Sunday, December 20, 2009

Till then, adieu...

You opened your gift and found a…Blogpost!
This is gonna be my last post of the year…not sure if I’ll keep blogging so all I can say is have hope!
Have a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!
Heh this sucks I REALLY am beginning to forget. Nvm. Shall complain about class allocation first.
I blame…Mr. Cheong. And I pronounced him wanted on charges of complete non-random-ness, , plotting elaborate conspiracies, the telling of lame jokes, emotional damage and…I dunno, littering. Of students. XD
Ian: I swear ZE and Clarice were put together on purpose
So while Candice was being a pig Bryan was eating the cup noodles which were supposed to be our supper/breakfast/whatever random meal you would like it to be, and discussing Windows operating systems with me KM and Daryl. Then I realized he seemed to have finished eating the noodles but still seemed to be eating some thing so I looked and said Bryan WTF are you doing. Then he said Eating lah LOL and I said Eating what? The soup?! And Bryan was like Yea…while I was like O.o.
Hmm. Somewhere through the night Jit succeeded in punching a huge hole in the covering of a cup noodles’…cup. Jit u so hungry is it I thought u eaten BBQ liao.
Back to the past/present. Candice started to complain about how full she was. WTnoob.
Then God spoke unto my classmates, thou shalt sleep. And thus it came to pass.
And I said unto God, too bad I shalt not.
Apologizing an all Christians and Catholics behalf, what with Christmas so near. Still, I kind of found YX and Clarice sleeping the in the same bed. Both curled up and facing each other. Hmm…at least they weren’t curled up with each other…
And Ji was sleeping grabbing a project paper.
Just a random fact file: Jit Wu’s is an officially proven to be a polar bear, as he has the ability to sleep comfortably in temperatures no human has gone before. That sounds a little dramatic but I can assure you it is not true. Sounds contradictory but who cares.
Anyway, we were REALLY bored and were just walking around for fun. So Me and YX were playing the lame games provided by windows on my laptop, and I was listening to Just Wanna Live REALLY loud while he was playing.
YX: Hang on…where is that sound coming from?
Eric: (who has been lapsing in and out of sleep constantly within the past hour):*shrugs
Me: it’s my song
Just for your information…he was having earphones on as well.
So then Ji and Ruth and Clarice I think came in and were staring around for a while and wanting to do something.
Well. There was nothing much to actually. I suggested UNO Spin, and it turned out that Nikki was sleeping on it. ZZT. So we slacked around more, until I went to get it out…and subsequently woke up all the girls.
Hmm. More fun now. And we uncovered J.Lau asleep on the TV sofa.
Me: Actually if we just went away and no one noticed he wasn’t with us we could probably just leave him here forever.
OK I’m evil. But he was like sleeping across a sofa positioned right behind a wall. Which covered anything on the sofa from view perfectly.
Anyway we did play UNO Spin, which turned out to be less fail with less people, and Ji insisted that making me or Ruth do dares wouldn’t be fun, so she tried to lose. She did a bad job…but she did it. Unfortunately Mr. Cheong refused to be hugged. Boo.
So let’s just conclude this by saying we left for Changi Village, some guys zao-ed, and Mr. Cheong refused to let us choose our drinks. I was going to order organic orange juice since he was paying…
And my parents being illogical. But who cares.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ye olde memoria

Back. After a week.
Freaking gale force winds.
I think I left off at the part where…
Oh we chanced upon YX preparing to propose to Candice as part of a dare.
Apparently they already started on this for some time. For Clarice came into our room when we were playing Risk randomly and told Jit he rocked in bed.
Maybe I kind of missed the fact that we made Clarice to say in bed after every sentence she spoke.
Ah well. Added it in now. But she didn’t continually adhere it. Bad gi-
Hmm. She’d be a bad girl either way.
Back to YX’s proposal. He was holding a…kinda plastic rose. Wonder who brought it WTF.
So Mr. Cheong and I were proposing plans for YX’s proposal.
In reality the Truth or dare was relatively boring. Basically we were continually hugging each other. Or answering the same question. Except the part where we were trying to…urm…make Ruth speak. Mr. Cheong just kept bullying her. Evil guy.
Mr. Cheong retreated sometime afterwards., and couldn’t take it.
Mr. Cheong: Please let me sleep for at least one hour!
LOL that fellow brings papers to mark to this chalet I can’t imagine what he want to sleep for.
Just one question…am I so scary to hug that one would rather do thigh exercises?
So at around twelve, plans that had been hatched were lain into action.
Sounds too drama. But Mr. Cheong’s life with us has always been drama, and just because it’s his birthday shouldn’t make that fact any different.
He was grateful. He SOUNDED grateful.
(Yea, I’m evilling him up)
Then he proceeds to say he has actually booked the chalet for 3 days, and he was going to have a holiday with only his wife.
Me: Didn’t you like say this chalet is too big for the 20+ us? Then when we all leave it will be…the 2 of you…
Well it turns out that he wouldn’t be sticking around. Still.
On a totally unrelated note, we finished all the drinks and wasted lots of food.
On a little more related note, we lost Felix to the night nuu…
I make sound like he was eaten right. Heh. But seriously his parents won’t freaking let him stay overnight till he’s 16?!!!
On a related note, apparently some people’s parent’s were hounding Mr. Cheong then he was like damn scared for our safety.
Hang on, since when was our safety related? Scratch that. It’s something in the wrong place at the wrong time anyway.
OK, so after the tiny birthday party, people crashed. I think. Garn my brilliant memory’s failing me after 3 weeks.
Oh yea I remembered ZE INSISTING on NOT freaking sleeping even though he was going sandcastle making or sth early tomorrow and he looked freaking tired. LOLOL.
Played mahjong through the night.
Ji: What’s the first thing you should do to win?
Bryan: Get a winning combo.
No, seriously, you need J.Lau’s mahjong tiles.
OK admittedly that wasn’t serious either.
Adrian freaking lucker only guy who wins WTF.
Then Candice joined, took a look at the hand that she was given which was crap, and didn’t want to play.
Then random girls came over from the girl’s room to look randomly.
And Nikki slept sitting up in a corner. Talking to YX. I can never be able to sleep not lying down…so I just did away with that unnecessary activity. If it can be considered activityrious.
Creating adjectives is fun.
In the morning Candice went to overstarch herself.
I know starch is good but why fill yourself with such a tasteless thing first thing in the morning…?
Bleh OK I think I can stretch this out for another week, so just hang on there K?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Death be to us all

We unpacked.
Ok then. J.Lau started playing mahjong immediately. Sigh.
The rest of the guys…all the three of us…went to explore our rooms. It was easy to identify the one meant for KM and Candice, since she voiced her opinion so enthusiastically the a few months ago. Couldn’t they put Queen in all of them :( Not that I’m sleeping but it cuts some space for us to play something else.
Then Eric and Edith arrived, and we were shouting up an down the house to see if Mit was coming (He didn’t boo the chalet trip could have been so much more fun with that little devil around) and the girls banned the guys from the kitchen for some retarded reason EH I WAN DRINK WATER ONE HOR. (it was somewhere during my wanderings near East Coast that I realized I didn’t bring water SCREW)
Some time later I started to teach my classmates to play Risk. Of course, that was after KM and Daryl were trying to rape Ji Hyun in the same room.And was consequently wiped off the board LOL. Zzt where can move troops from one end of the world to another when the game started LOL. Too bad I couldn’t get the chance to teach them the new Risk I created. Over-complicated for beings below my genius I guess. XD
KM: (when other girls came in) Take it easy girls…I can only do one at a time…
Hmm. Subtle.
Anyway the barbecue began in the middle of it so we left it at that and…watched J.Lau get his hands dirty while I…went cat-hunting.
So after that we spent quite some time fanning up flames. Literally. I got some skills in raising flames from the dead.
Mr. Cheong: Eh cannot take pictures of me not doing work *grabs a random piece of cardboard (yes we were reduced to ripping the cardboard box up to fan the coal)
Daryl: Anyone who’s not working can take a seat.
Well Daryl KM and I was like almost doing nothing for most of the time so we went back to embrace air-son which I finally got to work after trying three times. Does the fan like not know how to respond to simple instructions?
Ji Hyun: (comes and sees KM touching the board) Oh you came to cheat at Risk too?
And Eric comes in. Guess he wanted to cheat too.
So later we went to eat, and I’m not really a judge seeing as I only ate sausages and drank 7-up. Still. The sausages tasted kind of uncooked. But I preferring them to cheong-microwaved potatoes any day. Even if he sweated and bled over it.
I sound like an ingrate XD.
Mr. Cheong wanted to play Eric’s Flight Simulator. So he decided not to ask and just play.
Well In the end Eric DID let our dear mentor fly some planes. Just that our mentor sucked at that.
The first crash: He was just running along the run way, haven’t even taken off, and he decides to pull up the landing wheels. And he tilts.
The second crash: I was a bad boy.
Me: Hey before mr. Cheong takes over cut off the engines K?
Eric: Hm…that’s a very good idea…
Ok, well, admittedly he was a naughty boy too.
The third crash:
Mr. Cheong: Eh these planes too noob I can’t fly them. Fighter plane more suit my class
Shan’t elaborate. Let’s just say he…crashed…
The fourth crash (Cheong is such a glutton for punishment)
Mr. Cheong: Can I fly the helis they look so fun…
Sometime later…
Eric: You’re falling so fast even the meters can’t register it…Oh you’re rising…Oops falling again…
Fuller than I usually am, I retreated to the TV to watch random stuff including Mark Lee bringing $1000 notes to coffee shops. While J.Lau and gang came up with every way possible to make fuel. They used up the butter, cardboard, tissue, more butter, more tissue, more cardboard, potatoes…
Oh well. Watching TV is better. At least I don’t binge on…charred food.
When everyone was tired of keeping the flames on, about half the class played UNO Spin. Which took…about 2-3 hours.
And Nikki was being random and taking hell lots of pictures for no good apparent reason.
About 2 hours into the game…
Ji Hyun: One has no luck, one has little luck, one is pissed off major and one is…bingeing.
Soon enough it was down to Candice and Clarice.
Ji Hyun: Could then both of you just simultaneously give up?
Candice: NONONONuuuuu!
See we’re just suckers for UNO.
Upstairs the guys were playing epic mahjong games. They finished about 3 in the time we took to finish one UNO game. And consequently gave up on the whole long-ness of it.
Watching Sooraj on America’s Nest Top Model is just…embarrassing…It is decided that he is just unquestionably gay.
And he was one of the freaking judges.
Jit Wu: he’s saying something, but all the judges just ignore him. Even the camera man blocks him out.
Me: Whatever comments he makes is attributed to… background music. Or interference.
For some reason…there seems to be something called racism going on…but best not to mention it. Later Tyra Banks comes to pwn me.
Jit Wu: Tyra Banks sees the prospective models too hot…so at the end she awards the place to her self.
So after that we played Risk. And taught Bryan how to play.
I’m a sucker for boring people, so here goes the breakdown of the game:
Jit decided Britain had the most powerful Empire during that Age so he planted every reinforcement he ever had or ever was going to have there. The rest of us just spread ourselves out to the continents . But Daryl decided to be a little greedy and try and take two.
Soon enough all of us got what we wanted. Except that…Bryan and Daryl suddenly realized they had only one or two units in each of their territories. So KM moved in for the kill and took over the entire Southern Hemisphere of Continents leaving Daryl and Bryan struggling for survival in Asia.
Jit: Bryan u freaking noob try to one-shot conquer Asia then get pwned now right smartass? No need to take such a big risk cos it's Risk
After I stabilized North America, I decided to accompany Jit who was still just planting everything he got into Great Britain to where the other 2/3 of the class was and saw Mr. Cheong getting pwned at Daidi.
Jit: Bryan your only hope now is just to keep planting in Japan and hope no one notices like me
Me: Actually everyone is noticing just that no one is like daring to hit your diamond fortress.
Quite obviously Bryan and Daryl were soon wiped off the map.
Bryan: (when KM was about to eliminate him with vastly superior troops) You’re making a BIG mistake KM.
Me: Famous last words, Wong
Inevitable me and KM decided to destroy Jit’s fortress.
What? We just didn’t like his face.
And we succeeded WOOT
So me and Jit went over and saw the rest of the class playin—
Going off now. XD