Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm on a Boat

By the way, here’s an amusing anecdote…
Me: *being a nosey parker as always* James what u sending?
James: Oh I’m sending I luv u to my mom cos…she doesn’t want me to use msn and I forgot to log off before I left this morning…So now I’m sending this to distract her.
Me: O.O n1
PS: N1 James she sent I love you too back.
James: Woah she must be distracted heng.
Me: Yea…you still have about 10 hours to hope it stays that way dude.
Now I don’t really want to go and count the number of F***ING I have typed in the last two hundred words. Bleh. My lack of notebook and earphones and the Student Leader Investiture today reminding me of my complete inadequacy especially makes me feel VERY PISSED OFF.
Still. I shall hold off the emotions for a while to post about today. Which is about half an hour.
Mr. Yee was not pleased about Claire’s blatant usage of the speakers. That is all. *although it is good that he never catches Dao Han. :D*
Integration RIGHT AFTER differentiation is effing irritating. No kick to Jit though.
So. Our breaks consisted mostly of chionging practicals, including creating the effing 10 mark experiment that 90% of the class didn’t notice. GG. Spectrometers :D as recommended by Jeremias’ brother. Mhmm.
Bio taught by students was like, semi-failure. Couldn’t we JUST PLAY CELL CRAFT. ZZT.
Damn. I just couldn’t do it, could I. So failure. :(
And stupid Journalism moved to Friday. Again. For the third freaking time. Fourth actually, if you don’t count the one I ponned. Effing procrastinating pizzas. And three year Ones with the hyperactivity to match ten men.
Anyway. Will skip Chinese. And move on to my bone of contention. SLI.
WE HAD FREAKING PINK BALLOONS AND STCK FIGURES IN PUSH-UP/SEMI-HUMPING POSITIONS IN HEARTS. WTH. AND WE HAD VISITORS. (and Mr. Yee was wearing pink, but completely covered up by his brown jacket so that doesn’t count.)
And I felt inadequate just sitting there. Either it was William squashing me or that the President of Student Council this year has the same name as me and applied to join Council the same year with me. *pouts*
At least he’s slightly amusing. THAT JUST MAES ME FEEL MORE INADEQUATE.
But his dancing…never mind.
*looks forward to reading whatever Claire has written for Ming Wei since she was so eager to block it. Hmm*

Friday, January 28, 2011

In The End

God. Damn. It. Where is the person known as Galen Tiong. WTH.
Oh there he is. Now I’m just going to go tell him how screwed we are, and how we can get LESS screwed.
So now. Blogging is an infinitely more fun activity isn’t it? :D
Only if you aren’t sitting on your pants (then again, what would I be sitting on? Hmm.) about how screwed you might be come Monday. Two practicals due, a teacher demanding an optimum percentage of homework in by today which I don’t even know about, a Bio quiz which I KNOW I have screwed up for. And then some.
So nice of DH. Just saying. And then there was this gal with TTC with just the BEST RANGE of hairpins imaginable. In ALL colours.
Of course, after she received her prize for Netball, Mrs. Oon stopped her and…well…kinda pointed at all of them. LMAO.
That Mr. Yee has a shoe fetish is disturbing. *finds myself thinking about the number of shoes he owns* Can’t believe I kinda forgot this.
Mr. Yee: eh Joshua! New shoes ah?
Joshua: Uh…yea…
Mr. Yee: OH HEY they say NEW SHOES MUST STEP! *moves over to step*
*Joshua rushes to seat and hugs thighs to chest*
But later on there were two purposeful OOPS moments. Eheh.
Anyway. Back to Physics, which I really don’t want to think about. Which is helpful as I can’t exactly remember anything about it. Not like I want to. ZZZ.
I realized that when Candice isn’t standing straight she is just nice as tall as the lockers. GG. I could only see her hair from inside the class. :D.
Yao Rui was being awesome yesterday. So effing awesome. It was like *Entertainer offends my awesome sensibilities. Let’s be more awesome for a while* and proceeds to play some ridiculously complicated trill at the other end of the piano for fun. GG.
So, after that moving tribute, we shall see. The best. Lesson of the day.
I bangseh Jit. I feels a bit ashamed…not.
And I managed to scam Galen into halfway believing that Foo Ming Wei is Ian’s brother. *sniggers*
So then within 5 minutes in the lab we managed to have our first breakage of the year. A boiling tube, I think. Which reminds me how retarded Jit was being in the practical on Monday.
James: -Look at Jit-
Jit *pouting-ish expression, mashing the beaker of ice-salt slowly*
LMAO. There could be a million things he was thinking about but for that moment is was SO HILARIOUS. :D
N1. But then. We have James. Whom I turned this morning to see him forcing PS’s head down in a very wrong way. Very very wrong way.
James *sticks his hand in the ice water*: Oh it’s COLD!!!
No shit, Sherlock.
Then Shreyas sticks his hand in for a full minute. I have No idea how he can STAND IT WTH. Even DH couldn’t take more than half a minute.
On a perfectly random note, Jazlene restocked her locker with a REALLY HUGE BAG OF GOODIES. And the 404 people were like the biggest customers after 403 people of the day. Or so I observed.
Anyway. Back to the practical. Making ice-fingers is so awesome. :D So is drawing parallels with monkeys and retards.
DH: HEY—I’m not monkey. I can use tools…I can walk…I can play ball…
Galen: And what does that sound like? MONKEY!
Later on…
Peng Seng: Hey this can be broken you kn-*breaks the sucrose solution ice-stick*
And GG have to redo chem proposal.
During Math, I was telling DH about my scam.
Me: But Foo Ming Wei doesn’t have a Christian name while Ian does.
DH: Ian has a Christian name?
Me: *glares at him waiting for penny to drop*
*Chiongs work for two hours*
*Apologizes for writing the wrong message on the board of 302 and 301. If people don’t hand up work cos of that I’m screwed.*
RAWR the three year ones that joined our club sound like ten. GG.
And we find the haikus of the Monday competition in the dustbin. Hurm.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Year Without Rain

What do you say when a new manga chapter about mahjong is published…and then you realize it has fourteen pages, where thirteen of those pages are devoted to a winning hand? Like, ONE TILE PER PAGE?
Anyway. I am suffering extreme pain reading an amateurish version of a novelization of American McGee’s Alice. Then again, who am I to talk about amateurs.
The only reason there is this random talk about reading is the equally random survey on reading. and I suddenly felt so inferior by having to put none on one of the questions. Commenting on societal issues, no less.
Me: Eh, no none how?
DH: Just put a N in front of the one!
So. I was going to sweep up the class and make Claire feel guilty but I AM COMIGN LATER AND LATER DAMMIT. *convinces myself to convince Dad to FREAKING GET THE CAR READY EARLIER* D:
So…hmm. Physics was actually due today. And I didn’t realize until halfway through…something. Sometime, more like. Who cares.
GG I shall distance myself from the back row when I am doing Chinese essays from now on. IT WAS A FREAKING LETTER GODAMMIT.
And now I am truly screwed if my message has no effect. My large, red-marker message, which wasn’t even remotely threatening if I do say so myself.
PE was such a farce. Draining interval training aside, we had 11 shots on goal for Captain’s Ball and a final score of 1-0. Like, the goal was scored the only time DH was off-duty. GG too pro. Either that or Galen TOO co-operative. LMAO.
English. Was. Good. Remembering all the film’s good times. :D and putting forward nice answers as arguments.
Mr. Chin: OK, but you are talking from a woman’s point of view. I’d like to hear from a guy now…
Me: The BIGGEST issue, obviously, is that men are thinking too little with their heads and too much with their lower bodies.
Class: LMAO
Mr. Chin: Can we have something…more appropriate?
Yay me.
Mr. Chin: Cyrus you don’t have a copy? Why doesn’t the English rep have a copy?
Bad lurh. But getting TIME is good :D
*enjoys awesome luck at cards. :D*
And then. Easy Chem. Good half an hour of generally mooching about doing nothing.
Weird. Today is supposed to be a long day. Ah well.
*expects better quotes from tomorrow with Math*
Because Econs really is ZZZ

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Take It Off

N-now I’m getting so smashed, knocking over trash cans.
Yea right. I just knocked over a trash can this morning, and it pissed me off to no end in addition to my already…I dunno. Pissed-off-ness at the trash on the floor. WHY DOES OUR CLASSROOM HAVE FREAKING EARBUDS.
Screw I just have this thing for American McGee’s Alice. Can’t wait for sequel :DDD
And I was feeling bitchy, so I bitched to Mr. Yee. RAWR. Stupid wrappers.
The more I come to school the more I am irritated by the trash. But then if I don’t some around to sweep the floor in the morning there will be even MORE trash And I will be even more GRRR. Vicious cycle=bad.
Anyway. First lesson was so good. Like, watching a movie in slight air-con is MUCH better deal than listening to somebody talk nonsense. On the other hand, when someone shovels the shit like a PRO…
“You know that guy who get EVERY girl? That’s me. On crack!”
Yea. But Mr. Chin got the CUT version NUUUU
I need Reader’s Digest. And shorten Ming Wei’s life span more, because it is fun. :D. Me evil.
At least, me less evil than Steve Jobs da creator of the iMac. I CANNOT tell in words how effing screwed the STUPID FINALE SOFTWARE IS RAWR.
Then again, I still MANAGED to do something. Nearly perfectly. I mean, how hard is it to copy notes?
Mentoring. Was. So. YAWN. After, of course, Mr. Yee was done admonishing us and manhandling James and Nat.
Mr. Yee: I got give you permission to eat?
James: *without missing a beat* yea!
*Mr. Yee rubs James head. Hard.*
So. We begins the class fund. With JAMES as treasurer. GG.
Nat: Huh I thought Mr. Yee sponsor everything?
*evidence incriminating Mr. Yee*
LMAO. Retards.
DH so sleepy. Must be Basketball. GG
Or Art with the K.
You know something is wrong when year Fours are being told to complete a tiny coloured piece of paper as part of a useless lesson of which its only virtue is to give us an air-conditioned room where we can complete written homework. Mhmm. Which is why, to deny the year Threes this privilege next year…
Shall say nothing. And wonder why we have to put down our names if the comments don’t affect our grades.
And also, if I have screwed myself up with obsessing over Gretel and Hansel. :D

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot N Cold

God darn I’m like, almost. Late. For my schedule.
I’m even sure why I have a schedule for blogging anyway. Isn’t it something that should be fun, as I so comfortably asserted in a recent ACE session?
We continued our time-honored practice of being retards during Math.
But Mentoring first. Perhaps I was glad Claire wasn’t wearing the motherfu**ing jacket today. It made me feel inferior. My wardrobe has approximately 4 sweaters/jackets. And two of them are exactly the same, courtesy of SPH which still owes me four hundred bucks, one of them is the 104 jacket, while the last was my Dad’s.
I have the best fashion sense sometimes.
Well. At least I’m looking forward to wearing, of all colours, LILAC. On Chinese New Year. Speaking of which, we had an interesting observation mentioned my Tseren during mentoring today.
Tseren: Oh Jazlene was like the best collector for our class fund in 105! She would go around asking for the money and the not-so-surreptitiously bending over at the same time (now I MAY have put in a more complicated word of my own, but that’s more or less WHAT HE SAID!)
Dh: Oh, HAHA, So she can go around saying Hey, one dollar please! Oops I dropped my pen *bends over* Oops! *Bends over*
By the way, we were thinking about having $1040 at the end of the year if we collected $1 per head every week. Or so we hope. Only if everyone DOES donate, and if we COULD have 52 weeks to give a dollar each.
I feel horrified I didn’t come to sweep the class this morning :O
And we have NO January, February and October babies. Odd, to say the least.
Jazlene: Oh I have a friend who bakes! I could ask him to bake the cakes for us!
DH: Then you can go Hey *bends over* could you bake a cake for me? *bends again*
Claire: Wait…him?
Me: Can’t wrap your head around a baking guy?
Claire: Yea…which is why I say Tseren is a bit…crooked…
Tseren: Huh? What crooked?
Claire: Oh, come on, we’ve been through this!
Galen: Yea, you are as straight as this…string! *bends string*
The was a lot of that. Over the next hour. With two breaks in a 2 hour lesson. :D
DH: You know, in Economics there is this notion called Supply-and-demand. We’re the demand…WHERE’S THE SUPPLY?
Jaz: Oh, I bought…just didn’t stock up XD
Running a thriving business here, we are…or not. Resulting in the overabundance of snack wrappers I find EVERY MORNING.
We were all wacky. But I told you that already.
Crap I have Journalism.
Yesh completed in 5 minutes. :D
So there. DH and James were the main stars of retardness. As usual.
DH: Woah Jit PMS
Jit: Dude only a retard like you will go ~HULLOOO~ WTH
GG Mr. Yee talked to Peng Seng about being enthu. :O
Let me recount the amusing start to the day.
Jit*walks in from meeting with Wang Hai Bin*: Where’s my bag?
Everyone: ?.?
Jit: Shit none of your took up for me? GG *heads off to the concourse*
*Remembers Friday’s mentoring*
Mr. Yee: Can tell the relevant people to move your classrooms to like the 2nd storey of something? So high my old legs Very tired seh.
PS: James you effing retard! You know what he does? He goes HEHEHEHEHEH NOOB-UH NOOB-UH NOOB-UH
The retard help me screw up my brother though.
So it was all retarded happiness all around.
Biology was much irritating. And tiredness. I have no idea why also. Maybe because I stayed up till twelve watching Independence Day and translating the retarded Chinese speech provided to Galen.
Galen: The Chinese MC emails me: do you understand Chinese? I was like, uh, OK lurrh. Then she sends me this Cheesiness 100% crap. SIAANNN
And to all our Chinese friends out there, are you interested in GIANT SPINNING TREES? Or westerly BLIZZARDS? XD
I took break to go around to 04 and irritate those who were writing Chinse compo. And they couldn’t write rubbish ahahahahahahahahah.
Me bad.
I was taking over Justin playing Bridge. Literally. Treating him as a mere card holder while I whipped out cards and…WON LIKA PRO XD.
I like the idea of having a Queen complex. :D

Monday, January 24, 2011

whip my hair

Damn this shit I’m becoming a retard baby
“Why my baby so retard?” D:
“Cos u use ur high heel hit the baby father’s balls” *imitates hitting*
Believe me, there was a lot of that going around. LMAO
I am beginning to find the self-imposed duties every morning therapeutic. I mean, we have people jamming at 403 every morning anyway, so…
I’ll leave you to guess the meaning of that.
Math was good. As usual. While I fantasised about drinking swet tea we were discussing tangents I’m not even sure how those two are related so who gives a heck. Anyway. I vaguely remember that Mr. Yee was asking me to pick Yao Rui’s brain (He too high-kevel unlike some people, so I cannot read his brain). Or…I dunno. Sweet hazy memories. Mr. Yee was glaring at the ones who hast not brought ties. While I only learnt how to ties one just last week.
Break was a moment of epiphany.
So was bio. An epiphany about how I suck. I have completely screwed myself upside down. The real meaning of upside down. Although practical was a practice of…well…usual practice of mine. Water convolvulus stems are irritating. Highly so. Together with sucrose.
And James got pwned. Like. DoH
Ms. Lim: We have a VERY tight schedule!
And in adherence to…tightness, we completed the practical like 20 minutes beforehand, thus giving us the chance to play the awesomeness of German bridge.
When me returns to class:
Galen: did you do Chinese Zuo Ye?
Me: I was downstairs…playing cards? N1
Which in the course of, by the way, I almostlost my ez-Link card. Which would have been the fifth time. I am a sad person.
And then
I had ANOTHER realisation.
I was considering whether to bring my Chinse textbook in the morning when I realised I was going to walk out the door without doing so.
At first I was like screw won’t he be doing the test paper. So I was going to walk out.
Then I was like screw won’t matter if I do bring right.
And the first thing he does is to tell us to take it out.
However halfway through the lesson we were left with…less than half of our number. :D
Oh, Assembly.
After I listened to choir and Young Joo I suddenly needed an urgent rehab.
And then.
No words could describe the Passion Of Peng Seng.
Everyone was sianning while he was like I WHIP MY HEAD BACK AND FORTH.
In the future someone will dedicate his devotion is some memoir.
And the learning process of the concert rules was interesting. At least.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love Game

Thursday has suddenly became such a freaking long day. *is sad*
Anyway. I think this lookalika Thursday post. (I lika that word :D)
Chinese was such a…IRRITATION RAWRGH. I could have like finished my darn compo in 1 hour or something if not for 3 reatards asking stupid questions I’M NOT A FREAKING WALKING TRANSLATOR RAWRGH
*from YY’s essay*
“Everyone was watching horror movies, so I wanted to outdo them, which is why I went to watch (some movie—Human Centipede?)*
Jit: Then after you say you most pro watch Human Centipede…
YY: Yea someone elase says I’m better—I watched the sequel
Human Centipede is screwed up.
Those who would like to be better informed on this screwed up film can search Wikipedia. I’m too disgusted to post the details here.
So I was minorly pisse. On top of my flu, which I caught somehow the day before. *sniffs*
Then I went for PE. Painful PE. Shouldn’t have jumped. Shuffling sounds like a good way to complete 2.4 km though. WHERE’S THE FUN?
Will randomly mention that we learnt how to cook rice during Chinese on Monday :D. and that people try ways to make eating apples an art form.
What’s the point, really.
Still. English. Was. Blah. I can see the joys of paraphrasing in my future…right there.
GG memories just keep fading. And all I have left of Chem is that I forgot to bring the notes AGAIN. DAMMIT just gonna freaking stuff it into my bag everyday. :(
Short post HURMMM

Friday, January 21, 2011

Smack That

GG have only 30 minutes to finish typing this N1
BASKETBALL TEAM WON. 50-19 summore. Too pro liao. Then DH exhibit uber-gayness score MORE THAN half the points.
*Near the end of Physics lesson(actually should be end liao lor stupid teacher NOMNOM our break :()
DH: HUH Physics not over yet? *starts backing out the door*
Later the pro guy kept getting pwned at Cheat. 9 Twos and he just had to pick the wrong person.
Jit: *teaching Tseren how to play Cheat* So when it’s Nine you can play one above or one below or the same number. But I don’t have 8 9 or 10 so I’m screwed *plays a ‘nine’*
Jeremias: *immediately opens* EH I THOUGHT U GOT NO 8 9 or 10?
Me: NOOB you got jitted
OK so. Tuesday. I like taking things in retrospect sometimes. Although a bit too much of a retro-viewing this time. But screw that.
Math was really uneventful. I think. Uh.
Mr. Yee: OK Jeremias differentiate 2 is what?
Jeremias: 2!
Not sure where that came from. I remember other people were egging him on to say two. AND HE DID. WtANoob. N1. Anyway.
DH: 0!
Mr. Yee: Whoa DH not blur anymore.
Then. Skips to Biology which was good. :D
Pastamania! :D And we thus name a shell-shaped pasta in honour of DA Jit.
Pastafera Jitwussia. Or something. It was epic. Eheh.
So while we’d finished and the awesome DH was busying himself cutting out a little man with the Tweety Bird head I was LMAO-ing at Jit’s group, who we decided to jettison to his own fate.
Me: He’s a really good motivator right?
Shreyas: Yep! When he calls you a noob dog, it REALLY drives you to WANT to work harder. Thanks, Jit.
Some time later…
Me: You finally said it…
Amid a multitude of random cutting, unruly handwriting and…I dunno, much exhortations by the Big White Bear and the random OCD-ish observation…I left. Chased out. :( sad right.
And I then forget the rest. Maybe tomorrow’s post. XD

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Mesa apologizes for the last two unblogged days.
Mesa realizes the last two days were laughable and that he apologizes again for failing to remember anything.
Mesa realizes that the only way to solve that problem is to star blogging from…Wednesday?
Around this time I mull about the time when we could start school at…10 am RAWRGH
And then I finish mulling and think about happy things. Which are quite a good lot.
Oh yes uhhh…something webby. Let me grab a appropriate representation.
Hooked on Internet? Help is a just a click away. ~Author Unknown
Yes I think I like the look of that. Which is why I just keep on typing and clicking. Heheheh.
But a task that requires only 15 minutes to complete at the maximum means there was a lot of time on our hands. Other than, of course, the 15 minutes needed to login in the first place and Jit’s awesomely imaginative creation. Who else could have thought of using an L-shaped…something for space ships?
So I smooshed around with Mr. Yee during break. Until too many people came around, came around, came around, went around…
It’s so odd the way our song lyrics are fitting into daily speech like jigsaw pieces. And also te way Inception TOTALLY FLOPPED. D:
SO. MENTORING WAS SO AWESOME! We needa have a class-wide conversation everytime :D
Mr. Yee: Ok. About being conscientious and hardworking…
Claire: No. That’s not possible
Me: *in sing-song voice(yes I’m a bit high these days. It must be an age thing)* Oh yes you can when you’re like me—divide your life in two nice bits, give conscientious to your interest and hardworking to work.
Me: |||
Claire: You can only be…diligent and hardworking, rather than conscientious, although Galen might beg to differ *turns to look for Galen and realizes he’s not behind me*
Galen: *from where he’s looking at Cyrus’ laptop screen from the other end of the class (I venture the opinion that Jit’s claims are correct XD)* *explains the lack of difference (or not) between diligence and conscientiousness*
Me: ||| (again) shut up, Shreyas
Like, that guy was punching Joshua who was wrapped up in his jacket the whole lesson.
~YAYS~ for the fact that there are only three hours of Physics a week and 5 hours of Math. Just…none on Wednesday D: sadded
Claire: But then if t=0 then isn’t it…
Me: *points at the t=1.3 hidden sneakily at the end of the question* You got scammed, you got scammed…
*gets punched playfully for all the trouble I go to mocking her*
Da Vinci was coooolllllddd. And I had the freaking fluuuu like almost 50% of everyone else D:
And I might just start jumping off cliffs.
Epic quotes:
Ryan: 100% of my friends are atheist…because I only have one!
And I have no authority to comment on LDH’s highness that afternoon. :X

Monday, January 17, 2011


My attention span is unraveling me. Watching television, reading fanfiction with incest in it, blogging, and holding msn convos all at the same time cannot be good for the eye.
Oh no. No more television. Ah well. That just means I have an entire pile of homework desiccating while they wait for me to touch upon them. Projects, no less. As well as a bio quiz to study for next week.
The depravity of life is good, sometimes.
“They told Jit to go. He didn’t leave by himself. I mean, imagine if he smiled at those young, tasty, impressionable Year Ones at the CCA fair. We’d suddenly have no more intake! It would be so sad…security measures, you see.”
Thus this theory was somehow linked to the theory of evolution this morning. (Conveniently skips Math for fun but don’t worry I’ll definitely return to it for all its retardedness)
J.Lau: You know the way rabbits evolved to run away from tigers? It is the same thing with Year Ones and Jit Wu. To see if one is…something wrong in the head, you just have to see if his is able to stand in close proximity with Jit.
Of course, J.Lau is as J.Lau is, so a pinch of salt is probably wise in this case.
And then someone random talks about the MIXING OF GENES WITH JIT?!!!
Seriously screwed up. Damn.
Math. Was. Epic. Or awesome. Whichever works, obviously. And I am running out of thime to write this freaking blogpost, implying that an extraction of some more especial moments are in order.
Jit was in his slack pose, i.e. the lying back cradling his head, so me and DH decided to copy him. (it intrigues me that three tall people are sitting right at the front of the class, completely blocking shorter people like Peng Seng and Chew)
Mr. Yee: There are…four girls and one accelerated student here, and I don’t think any of them are…attracted to you. So you don’t need to pose.
Later Dao Han the super retard was flipping his tie against his face.
And Mr. Yee spotted him.
Mr. Yee: Girls, don’t you feel…disappointed that the boys in this schools are…
Jit: Dude nothing to do with us, just this retard over here WTH.
LMAO. Effing retard.
Odd I realize I need to go forward into the past to tell something important. Like, architectural changes to our class.
Essentially, class 403 is steadily transforming into a band studio. Which can be scary as I chanced upon DH and Cyrus jamming at the electric piano in the morning. And DH would say, WEEKA-WEEKA-WEEK!
And the very last quote of Mr. Yee shall not be mentioned here due to it being too incriminating for his own good. That said, I’ve already incriminated him. Which can only be…I dunno. For his own good? *sniggers*
Moving forward. Forward more. My remote control isn’t working somehow. Garn now I have to get out of the sofa to change channels.
Bio was good. Like. Over a week our teacher somehow became a doctor. That’s just so…WoAh. For the rest of the lesson, I wasn’t sure if he was just hyper about getting the new title, or if it was his usual teaching style. Rapid-bullet teaching style. I like the analogies, though.
Mr. Low: Imagine if we had a group of foreigners we wanted to turn away at the customs…oh no, no, that’s NOT a good analogy…
But hey I QUITE like it. So I furthered the thought and let the unwanted people be the foreign particle in the cell, the vesicle transporting them be the specially arranged tour bus, and the cell membrane as the cliff. *for notes on exocytosis, Wikipedia is a good start*
“Hey you people. Get on this bus, and this bus only
“OK!” *in a retarded kinda voice.*
Some time later…
“Um…how come we’re like headed for a cliff? GET THE DRIVER ARGH WE’RE GONNA DIE!”
‘This bus has been set on autopilot’
Crap. Rewind. Rewindrewindrewind.
Mr. Murali: Would all the Koreans come outside to meet me now.
*Lots of students stand up. GG*
Later on…
Mr. Yee: Why you talking and laughing?
James: Oh, Dr. Hang thought there were only 10 (50?) Koreans in the entire school and was like O.o when we all came.
And to end off…
Mr. Yee: I don’t like it when you talk about something and don’t tell me, because I will immediately think it’s about ME. Ad then I go around the rest of the day scratching my back wondering if there’s a tortoise drawn there.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Catalyst

I need the magic in me. But their other things I’d like to turn other than the pavement into gold.
Yea man no Da Vinci yet still honeymoon week WOOTZ.
Which is why I’m not too looking forward to SMP. Unless of course…hmm…better not to insult certain people. Heh.
Anyway. Funny what can happen in two lessons. But then again…each lesson is two hours long WTH. WTH. WHY DO WE HAVE 5 HOURS OF MATH A WEEK :O
Man. That sounds SO darn sarcastic. :P
Math was Math. :D Mr. Yee was :D while reading our reasons for voting the…female mentor reps mainly.
DH: What happens if your eyeballs get poked out ah? Can you still see?
Jit: Dude WTH obviously not right dun be a retard.
DH: No I mean if you got your eyeballs poked out but u still have your optic nerves connected. *mimes pulling his eyeballs up ad swinging them around*
Jit: *WTF* expression
Hmm. Random insertation but I’m quite sure it happened that day.
This is wonderful now a single blogpost is taking, say THREE days to finish cos I’m helplessly trying to remember somethings that happened five days ago. WTH.
See the teacher is a bit (not too promising smiley) but thenthenthen, we always have DH around to save the day.
Ms. Lim: OK this is a swordfish *draws a fish, then a long extension from there the tail is* and this is the sword. The longer the sword is, the more attractive the male is to the female…
DH: MMmm…so the longer and thicker the sword is, the more attractive the fish…
Ms. Lim: OK so phylogeny was used to test for whether the Japanese were selling illegal whales.
DH: YES SPERM WHALES! *wriggles with index finger*
Ms. Lim: Of course, it was illegal to hunt humpback whales…
DH: Humpback, humpback, humpback *makes humping motions*
Looking forward to first Econs lecture…or not.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Right so today was a boring day like the one that I knew, and I’m like, forget it! Woo-hoo-hoo!
Great. Today was such a day. Like, the day when I see just HOW MUCH one man can procrastinate. I was just looking forward to receiving 400 big bucks, when it is revealed that instead of taking it up with the relevant in-charge-of-announcement people at least a week before. And he had about two months to inform them. Hmm.
After a week of voting, consideration, discussion with various teachers (WHY VARIOUS TEACHERS :O) We get our…dundundundun new mentor rep. At least it’s someone falling along our expectations, unlike 302.
And the mentor rep is…ROY!
Roy: NOOO!!! *does the multi middle-fingers*
N1 too pro.
So Tseren, there is a pain in my chest, but I wish you the best, with a “Forget you!” Woo-hoo-hoo!
D’OH. Stupid Physics. They just couldn’t have a teacher that doesn’t bore my pants off.
Nat the retard: GALEN I WANT YOUR PANTS!
Just a random retarded reference from yesterday. Wonder what the little guy was thinking about WTH.
ROAR and I couldn’t even add nayting to my LRRH story. Maybe I should join that whatever Mr. Valles is encouraging us to join. Although the NEAREST thing I’ll go to compose a poem would be a dumb haiku. Like, in length. Haiku length. :D
Break consisted mostly of stories about what and asshole Jit is when playing DOTA. Then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less. Heheheh.
It was Chem. And it was good. Ms. Wong is, I dunno, somehow a much more fun teacher.
Ms. Wong: OK. I ask who is the best in Math, biology, whatever, but I really don’t care! The only thing I care about is…who is the best in Chem!
Yao Rui GG too pro liao
And Jeremias N1 forget to bring notes two days in a row get ready to be effed.
As I was telling Shreyas yesterday, the research project proposal was due like today so he didn’t have to worry because Galen was taking care of it. According to the timetable, anyhow. The one that says Orientation week counted. Then Galen tells him that he-shreyas-was gonna do it.
Me: You can start worrying now.
Shreyas: *:O* until we confirm that everything is at least pushed back for a week.
And Math GG we all gonna die if we screw up this worksheet.
Mr. Yee: AND JIT WU GOT 3/20!
So apparently a frog SOMEHOW managed to get into 408 despite them being at the 5th storey like the rest of us.
Mr. Yee: And they were all AIIIEEE and got Nikki there also so even more AIIEEE until I headache liao.
Later on we served up our own version of WIIIIIUUUU as began by our own awesome teacher.
Aiyah. Getting pwned so hard.
Damn it’s hard to get laid in Alter Ego. Gotta be adventurous more, I guess. Now if only my thoughtless spending wasn’t so freaking ridiculous.
Anyhoo, break was great.
Me: Could you turn your back for the entire time you’re here?
Mr. Yeo: Why?
Me: *incriminating evidence*
Mr. Yeo: Playing what?
Me: *incriminating evidence*
Mr. Yeo: Playing what?
Me: Nothing.
Mr. Yeo: Good.
Then he proceeds to pwn on the acoustic guitar and electric piano. IN order, I would think.
Claire: It’s NOT FAIR!
Mr. Yeo: Why? *acts shocked*
Claire: You…you’re a Physics teacher, and…
But Mr. Yeo was failing at the jazzy percussion beats :O GG. While Ming Wei was sabotaging him and reducing Claire to laughter.
Then Ms. Mak comes in and goes Hey...until everyone else distracts her, leavin gus alone. OOH
I was trying to encourage Galen to do the impromptu story-with music again but…
Hitler had a leetle problemo. He no…LOOKALIKA MAN!
Yes it’s Epic. :D
And so was the CCA fair. Everything was in full swing at like…3.30. Wen I came down. Every booth except Journalism Club.
Me: Two…chairs…and four tables. *LMAO*
Ming Wei: I see your budget has been WELL allocated! *LOL*
I was laughing all the way till four, when Mr. Chin arrives ON THE DOT to set it up. And begin designing the banners. GG. Too pro procrastination strikes again.
Owing to the fact that our teacher-in-charge was watching the Drama instead of giving a crap about the booth ANYWAY, I decided that it would be good to follow his example. :D. Tus followed lots of walking, poking random people, and shocking Ming Wei almost witless.
*Claire is telling some story*
*I randomly start doing the mass dance, having been too high doing it in the concourse previously*
MW: :O You’re like…spoiling the mood!
*Orchestra begins percussion march refrain*
*I march towards Ming Wei*
MW: ARGH *thrusts out hands to block me* *nearly collapses breathing hard*
GG WhaT A NooB.
Cyrus: Will you be the missing piece of GAVEL CLUB?
Me: YES! *mimes disappearing*
Yao Rui’s family have ALL inherited the uber-sian look. And the uber-proness at music. GG MAN.
Later in the bus home…
Brendan: Why does Journalism have Boggle?
Me: Some people just need to learn HOW to spell…how’s life?
Brendan: ||| BORING!
Me: Variety is the spice of life! The occasional dash of boredom ensures your life is complete!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

F*** YOU

Things change.
And it’s not just my…standing with the school basketball team. Heh.
Never knew William was one of those wise speaking, peacemaking gurus. :O
“We may have lost the match, but the war is not over.”
This could just go as one of the EPIC QUOTES OF 2011. :D
Anyway. It was like such a big thing when I made such a blunt post. With everyone reminding me of it except for…the post starter. Hurm.
(so I shall quietly be an asshole here and remind all those who read my blog that if you multiply the score difference by two it’s ALMOST the same as the score difference between da two NBA teams)
AND my relationship status. I’d like to say nothing here except that I‘m truly sorry not to have invited you all. :)
So. Today was a glitch. Like Shreyas said in PE,
“They put the fertilizer there on Monday. It’s been a whole week!”
Hurm. Now hang on while I go find those three mysterious vanishing days. Sooraj Day, Sourav Dey…
Swinging people around is fun. Like, when you’re the axis.
So Sooraj becomes the…PE rep. GG
Sooraj: Teacher somebody is gaying me.
*ROY is humping Sooraj. As usual. WTF gay piece of *insert Jit Wu language*
And then whatever our new PE teacher cooked up became an almost-rugby kinda thing. WTH. Brendan got injured, and Raphael was shouting at Gabriel (Wait suddenly I am stunned by the seraphic references. :O)
The best part was at the freaking end.
DH(to Lee Ji-Hyun): Who are the PE reps ah?
Ji: Me..and Sooraj.
DH: Oh Sooraj is PE rep? Then why is he…*points off vaguely at the leaving 402 crowd*
Ji: :O OH NO. *get up to chase “Soo”* HEY! SOORAJ! COME BACk!
Sooraj: SHHH *nearly collapsing in laughter*
Ji: Eh where’s Sooraj? *turns to see the man* WTH! *runs back*
Ji: I hate you lah!!
Retard. RETARD.
Adds in random part where William was trying to strangle Nicholas yesterday. NOT SO MR. NICE GUY. While Jit and Soo just sat there to be…Jit-tish. Mmhmm.
English was so…BLAH. I don’t even want to soliloquize about it.
Ming Wei was traipsing around during break YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE BEHIND M&M’S TOMORROW MORNING while I engaged in less worldy activities. Like looking for otherworldly songs, made by a probably highly-drunk composer.
Ambars Cyrus while poking his belly button. Sometimes I feel bad about bullying him. :X
Aiyah Chem forgot to bring notes now gonna lose 10 marks GG.
(will not mention the huge amounts of cash I’m carrying around now so it won’t get stolen)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Way I Are

I will miss my thumbdrive. And my…notebook. *sobs*
Which means there will be this funny break in which Tuesday is mysteriously missing while the world does not come crashing down despite floods and wildfires on opposites sides of the same country named Australia. Hurm. Global warming sometimes has just the best effects. And I sit here waiting for it to snow in Singapore all the time.
Sad. Still. It’s like so…
I dunno. English was good, I guess. Mr. chin is such a nice personality. Heh. Nothing else much to comment upon. Except that EVERYONE SHOULD SPELL DESSSERT WITH 3 S’s! :D
Pathetic. Break. D: Then again, it’s not like I have my notebook around.
I realize that Wednesday could just become one of the really sucky days if not for Music. Especially when Da Vinci/ SMP is added in. :O. bleh oh.
So we are like going to share something about ourselves during ACE. And he shows us this video of one of the songs he co-wrote (or something) and we were like GG Mr. Yee was some pro song writer when he was young. Like, our age+2 years or so :O Pro-ness. In a band famous across the region summore. GG. Then I see the song lyrics are like I’m gonna die I wanna die I should be dead making me and Jit like -.-
Physics with the guy that shares my initials was SUCH a clincher. The Zzzzz clincher. (great he uses a notebook too JUST to make me feel so deprived.) so sleepy I could’t even think of how to continue my dead-after-the-hols fanfiction. HURM.
And we witness the awesome-ness of, in order, Jit’s speed at leaving class and eating pizza, and the absurd waste of our parent’s money named the repaired-many-times turn stile. REPAIRED MULTIPLE TIMES WT-HOLY-F.
(finds an excuse to rant at whoever is behind this abominable creation that requires a BLOODY INSTRUCTION MANUAL and rants happily. Especially when ranter has a BLOODY GOOD IDEA who are the responsible people. *RANTS*)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Time to buy files, maybe.
Finally returned overdue Library book. Luckily it’s not worth $7 this time. Stupid fine.
Jit’s Dad: *at $50 fine for 6-month overdue book* THE FINE IS WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THE BOOK WTH.
Anyway. Jit so cute. Just putting this down in case I need a reason to elect our mentor rep. :D
So. Mr. Yee proposed a new time table, which was shot down. Or at least, shot down with wounds critical enough to prevent it from making its appearance till next week. Heh.
(The only bloody problem is…we have FOUR girls and one of them is UNELIGIBLE SO…WTH?)
Anyway. Math was…relatively uneventful. Unless I randomly add in an episode of…Nicole catfighting with Shiini and Fiona. Which didn’t exactly happen today, but What The Hell.
I realized I couldn’t even add in dialogue. Mostly because they were RARGHH *clawclawclaw* *grabgrabwrestle* while we were Om nom nom finishing off the chips we won. (THAT was such a fluke. How in the hell did we actually win?!)
Obviously, with the full eating power of the class with a mind to eat, we finished about…90% of everything in 30 minutes. Mmm…And they really bought a LOT of chips WOOT. Still.
Aiyah. Math. Oh, I talked about it already? Well let me add something.
Shoot he managed to make it off the record like he threatened. NUU NO SPOILERS :P
So we flounced around Biology…not. Mainly because our teacher isn’t exactly the flouncing type.
Mr. Low (shawty got low, low, low, low—sorry just couldn’t resist): Who are the new students?
Mmm…OK, you all have something in common.
The lack of ties of was prevalent. And James was wearing a HILF jacket.
Jit: Noob HILF means Hobo I’d Like to—
And just on Friday Galen was discussing the Hobo with the golden voice.
Arif: Damn THAT’S a HOBO?!
But GG Cell Bio sounds so FREAKING BORING :(. At least…I dunno. Maybe practicals could be fun? If all practicals were this simple.
Bleh why am I still Chinese rep in the new year.
Yea man dissing Senior Management during Higher Chinese is fun. Much better than watching a documentary of the life of some…writer who died the same year I was born. :O
And here’s where I wallow in self-pity for trying to enter Student Council when their selection requirements were the strictest. :( And then resolve to TRY AND PERSUADE GALEN TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT DAMMIT. RAWR.
GG whoever partners TTC will lose Bridge. One observation.

Monday, January 10, 2011

DJ's got us falling in love Again

GG stupid SMP over the week end make me like have no time to post about awesome FRIDAY. And about the fact that I use awesome too much but who gives a *insert random word of Jit’s*
So like we couldn’t see Mr. Yee but Ms. Fong was going around taking attendance so I thought :( NO MR. YEE?
Unfounded fears. :)
Oh, now I remember the day I was rebutting Ming Wei:
Ming Wei: HA we have the best classroom with…AIR-CON
Me: But we have the BEST MENTOR! XD
Ming Wei: :O Screw you’re right NOOOOO
Anyway, random, to use one of Ansel’s words, confutations aside, Friday was a good day. That might have been contributed to the fact that we started the day LATE with WOOTZ 2 hours of Physics skipped (a little bit obvious note that I’m not looking forward to our lessons…WAVES ARE SO BORinG :() But ANYWAY. Chem. Was OK. Really. Maybe better than Ms. Teh. I hope :P But we had to introduce our friends and here was Peng Seng’s pro quote:
PS: This is my friend Jit Wu. He is very polite!
Ms. Wong: How is he polite?
PS: He NEVER uses swear words.
LMAOLMAOLMAO So brilliant. Such accurate words XD
Anyway. Math. Luckily not Maclaurin’s series yet or I DIE DIE DIE :P
Mr. Yee: DH, for translation is there invariant points?
DH: *with a ~HUH~ look* What are invariant points?
Mr. Yee: O.O (the angry O.O) *pretends to crack knuckles* OK, do you know what is translation?
DH: Uh…What is translation???
Mr. Yee: O.O
*insert me and Jit laughing like maniacs at DH’s idiocity*

Friday, January 7, 2011


Back to Bla…no, blogging.
I’ve never wanted to say that. Wonder where that came from. Hmm
Orientation much?
It was really cool. Not to mention unfair Mainly due to the fact that the years I do orientation I ALWAYS get the SERIOUSLY ugly clothes (read: clothes unsuitable to be seen in public) while the years JUST AFTER get rockin’ black with BRIGHT COLOURS.
Then for the first time year…or the year before…whatever…the shirts for the new guys look cooler. Hmm.
Anyway. Orientation was OK. Still. They might have done a better job on the…dance. Whatever. A bit too easy. And air goes too gay. :( But then they made four levels of students dance in the hall…
Speaking of orientation, I have come to the absolute conclusion that wriggling fingers and summoning random thunder bolts are much more effective than…I dunno, swinging battle axes. Or something.. especially when one of your fighters has a Iron Man make-or-break-thingy on his chest. *click* Heheh. And Mr. Yee is awesome :D. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t put here that he was threatening TC and DH. Mmm…I just did. (YES IT WAS A JOKE OK? :D DUN GET ANGRY MR. YEE XD)
Really. I should stop getting sidetracked, but that’s always been the point of my life anyway because the blue little bird in the corner is just adorable :). Oh and, uh…READ LUDWIG KAKUMEI IF YOU’RE LALALALALAH. Jit has been bugging me to read Hayate continuously for about half the holidays but DAMN IT ALL.
Actually there really isn’t much to say about Orientation except that we were awesome, the Year Ones were awesome (That little guy—sorry forgot your name—was SO GOOD!) , the Year Three dancers were awesome, and the Student Leaders were awesome. Orientation was AWESOME! :D (But we were playing Dodgeball using SOFTBALLS :O BLASPHEMY! :()
A bit…too…high. Spillover from various cheering yesterday. Or the day before, to be more accurate. Early in the morning One o’clock…
It’s such a relief to be able to lie down. I miss lying down. Walking around too much during orientation. Boo. And the dance was fairly exhausting, at any rate.
Let me flounce around randomly and talk about the campfire. Or at least, the campfire without a fire, leaving…camp. “Fire”
Ack stupid forgot to get connectors and half of our class randomly missing were bees in the bonnet. *slap* especially when I was giving out…barely edible food. :P A-heh. Oh and JIT WAS SO SICK THAT DAY HE COULDN’T COME!
So. Fast forward the unimportant sections, such as tribal leaders entering the…compound. Lodge. Whatever. Obviously the first mmost important part were our house masters and mistresses. :D Ms. Kong’s halfway-edible outfit left little to the imagination. Which was good. But the best quote was…dundundundun…
Mr. Fan: You see the V? Obviously it means VICTORY.
Thenthenthen (Nobel had something to say about that. Or scream about that. We always do, but it’s not something I care about at the moment.) House vehicles! In which an interesting phenomenon was observed being the houses with the less interestingly decorated wheelers had better dances. Faraday’s Like a G6 was just KEEEEEWL but Fleming’s boat was SERIOUSLY :O (the O just isn’t long enough to convey the jaw-droppingness) Butbutbut Nobel’s flies! :D With Jie Ren flapping them wings nonchalantly behind Shahid who could somehow climb in and out of our crazy contraption.
Urm. Skit. Explaining how a rhyming retard helps to save our four funky beasts.
Skit. Again. Year One performances. I realized that skits done not-too-good are ALREADY a VERY bad idea. :O Everyone was like half sleeping through the HEY IT’S THE ULTRA HOT YONG KIAT O.O zzzzzzz
So SAD. The Year Threes couldn’t perform. *completely sadded* But on the bright side it means that the only ones putting up the AWESOME DANCE OF THE DAY other than the mass dance were the Nobel Year Ones. :D
Jun Hui: Obv they did something wrong like broke a vase or something…so after they said Sorry Sorry they began to Xi Shua Shua the floor
YY: -.- I don’t know you.
And…Finally the mass dance. Mmhmm. Too awesome to comment on. Especially when there’s ALREADY a video on Facebook.