Friday, April 29, 2011

Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Trying to suddenly commit songs to memory RIGHT before exams could be instructive. At least I get the full experience of how it is like to mug hard. Memorise hard. For…Biology. FIRST DAY EXAMS BLAH.
In any case, let’s just say it is horrifying and gratifying to see the days pass so…quickly. School days to damnation…blah. Don’t even know. Random Tuesday much.
By the way, I forget to put in a retarded anecdote regarding Galen’s…tongue in the past week.
Galen: Cos my right jaw is numb, and they put gauze there for my gums, so I used my tongue to push the gauze. Inadvertantly I bit down on my tongue without knowing. But there wasn’t any feeling, so I bit bit bit bit bit…
You…idiot. Seriously.
(Jit had better bring a laptop with mobile Internet or I just might regret the next entire year. Then again, I still have one entire year of possible regrets RIGHT here.)
Why dost thou force me to waste $3.10 on ONE file I am not likely to use forevermore?
And how dost one do better in Chinese?
(That, interestingly, is ONE question many seek to not achieve.)
(Um. That did not make sense)
Running backwards actually creates so much more momentum than running forward at the same speed does. And pacing two…or three people at a time is tiring. With lack of better things to do, though…
Ah yes. Random much.
I am sadded by my
Minor failure
And major success in comparison.
(Although this time English scamming failed. XD BUT SHOULDN’T PRESENTATION BE ABOUT THE CONFIDENCE :O)
Bah. Suaners like Angela who get 49/50 only because Ms. Bay was being a…dunno. Nitpicker. Whatever. STILL. Makes me feel mediocre.
You could REALLY tell who was marking the scripts. Like, who was the one bothering to write a proper two in the half…who wasn’t…and who eventually couldn’t even bother to write the division line in the fraction. Heh.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Empire State Of Mind

Why does life suck?
Any takers?
Thought not.
Though it was good that I have more time today. A chance at stress relieving was gained, so What The Hell.
I remember mentioning that my blog would be shut down all the way till…somewhere last week. Right now I have an Economics presentation due tomorrow which I haven’t exactly prepared for due to a…rushed report, and exams are round the week-ner.
So I wonders whether not to bring it down under again. *sigh*
But while the week still stands I ought to stand by it. THIS IS—never mind.
Blah working on music for 4 hours straight. And not bothered to do transition parts for quantum leaps. :P
Ah well. At least it’s done. No 1812 Overture D:
Anyway. I wonders what they did for English. Nothing fun, probably.
If I could sleep for Physics I would. Except for the fact that my Physics grades are plummeting due to ONE topic. Which isn’t taught right now. SO I SHALL THERE. But I can’t sleep sitting up. :O *self-own* BLARFURGNARG.
The things we get up to after school. And the friends that Claire has. :X

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On The Floor

Bah. As if The FIRST biology module wasn’t enough.
Dr. Low: There will be 40 MCQ questions
Class: :O
Dr. Low: …And 3 structured questions. How many marks do you think they will be worth?
Me: 60 marks GGGG
Dr. Low: Well, if you say so…
*write 20 marks*
Class: *heng*
Class: Holy crap GGGG
I mean, you might be leaving and all, but Why does our parting leave us with so much sorrow…:O
Dr. Low: This is the…most friendly and responsive class I’ve taught!
*sweet wrapping for MOST TALKATIVE XD*
Luv ya, hope to see you again :D
In any case, Integration begins to bother me. So much. Why can’t these things operate EXACTLY like addition versus subtraction? D:
And stupid lonely Tuesday next week. What a randommer. ZZT.
And the best part is, we don’t get any revision.
Hang on. That’s something *ahem* like a GOOD chance to play cards *ahem* mope. I dunno.
In a quiz, I learnt that sometimes Murphy’s laws does not apply no matter how hard it tries. I mean, EACTLY THE SAME SCORE FOR THREE QIZZES IN A ROW? :O
*yes there are differing ratios but heck*
Also, I must remind myself to ALWAYS TRUST MY FIRST SENSE. Unlike, of course…
WJ: Jun Hui, with reference to your score, I can recommend that whatever answer you would liketo put down, look for something else. That may help. I mean, getting 2/20 is as difficult as getting 18/20
Wallao. Suan la. Now if ONLY I got 20/20 :(
*sigh* I see a day of no-lifing trying to remember all the names and characteristics of the Life, Universe, and Everything.
Need. TO. Play. Cards. More. (V)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Can't Get Enough

Right. So I‘m blogging again.
Which makes me wonder: can I possibly hit 403 posts at the end of the year?
*Looks at blog post count*
*Too lazy to count with fingers*
Anyhoo, some wacky things happened in the time I was just to freaking busy to post. Or too lazy. But whatever.
Occasionally you pause to wonder about the wonders of technology. In the past, students would slog at tables busy writing down answers that they have copied off their friends. Later on they slog at computer desks busy writing down answers they have copied off Google.
In the more recent week I believe majority of the year Four students have been fuming at computer desks waiting for the utterly !@$%^&* slow network on the MasteringPhysics website. Whose idea was it to use such a buggy website anyway?
Still. 157% percent sounds good. At least I actually knew what I was doing 99% of the time. :D
Lately I realize that I have been the progenitor of much sarcasm.
Dr. Low: As you know, most of you didn’t do well in this quiz…
Me: I did :D
Class: N1 Mugger
It is, fun, though to poke fun at Lim Jeck. Where both words are meant in the most literal sense of the word.
It is also heartening to seethe power of the media in ways, that, say, spread the word (or the picture) of the X13 M1N6 W31’s…I dunno. Not too big an issue for not too big a man.
Still. It was pleasant to do well for da quiz. Seriously. The last week, on the other hand…
Well then. Math went well. Not. Reminder of my inadequate follies. Or is it the other way round?
Biology was better. Much. I mean, 19/20 isn’t bad, is it? :D. Until you consider that I had about 2 seconds to get full marks and I didn’t. Blah.
I need some more brain storage space, after remembering the scope of TWO Biology examinations.
Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed air-conditioned rooms for such a long period of time. And engaged in much poking of fun.