DH: OKOK, go out of the class for a while *takes his wallet and hides the money* YOU CAN COME IN NOW
Ji-hyun: So where’s my two dollars?
DH: Oh, I’m sorry! I ain’t got no money! I’m broke!
Ji-hyun: NO you must have hidden it in a pocket or something…
DH: Serious! *Pulls out side pockets* Nothing in there!
And then, instead of pushing for the money she…conveniently forgets about everything. Conveniently for DH.
Somehow DH got high marks for the nearly-month late practical. Granted it was entirely the fault of a certain continent, but still…
Mr. Soh: And now…we’ll use DH and Ansel, my favourite examples…if you were 0.1% different, you’d be just like DH!
One leaves with the impression of whether to consider this a disaster or not.
Bah Shutupid assignment. With shtupid graphs and stupid squirrels.
And why was the white allele selected against?
*the below is not meant to be racists in any way*
Hunters became color-blind. And shot only white squirrels.
A…racist virus developed. Against WHITE squirrels
A…Lincoln squirrel appeared, swore to free the grey squirrels and then…
*the above is not meant to be racist in any way*
Glad we got that straight. Other than the completely useless dominant allele present in 40%.
Simin on Seme-Uke Quiz: It’s just another quiz.
YAY THERE IS actually sound. And yes she is beautiful.
Debate preparations are fun.
Galen: What YOU Have to do, Shreyas, is after they’ve sold the product for a hundre bucks, you have to convince them they owe you money.
From one scammer to another…
How the Israelites won:
Jew 1: Hey, it’s the Syrian Air Force!
Jew 2: Oh…hmm those planes look familiar…
Jew 1: Of course. Remember that deal last week?
Jew 2: Oh, right. Hey, you remembered to replace those parts, right?
Jew 1: Nope. (Beat) I removed them.
Randomly shouting in a Chinese accent is amusing to some. Done right.
Peng Seng’s face when watching HyunA’s Bubble Pop DH’s serious business proposal=priceless
Class: LMAO
Mr. Loo: Hey Peng Seng you look stressed. Are you very stressed?
Class: No man he just had stress reliever
Wish Mr. Loo good luck in the Korean hair salon? :D

Burning in the Skies

Just the first day back.
Somehow after two weeks of holiday, it feels so right to be back at school. I suggest we break our holidays into two weeks each over the year. Just enough time for me not the get tired of either life.
*and just enough time for our teachers to decide that it’s the perfect time for us to finish up dozens of project so…maybe not, huh*
Yep. Quite right too.
According to Mr. Loo we’re a little slow. Oh dear.
And I managed to hand up a severely rushed Math Journal :D. Hopes I don’t fail utterly or something. :P After all, selling your soul for a pineapple tart is all well and all, but still…
Shit TWO Bio mindmaps for TWO topics. I’m going to throw myself off proverbial cliffs anytime soon.
*On slide*
Complete Dominance (Yep maybe this sounds just the littlest bit wrong): Pea Plants
Incomplete Dominance: Red Flower, Pink Flower, White Flower
Co-dominance: Dual-colored Flower, Large-assed horse, spotted cow
Cyrus: So…Flower+Cow=Horse? :D
Us and our antagonistic blood.
Dr. Low: When Simin who is Blood Type B donates blood to Galen who is Blood Type A, he will produce antibodies that ATTACK THEBLOOD ANDDESTROYS IT.
Ok Yea aggressive Future SC President too. Probably god sign.
Lethal Genes: If the homozygous genotype of the lethal gene is expressed the cat spontaneously aborts.
Galen: …POOF
OMG Huntington’s disease so evulz.
Huntington’s disease: HEHEH I’ll wait till he has children and then BOOMSHACKALAKA
At least Tay Sach’s has te good will to kill of these undesirables.
*hang on…*
OK YES maybe good doesn’t connect with KILL THEM ALL OFF AT 4 BWAHAHAHAH but it’s…all for da greater good? :D
Spontaneousity: What happens when a teacher dismisses an orderly class
And it goes on and on and on and on…
Till people are made to take the seme uke quiz as forced by Claire.
OK. Maybe just a very intimidated, philandering DH.
Who knew photo-taking with a couple of other hundred people would be so tiring.