Monday, August 30, 2010


So Music on Friday was actually amusing surprisingly today.
Notice there’s some adjective confusion there. Notice that I don’t care. Ah well.
Not the amusing where I use lightning speed and suan everyone (well…yea it was but) It was more of an amusing amusing. Kinda thing. Whatever.
I just noticed that this is the third time I’m trying to post this. I probably should try and get it over with. After realizing that Mr. Wong reads my blog (WHY IS MR. WONG READING MY BLOG O.O) I found that I’m REALLY eager to post about Sports Day. And another things.
Oh dear I was trying to trick Microsoft word. But that was just too obviously an error. Ah well.
Anyway. Shreyas was pissed at how he couldn’t do music, and pissed at his Indian teacher (more about that particular teacher…later…), so he was being hilarious with his Indian accent. (Mrs. Lay… I am from India…) Etc. etc. etc.
I can’t understand why people need such a long time to draw lines and shade circles. I mean, What The Hell?
So I finished everything in half the time it takes everybody, and asked politely, “Mrs Lay, may I take my leave?”
Galen: Please say no.
Galen. You. Suck. :D
Smooth Criminal lyrics… seem really odd.
Every day I am plotting. (Oooh….OMINOUS!)
Sports day started off with a drizzle. Not a frizzle, but close enough. Just one letter. It was the epitome of smartness that our principal decided to kindly give the opening speech under the tarp while the students and teachers (read: everyone) had to hope the heavens didn’t suddenly split.
Anyway. I was walking around abandoning my bag with random people.
Some guy hobbled 400 m. Freaking Hell.
It was quite laughable to see the results table. Every other house had 150 points+ from the first round…except Nobel. XD
Excerpt of Faraday pep speech:
Mitchell: “Fibonacci is ~ points ahead, Fleming is ~ points ahead, Nobel are so far behind they don’t count”
Now adapt that to a Nobel version.
“Everyone is so far ahead we shouldn’t bother.” XD
Next Year, we should just send the one participant for NSC. I mean, he tops half the school’s results. The older half. :O We could do a Raffles if we train him right :D
Damn Internet is failing.
Anyway. I think I read too little manga and fanfic. But there’s just so much other stuff that I gotta look to. :(

Friday, August 27, 2010

Imagine music written by shit

I have to give thanks for the new teachers we have this semester. They are all like, so awesome…
I just wish that breathing wasn’t so hard.
Bleh gonna die next week THREE quizzes and TWO tests :O. Not that I actually care about one of those quizzes but still.
GG how would you feel if you were trapped underground for months.
I realized today that all our Canoe Polo…Men’s team are REALLY dark. And it seems that your rank is directly proportional to your…tan. Or something.
It was really the first time I was disappointed with such a long assembly. 
Seems like I’ll be ponning events for sports day after all :D I own.
Current problem no. 1: How to revise for the quizzes.
Problem no. 2: How to hardsell soap and fill up lotsa empty space.
Problem no. 3: How to actually do well for SPH competitions. NUU WHY ISN’T IT HELD DURING EXAM TIME :(
What a really short day. Sigh. Eventfully-speaking. Probably because I was paying little attention, or giving too much advice.
Mentoring was…unmentionable.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vampires Suck ROX

The day was ditchwater. Ah well.
Even Math lesson with Ms Sie did nothing to ease the monotony.
I am so ashamed of myself of doing homework to ease the boredom. Bbut then again, it was either making a fool of myself at table tennis/ seeing Joshua being a Jit Wu or that. Then again, everyone in the class was doing some kind of homework too, so screw.
Yao Rui and Jit were discussing… Graph Theory?
Light Up is strangely addictive. There’s something vaguely accomplishing about lighting up bulbs by destroying others XD.
Mr. Tan was still going through that comprehension from the other day, and DH was still demanding the mark he wanted from the other day.
DH: If you give me the mark, I will go for the Endurance camp!
Mr. Tan: It’s OK you can don’t go.
English was, for once, strangely informative.
DH: Is it true that the socks are used for filtering water?
Mr. Tan: Yea…
Mr. Tan: Hey it’s survival man!
Me: *looks at Jit’s bottle* Well I know of one person who probably uses socks to filter his water…
Not-so-breaking-news: SOORAJ IS AFTER JUNIORS
It kinda went like this…
Sooraj: Eh Yr 2 got any chio girls?
William: LOL dunno I show you some girls
*goes to 204 to show him Regina and Amanda*
*turns around*
William: EH WTH did that retard go to?!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We are the world

Tagging on here what I forgot to add on yesterday…
BREAKING NEWS: Candice wants to screw gold.
See, she was being fat as usual and wanting to eat the chocolate coins. So she was trying to place the gold film on the table but they kept falling off.
Me: You want to screw GOLD?!
Candice: Oh, well, maybe if there were enough of it I would…
Me: *WTF* I’m getting outta here…
Anyway. I shall resolve to check answers with reliable sources BEFORE handing up my homework. Seeing as I am obviously not reliable enough. :( redoing worksheets is torture. At least I don’t have to hand up some freaking ridiculous chemistry mind map now, seeing as I am piling more and more homework in the to-be-done-tomorrow list, especially when I know full well that I will make use of the break to play cards rather than do homework.
On top of all that, I’ve got a case of the flu. Life sucks.
It was weird I saw Mr. Yee this morning (for my amusement, he was rubbing his eyes with a tissue and 309 were like AWWW DON’T CRY. Then when it was gonna be Math lesson I walked out, saw Ms Sie, then she was like, 303 right I’m gonna come to your class now.
She recalls best the ones she scolds. Fortunately she as yet does not know the real reason I was there to be scolded. :P
Ms Sie: We have a Ms C, a Mr E, now we're just waiting for a Mr O
Going through comprehension was amusing. Just like every other English lesson. Except that we had an illegal immigrant, though the ruling party wasn’t really in the caring mood. As always.
DH: Mr. Tan, who marked the vocabulary? (he got 1/5 what a joke)
Tseren: Mr. Tan, you’re no longer my favourite English teacher.
Today’s physics practical, of which I strongly suspect was a major cause of my flu, involved much spilling of colored water and ruining of shirt. Mine.
Shreyas: Ms. Lim, accidents do happens, and…it’s turned green!
Funny guy.
The general attitude during ACE is getting from bad to worse. Which is to say, we are finally responding better and better to its general usefulness.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Bang of logic

It was a bad day.
And I have a feeling it will pick off again somewhere. Ah well.
Let’s take a step back into a good day instead.
It started with the oh-so-awesomely-composed situation to inform us that the student Lounge now sold SHUTTLE COCKS. Which weren’t really of good quality anyway but that’s not the point especially when I don’t play. Oh the HORROR!
Then we welcomed the commie representatives, and celebrated the RISE OF THE ROY during Chinese. 24/25 WTF.
Dunno what gave WJ the pro idea to go through a lesson BEFORE spelling. Not that anyone listens anyway but wouldn’t that just kill off any remaining interest?
Couldn’t we like PLAY soccer rather than learn how to kick the ball? Isn’t that like instinctive?
And the next time I collect balls I needa use my hands. X(
Last lesson was Mr. Yee. Ownage as always.
We were concerned about our results. So Mr. Yee was GOING to make a bet that if Jit got full marks we would all treat him and vice versa. Bet he didn’t count on Jit reading the face language for once.
And I found the time to talk back to Ms Li. One activity I just can’t resist
As I said, today was a BAD day. Because of the one lesson.
I was complaining about having to insult Chinese national. I have since then made a promise to myself to just insult the one as much as I possibly can. Because she IS AN ARSE. Something I rarely say about teachers.
Chinese test was kinda OK because I had no idea what the margin of errors was. XD
So Candice was asking me how many comprehension questions there were, and about half the table was O.O at me using two fingers to count. Then I stopped and said 5. :D
The Western food stall occasionally sells food with the consistency of shit.
Chemistry and Physics were slightly less unbearable with the help of certain implements.
The ideal training programme as recommended by KM:
Keep punching Sooraj. When he starts flying, you know you’re buff.
Zong Yao and Sooraj most pro. Send UP YOUR ASS! to teacher LMAO

God: I refuse to prove that I exist, for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing

Man: But the existence of the Babel fish proves you exist, therefore by your argument you don't.

God: Oh dear, I hadn't thought of that...*disappears in a puff of logic*

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tickle torture

It’s a sucky life for me.
Firstly, I am failing badly at learning software.
Then, I am forgetting names of my primary school classmates and remembering them now. Not that that’s too important, but still.
The first means I got no idea how to go about finishing the poster, i.e. I am screwed hardcore. Time to rely on the more trustworthy InDesign XD. Or write this blog in the meantime. Why aren’t the proper people online when I need them :(
Not really sure what happened these past few days. I was doing pull ups XD *proud of myself*
Summing up Wednesday and Thursday in a paragraph, I stoned gloomily in Physics, stoned gloomily in ACE (more like a farewell session Ms. Mak leaving O.o and she leaves us with things that taste like…)
DH: This tastes like ass!
Me: You tasted ass before?
Some time later…
Me: This tastes like…ass!
Shreyas: You tasted ass before is it?
Shows that deep down, all human beings think the same.
Mr. Tan held a class in the seminar while James and co. talked about dicks using innuendos. Dick length, more like. Enuff said. :|
Thursday was a bad, bad, day. As stated. Which I never did so just imagine I did and hope for the best.
I always like to use that sentence when teaching people how to play cards.
Seems like a really short post. Shall look for something as a filler.
Tickling is an act of evoking involuntary laughter by touching a part of the body. Some parts of the body are more ticklish than the others, the reason for which is still unknown. When used in sexual fetishism, the act of tickling is called as "tickle torture". Research by Dr Sarah-Jayne Blakemore of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience in London found that robotic arms used to tickle people are just as effective as human arms. Men and women are just as "ticklish". But a few studies suggest that, men may be slightly more ticklish than women. Research headed by Dr M Blagrove from the University of Wales in Swansea shows that the normal tickling response may be absent in those with schizophrenia. Tickling was used as a torture by the ancient Romans. The most surprising feature that can be experimented personally is that if one tickles oneself, there is no such stimulation or laughter.
Bleh. As if anyone didn’t know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Really have no idea how to even begin blogging today, which was one of the better ones. How surprising.
Notice it was the day that was the better one. Suggestive.
What a relief my netbook was today. Killing lots of people as a random chomping worm is just so freaking fun. NOMNOMNOM. Which makes me suddenly realize that the next day, and its netbook deprived connotations combined with a…two hour lesson, is going to kill me slowly.
Screw crashing computers and Cyrus not being online for long amounts of time. Life is screwy. :( To quote Mr. Yee, ERRGH!!!
The Chem prac was really rushed and simple. Not to mention the speed of our classmates hard at writing work.
In the long break I cursed Chemistry practical, retarded Chinese essay topic, walked around and engaged in lame merry making, got tortured by Korean singing, and poked people.
Sounds like my kind of break.
And emo-ed about my loss to the ARMADA. Well. Not really. But still.
So I went to Chinese culture, realized they changed the venue without my reading the notice, didn’t listen in class as usual, invited Ming Wei in merry making and generally slacked around.
My kind of class.
Then I went home and read the notice, and realized I had to present on what I had learnt from Chinese Culture.
Seeing as that quota is practically NIL, Houston, we have a problem. Where the solution hopefully does not have to have me passing clear insults to the teacher.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What a brilliant Monday it was.
Was it. I dunno but who gives a crap.
Really am darn bored during physics lessons…zzz
I’m feeling so freaking tired these coupla days…I blame PE and vigorous Captain’s Ball. Also, my ring finger is screwed. Now I can’t put on a ring for about two weeks SOUND THE ALARMS.
Mr. Yee was commenting about our pro-homo-behaviour among the guys the other day.
“Now the poking is like…spreading from the edges to the corner. Nat doesn’t poke Galen anymore, and Jit doesn’t poke DH anymore…”
Yea right…when you don’t look more like it.
“No la I can tell, like when DH not showing an “enjoyment face” means Jit not poking him. Now it’s Joshua poking Peng Seng.”
He seems really concerned for the girls in our class.
Let’s see how long James’s toilet breaks are next time.
Ms. Lim: Must return in 2 min then I let you go…(after learning an important lesson in the form of a Jame-esque-30-min toilet break)
James: I…cannot release that fast…
So he was walking off, then Shreyas was like JAMES DON’T THAT’S THE GIRLS’ TOILET.
Ah well. The temporary comic reliefs.
So to add on, when James was back, DH told him he smelt like crap, so James decided it was a good time to give himself a triple helping of deodorant. Which, to tel the truth, probably stank worse than any shit.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I am the alpha and the omega. One more ego-boosting phrase I picked up.
At the moment I am engaging in evil plans for our next batch of NSC participants. :D You have been warned.
Today was pretty screwy. And fun, which happens not too often. Odd. Still, good news. Kind of.
Bio was great news. For the first time I am getting some kind of respectable mark. Of course, the fact that almost everyone else screwed up is just an interesting sideshow. I can see the fumes from Galen already. Hurm.
Fortunately we managed to figure out how to stick the tube into the hole in time. But Galen was being a failure, and Young Joo was being a screwup. 6.08 Liters WTF.
Anyway. English was. Bullshit. Kind of. First Mr. Tan told Galen to go to the seminar room. Then when we saw that there was only space for about…6 people, we thought Mr. Tan was scamming us again. Just for the record, I am not believing his rubbish about being 48.
Turns out that It wasn’t a scam. Nothing…much to pick up from the two classes’ adverts actually except for a few choice phrases…
Sean Seet: OH YEA!
Ming Wei: I suggest you divorce that BITCH!
Zhe Yuan: Oh, nothing, just that my friend got electrocuted.
Ansel has such powerful command of the language it earned him a grand….never mind. But the command was impressive enough. What a pity. It moved me for about 3 seconds.
Now I realize why DH has been getting As.
I finished my work for music in ONE hour and counting…
And our journalism came today, probably noticed Daryl’s absence, mentioned classes for me, and allowed the Year 2s to write an article about…apps???
I am impressed. Like, being pressed down.
Then I realized that Daryl had just…ponned. I was Depressed. Kindof.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Liar Game out in movies soon WOOTz.
So many mundane things to keep me occupied these days. I’m not going to be able to handle this lack of homework any longer :(
Get savaged by sports. Just something random I heard on TV which happens to be remotely related to YOG.
Some of the conversations I have with Dao Han and Jit Wu are really interesting. It is with utmost regret that I…shall not reveal the most recent one in fear of stirring up unrest, rumours and…hey those are the reasons I should be posting it.
Well then. Just to make some things clear. We were talking about breasts. Anyone who is offended by the indiscriminate discussion/throwing about of boobs, or the involvement of their names due to the gossipy nature of our conversation, should not continue reading beyond this point.
Actually I’ll just assume that makes up 90% of the student/pesky-teacher-who-likes-to-sneak-in-and-read-my-blog population. So I’ll just skip mentioning it. Unless anyone requests it on the tagboard. Oh well.
Today’s break was SO slackish. Not that the rest of the day wasn’t, but still. Doing advertisements was fun, other than the fact that I failed spectacularly, and everyone else was funny enough.
Galen*to Shreyas*: I like your subtlety.
Mr. Yee wants to use DOTA terms as part of teaching the Year Twos. Drum roll, please.
I am so disappointed at my essay marks. Just making a point.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


LOL sorry to like RANT after not blogging for almost a week or more.
But. RI. Were so obviously hacking. WTcrap. Lose round two and three by margin of 4 each then, to quote Wei Zhang, “just raped everyone in the last round” By 31 FREAKING points. To add insult to the injury, or to be more appropriate to add insult to the insult, They answered the 5 mark judge’s question correct.
What. The. Crap.
The outdoor challenge looked rather challenging.
Ji Hyun and Byorn seemed surprised/astonished to know that I could actually sing well.
Jit objects violently to me reading mangas on hermaphrodites. But hey, it’s like good to pass the time without Mudazumo :P
Today was lucky. Somehow I avoided unforeseen circumstances. Coincidence?
I’d like to believe that it was my uncanny foresight.
Today was mostly a frenzied day of attempting to complete and rectify homework one after another. Now imagine imagining feather swords into sharpness. Then imagine a person who is genetically male from waist up and genetically female from waist down.
Takes lots of imaginative power to envision the latter. *sigh*
My torrents are failing. :(
Alice: Madness Returns next year :D can’t wait.
I hear high finance being discussed behind me. Though the introduction of the new trends on early maturation are…disturbing to say the least. Though it’s probably nothing compared to the presentation of Claire’s. But I trust that my willpower is strong. :|
Mr. Yee: I had a very tiring lesson before this. ACE is ESPECIALLY tiring for me.
I wonder why...but YOng Kiat cleared that right up. XD
VERY interested to see what the special chairs for left handed people look like. But then again...WTH would it freaking matter O.o
"A good friend does not demand weed money from his friend"
DH would approve. Of the weed part.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I really don’t want to sound racist but…
Why are almost all the Fire Nation actors INDIAN?!!!
Just getting that off my chest.
Then I remember that I have a 100-word long essay to type. Or translate. Or kope. Whatever. But It’ll be done. I…kinda promise myself. XD.
Now I’m bored. And I need a freaking pen.
The chem. quiz revelation was extremely depressing. Not that often that I get duped. :(
I am getting distracted too much for my own good. Though it probably won’t trigger a planetary invasion by an alien species.
I’ve been kinda retarded these days . Just yesterday I looked for my name on the SMO Junior list for 5 minutes. Then I was worried about having to take another Olympiad in my very depressed state which I hadn’t actually signed up for in the first place.
But English lesson owned. Or should I say the non-existent English lesson where…Never mind.
I think I have become irritating enough to make my mentor dao me again. Just like last year. As THE Lim Jeck would say, GREAT SUCCESS. But I mean, there is no other purpose to common corridors other than a) to save money for our VERY rich government, and to foster/facilitate arguments between neighbors.
Tseren so brilliant think our HDB flats were made COMPLETELY from bricks. But then again, it could have seemed the case in that screwed up black-and-white picture…
Ming Wei was attempting to escape the mind-numbing boredom by trying to imagine lolis in the class. I went about the more active approach i.e. made politically incorrect comments. Aloud. Or argue with Jonathan Tan about how Japanese mahjong pwns the mahjong world.
And a $1 coin, i.e. Sooraj’s entire fortune, saved me from a potentially painful future.
Maybe I should start ging to the gym now that I have temporarily isolated myself from my netbook.
HOLY CRAP my PC is screwed.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Marching is killing me.
Like duh. But it’s probably the only time EVER that the Clubs and societies people are actually going to be actively doing something ACTIVE, so screw it. At least the removal of the utterly retarded flag is a freaking improvement.
And they actually published EPITOME which I don’t even remember submitting for publishing or changing anything. So the thing is that It seems that I added everything except the credits box. So the layout artists’ names weren’t there, though we weren’t even doing anything to start with. Still.
Dao Han actually spent time to get tricked by Ian Seet’s rubbish article. Then he was pissed and drew some rubbish on the rubbish. Just to make the point.
Bleh Physics was…I dunno. Jazlene hacking. But then I hacked and got worse WTF.
At least I dd OK. But I got lower than the…dundundun…YAPstick. GG
Sooraj the sleeping lion being a brave guy say he will beat Jit this sem. Especially with almost everything calculation. Yea he will. LMAO.
Math was pro.
Chinese was boring. And degrading.
On a totally non-racist stand point here, screw all the Chinese for forcing our teachers to raise standards. :(
I disappointed Ming Wei today. Or at least, the coin disappointed him. Though the rest of the lesson was kinda rubbish anyway. Bleh. Time must be wasted for time’s sake.
Mr. Ong was the mentos eating ability of DH’s crack smoking ability. I think.
More on him tomorrow. :P