Monday, June 28, 2010

New semester, old beginnings

First day back…and all things considered…not too bad.
But I will probably mourning for an entire semester without the presence of Dr. Pek. *sobs*
Anyway. The. Timetable. SUCKS. Big time. Unless Music happens to be as slack as the first year, and Thursday happens with amazing regularity, and I get to YES I GOT INTO CHINESE CULTURE CLASS.
Hmm. Maybe the timetable doesn’t seem to suck so badly anymore. Except that Sun has decided to be irritating and for the first time probably in PE history set us HOMEWORK that is probably only remotely related in the farthest reaches of imagination. The only way I can think why Dr. Sun is SO interested in wanting us to tell him about the winner of the World Cup is…hmm better not to mention it just in case I get him into possible trouble. Leave it to Dao Han to be the most direct one.
First lesson was Chinese, and as far as I was concerned, it was 90% rubbish. AND WHERE WERE THOSE BIG BROWN TABLES T.T
Took height and weight for PE today and CANDICE SHRUNK I TOLD HER SHE WAS AT HER MAXIMUM HEIGHT. Now it’s just waiting for when she can go for movies and train rides free.
Captain’s Ball team selection was screwed. We ended up with…about 4 active against 8 active players. So we decided to turn it into some soccer-basketball-captain ball thingy. (supposedly this is, according to Dr. Sun, a free game…so that mean we gotta pay for the others O.o. Oh nevermind I was just bullshitting)
Smacked Ji Hyun in the face with a bag of something I don’t even know (something with chocolate I think) for not returning my SMS.
*Loves change of Math teacher*

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Turning to blogging now as some kind of “thing to do” other than stupid English holiday homework. Or maybe I should be concentrating on writing the summary for the 8 articles instead.
I feel so shocked.
Firstly that I am reduced to either blogging or doing homework on the computer, which undeniably has so many other uses. Of course I also write other stuff and read stories better left unknown to the populace. Well. Wouldn’t want paranoid adults to swarm my blog now for being an unhealthy influence would I?
Secondly…I have NEVER realized how useful Straits Times Interactive can possibly get.
*pulls random stuff from memory of weeks ago*
Was it weeks ago?
*searches for memory of whether abovementioned memory was supposed to be weeks ago*
Hmm. Sounds a bit odd just to see that being stated. But it makes sense. Hopefully. Not that I make sense by simply existing, but what goes on my blog…usually does. Until I will it to be otherwise, which I do a lot. Which makes people wonder just how much stuff on my blog is relevant to the relevant world in the more relevant sense of the word.
OK. A totally irrelevant example. Anyway.
I just cannot find that last article to complete my holiday assignment.
And I’m blabbering about stuff tat has distracted me about the stuff I was going to blabber about in the first place, first place meaning ‘beginning to write this blog post’
Still. Probably something about SIMC. Or was it NSC. Maybe I’ll go with SIMC. Less heartbreak and more funny stuff.
I feel so bad during SIMC I mean I was supposed to…hang on. IDID complete all my assigned work and as a matter of fact I went to school on the last day of SIMC when I could have just stayed at home to like offer some advice on laying out the last SIMC Epigraph. I shouldn’t be guilty. I was fully authorized to engage in other activities (technically) and I went ahead.
Well. Maybe it was the overspending of time on the other activities. You lose some and get some.
Annabeth was ogling at goo-balls. And failing at bouncing them around. And…
Better not to mention it. :P

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Not sure what some of you are thinking, but I suddenly got the opinion that I should post AT LEAST once during this month-long holiday or I’d be accused of no-lifing. Which I am, actually but that’s not really the point. I mean, Life should be an impression you should try to project, right? Or you’d be dead.
OK, now that was a really bad joke, not counting the time that…well, not that I DO count the times that I make bad jokes, which should be endeavored to be made as good as possible or what’s the point of making a joke really. (Darn Madagascar to hell. I mean it. Why won’t you like just, DIE like the rest of the infected world?)
Being no-life and playing random Armor Game games while blogging.
So many things to talk about.
No Edith don’t Latin me you remind me of NSC and Raffles Girl’s. Again. Of course the fact that I was the most eager to break the noews to the rest of my painful tiny world shouldn’t be enough excuse. Because the megalomaniac part of me just won’t allow it.
Kendrick: (Counts to 10. Softly)
Ji Hyun: (counts to 10)
Camera man: I think she counts better than you…
Phail Kendrick. Then Raflles Girl’s had to add insult to the injury beforehand by counting in three different languages. I mean, French? Not that I have anything against French mathematicians, but the beautiful language just doesn’t tie to numerals. In general.
(pulls the memory rope. If it can be referred to as that)
Ji Hyun slept the moment she went home after one NSC training session (approx 5-6) skipped breakfast, skipped dinner (in order…or not. Probably doesn’t make a difference anyway) Left me waiting in the room wreaking havoc on Byorn’s glue gun (why couldn’t his parents have stuck with nice, safe Byron or Bjorn which sounds cool too in my opinion) until about 9 and we were like worried and we called her.
She. Over. Slept. For 15 hours.
Now that’s like not fair. I need two days to chalk up that amount of sleep during the holidays. And I won’t go into school days just to make myself jealous.
So while we were gluing the spiders (I still can’t get over the ONE point difference for our AWESOME presentation) Kendrick took constant toilet breaks. Though how the Catalyze room became a male toilet STILL beats me. (You can sell a whistle for 10 BUCKS?!) Until Daryl came in. And stayed. And showed us his class’s…I dunno I’ll settle for AMUSING (yea that sounds like a nicely non-committal word) class video for the Learning Journey. Until Mr. Ng came in. And they being in the same group of three and all, he wasn’t taking their excuses for mistaking this room for the one beside it. *breaks off and dies*
It’s OK I’ll be back. Hopefully.