Friday, October 22, 2010

Unipire Zombot!

So it was a great day. And a short day.
What a crappy introduction. But who cares.
Bio was ARGH STRESS STRESS STRESS so much to freaking remember T.T
Ms. Fong (after giving out the common hints): Actually, you should just try and read up on everything.
:O yea great so much help those hints were.
At least Bio quiz was comparatively easy. Although just for once I wish my essay-like responses could get me a full mark. And my homeostatic pathway was SO ideal XD *egoes*
Anyway. One more week to complete and utter annihilation. I’m so excited about my impending doom. XD. So that we can then go Galen’s house and PAR-TAY! XO
Surprisingly, planning our first 303 class outing took much easier than expected. All of the 45 minutes, unlike 204 outings.
I have realized that reading manga is getting to be a really useless venture if I have to load every page three times. Bleurgh. But *sob* Jit finished a 50-chapter manga in ONE DAY :O
So. Back to today, of which I have managed to detour far far away from. XD. English was WOOT. Managed to suan everyone with surprisingly high (or was everyone else getting surprisingly low? Maybe I just click with bots :D) and finished watching the movie Mr. Tan kindly started showing on Thrusday, while saying “that’s what SHE said!” with Cyrus ad Galen.
GG hockey puck rips the net with one shot. And clears an entire opposing team of players like some matrix bullet. :O what a hacker. Of course, the fact that the coach was trying to hack isn’t really the point. But I wish he’d shown something like…underworld: Evolution. Which we’re not allowed to watch really. Which makes that REALLY COOL and FUN XD.
Too many people scared of my blog now. :X it seems that many undesirable reputations can be created and broken down right here at death-a-h-o-l-i-c. :D
J. Tan: Don’t quote me.
Ming Wei: Oh, you didn’t say poke…wait…what NUUU Don’t quote me! My reputation as a lol-8ahemahem* is already too widely known!
Mr. Yee: You got negative feedback better tell me now ah! Don’t post on your blog later. I don’t read blogs.
And, just in passing, the Mr. Wong affair…
Still. I stand near the sidelines, or fence, whatever you like to call it and watch the fun.
Anyway. Chinese and music left. Hey…that’s not really much to talk about. Except between Mentoring and Chinese Ming Wei came in and we were poking him according to the rhythm of songs Claire was playing. ~fun~ Also, that miserably uninformed guy just found out that we had a…”secret” balcony. -.-
OK. Die. 2000 word Chinese analytical essay due. On Tuesday. :(
And Galen was literally feeling the pain on Thusday watching the Misery music video. Probably the only thing worth or non-trouble-causing for me, to mention safely. XD

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


After a few days of writing fanfiction (Interestingly, I have been able to keep it up, as well as my overall mental wellbeing despite the apparent lack of notebook. :O. Not that the Chapter titles would mean anything anyway XD) and…I dunno, rushing a 2000-word essay, it has come to my attention that I have been blogging very little meaningfully. Which is bad because my memory doesn’t exactly stretch for more than a day especially. Still. Here I am.
I have realized that I am failing. In Chinse. Which is bad because I am still hoping to get at least an A- if things can go well. Or not. :O Interestingly, I happen to be doing well in Biology, which I have occasionally failed badly before. I guess it’s that something out there called the circle of life. Or knowledge or something. Whatever. NUUU I like languages. And doing well in all other respects. But I like doing well in languages. 
Must gogogo in final examinations is all. But that really isn’t encouragement because I am playing too much bridge, hearts or anything card-related while watching other people mugging, which isn’t doing anything much for my confidence.
Anyway, that is why I have decided to kind of cheer myself up by continuing the Who wants to be a Dollaraire. More on that later.
Today was a long and boring day. Or, to be more appropriate, Physics was a long and boring lesson where I wrote most of my fanfic and listened to most of my music.
Megamind sounds so cute.
Still. There was much merrymaking during chemistry…or not. Maybe there was more merry making yesterday…or not. Two or nots does not a yes make. And the third not wasn’t counted. At least I managed to get a full marks for Chemistry, which has been kind of troubling of late. The revision questions helped indeed. :D
Anyway. We were…I dunno. Doing nothing. Or something. Maybe more revision. Going through practical. Not really sure about that, except everyone has been getting better marks these few days. A good sign. XD
Crossing my fingers to get through to SMP. SO that I have a BIG excuse to use LOTS of computer or something.
Argh I am resisting the urge to play games but just letting the urge surge through. Consequently, my Alt and Tab buttons are VERY clean. XD
In any case, there was much playing of cards in the last one and a half hour. Add that to the fact that Mr. Tan lost his voice, and I shall not mention anything further :X
I am pleased to know that dance music does not affect my writing.
Mr. Yee was having much learning experiences in our class.
*stares at Nicole in one of her…possessed moments* This is one the problems of having too many boys in the class
(Incidentally, we were telling Ms Teh about how her netballers were going crazy. Bad.)
And today he was making us do a paper and laughing evilly at especial moments. (Damn when can you draw a cute turtle on Nat’s face :O)
Mr. Yee, use your massaging skills for good XD.
*I pass him my earphones*Eh connected to hand phone? Eeyer I wanted to listen also…
On a side note, I didn’t say when later was. It could be tomorrow. But now we have to address a most important question: Who killed Captain Alec?

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am running into writer’s block. And it seems that pushing isn’t working.
Either that, or I’m just too lazy. Or too busy. Whatever. Many things to worry about these days. :O
Watching more and more TV FTW.
Let’s just round up the past few days in a few sentences.
Thursday was awesome. Both teachers absent, just one relief teacher. One fun relief teacher. Result: Colonisation of Student Lounge since…say, 9 am. WOOTZ
Observation: Galen REALLY looks like a Chinamen without his glasses. An old, wizened Chinaman.
Observation: The world REALLY does revolve around me. Or, to be more accurate, the luck. XD I foresee Galen aiming to sit in front of me the next time he plays cards.
In any case, there was LOTS of playing Bridge over two days. Perhaps too much for out own good.
And of course, there was too much retarded-ness from Bryan. For HIS own good.
Jit: You want me to throw these cards in your face?
But then again, the way he threw the cards right in Bryan’s face were really fun to see. Like PIU.
Jit: sthsthsth PIU PIU PIU
Retarded sound effects maker.
Also, I have managed to scare a person witless upon first sight
Me: Clarice I’m here to poke you!
Clarice: Oh no poke Yang Qian she’s more fun to poke
Me: OK *walks over and makes to poke her*
Yang Qian: Ah no no no don’t poke me ARGH!
Subsequently we were walking about the class in a retarded kind of cha-cha where I just keep moving forward. While she was holding magazines and tables to block me. :O
Incidently, :O was the reaction of everyone, who unanimously agreed that Jit’s pedo look is just so much more….pedo. :P
Candice: Right before Oral he just turned around and pedoed me! :O traumatizing
Then later when YQ saw me at the bus stop she turned tail and walked the opposite direction. Galen was SO amused. Bad bad counselor.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Riddle me this, riddle me that

I have realised that I am not balancing enough.
Namely, I am typing too much fanfiction skeletons and not enough blogging, which seems to interest its intended audience more than I would have expected. So if this is appearing on a projector screen, I reserve comment. =D
So let’s devote this particular post to a non-charitable talk show hosted by the awesome Lim Dao Han, and co-hosted by Yap Jit Wu. Due to prior inherent cutting from the sponsors and producers, most of the obscene language was been removed for the safety of the young little kiddies’ eyes. Of course, innuendos are a different matter atogether.
Lim Dao Han: And welcome to…WHO WANTS TO BE A DOLLARIARE! And Today’s Host is ME, Lim Dao Han, with co-host Jit Wu, while the participant is…Leow Simin, with HER retarded friend Nicole Tan! Our audience is obviously, everybody else! And without further ado, let’s move to the first question: What shape is THIS piece of paper? Is it A, rectangle, B, square, C, pentagon or D, triangle?
Simin: Oh, A, rectangle.
DH: *folds one edge* I’m sorry, but because of this hidden edge it is obvious that the piece of paper has five sides, and this is a pentagon. You have gotten the first question WRONG. But never mind as that was just a preparatory question. Let’s move on to the next one: How do you spell Mongolia? Is it A, M-
Nicole: Eh but game shows the options are flashed on the screen…
DH: OK, so to accede to our participant’s request, we have obtained, a high-budget and high-quality screen *holds up the same piece of scrap paper* Is it A, Mongoriah, B, -
Mr. Tan: Hey OK, cut cut, it’s time to start the lesson.
*Back in class*
DH: Right, back to the Who wants to be a Dollaraire! So the next question is, How do you spell Mongolia? Is it A, Mongoriah, B, Mongolia, C, Monkorea, or D, abcdefgh
Simin: Er…50-50?
DH: Of course. Now answers A and B have been cancelled out. So what will your answer be?
Simin: Er…B
DH: But that’s cancelled out.
Simin. B.
DH: Alright, let’s ask the Mongolian what is the correct answer. Tseren, What is the correct answer?
Tseren: C C C !!!
DH: As this Mongolian is high on crack, the answer is obviously B. So, Simin, you have won…One cent! Moving on to the two-cent question(well it wasn’t actually the two-cent question but who cares): What is the intelligence of Gabriel Sidik? Is it: A, 0 (Simin :O). No it’s OK that’s not the worst. B, -100, C, 120, or D, 168.
Simin: :O C
DH: Much as I don’t want to say it…that is probably correct! You get TWO CENTS! Next question will be selected from categories. You have Physic-
*Ms. Fong spots us and walks in*
DH: Oh, since the sponsor has decided to pay a visit, we will have to cut out all vulgarities and obscene information from the show. *Ms. Fong: :O* So, for the categories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Simin: Biology.
DH: (whispers to Jit) what a kiss-ass
Ms. Fong: Excuse me?
DH: Oh yea ahem I said nothing. So. Where is the left ventricle of the heart? Is it A, here? *Points at a random table Simin is sitting at*, B, here? *points at his heart* C, here? *points at the clock above the white board far behind us* or D, all of theabove?
Simin: Oh, B
DH: Are you sure? I didn’t say it had to be my heart. It could be…Cyrus’s heart! (LMAO) Never mind, let’s ask our sponsor…is she correct?
Ms. Fong: …Yes!
DH: Well done! And you have got…Five cents!
Shall cut the cameras here for another day. XD
So when I went for a drink, and then walked back, I squashed a random moth resting on the ground.
So should I say sorry, moth, for resting on the ground where I can step on you?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beyonder Door

“Why do you pursue me to this deserted place?” murmured the Gnome Elder, peering up at me through thick white cataracts. Coupled with his salt-and-pepper beard, deep-set wrinkles and hacking cough, this prune of a face was one that only a mother could love, and probably only if she had cataracts as thick as his. “To benefit from your wisdom, of course,” I said distastefully. “Ha! Even blurred vision is valued by the blind. If I were clever, would I cower in this slag heap? I’m not wise, girl…just old.” “I just wish to get very small, no bigger than a mouse. Do you know how I might do that? And don’t call me ‘girl’” “Only that? Oh yes. I could manage that. For a price.”
I narrowed my eyes at him, stating, “I have nothing of value.” “You have your nerves and your health. Mine are nearly gone. I’ve seen too much suffering. And I smoke too much, you see.” “Point taken. How may I help?” “Deep inside the card guards’ compound, a particularly rough diamond holds the key, under armed guard by a Two and Three of Clubs. Obtain that Key for me, and I will…return the favor. Now, follow me.”
Hobbling over to a lever, he twisted t slightly, and the wall beside him grated upwards to reveal a shimmering, reflective portal-like surface. “Ladies first,” he said politely, motioning for me to walk through, improbable as that sounded. “Ah, the Looking Glass Continuum. Haven’t seen one of those used in a long time, though.” “Speak English, cat,” I hissed. “Step into one Looking Glass, and with luck or lots of practice, you’ll emerge in another Glass nearest to you intended destination. This one, on the other hand, is a bit more special. Step in one Glass and there’s only one other Glass you can step out of. That right, Elder?” “’S the only way we can avoid the Queen’s spying eyes. And if you don’t step through quick, we’ll be spied upon real quick, you mark my words,” he asserted, hurrying all of us into the mirror.
I have to say, I was dazzled by the kaleidoscope of brilliant hues, the light from the mirror refracting and reflecting off the vaguely cylindrical walls at impossible angles to provide an amazing sight, and I was sorry indeed to see the Elder grind shut the Glass. “I’ll betcha the next time you won’t be admiring the view as much as you’re running for your life,” grumbled the Gnome Elder, who promptly vanished at the same time as Chessur. Reminder to self: I really need to pick up that trick. Then again, that’d be denying my knife its first chance at action.
“Hey! Over here!” I shouted, blade in hand, running straight towards the two Club Guards with expressions that spelled i-n-f-u-r-i-a-t-e-d in flashing capitals. Sidestepping the clumsy Three of Clubs, I twirled between the guards, knife extended, opening up long, ugly gashes in their backs and midriff. As the Two of Clubs doubled over in pain, I swung my knife down diagonally, cleaving him open as if I were slicing paper, then turned to behead the Three of clubs as he hefted his axe above his head to strike. It hadn’t taken more than two minutes for me to overcome the so-called “armed” guards. Picking up the glinting key-shaped diamond on the table, I unlocked the door at the back of the room, in time to see and enormous flying mechanism float up from the yawning chasm just outside the door, with the Gnome Elder pedaling and operating its humming propeller.
“You have the key! Most resourceful. It seems that Rabbit’s trust is not misplaced,” the Elder remarked as I hopped on the passenger’s basket. “We will, or rather I will, use the key to lead my fellow kind in an uprising against those abominable Card Guards, and free them from this oppression. They have suffered enough.” “I really feel sorry for your people, indeed I do,” I said in a tone clearly indicating otherwise. “But what about getting me small?” “Within the Fortress of Doors is a Skool, and within it is scattered various items I can mix up in its laboratory to make a concoction to get you small,” he droned. “Items? What items?” “Item, items, you’ll know’em when you see’em. Speaking of seeing, we should keep out of the Card Guard’s—Dammit! We’ve been spotted!” The Elder grunted and began spinning the captain’s wheel.
Curious, I peeked overboard—and was immediately rewarded by a stream of sleek, steel cards whipping wind across my face. Pulling back hurriedly, I yelled, “Are they armed with…machine guns?!” “Automatic Dealer 52s or AD-52s in short. Nay one of those cards they fire can leave a deep cut in your face or my balloon, so you best keep your pretty head in and let me concentrate on steering.” Card guards firing cards…to guard. I’m confused.
Old he might be, but those steering skills were quite top of the notch indeed. Especially when he was maneuvering a bulky balloon against weapons spitting steel fifty-two times a minute. “You’ll have to fight these guards soon enough, but for now…JUMP!” The gnome Elder swiftly drove his crazy contraption near a ledge jutting out of a high wall of the Fortress. “Protective walls may impede you, but the walls most difficult to penetrate are those surrounding out hearts.” “Sometimes, Chessur, I’m not sure if you’re trying to be funny, or just messing with my head. Probably both.” Glaring his way, I braced myself, and leapt.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Usher me

Friday was a day of totally intellectual discussions.
Namely, I was being a retard.
I really can’t remember Bio. But there were some wise words. Which I shouldn’t be bothering about until next year, hopefully.
And then Ms Lee mentions it again during mentoring about people being not sure about what they want to major in. :O
I have realized, once again, how important to one is a 20 cent coin. Or $1 coin, which can also buy me a cookie. COOKIE RAHH.
Anyway.. Let’s skip thru all the boring stuff, like me finishing the music test in 30 minutes (:P hopefully all correct)…
Dr. Wong: Such an encouragement to your friends!
Oh well. What can I say?
Anyway. I have skipped everything boring to like my first CIP. XD
I totally dig why Ming Wei is *ahem*pedo*ahem*, with referral to his amazing topical presentation and his eagerness to be at Pei Tong with us. But the kids are just…so cute! XD
In any case, it was a relief to earn 2 hours of CIp for just playing..Blow Wind blow with the kids. And talking with J. Tan.
By the way, kids, I must warn you NOT to watch F1 races. It is a VERY bad example to all future drivers, because
1. They are like going…no less than 100 km/h?
2. Cutting into other’s lanes without waving. flashing their lights, whatever,
3. And worst of all, they are driving in bus lanes.
Aiyah. Tsktsk.
So we were having an engaging discussion about Alice in Wonderland, of which I am currently VERY obsessed about.
Ming Wei: Writing fan fic about alice is like…writing fanfiction for a 1960’s manga!
Me: But Alice dates further than that
OK well that wasn’t really the point.
J.Tan: I don’t see the point of writing fanfiction for Alice…it was supposed to be a…book on mathematics or Alice, innocent fairytale book for children, before modern day people twisted it into…ramblings of a mad person.
Me: Of course it WAS meant to be the ramblings of a mad person, it’s just that no one had realized it yet. And that’s obviously more fun.
J.Tan: Parents don’t tell children who are to bed reading Alice and telling them it’s the ramblings of a mad person!
Me: Well of course not; that’s the impression you want to give them when they’re still young and impressionable. Later on, you will introduce them to the evils of the world’s society, and the evils of Alice.
J.Tan: But that’s…destroying their childhood!
Me: And that’s…the FUN! :D
J.Tan: -.-
Me: Reverend Charles’Dodgson has this encyclopedia entry which says he enjoyed his trips with the three young girls of the Liddell family. Suggestive.
J.Tan: But he’s not a Catholic priest, he’s a mathematician
Me: Well, he’s BOTH a Reverend and a mathematician.
J.Tan: Do you get what I’m talking about?
J.Tan: Catholic priests are pedophiles!
Which was how we touched on Ming Wei’s evident Lolicon (e: Why didn’t you let him come?! It would have been so fun!) and then sexuality evident on other Singaporeans. Such as certain girls filmed having lesbian sex.
J.Tan: so Mr. Wong looked at Audrey and Andrea, and Rania and Mio Jing, and remarked, I really hope that does not happen in our school.
Dh for SC Pres next next yr FTW XD

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pan the minion

Something seems to have changed in Wonderland since the last time I was here. I mean, other than my highly questionable mental state, which has been interestingly lucid for the time I’ve been chasing rabbits Either that or global warming has begun changing this world in ways our scientists could never have predicted. Eyeing the chunk of ore steadily dissolving in the simmering lake of acid suspiciously, I continued picking my way gingerly over the spider web of wooden planks crisscrossing the dark, dank mine. Towards the tiny figure running on two stubby legs, the large sack laboring his jog sufficiently for me to catch up.
“Yes! Got you at last! Now you have some explaining to do!” The gnome shivered in my vise-like grip, his eyes dull. “Our land is destroyed; our spirit crushed,” he intoned. “Reminds me of the asylum. Is there no joy here?” For that was true. All through my chase, all I could see were depressed miners, forlorn miners, morose miners, and…more depressed miners, their arms swinging against the rock walls perfunctorily, the very light of life seemingly burnt out of their eyes by the endlessly backbreaking work they were forced to toil at. Definitely unlike the cheerful land of, well, wonder I chanced upon ten years ago.
“Slavery and happiness do not dwell in the same house…” the gnome muttered, bringing me out of my reverie, wriggling out of my grip. Just then, Chessur materialized before me, watching the gnome scurry off. Frowning, I said, “Wonderland’s become quite weird. How is one to find her way?” “As knowing where you’re going is preferable to being lost, ask. Rabbit knows a thing or two, and I, myself, don't need a weathervane to tell which way the wind blows. Let your need guide your behaviour; suppress your instinct to lead; pursue Rabbit!” “How simple you make my life,” I sigh at his disappearing visage, running further into the mines. One torch bearing gnome, seeing me run past, remarked sadly, “Stir up no trouble, stranger! The Red Queen’s agents are ruthless.” Pausing before him, I spat, ”I’m not afraid of her or her creatures! Never was, really. You should stand up to her!” “Defiance is useless. While the Queen reigns, only death can release us from this misery.” “Or her death, perhaps?”
Lesson Number One: Speaketh of the devil, and the devil arriveth. No sooner had I finished bragging did an axe-wielding card guard slam his weapon into the ground mere inches beside me. Taken aback, I whirled around to see the guard shredded into a dozen quivering bits by razor sharp claws. As the guards head landed in the pool of flesh and blood which once made up his body, Chessur leapt nimbly over to land before me while I stared agape at his radical transformation. Now bipedal, his body rippled with bulging muscles, and each paw boasted four five-inch long claws, dripping with blood and gore.
Licking his right claws, he held out his left paw as if to shake my hand, except in it was a long, wicked-looking knife. I took it, admiring its sheer lightness and the pleasing shriek it made as it swung through the air. Throwing it in the distance, it flew back like a boomerang. Watching me play with my new toy, Chessur spoke grimly, “The Card Guards are tools of the Queen. All suits are dolts, but dangerous. Your knife will be necessary, of course, but not sufficient. Always collect what’s useful. Reject only your ignorance and you may survive.”
“Well, thank you for your overwhelming confidence in me, sir,” my voice dripping with sarcasm, watching him shrink back to a skeletal shadow of his more powerful form. “Though I must admit that the claws are a nice improvement.” Spying Rabbit bolt past, I set off in hot pursuit, only to see him magically shrink and leap through a hole just large enough for my fist to fit in.
“Oh, now what?” I grumbled. “And what might you be moaning about. Moaning never helps.” These pessimistic, ubiquitous gnomes were definitely getting on my nerves. “yes, I get it, everyone seems completely dejected, blah blah blah. Are things really as bad as all that?” “The truth would reduce you to a blubbering baby. Are you the savior that Rabbit has been tellin’ us about all this time?” “I wouldn’t hope so, or Rabbit would be the cause of all your troubles. Right now I just want to be…this small.” “Ar…calls fer some serious twistin’. Yer’ll needa go sideways, not forward. I’d be doing it if I knew how.” “Not twisted! Just to be smaller in size.” “Hurm…one in the Fortress of Doors may hold such secrets. Take more than a wish to get in there.” “Doors have locks, which need keys. Let’s hope the doors are unlocked,” purred Chessur. “Indeed…or there may be more than one way to skin a cat, if you’ll pardon the expression.” “A most unpleasant one it is. Please avoid it in the future.” “Can you get us inside the fortress of Doors?” “Oh! I wouldn’t even dare. Since the Red Queen took over we’ve all become gutless half-wits. I can’t even risk crossing the road! However...if you go deep into the mines, you will find one braver and wiser then I. He may be of some help...” Shuddering, he plodded off.
Into the hole again, we hurried along our way, into a once-glorious garden now seeped in dark decay.
Hey, that rhymed.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


RAWR Mortal Coil sucks Tanith can never be tortured in new ways again BLEH. It is interesting to note, though, that everyone ends up with the originally less preferable partner. What happens when the Girl of Armageddon falls in love with a vampire?
Today was a lesson in Endurance. SO I managed to finish my Math assignment while owning completely in cards. Not at the same time, of course.
English lesson was essentially a rant against not teaching us the nuances of English until Year Six. So obviously a plot to keep us in NUS High UNTIL Year Six.
So do I want to finish the revision exercise or not?
Galen was trying to second-guess and he failed. But then he was failing quite often. Though not as often as Peng Seng =D
Anyway. Trying to finish Chapter 3.
But I like arm wrestle until arm no strength liao. :O

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Men Tsar

I used to wonder how asylum residents could scream and yell or continue on other related mad behavior for so long. I mean, I was sure it would get tiring or boring at some time. But then again, I was the one locked up in the madhouse so who was I to judge?
Interestingly, my first-hand experience seems to have proven my theory right. Except tiring and boring just aren’t sufficient to stop madness from consuming you. Even after beating myself up for ten years, it just won’t let up. It just can’t assuage the pain. This probably explains these heavy duty chains bolting my limbs to the bed frames. So they have money to spend on chains but not on cleaning do they? Now I can’t even touch the new bandages.
I spot a movement near the edge of the bed.
Well, with my new accessories I can’t really do anything about it even if it was a demented killer determined to slaughter the first person he sees. One mad person deserves another, I guess.
Then Rabbit grabs my hand and rasps, “Save us, Alice!”
Before I could say, News Flash, Rabbit, but I can’t even save myself, the room, chains and all, dissolved into a swirling whirlpool of dizzying colours. And as gravity took its hold, all I thought was, What The Hell?
TO the uninitiated, falling is a boring activity as well. Especially if it happens to be a three-hour long one. It is occasions like this where the random insane thought comes really in handy. The impact knocking all breath out of me, I landed with a huff. Shaking off the effects if my sudden descent, I smoothed down my burnt, bloodstained dress and looked around, trying to get my bearings. And this…thing resembling a skeleton with four legs simply appeared out of the air and sauntered towards me.
“Chessur,” I drawl, unimpressed by his, well, unimpressive appearance. “I hope they’ve been feeding you, if at all. Though if you were considering getting as mangy as possible, thinning down that huge, toothy smile shouldn’t have been too much of a trouble.”
“I much prefer to see myself as…”lithe”. As for the smile, well, you can’t help who you are, can you?” Grinning complacently, he licked his paws and continued, “You, on the other hand, have gained quite an attitude since the last time you were here. Still adventurous and willing to learn, I hope?”
“Whatever, But I would appreciate it very much if…damn.” Did I mention? His disappearances are just as freaking annoying. Might as well make the best of my time here then.
Walking through a rotting doorway, I pondered upon the possibility that this might be just one of the fantastic imaginings my deranged mind, perhaps further induced by some mind-altering drugs introduced by the devious Doctor, while surgeons in starched white gowns gleefully slice open my brain to explore the mysteries within. Of course, I was quite sure my mind was no longer capable of conceiving such a forgotten image, and even if it was, I wasn’t in the position to change my fate, was I. Which was when I bumped into the gnome.
If this was a dream, it’s definitely a very realistic one,
“Sure haven’t seen your kind in a long time. Mind telling me…Oh, don’t run! I’m not going to eat you!”
Just as I was about to go after the fleeing little man, who was fleeing fast indeed considering the sack of rocks on his back, a rather small and surprisingly strong ball of fur cannoned straight into me, knocking me down.
“Now excuse me, mist-" “Oh, do be quiet, Alice! We’re very late, very late indeed!” and with that, what appeared to be Rabbit bounded off further into the mine. Curiouser and curiouser. Though that brown suit is a nice addition. “Hey! Wait up!” I yelled, beginning to run. I can just see how this could be an exhausting return. Indeed.

Soif de Sang

Aiyah. Die already. How to complete all the revision stuff over this week. Mr. Yee dun like me cos I posted that post I think. :( Then later he sees this post. :O
Anyway. Today is aiyah. Jeremias at specialist for…reasons I won’t mention as I can’t. :D
Jit: Liposuction!
OK Yea obviously he would say that.
Quotes from Mr. Soh today:
Boys should know a lot about…buoyancy force, because before they invented buoys they would put a little boy on top of a float to wave at passing ships. That force is the buoyancy force. And how did they pick these boys? They would go to a random school and ask around Hey which of your boys can you do without for some time? And they would get that boy to float for some time as the buoy. :D
So Bernoulli was Dutch at first, until he saw the World Cup, where he was mortified to see the Dutch playing rugby when they were supposed to play soccer, and thus tried to renounce his nationality. Unfortunately, he only succeeded halfway and so he is now known as Dutch-Swiss. :D
(from Ansel) I won’t be around next week. I’ll be square.
And yes he was being a retard about chucking Ansel into a river which was thinner at some point and then deciding whether Bernoulli or Ansel would be cheering depending on whether ansel made it across. Of course I had some theories of my own, the first being that the river OBVIOUSLY moved faster at the narrower point because an incredibly hairy Bernoulli happened to be standing there, scaring away all the molecules. Then Mr. Soh moved on to how Bernoulli’s equation could be expressed as the Conservation of Life in a wide leading to narrow corridor. Of course, I have the Conservation of Death: When you stand with your back to the walls of the corridor holding out a long knife, you kill mmore people in the narrow corridor. :D
And now our English file will be made up of a pathetic 4 pieces of work. Sigh.
Maybe I should start reading the dictionary. A 4 mark difference IS quite something to look at.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

King of Hearts

I have come to the conclusion that my chapters seem to be anemic indeed in word count. Well, compared to above average pieces in
But today isn’t exactly about my boredom relieving fanfiction today. Although it is good to post about it on days where there are nothing better to post about.
Just yesterday I came face-to-face with the terrifying force called The Young Joo. (and do you have a Younger Joo?) It seems only the Mongolian power is enough to contain him.
Funnily enough, he ran and ran and dribbled and dribbled and failed to score. Sigh
So James was kicking the ball near our goal, and Galen, who was on his team, was going JA-ME-SI, JA-ME-SI!
Distracting your own teams mates is such a great idea.
Maybe I might just play minecraft one day, and try to build a computer that can let me play minecraft. The idea of fighting a monster while playing minecraft is just awesome. But after I’m done with that WTFBBQ Phantasmagoria. (Shocking as it maybe, this one has nothing to do with Alice)
Quite the only significant thing yesterday, other than Mr. Yeo taking us for physics. Awesome-ness.
So. Today was a bad day.
Mr. Wong was playing nice videos. So nice.
I am being constantly sidetracked by random nice Alice in Wonderland fanfictions. Although you know the weird just get weirder when the March Hare begins to speak random Japanese as ordered by a…hare doll. *ahem*
Anyway. Chinese test was OK, except for the easy questions. Contradicting myself is fun.
Argh. Random ramblings from notebook withdrawal.
Chemistry was quite a lesson in magic making. I shall stop here to prevent further havoc from being caused.
My blog posts are just getting shorter and shorter. Yes, I’ve commented on that for the…I-can’t-really-count-time, but yes. It’s a fact. So many lines and random spacing between them.
I hate it when they call Alyce Alice despite the fact that it’s JUST ONE FREAKING LETTER.
Ming Wei is bored. Was bored. As we were all during Chinese culture. At least it IS an improvement. Why couldn’t we have had this teacher before?
I need to keep writing.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gothically speaking

I have realized that
Life sucks
And the Four divided by two and divided by two again is one.
Amazing observation.
Now, in a pathetic attempt to stay alive with the cold turkey from notebook related distractions for the next month, I have taken to writing a fanfiction based of American McGee’s Alice. It is turning out to be rather fun. Rambling has never been so awesome.
Enjoy. Or not. *shrugs*
The door clicks open, a sound not a sound.
The Doctor trots in, hurriedly flipping his pocket watch open and examining it carefully before stowing it in his left pants pocket. He pulls over a rickety chair, the same one he replaced at the end of the last consultation. Trying to smooth his hair and suit at the same time, he spares the prone figure on the tattered mattress a nervous glance.
“Alice,” he calls, clasping a record loosely in one hand and a sharpened pencil in another.
I deign to swivel my eyeballs towards him. Expectant. Unsure. Maybe I would have looked like that, if I had been leading my past ten years like a normal person. But then, if I were a normal person I wouldn’t BE here would I?
He blinks, not sure whether to be pleased or concerned to get a response out of me. “Ah, yes, good. So,” he glances hastily at the scribbled record. Not that he has been able to do much scribbling. “How are you today?”
I finger the dusty ears of Rabbit mechanically “Well,” my tone as dead as my movements. And my heart.
“Uh, very well, very well, I was hoping that today we could perhaps touch on coming to terms with the…” At his words, I saw red. Literally. All around my vision, tongues of flickering flames licked at the edges the same way a cigarette burn eats away at a photograph. My ears catch none of Hieronymous Q. Wilson’s (what an utterly ridiculous name) questions, but are filled with crackling roaring and screaming. Echoing, tortured screaming.
“Fire! Fire!” ”Hurry, we must save Alice!” ”Daddy? Mummy?” “Hush, Alice! Drop everything and run!” The doorknob, roasted by the flames, is searing to the touch, but my father yanks it open and is greeted by the staircase leading to the bottom floor crashing down. “No! Dad, Mom, I can’t just leave you like that!” “We have no time for this, Alice. Save yourself!” My father heaves me out of the window into the hard snow, moments before the fire-weakened mansion collapsed.
“NOOOOO!!” A bestial scream rips its way out of my throat, and I grab the most lethal weapon I can find, hurling the handful of jacks which thud into a closing door. I cannot even see enough of his fast-receding figure to get enraged at. I’m not sure about his credentials as a psychologist but that guy has a hell of good reflexes. Stalking over to the grimy windows, I swing the badly-ripped curtains shut, blocking out some measure of the unbearable light.
I cast my eye gloomily around the filthy, bloodstained room. Which they never seem to bother to tidy up, but then an institute such as this probably doesn’t get enough grants to keep itself going, much less clean. They declared me a ward of the state, and took everything away from me—knives, hammers and even the little sewing scissors, so people would not find me with slit wrists, or a caved in skull, or a broken neck.
Fine. I admit. I’m not that into sewing anymore. But it was mine. As were my parents. Were. They were taken, just like everything else. My property. Which I lost. My fault. In the fire. It was me. I didn’t rush back in. I didn’t pull them out and hug and thank them for saving my life. Two lives were lost for mine. My fault. And there is no solving that.
Pain pain is good which I won’t get good I don’t deserve good I’ve been a bad, bad girl I’m sorry I’m so sorry, Mom I wasn’t good enough I wasn’t good enough to save you Dad I’m so, so sorry It was ALL MY FAULT I DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE.
Down the hallway, I hear as if in a dream, the mutterings of the Rutledge asylum workers…
“Isn’t it that annoying Liddell girl again? Fortunately we cancelled the cleaning service for THAT room. Day after day of cleaning out bloody spots would turn away any cleaning personnel…”

Friday, October 1, 2010

On the death of time

Occasionally having teachers read your blog might have random repercussions when that particular teacher happens to brag about what he has read. And leaving out the important bits that should have been in there but would make all the difference.
Mr. Yee: I want to know…how the news spread so fast? Yesterday, one teacher came up to me and said EH Mr. Yee, you came late 30 minutes for lesson? So I was :O How you know u dun even teach them. So the teacher was like Oh cos I read their blog…
I am proud to say I came clean.
Shall mix in random bits and pieces of random stuff.
Mr. Yee: I did draw a couple of turtles on Zuowei! And the class was SO cooperative! They were like *pointpointpoint*, then the entire time I walked to him, they made not a single sound! So he ended up with two cute turtles. :D
Sometimes I get the feeling I’m not spending enough time on this blog. Then I have a look at the blogs of other people.
Today was so boring. Even Cyrus’s presentation was boring. Or to be more accurate, Raphael’s presentation. The lack of boobs eventually dies off over 10 minutes of slow talk. :O Sigh.
The break was wasted. Again. Because we forgot to get cards. DAMMIT. I was reduced to doing Chemistry and playing badminton.
Friday was just a random day. It in volved a random instance of a breakdown, over which Mr. Yee was REALLY concerned. (Aww so sweet but seriously what WAS the matter?)
Ah well.
Oh dear. One month without netbook. CAN I SURVIVE?