Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm Into You

There is usually hardly anything to talk about on Wednesday.
Yea, perhaps if there were more lessons on that day. But I’m not arguing. :D
Ms. Koo managed to beg Ms. Bay not to grade the formative essay :D. For the good of all of us. It helped that 404 didn’t take it seriously either. Thanks, 404 :D
But those were some screwed up questions they couldn’t really expect us to answer seriously. Right. Right?
(Maybe Mr. Chin was a bigger factor. I dunno XP)
I, em, don’t really get how my views somehow make sense and not be enough to constitute a full essay at the same time. But at the moment I’ll roll with makes sense. Fuzzier.
In music test I did worse than the one who excels at this kind of thing. D:
Best in 403 < Best in 406 by 10. GGGG. Guess who had Bonus +1.5 :O
~Ansel are you retarded? Why are you laughing to yourself?~
Reminds me so much of:
~Jit Wu? Do you have special needs?~
For the uninformed, he was slapping his…whatever. Yea. Will leave that you your imagination…or do you not want to.
They whirlwind-ish way that Dr. Wong is going through the notes, I think I’m better off reading them myself. Bah.
Assembly. To be done without next week cos of a childish NE quiz. :D
Don’t you love it when the presenter tells cold jokes to a completely unreceptive audience?
But there are always saving graces:
*Aristotle walks out of Auditorium*
Mr. Uy (yeah cool name rite XDDD): Do you ppl often just walk out of a talk like that?
GG ppl are mugging in preparation for Math test…early next morning. :O
One more blog post. I promise

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Moves Like Jagger

James leaving tomorrow. Probably forever.
And I can’t send him off T.T
*and please don’t end up on the first floor at the bottom of a tall building. Or I will say noob James for the last time :O*
Yea. Emo stuff aside.
Today we had Koreans over. And for some very strange reason Dr. Hang chanced upon an email praising our students to the…whatever. Just praising our students. *wonders why*
Not that the achievements of our Singapore IMO team should be belittled. ALL HAIL THE LIM JECK.
Ah, the glory of gifting glass plates.
Biology=Math. Hurm.
Quadratic squares, formulas, and percentage calculations, among other things.
THE Lim Jeck: Hurm
And, for once, the crowning moment of funny:
Mr. Soh: DH has straight hair while Ansel has curly hair. So imagine if DH and Ansel got together and reproduced…
Class: :O How is that…
Mr. Soh: Imagine that DH is the female…
Mr. Soh: Now since straight hair is dominant, assume both of them are homozygous so DH will be represented by, big asS and big S, while Ansel is represented by small s and small s. Then their offspring will be…
Me: Big S and small s. *smirks*
Mr. Soh: Yea. Asymmetrical.
O. M. G. XD
Surprisingly not much was achieved during the 2 hour break except killing cuties and shifting 3D graphs and telling Lim Jeck that 12<26/2 :O Oh the horror.
Yea maybe I should try O2 jam someday. If I could get used to a keyboard. X.X
Chinese…erm…discussion of words. Amazingly something was done. XD besides discussing what DH would feel like if Shi Ni did a Jazlene.
*who, as of latest today, has collected $13K. WTFFF*
*time to call her dude for a week. XD*
*it seemed to amuse WJ*
Because the naise Dr. was not in the lab, I was wondering about life-changing choices in days ahead.
So I got DH to open the back gate for me after managing to scam Shi Ni about some values and mostly watching interesting banter between DH and Shi Ni.
*abusive relationship. Tsktsk. Not that I help much*
DH: You need to slap her on the other side to balance things out
Me: Her face’s all red already I suppose it doesn’t matter anyway XD
So much angst in 408 :O
Concluding in a discussion about exactly how few people in our school are…normal.
*will be watching for the day Simin knives Jit for poking her every Math lesson. Heheh*
Random fact: The newly minted shaolin monk has nine dots…in a row on the top of her head. XD
NUU MY $18

Monday, July 25, 2011

Who's That Girl

Hard school of thought does…nothing in the aspect of random memory. JUST CAN’T REMEMBER THURSDAY D:.
Bah. Mentoring. Also slipped out of my mind. Probably due to random-ness in assembly.
*in a section not intended to be insulting in anyway, let’s see what the Japanese students/principal could have been thinking during the assembly*
Wei Ren: And now the principals of the two schools will exchange tokens of appreciation
Japanese Vice-Principal: :O Wastu my timo give me such a stupidu cheaposkato glassu platu. I go back immediately smashu on the floor.
Dr. Hang: Remember not to come to school on Monday!
Japanese students: :O Whatu kindu fukotu upotu school isu thisu?
Dr. Hang: …Singapore has met with great success…NUS High School has played a significant role in helping Singapore rose up above the…blahblahblahblahblahdyblahblahblah.
I couldn’t think of more…obvious way to blow the trumpet in front of the third group of representatives in a week.
Physics. Hmm. With a laptop just free for use, anything can happen. Hmm.
Except that it happened to be a crappy laptop which couldn’t accept any hardware. Bah. I mean, even the mouse?! :O
Math=very naise. We actually did proper work.
*why the tone and looks of surprise?*
Mr. Loo: Eh Tseren if you on then I end the lesson now!
Tseren: :O D:
Mr. Loo: I make it sweeter…add five to yours?
Tseren: Er…you heard how many I can do for NAPFA?
Mr. Loo: *suddenly hesitant* erm…No…
Tseren: *thinks for a bit* OK ON
Mr. Loo: *whispers to Chew* Eh how many can he do ah?
Chew: *whispers back*
Mr. Loo: Standard?
Chew: Yea…
Mr. Loo: OH ok I suddenly realized I have an appointment…
*all of us herd them to pull up-bars*
Mr. Loo: *does 22* OK dun wanna do anymore
Tseren: *tries his best and hits…21*
Mr. Loo: *victory lap*
GG gay buff ppl.
Damn and for a few seconds I thought with Mr. Chin in charge, the test would be MCQ.
Didn’t matter for the 15 minutes I took anyway.
One hour CCA :D
And my brother is marching under the hot sun wearing a freaking SWEATER.
One bald person in school come tomorrow.
Will be interesting.
Now, time to beat at least two cheapskates. The cash I chanced upon should come in handy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday is Forever

You know the sinking feeling when you realize you’ve come to attempt two things at once and will definitely fail miserably at both of them?
Wednesday’s like that. I mean, what else do you get from a day that has too many unnecessary letters in it?
On Tuesday night I rushed home after the lab visit intending to do the poster in two hours somehow at the expense of my individual essay.
Sometime at eleven thirty or so I realized the irony of producing a completely unaesthetic poster for, of all things, a project of aesthetics.
Ah well. At least I liked the process of ripping it up. Completely therapeutic, if not for the fact that the individual essays were due tomorrow and I hadn’t finished number three.
Trying to rush it out in English didn’t exactly help, seeing as Ms. Koo was conveniently away, leaving Mr. Chin in charge, which isn’t the best of decisions at the best of times.
Halfway through I kind of gave up and tried hedging my bets by doing some last minute revision for music, before getting distracted by prettily coloured explosions. *ooh*
So…bah. Nothing accomplished, kind of. Even playing Nuclearoids failed. Kind of.
Then again, revising before the test wouldn’t have made me feel any better. Maybe worse, if there hadn’t been 40-50 minutes of open book which kind of ensured a pass at least. :D
Also, by fobbing off Dr. Wong with a “fake” virtual poster we earned an extra week. :D
Then again, Dr. Wong notices the small things. Observed as the tiny, unobtrusive wrong module code at the top left hand corner of one poster was pointed out, while the one slap-bang in the middle of the poster with colour, was conveniently…ignored.
Mr. Loo’s a betting man. ‘Nuff said.
Poor thing for being completely ignored by us during ACE
We were so good during ACE that our foreign students gladly volunteered their stories of being racially discriminated against. *nods*

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Your Love Is My Drug

…and all that jazz.
You know it’s good news when your (one of the best on earth) mentor/math teacher comes into class and announces the replacement of the Mentoring period with Math class because he can’t make it for the time.
I’ll take a 3-for-1 deal anyday :D
So yea, after doing a lab practical with laptops and little…graboids, one really does get the full feel of evolution. Not.
Yea, either that or have a good conversation while typing out the answers at the very same time. Which, included, not in order, DH’s obsession with NBA (DH: Eh no lor now I check very short only man! Galen: Yea, like, a reduction for an hour upwards in the past) Sooraj’s pro strategy in ball games which I can’t forget (Jit: Sooraj just…snatches the ball out of Ruth’s hand when she was on the same team. We were all like WTFH while he told us, “SKILL man!”) and all the various references to boat drivers and whether or not there should be an annoying prick at the side offering meaningless advice when the captain is perfectly capable of doing the task by himself (Galen: so I need you to shut the hell up, DH)
Ah. The joys of two hours under MOE officials’ supervision.
Did you know a barnacle has a penis 30 times its body length? Really puts new meaning to the term offshoot.
Later on, while trying to copy a section of words having a font size of 8 downwards, I was wondering about the irony as the MOE official observed that the words we were typing in the lab (font 11) was too small.
Supposedly we were to take advantage of this long break to do something about the music poster. I was distracted by grand battle strategy and dreams of world domination.
Risk makes everything sound more glorious than it really is. And more.
Tuesday was an important lesson. Of sorts. Never accompany your buddy accompanying his girlfriend. I mean, playing gooseberry is all well and fine, but when you end up twice as far as where you had hoped to end up…
Me: Hey DH, we’re supposed to be here *points at IMRE due south* and we’re here *points at bus-stop smack north of the campus*
DH: *has that oh-shit-amusing expression*
Me: Why didn’t I go by myself while you accompanied her?
DH: Cos it wouldn’t have…looked good if we showed up at different times, so suck it up! It’s all part of the package!
Me: And exactly what part of the package did I gain from?
DH: You…got to ask her questions for the interview?
Me: all of one of them, which she refused to answer in a bitchy voice.
But it’s okay. What are brothers for?
*lots of gossiping at IMRE*
Ah. Um yes. Thanks for helping me carry the box of 62 markers for some time. In your bag. XD

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Makes Me Wonder

Haven’t blogged for days because of Music. ARGGH Cardinal sin.
I correct my mistakes.

“More wine?”

He raised his eyebrows at me across the room. “What’s with that tone, son? Afraid I can’t take it?” He smirked, and traced his finger about the rim of the empty glass, the ring both a request and a reminder.

“Of course not. Right away.” Waving to Sybil, I bade her to collect one of our best bottles. After all, the fact that Dad would even deign to make the effort to visit me down at my place was a rare occasion in itself, and I hardly wanted to fall out again over a small issue such as drinks over dinner.

“You’ve acquired…quite a few more wrinkles since the last time we met, if you do pardon me saying so. Busy times at work?”

He raised a hand to his face with just a hint of self-consciousness. “Really?” I felt rather than heard my father’s sigh. “Oh well. Old age does that, I guess. I mean, what with global warming, crashing economies, and the crazy things world leaders get up to these days.” He glared over the glass at me. “No thanks to you, of course.”

I smirked, opening a window to look at the live feed from Libya, seeing the flashes of falling bombs, rifle reports, hearing the screams of the innocent. Placed my hand against the glass, a black patch against the crimson skies.

“I thought you loved them.” I whispered.

“Not enough to interfere.”

“Then…can I?”

“Come on. I’m not that old yet.”

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready to Go

Argh. SO tired every day. Can’t even remember what I want to remember.
They. Lost. :X. Not really the same kind of feeling when we did, but it’s, like the same sense of helplessness when you’re just standing on the sidelines and unable to really contribute anything except much sympathy for those who were involved.
Ah well. Better luck next year? (again?) I mean, exactly how many times can we do that as NUS High School of Math and Science? :P
Jit: WTF r they thinking put NUS High and Raffles together in the first round?
Life’s like that, eh? Maybe we’ll all learn a lesson from this.
Least, I hope the dress code was comfortable. For those involved. :D
Being emo on other people’s part aside, watched HP7 on Saturday. Gained closure. Not that it wasn’t good, but Hermione’s new hair style and the snogging scene everyone’s been waiting for…didn’t have the same feel as I was expecting it to be. But Harry x Voldermort (V)
(Not used to talking about myself for a change, so please bear with the utter and complete awesomeness that I always associate with myself. Apparent, I think it is. XD)
Integration so complex Simin can’t do. Other people, on the other hand?
*last Friday*
Last Friday…afternoon, yes we danced on table tops, and we shared too many shots, think we freaked by I forgot.
OK, maybe not the dancing on table tops. But much revelry, nonetheless.
Mr. Loo: Tseren! You copy also cannot copy fast enough! Even Jeremias has finished copying!
Noobs can’t you just derive all the expressions yourself?
*first thing in the morning*
*school song starts right on cue*
Ram: *clamps hand over mouth*
Dr. Hang: …representatives from MOE are coming to do class reviews…
*in class*
Me: Quick Simin rip down that Patchwork if MOE comes in and sees that we are effed.
DH: LOL ltr they see the…appendages, and they’ll be like…what exactly are those globular things, huh?
Damage control for the damage control. XD
Mr. Loo: You can be assured that they will not be coming in for Math…
Erm…Thank God? I mean, to portray such an act in front of Mr. Loo just seems too demanding for students of even our caliber.
N1 scam us say will be going off at 9. Aiyah…
Meh Dr. Low nomzz our half hour break. D: *wishes he could remember all te names as well as Tiong*
Dr. Low: I hope that the next time I’m having a Bio Lesson next door you wouldn’t talk so loud. I have to compete with 21 people!
*last Friday, during English*
Dr. Low: *comes over* Sorry it’s a bit noisy, could you be quieter?
Class: :O OKOK
DH: Quick while he still walking over TECK CHYE IS GAY
*next door, 409 ROLFs*
The things he does. See, nothing to do with me. *pushes blame rightfully belonging to the one*
Supposedly cancer cells are simply too successful. It’s just humans who are too failure a species to support them.
*following content is not meant to be offensive in anyway and should only be taken in jest*
Jeremias: I had cancer, but I over powered it, and now I can live with it side-by-side
Jit: No wonder Jeremias can survive when he’s hungry he just eats the cells when he needs a snack
Simin: O.O
*is reminded of cancerous…thing…oh come on!*
And DH worries he might have cancer. Tsktsk
*potentially offensive content over*
Chem. MOE representatives arrive.
Simin: *sees me slotting in the larger chair between two smaller ones* ?
Me: Aesthetic value! Ah…
*arrival of…possibly esteemed guests*
*lesson follows, with much attentiveness (pretended or not), encouragement Mr. Idhzam’s part, and politeness on our part*
*after Dr. Supra (at least, that’s what I think he’s name is) leaves*
Mr. Idhzam: Wa like so…weird you know?! It’s like they’re some panel of judges there, watching us. But your acting skills also very good man.
Galen: We’re Music and Arts class for a reason man!
Mr. Idhzam: Oh yea one of them was very impressed by your…meaningful questions.
GG Tiong so pro.
GG WJ so emo.
GG Assembly so ghey. (Candice trying to rah-rah is disturbing. Honestly)
And so we come back where we start.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Check It Out

Five more days till music assignment’s due.
Ok fine REALLY bad nonsensical logic. Maybe it’s just me.
Mr. Idzam: The reason Mr. Murali has such a loud voice, is because he used to teach in India. In a class of ninety.
Well…I guess that explains it. As well as the sarcasm. Hmm.
N1 lah SC lazy now we need to walk ONE WHOLE CORRIDOR to throw plastic bottle BY OURSELVES: O
*me and DH walk down corridor to nearest recycling bin*
*meet Adithya and realize that, not to contrary expectations that the “plastic recycling bin” is chock full of…trash. On the other hand, it seems that the SC might have been remiss in certain details, seeing as there had not seemed to be a dustbin for that sort of waste beside it. Jibes aside…*
Me: *looks at entire box of bottles* great now wut?
DH: urm…
Adithya: OK stuff them, stuff them in quickly…
Sometimes the obvious is the solution. So says the Razor.
Did English during Physics. Speaks volumes.
N1 lah James on Mac during whole lesson killing Zakum. At least do it behind a mountain like I did right. :P
Now, I’m being completely technical here, but I’d suppose that our two hour Math lesson was more like a two hour break.
Mr. Loo: You know when I walked into 08, they were discussing, with plans put in place for their NDP video, and we—
DH: Eh look at our International Friendship Patchwork! All done man! :D
Mr. Loo: Oh…that’s the Patchwork Project? *is slightly surprised* *looks* *has gigantic sweatdrop*
DH: Yea it’s REALLY good right? Just look at it from this distance! XD
Yea, so he doesn’t see all the random appendages. Especially that tumor-like thing.
And maybe the ruined geometry questions, but that’s not the point. Can’t hide the defiling anyway.
Therefore. Break activities during Math, what more could we want?
Also, in terms of teaching speed, Mr. Cheong < Mr. Chia < Mr. Loo < Mr. Chan. Even with the early dismissals. Ahem.
*mind-effed by falling stars game*
During English, we had an interesting discussion about art.
I stand by my point that Modern Art is quite the blight upon the term, no matter how many people it might offend. WHERE IS THE SKILL DAMMIT.
DH: Look. That absolutely filthy toilet bowl is a piece of art. It takes some skill to be able to dirty it so completely. Firstly, you have to position yourself not directly above the opening like normal people, but instead at an angle, then do a complete turn around the bowl…
*Claire excuses herself*
Later on…
Claire: But this is completely different! Gore is BEAUTIFUL!
One man/girl’s meat?
Mr. Chin’s definition of “fine”:
Ms. Koo: How could you just tell them it was ungraded and walk out? Most of them didn’t/couldn’t complete proper essays!
Mr. Chin: It’s fine lah!
Fine by me too. XD

Thursday, July 14, 2011


*On Tuesday, while we were trying in vain to teach Ji Hyun Chinese*
Candice: Mr. Wang help us!
Mr. Wang: …’基本’? It is such a simple one!
Ji Hyun: *is depressed*
Mr. Wang: *translated from Chinese* “To marry me, one of the basic requirements is that you need to have money”
*Mr. Wang leaves after some time*
*Returns in 10 minutes*
All: LOL why he came back.
Mr. Wang: *beckons for Ji Hyun’s paper* *erases sentence he suggested* *to Ji* Don’t tell other people I taught you these values! *goes off*
Candice: so…he came back specially just to erase the sentence?! OMGZZZ
In the morning the International Friendship Patchwork was there in all its four-mahjong-paper-sized/huge prominent NOMNOMNO-iscutoff-glory and due to being ENGROSSED in his private affairs DH completely did not know of its existence. WTH.
The Taiwan Kaohsiung Kaohsiung High School arrived with no little aplomb (exchanging porcelain for the pathetic little glass plate of ours—wonder when they’ll want to switch back) and the only glimpse of Mr. Loo the whole day was in the tiny time he walked up to stage before slinking behind the curtains. Which reminds me.
Someone: Jeremias looks more like William’s brother than Johannes’ brother man!
Mr. Loo: Wait…Johannes, in Year 7, is your brother?
Jeremias: yea…
Mr. Loo: *pause* WTH! *pause* what happened?
XD proness
So the first lesson, Chinese, where we read newspaper and did nothing else much, owning to a screwed up laptop. ~bliss~
In PE, we experienced the raw power of 10 vs 2. Jeremias and Yao Rui against me and PS. Mission Impossible.
PS: N1 noob 10 people also cannot hit.
Jeremias: Dood you hit so far to other court liao.
Me: Eh what kinda excuse is that 10 people have 10 courts man.
Best to not mention what we were doing before this. *fast forward*
YJ: *is doing some gay dance with the tennis racket behind Mr. Sim’s back while everyone was trying hard not to LOL*
James: *has the WTH look on his face when he sees*
Mr. Sim *turns and…*
YJ: *stops*
Class: LOL
It isn’t often that I bemoan not putting videos on my blog but this…has to be seen to be believed.
*to when Mr. Sim was teaching us the drop-shot*
Tseren: *is manhandling James to the ground, doing…*
Nah. I don’t even want to know.
Mr. Sim: *turns and…*
*this time they don’t stop. Ahem*
Mr. Sim: Hey Tseren, please don’t damage to goods. We still want them working when he gets back to Korea.
Class: ROFL
Tseren seems to feel…a little curvy today. Keep on leaning on James for whatever reason. Aiyahh…
Physic—*erases from memory bank*. Not really worth it
And then the break in between.
*lots of vandalism drawing with crayons later*
Me: *looks and sees numerous embellishments to numerous originally innocent (or not) images* ROFLMAOWTIME
Tseren: Is this going to be submitted?
Claire: It is going to be captured in HIGH DEFINITION, and printed on ceramic tiles that will be part of the entire SCHOOL MONTAGE! WHICH PART OF HIGH-DEF DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? *proceeds to kill DH and Tseren*
Well…at least the tiles are small. Big consolation.
Tseren: Ha I have two swords!
Claire *assaults, punches him in the chest through the opening he created when blocking*
OMG what a failure.
I liked the look on DH’s face when he learnt that Claire once dragged someone across the school track in primary school.
Me: Don’t worry DH when that happens Jit and I will be like…behind you all the way.
Hopefully all 100m of it is all. And preferably not the face. I still like having that part of DH around.
With Ms. Wong’s non-presence removing most of the stress, a two hour Chemistry lesson was…really great, to say the least. Therefore here are only a few select awesome quotes.
Mr. Idzam: So I give my number to Yao Rui…and he gives it to everyone
Yao Rui: Huh? *acts innocent*
GG paparazzi-in-disguise
Mr. Idzam: Actually I want to go teach at ACS. Firstly, all the classrooms have air-conditioning.
ARGH DARN THEM *protests school-wide scam at spending money they promised on school-wide air-conditioning on labs we hardly use except for…the air-conditioning. ZZT*
Now, not that I’ve been observing this for days, and although there have been redeeming explanations almost every time, now I’m not sure if Galen isn’t gay for Cyrus. I mean, OBVIOUS cause-and-effect much? :O
*wishes he could turn off the Cyrus radio*
Some epic fans were putting up Hogwarts posters, emblems, House logos, spell names under appropriate appliances. Unfortunately the Senior Management has a poor sense of humor. Ah well.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mr. Saxobeat

YJ: Hey Mr. Loo, that Taiwan school we’re having an exchange with, are there any hot girls?
Mr. Loo: It’s a boy’s school…
Actually no difference to him lah XD
Enjoying the last of halcyon days…really has this tinge of nostalgia. OYu know, holiday nostalgia. Ah well.
PS: Aiyah…today REALLY packed sia. All the lessons got teacher around. Like, ACE got intense discussion…
Me: Music got intense revision…
PS: Yea…such a busy day for the whole day.
So. James got the email from his parents. He’s REALLY going back to Korea. Ah well.
Me: *sees how DH has utterly ruined the mahjong paper we got with marker-ness*
Galen: You know you can’t erase that right.
DH: Oh. Right.
Me: Ms. Koo we’ll do on the whiteboard since DH ruined the paper OK?
Ms. Koo: …DH, I hate you to the core…
Ah maybe a bit too overboard there
*some time later*
Jit: *draws claws on the pigs’s front legs*
DH *folds paper he ruined into a GIANT paper aeroplane*
DH: Eh come on I’m making a pointer man!
Ms. Koo: OK now could you please give it back?
DH: OK *draws abs on Jit’s devil pig*
Yea. English is always pretty awesome
I mean, apart from having a really inconvenient fire drill in the middle of whatever it was that we were doing. D:
I have no idea how they manage to pick timings such that every fire drill will happen UNDER a hot sun. *hisses and tries not to melt*
So while I was standing under the sun and discussing random-ness and the skill of Tseren, Young Joo and Yao Rui who had brought up plates of food to the field/track with them in keeping with the adage food is important to all life.
Example of understatement: We have a couple of sparks flying in the chemistry lab, near extremely volatile chemicals. Please remain calm and proceed to the field in an orderly manner.
It would be nice to see the reaction to that. Maybe Block F for…
While I stood there feeling tall. XD
*Ms. Hwang squats. Sees my long shadow. Moves over and gets full shade*
Me: *looks down* *is speechless*
Shreyas: *notices* OK now you move you head a little to the left…to the right…
*Mr. Yeo comes over.*
Me: Hey Mr. Yeo! Come stand…right here.
Ms. Hwang: *looks* Oh, thanks.
Me: Yea, thanks for taking over.
Mr. Yeo: OK, now what we do is…*shifts to the side*
Ms. Hwang: *shifts with him*
Shreyas: *takes over*
*enter Dr. Low, also squatting*
Me: Hi Dr. Low, you could always…squat right…*moves* here!
Dr. Low: Woah, so nice ah…should give blue form for this…
Ms. Fong: Hey, Yu Han, so…noble of you…
Ms. Hwang and Dr. Low: Yea, must give…blue form…
*Dr. Low stands up*
*Ansel squats in the shade*
*I move off*
Ansel: Woah…like that lah!
Me: Sorry lah, no benefits…
Who said fire drills were boring?
James brought his Macbook with Windows 7 installed…to play MapleStory. ||| WHICH KOREAN HIGH SCHOOL BOY PLAYS THAT HUH
*sees destined-for-outcast in da pro High school. And then maybe not just because of gaming tastes*
Of course, preparations for his likely funeral aside, one mustn’t say we don’t want to leave him without good memories.
Guess who’s the “lucky” guy today. Heh.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Make Me Feel So

On facebook: APS+Lee Ji-Hyun scandal
5 minutes later
J.Lau: Eh, PS so unfaithful ah…
Bad (general?) news travels fast. Oh the power of the media.
At least it was better than the circulating CD (at least, the jacket).
We were all called to the hall and I was near *NUUU take away our free period again?*. No important prize presentations though.
And so. :D
Mr. Loo: OK during ACE tmrw I have to go accompany the Taiwan exchange students so I can’t come.
Class: Ye--*wait it’s no difference*
Mr. Loo: So another teacher will be coming in to talk ab—
We love our mentor, see?
*wind blows DH’s notes to the ground*
DH: *sees Ms. Lim passing by* Eh Ms. Lim help me—
Ms. Lim *steps on note and pushes it aside*
DH: EHwot
*after an hour of a supposedly two hour lesson where technical issues abound (three’s the charm? Let’s wait and see)*
Mr. Soh: In that case…class dismissed.
Class: WOOT
Will wait for when he gets owned for the thousandth time in starcraft. XD
*what that was your MAIN base? With so FEW units?*
*N1 scouting force use faster units can…oh that’s your desperate attack? ROFL*
~1.5 hours of badminton. XD. Needs serving improvement? And less of a stupid guy toking about peace/piss on the other side. And being retarded.
Chinese. Shall not mention EXACTLY how slack it was. :D. And how pro WJ was at being an ambush guy. Hurhur.
Mr. Loo goes through less with the quiet class than the class talking over him. He wonders why.
Mr. Loo: If I could figure that out I could cover the entire notes in a couple of lectures. :X
I’ll be waiting for that day.
Graded Class Task: DH couldn’t complete it.
Mr. Loo: OK that was a fake class task set by Mr. Chia. This is the REAL ONE.
DH: :O I haven’t even finished this one how D:
Mr. Loo: Eh your girlfriend was gone for a week and did so well on hers.
Ahaha. Ahahahahahahhahaha.
GG “Revision” on stuff we haven’t learnt. :P
And they haven’t finished their props for the presentation in less than a week ARGH
Teaching a Korean Chinese is harder/more fun than you might think. Mmhmm. Forget how to write 吵架plOx XD.
Before I go to sleep,
Every day I see my dream.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dancing in the Dark

Maybe I’m just not cut out for this.
Maintaining a blog, I mean. But who doesn’t like to attempt the impossible, eh?
Mr. Loo: Eh Tseren I was waiting there at the pull up bars then you never show up? Aiyuhh, so not…*sighs*
Mr. Loo: defines pwnage. Times like these always make it worth it.
Therefore while trying (unsuccessfully) to vent something… (ok, fine I hardly find something to vent that isn’t made up for myself by myself. Confusing yet?) on the piano which lacked the better part of an octave on either the right or left hand (turns out that Maroon 5 songs played at the limits of the keyboard are…cute)
On the other hand, watching DH getting beaten up by Shi Ni IS good entertainment. XD.
Shi Ni: Hi!
Me: *daos*
Shi Ni: No lor, it’s—
DH: Yo!
Me: Yo dude.
Shi Ni: EH *tries to whack*
Why so bitchy? A lady shouldn’t touch a guy that way unnecessarily unless he’s her boyfriend.
Looking back on that, it seems to have been put in a…ohnevermindthat. XD
Math…would it be better if we didn’t talk about Math? Somehow nothing really worthy of note took place. It could be that we were just rushing it all too fast.
Why do people need one page for…one question??? *loses track of question and plays cards*
Yea. Somehow that’s life.
Seminar room bio lessons for the win :D. Air-con <3
I mean, until someone breaks through the dividing wall by lying all over the place in a gay-orgy kinda formation. More popularly known as the taupok.
Claire: Darn forgot to bring my camera.
Of all the camera-worthy moments…
The processes are actually pretty intuitive. Right up until you get around o naming whatever they involve. D:
Dr. Low: To put it in a really crude way, the guy…just couldn’t get it up.
Accompanied by the…switch, of all things, on the illustration…ah well. On trivialities and other things.
Ah. Straight-laced Chem. WANTS MR. IDZAM
WJ kinda finally realized his going off every other lesson was…kinda detrimental to our progress, so he dropped the essay bomb on us. With no one to supervise us, as usual. One can just imagine the efficiency. But then again…at least it was an attempt, so let’s not be too quick to point the finger at the teacher, eh?
Why do we attend a talk, where I can get the exact same amount of information from…or a library catalogue?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Club Can't Handle Me

DH: I’m going to try and get into the Youth Team.
Me: *gives him skeptical stare*
DH: Really!
Me: Oh…ok…why?
DH: *unimportant to anyone rant*
Me: Well…I guess you’d surely do well in Gymnastics.
DH: Nah. Figure skating. To the MAX!
Yep. Guess you’d give as good as you get. XD
Hurm. 108 medalists. How’re we gonna fit them all up there.
Oh, wait, hang on, it’s all right, we only need to squeeze the 34 gold medalists. Mmhmm.
The Chinese can get an Olympic award for standing straight. Then again, it’s konda rude somehow that when OUR principle gives a speech, our guests are standing through it no matter how meaningless or boring the speech happens to be while we sit…and watch. Maybe it’s a ploy to ensure they stay awake for the full effect of the torture. I’m not complaining, though.
Funnily enough, one of the Chinese students sounds…Korean-ish?
And n1 take our Break. Again. D:. The final five minutes before mind-numbing.
It seems that day in day out we get to annoy teachers with our propensity to maintain being talkative through the entire room. And then test their responses. Don’t be fooled, it is in fact a complex psychological experiment designed to test your fortitude to...
Oh come on. Who am I kidding. Some of us just like to bullshit. Others just like to act drunk at all hours of the day.
Me/Jit: *to guy on other side of DH* You know this guy? *points to DH*
Jit/Me: Nope, never seen him before in my life. Don’t even know WTH he’s doing here.
DH: HTH didja get that answer isn’t it…
Me: *points mutely to the 3 divisor*
DH: Oh. Oh…shit…
How you neglect the same denominator twice is beyond my comprehension. Sometimes, one doesn’t need words.
Mr. Loo: *observes pandemonium* *sighs* the last thing I want to see is someone spending most of the day in an air-conditioned room, telling me that if I am given a room without air-conditioning I had better make do with it.
I’ve never met that guy, but suddenly I can’t stand him too.
Maybe we can pawn something to help raise funds for air-conditioning, seeing as it seems that school fees are going into building air-conditioned laboratories instead. Maybe our…fans? XD
In any case I wish, again as usual, hat I didn’t take the initiative to teach. Then again, with Mr. chin walking out after around five minutes after confirming that this was not graded, I’m not sure exactly how motivated I would have been to write another paragraph or so anyway.
Ms. Koo: what am I going to tell Ms. Bay when she asks me about the quality of work?
Claire: Mr. Chin came in!
Me: Nope…Mr. Chin went out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Mr. Loo: DH why are you wearing slippers?
DH: *points to plaster* foot got cut XD
Mr. Loo: So small also want wear slippers…next time bandage whole foot!
DH: :D
Yes. He is pro.
So anyway. Today started out happy. English <3 Short writing/brainstorming exercise <3
Galen: So did those two do anything?
Galen: OK, let’s write down names in accordance to size of contribution. *writes DH’s and Jit’s names in font size 5*
DH: Hey, I provided…music! Added ambience and mood for brainstorming!
Jit: Yea man I also said “Oil Spill”
Galen: yea, yea…*draws a blank circle with USE SEM HERE* OK!
Nice nerd joke.
Stupidity can only get so annoying
Mr. Loo: OK we’re spsed to do International Friendship Patchwork, but it’s due in week 9 so we’ll worry about it in week 8
Class: WOOT
SO AWESOME. Actual ACE=10 min
Mr. Loo: It’s good to be noisy rather than quiet. If you’re naturally quiet it’s hard to get you to speak up. But if you’re naturally noisy mmost of the time you will keep quiet when told to. So because I usually let you go off 30 min later could ur keep quiet just for that short amount of time?
Mr. Loo: When I go to 08 they’re like *blank stares*. Then I come over here and…like UN conference. Very bipolar.
Shows good class bonding :D
Mr. Loo: All the time I thought because my marriage lines formed a semicircle I would have a good chance of getting a beautiful wife…
Galen: What do you define a semicircle?
*general astonishment at the stupidity*
Galen: OK I meant must end off or not.
Mr. Loo: Yea lah…anyway, as of now I still haven’t gotten hitched. So I came here and then…realized my palm was the same as, of all people, the PM, J.Ang, Lim Jeck and…Sean Seet.
*collective AWWWW*
Galen: You have the marriage prospects of a rich math genius! What more could you want?
Mr. Loo: Yea, well, I was thinking, if Jit Wu also has the same line…fate is sealed, man.
LOL Acid test.
Some time later.
Galen: Eh I think Jeremias palm line the same as yours!
Mr. Loo: :O Aiyah where got the same his is open bracket mine is closed! *phew*
ROLFMAO close shave.
Mr. Yeo: I thought I finish by this time already very pro, but…you’re the man la. Haven’t even started.
Yep we got DA MAN
Me: You’re graduating this year right?
Annabeth: Yea…will you miss me?
*considers the nature of the question, as well as the questioner*
Me: Probably after Convocation.
I mean, after the doing of year 4s, one is made to pause and think.


No time T.T. Maybe I should begin on my 250 microfiction thingy around right now.
Then again, ~lazy~
Mentoring <3
Mr. Loo’s chat with PS: 1 minute of…the not-too-good questioning.
Bio we rock and roll, no halo we party rock!
Sorry. Addictive.
But what the hey. Half an hour spent trying to fix the sound system, only to realize that all that effort shouldn’t account for anything and we ought to move to where we have BETTER sound. Only shitty video lah. No problemo.
DH: Ltr whole Bio lesson like nomadic. Move from room to room in search of the holy video.
One of the trees looked uncomfortably like a sprouting penis. Just saying.
And at long last…INCEST STRIKES. Well. I mean, the father of evolution couldn’t see a teeny flaw in inbreeding? *shakes head*
Here’s a ballin’ in Risk. :D And lost my pencil somehow. D:
Tiong too noob leh. Ai…yah.
Math. Mmm. Yea.
Mr. Loo: I can’t let you go early…
Class: :O WHY
Mr. Loo: I have a meeting at Four…
Class: Then should let us go early so you can go early!
Mr. Loo: No I want to go late!
Jazlene: it’s OK you can let us off NAUW and go canteen. We won’t tell!
Mr. Loo: No, canteen closes at two!
Now how’d DH get chicken rice at four then. O.o
DH: Damn hope we don’t miss our tea. Won’t wanna miss those cookies!
*some travelling later*
Dr. Nikolai: Oh, we can now all go to the lab, and have some hot tea instead of such cold beverage…
Fulfilling trip to IMRE, at least. Reminds me…

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Need to rush this.
Funny how I get to rush blogging when the schoolwork hasn’t come in tsunamis yet. Ah well. Time is of the essence.
Long schedule for the assembly.
But the highlight was obviously the Hungarian Jit. LIKEABAUSE.
They could at least have arranged the colours in the correct direction *tries to imagine tall dudes/dudettes leaning on each other in a stack.* OK maybe not. But Jit does it good
So, who’s up for doing a video for National Day? Only one submission per class!
Who’s up for making that number…zero?
Thought so. XD
So not used to not seeing Mr. Yee at the back of the class. Yea. *sniff*
Then you realize how…possibly fail halves of the SJAB contingent are. Compared to the NCC contingent.
*remembers Simin’s long weapon*
On hindsight, best not to say anything.
Yea so anyway. Yay for holiday because everyone else was awesome?
DH: Dr. Low gonna say GG taken away so many Mondays le.
Oh, right. Ah well. You win some, you lose some. *guess which side I like being on*
And then they ask those who participated but did not win anything to stand. Hurm. *evil active suaner alert*
So. Erm.Free period Mentoring skipped D: Two hour Physics D: D: Can’t remember anything on grounds that it was too boring D:D:D:
*Teck Chye runs pastlike a retard holding three pink helium balloons*
DH: Ms. Li can I go out?
Ms. Li: No you’ll just talk with him
DH: No I’m just gonna beat up that retard.
*Teck Chye runs back past*
Break was really much deluded card play and wondering…
*enter Mr. Loo*
Those of us: OK continue. XD
Mr. Loo: Oh you mean Mr. Yee doesn’t let you play cards in class?
You know who (I’m just not tellin’): You do?
Mr. Loo: I’m OK la…just not…you know…during my class.
And what we did during his class.
Oh, right there aren’t any videos or such like because Jaz and Jit are AWL. Oh well.
It all started when…
Actually I don’t care when it started. All one needs to know is it involved the discussion of how gay people in the class were due to their proximity to other gay people, i.e. the other half of the class. The final conclusion is that we are ALL g—
DH: OK! Enuff of this! Time to discuss MANLY stuff! Tseren you know how to do this?
Tseren: No! Dunno!

Mr. Loo: I’ve taught the Year Sixes for the whole of last year, and they’ve all…outgrown these…so…here’s hoping you will too…
Mm…tough luck. When are we gonna be released? Half an hour earlier you say? Oh joy!
I love this guy. XD
MINUS^2 Why you no early. Bah.
English was really good. I mean, apart from the extra project that we have to do before the term ends. Yea. That one.
Jeremias: I got…body armor man! Can’t hit me!
Ms. Koo: *looks closely* I can’t see the body armor, unless…
DH: Yup
Ms. Koo: No, only got…baby fat…
DH: No lah, Ms. Koo…so bad…it’s not baby fat, it’s real fat!
Ms. Koo: DH ah I really want to…throw this at you…
So after some discussions about rappers and their complete suitability for kindergarten children, we discussed death. Or, to be more accurate, death rituals so long ago our Korean classmates have no idea about them, even dating back to their grandfather’s age. It is that out of fashion, these ways of dying.
Imagine if we had to collect the obituary pages from everyone who owns a copy so that we could burn them. No kick.
DH: Hey that coffin looks like some…coloured cloth display man! They leave it in the house to rot?!!!
Me: It’s the WAKE you D-A HOLY SHIT you leave a dead guy in your house to rot?
Claire: …And because DH is interested, geishas didn’t wear underwear.
*silence for some time*
Ms. Koo: You can see the fireworks exploding out of DH’s head…about right now…
I wonders how we got here from death but…never mind really. Will not go into DH liking it rough.
Someone: Isn’t Dr. Hang like…next door?
Ms. Koo: Oh, I just saw them walk out, so…
Ms. Koo: I was just watching television, then there is this advertisement for the movie…Ju-On I think. There’s this woman lying on the bed…then suddenly a hand just reaches out from the wall above her head! It was so freaky I bunked with my parents for a week!
Me: The whole time waking up in the middle of the night, checking if there’s a hand above you…
Claire: You could always pull the blanket over your head. That’s what I would do.
Ms. Koo: Then you turn and see some withered guy staring at you GG
Me: Chew would go like, ‘sup?
Ahas. The ultimate freaky moment. This I think we can relate to. Something about hidden desires about getting a zombie into your bed…
OK. Maybe not we.
When I go to DH’s funeral I will look at his emaciated face and go “Died of AIDS right? Should have known.”
Galen (I think): There is this technology nowadays that allows the deceased to see the body rotting in the coffin…
Ms. Koo: OMG so freaky! Then you can go like the tooth is loosening…loosening further…near falling out…POP!
DH: Then you see suddenly the dead body flipping the finger at you…
What about the idea of chucking in a “bojio” badge just before they slide shut the coffin, huh?
“Go heaven bojio”

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Give me Everything

Oh. Dear. God. Music. Why you no like me?
Ah well. One does what one can to…survive for the next 11 weeks. I hope.
Chinese=not paying much attention. Damn they were all due…Monday? D: Waste my beforehand time.
(suddenly has memory loss)
It was probably because of the…I dunno. Retarded game in PE. *misses the days when I had an extra chair’s advantage over everyone*
Bah I shrunk. By 0.5 cm. :O
Ok. So. Apparently there was a rule not to throw high balls. Apparently Shreyas, for one, did not realize that and in slow motion, a throw-in with the relatively light netball flew up…two storeys to be stuck in ceiling décor.
Well done.
Now who knows how to spell “No High Balls” for him the proper way?
Who knew how one person can flip scores when flipping sides? Sometimes 4-1 leads are just not enough.
Physics. D: Electromagnetism. D:D: And then some. D:D:D:
While all the while you have fat jokes, gay jokes, and Cyrus doing funny things to the bear, with Jeremias’ oh-so-clean commentary…
With friends like these…We have an awesome class.
*French, French, French, French*
It’s up to you to imagine the position that allows for such a cheer. Or maybe not.
Wish one person could accumulate that amount of charge without getting electrocuted or worse. Could really make one a jackass…or worse. Mr. Bean FTW.
Reminiscing is a good activity to engage in sometimes.
I was wondering when I’d last seen the…um…weapon of Nicole’s (read: ink stamper. Or whatever. Date stamper?) Then I remembered Cyrus had…expired on Wednesday. (read: weapon of mass doom wielded by unstable individual=mass doom. I mean seriously random much?)
In chemistry, Mr. Idzam…will be back. Or is back.
Class: :O you are Chem. Or Bio. Teacher? ?.?
Mr. Idzam: Well…both! Means I have to teach both modules. Tiring right :P
Sadly we all are. I wonder how we wake up each morning with that knowledge.
Mr. Idzam (at YJ and Tseren): No cos the two of you…like china bloc
Class: LMAO (for very different reasons which I…should expound upon)
*some time later*
*Mr. Idzam looks at YJ and Tseren, and…smirks/laughs*
Tseren/YJ can’t remember: What?
Mr. Idzam: sorry every time I look at you I can’t resist laughing…
Tseren: OK, ok…Am I gay?
Bad, move, Mongol
Mr. Idzam: Well…it’s OK; you know…we, society, have to be more accepting of these people…
That was…with about one and a half hour of chemistry and one particularly evil girl still in the class to go.
Mr. Idzam: Equilibrium reactions can be classified as Heterogeneous reactions…and homogeneous reactions *looks at Tseren and YJ*
Either of them: What?
Cyrus: *stabs Jeremias with pencil*
Jeremias: BLEARGH *flops over* *hand flops to Cyrus’ crotch*
Cyrus: Eh even your dead body is gay.
Me: Nope you just killed one of him. Obviously the other two are the ones still controlling the hand.
Jeremias: Yea man can’t kill me.
Me: Jeremias ah…the two of you left…better watch out…
Claire is intending to write a explanatory piece proving that the sexuality of one who is “of Mongolian lineage”. That can’t turn out too well. Or not…
Tseren peeked while YJ was stretching his pecs.
Yup. Or not.
One could do more than to assuage the emptiness inside with one’s blog. But one doesn’t give a crap.