Friday, July 30, 2010


Screw this being tortured by an ulcer when eating an orange. Yes I’m occasionally stupid/brave that way.
Speaking about bravery and stupidity, the survey I took today was totally stupid. As in, the way Facebook quizzes are stupid.
Suddenly my luck in mahjong increases today. Hurm.
Bio was cool. Literally and quizzically. Though the *sob* last question.
I was bored out of my relatively large skull without my netbook. :(
And English was undoubtedly the most epic lesson ever. First, Mr. Tan turned a blind eye to Dao Han’s half eaten lunch, then I walked around the classroom with Galen laughing and pointing at random stuff.
Galen *pointing at Tseren*: The TWO of you are either on drugs or mentally retarded.
Now look who’s talking…
So there was this point, that when you are writing a Letter to the Editor, you need to put in one fact to make it convincing. And since the conclusion is where you make you final stand, why not put it there?
Me: After writing all about the pros of not having holiday homework, you should end off with, In conclusion, honey is made from bees.
DH: Hey…that’s a good idea! Then Mr. Tan will read it and go, Hmm, that’s true…Wait, WHAT?!
And Jit concluded his awesomely readable letter with In conclusion, we should not have homework.
Amazingly, that made so much sense.
Somehow, we then digressed to the topic of national holidays, namely, the National Day.
Me: We should have a National Day for Everyday we are a nation!
DH: Hey, that’s a great idea. Then you can submit a proposal to the government looking something like this.
I propose that everyday we remain a nation, we hold National Day. Let me list the cons of this arrangement, which are not very much. Firstly, all our students would be slacking at home, and not learning anything, and soon their knowledge would decrease to less that that of a lemur. Also, adults would not be working, meaning our economy would be screwed, especially as we’re going to hold a nationwide celebration daily. But In return, you get a 300% increase in proficiency of everyone’s DOTA skills! 300%, sir. That is obviously good enough to overcome all the cons of this arrangement!
By the way, I might just be in slight trouble for posting this, but it is good to have a platform of truth on my blog.
Johnny, our neighbourhood Mr. helpful, is probably going to get screwed.
Let me recap.
Last semester, I was trying not to drift off when I happened to look out the window ad what did I see? Johnny outside the girl’s toilet. So I looked, and then he pushed the door open, looked around, then went off. The table of six I was sitting at was almost in hysteries.
Then this month, Johnny, being the freaking brilliant genius he is, went INTO the girl’s toilet and locked himself in one of the cubicles. The 301 students couldn’t resist the fun , so in went Amelia bravely to bang hard on the door of the locked cubicle. The door opens, a Johnny, behaving as if this is his own home toilet, pulled a long face, which wasn’t too difficult, and yelled his head off at her for wanting to go to the toilet. At least he didn’t ask “Girl, what do you think you are doing?”
J.Lau laughed so hard when I he realized Johnny was reported for that.
J.Lau: I think…he goes to a different girl’s toilet everyday of the week. For the variety, you know.
And that isn’t even with what DH suggested were possible reasons for Johnny’s rage. XD

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Mr. Yee’s pro quote:
Mr. Yee: *to Jit* If you poke him one more time…*notices DH laughing* OK, if you ENJOY him poking you one more time…
The end result: We were laughing like mad, then DH whacked Jit for laughing so hard, and the laugh evolved into a choking caugh.
Suddenly realized that I have left too much homework for my own good. Damn. Gonna die over the weekends.
And the best thing is, 304, the most mugger class, says the quiz was hard.
To make my life EVEN worse, Bio is the first lesson tomorrow.
Life sucks, then you die. But then you already know that.
What was I going to post about Dao Han? Maybe that was it. Hurm.
By the way, I have from a very reliable source that my facts are wrong. The ones from teh previous post. Maybe you can go decide yourself which of the ones should be it. *Let-me-drop-you-a-hint-it’s-the-one-about-DH-li-MMPFH-CHOKE*
This is the time to sit quietly and reflect on what an enriching conversationalist Ming Wei makes. Both in real life and msn. And also the fact that he was this near to getting me screwed on Tuesday by Alt-Tab. At which point I would like to freaking remind the world that that particular key-combination is meant to get you out of stick situations rather than push you into quicksand the way Ming Wei did expertly. Hurm.
I realized that this weeks seems to be Class of Hard Knocks 101 for my netbook. First Ming Wei stained the screen with his funny gel like thingy, then I dropped it. It survived, amazingly, like all my fellow school mates.
At this point I would like to return attention to today.
That Mr. Lee is a pro kind of lame guy. Why would you name your kid the summation of your surnames ?! But it’d be nice if I could learn his shadow write. :P
English. :X
At which point I would like to state most clearly that JIT IS A HACKER WTF. His tile distribution just. Isn’t. Freaking. Fair. Enough to be unhacked. On the same program where I got shit tiles.
So I was planning on revising for the music quiz the other day, and was feeling a little stressed at the number of terms for grade 5, until I referred to the test list and realized the quiz would only cover terms from A-C. Which, in its completeness, covered…a fraction not worth mentioning.
*chucks book*
Perhaps I should be grabbing Biology though. Or should I complete my Editor’s note.
How could you let Hull City draw Arsenal :O

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Maybe life isn’t all that it’s cut out to be.
Quoting my awesome self: Thou shalt only experience life once thou hast experienced death. If thou hast not undergone death, it is an impossible task to comprehend the full importance of life fully.
Funny. Doodle God is under Sports. Ah well.
Today would have been such torture if not for mahjong. Which I keep losing at anyway, but it’s still good somehow.
But imagine, if you will, that Dmitry Medvedev, George H.W. Bush and Benedict XVI all died because of a mahjong game. Playing with plutonium tiles is fun though. And the world would be SO much more interesting had the Third Reich generals all survived.
I am appending too much time playing random stuff. I NEED TO CONCENTRATE.
Jit Wu gave me a task in the morning.
(Now how did I make that screwing dragon?! Oh got it. :))
Anywayz…maybe it’s high time I paid more attention in math. Things are getting wordy. And liney. Which I have always managed to suck at.
(Ooh almost there…I think)
I sense Yao Rui’s disappointment in my mahjong skills.
Just remembered Dao Han talking rubbish in Malay yesterday and Teck Chye’s seating arrangement. It was an enriching experience on how to destroy a class of 20+ students by placing students in special positions.
And GG never knew that DH used to like Nikki O.o. SRSLY bad taste man. o.O
As usual, we screwed around in English. Galen was suitably shocked at Jit’s stories, after getting tired of imitating TV personalities. But he and DH are the most versatile accentists I have ever met. Heh.
Bleh homework sucks.
And I shall save another of DH’s stories for tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Americans pwn the world WOOT.
Hmm. I realized that if world leaders could just resolve major wars by playing mahjong, we’d have much less dead people. Not that that’s a good thing. If we didn’t clear the world of its population from time to time we’d have to start building underwater cities…though, of course, it’s quite surprising we don’t have a few of those instantaneously with the retarded weather lately.
What a screwy day.
WJ was pissed at Roy, and probably vice versa. The letter topic was so retarded I only realized how dumb it was halfway through making a terrific error. So I continued.
Chemistry was much the language lesson. That guy is scary literally AND figuratively. Ain’t so many such people out there nowadays.
Physics was T.T. At east I hacked an answer for the win. :D But Ms. Lim was like. Pro.
Stop at 8. 40
At 8.35
Screw wut am I gonna do time running out aiya darn just hack the answer.
At 8.50
*looks at Nat’s almost empty paper*
Damn just hand up lah bleh
Then I realize I made a not to small mistake. At least the rest are probably right. :P
I was *ahem* ing all the way through Math.
Chinese was all bullshit with Ming wei, who almost screwed me up, as usual.
Shall add on to the long break tmrw.

Monday, July 26, 2010


I have come to a major decision.
I have come to a world-changing decision.
I mean, the world’s opinion not withstanding (it is often interesting to remind people of the >6 billion population occupying the Earth when people declare their preference to screw the world), I have decided to resolve to post every weekday as far as possible. Again. (whether I keep the faith shouldn’t be of anyone’s overly concern, of course, but…)Or maybe when I spend less time reading manga. :P
I’ll just pick up where I left off and move on for now. Because things have started to finally look up with the new teachers. Meaning I have found a way to kind of live with them. And everyone else better.
So we’re finally at the colloquial halfway mark once again.
Hmm. I managed to divert from picking up where I left off to picking up where I didn’t leave off.
DH: Yea, man, CEO is the life. The doctors have to talk nice to the patients, the lawyers have to talk nice to the judges, but the CEO can just freaking prop his legs up on the desk, then shout across the office to his young secretary FETCH ME THE COFFEE, WOMAN.
Jit: Yea, then he can be like a pro and when the economy is close to crashing, he can propose a safety net plan, like Hey people, we all know the economy’s gonna crash…so why don’t we put ALL the company’s money and your money into my Swiss vault? I can assure you it will stay there safely until the crisis is over. :D
And that, my friends, is the complete Dao Hanian manual to becoming a successful person at 18.
Then again, maybe DH isn’t so much of a brilliant guy after all, as evidenced by today’s observations. The genius screwed up his thumb during basketball practice, then told his mother in the morning that ALL his fingers were important except his pinky, and subsequently promptly crushed his pinky on a door hinge. And…it’s a job well done.
Chinese was…boring. There really isn’t any other word to describe it. Except for the distractions from the other class, which makes me begin to wonder if the Express Chinese class really isn’t a karaoke session in disguise.
Maybe it was the increasing number of slackers or something, I dunno, but the second sun looked pissed today. Well. He was pissed, so that isn’t too much of an overstatement. Volleyball sucks anyway T.T can’t we do something like TENNIS?! O.o
Physics was another lesson in improvisation, and the attempt to filter all that is worthy and all that is not.
Math, on the other hand, is something quite different and much more interesting than I might care to mention on this particular platform…Let’s just say Dao Han was, as I suspect despite his outward words and actions, VERY turned on, we reestablished Jit’s former identity as a horny…whatever. *insert appropriate word here*. Hmmmhmmmhmmm :X
I fear for the new Year One NUS High students.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Dao Hanian view of life

Hmm. Now where was I. Perhaps floating around in midair somewhere. As usual. Then again…let’s delve into the conversation…
But before that, I noticed that our highly-strung Chemistry relief teacher smiles when he yells SHUT UP and the target of his wrath. Simultaneous bipolar/schizo much?
I divert. Yet again. To the most interesting comprehension passage about the EMO culture, and the equally interesting nervous breakdown Ansel underwent after finding out he probably lost one mark for vocabulary, and Jit Wu’s amazing exploits with Mr. Ye over he “perfect” graphs, the equations and handwriting. In other words, everything.
I guess I should have guessed that things like that should have happened to my parasite. The parasite. Heh.
Darn I just realized that I can’t remember enough from yesterday to continue with the awesome conversation.
Maybe it is all about DH’s mind-blowing influence.
Claire: Obviously IQ doesn’t work that way, not to mention it’s totally unreliable any way…
DH: Who cares about IQ man—the most important thing is more about what you do in your life in the future WITH the abilities you own. Like if that Haikal fella becomes a doctor like at 18 OMG then he’d walk into the hospital and patients would be staring and thinking HOLY CRAP why is the doctor younger than all the nurses???
Claire: Hmmm… how about a researcher?
*news flash*
WOW Chinese Nationals are getting more and more pro, just like our damn turnstile. Some anchorwoman choked on a mosquito when attempting to be professional and slap it to death.
*news flash over*
DH O.o: No man in Singapore when people see doctors, lawyers and researchers, they will take a look at the researcher and go like “wat a noob man, don’t earn them big bucks like da lawyer and doctor…Hey…actually the BEST job career should be a…CEO!!!
…More on this amazing relevation in future chapters….

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drillbit Taylor

Today was epic.
Let’s just skip all the relatively boring stuff, such as Physics, Chemistry and Math, blah blah blah, and straight to English.
So we had to do this comprehension practice from Present Perfect, and we were doing it halfway when Claire decided to bitch about how sucky the magazine was from every aspect, including font, choice of title, wording, etc. But let me just extract a choice quote:
Claire: And the picture is like, SO school magazine
After half a second of dumbstruck blinking/staring/whatever, it was widely acknowledged that that would PROBABLY have been an insult to a perfectly innocent picture if not for the fact that Present Perfect HAPPENED to be a school magazine…
The turning point, a word here which means “the moment where we decided to not give a damn about the comprehension practice any more”, was probably when we kind of diverted from the topic of accelerated learning to our super genius junior. DH’s probably sulking somewhere after finding out that he’s in NUS Medical school, is a chess prodigy and a good soccer player. All at the same time. But then again, that’s probably enough to send anyone into a depression. Then we diverted again into the job choices that he could have at the age of 16-18 and what DH would do if he had those options:
DH: If I had like that kind of genius, I would either be a lawyer, doctor, or both. Then after I graduate, if I were a lawyer, I’d go to the army, then talk my way out of it, and then get 5 million and a tank out of them at the same time. Or maybe I’d be both. Then The first day I’m in court, I’d just randomly sue someone for defamation, for personal damages of about 5 million dollars, then charge him a solicitor’s fee of 1K, then kick back my legs and retire!
Somewhere along the way…
Claire: Some day I shall pit you against Galen and see who comes out tops!
DH: Oh Galen will definitely beat me hands down
Me: No man, you’ll just come up with some astounding rubbish in an American accent, and Galen will be like dumbstruck for about an hour
So DH was totally indignant about Haikal being such a freaking genius and he was trying to find one aspect he can definitely beat him at.
Me: Too bad man, the only thing you’ll probably ever beat him at is height. Currently. Until he hits puberty or something.
Claire: I believe his IQ is actually higher than his height…because the IQ measure is such that if you can do whatever someone twice your age can do it’s around 200…
Jit: WOW pro measure then if a 50 year old person can do whata 100 year old person can do, which is in 90% of the cases, die, means his IQ 200? O.o
To be continued…

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh, the awesome-ness

Name: Yu Han. Or any synonym of genius/megalomaniac/lunatic. Yes I’m awesome that way.
Date of Birth: June 1
Birthplace: Singapore, Singapore
Current Location: Singapore, Singapore.
Eye Color: Black. I think. Look close enough for me to punch you in the face and I promise you’ll get to see a kaleidoscope for all your trouble.
Hair Color: I’ll…stick to black. Too lazy to dye it anything else.
Heritage: Weirdo
Piercings: NONE. Yet
Tattoos: None.
Band/Singer: Lady Gaga FTW
Song: Smooth Criminal :P. I just like Lady Gaga for the MVs :O
Movie: Ermermerm Inception was the most awesome thing I ever watched in my freaking life XD
Disney Movie: Despicable me Despicable me Despicable me Despicable me bounces around like them cute yellow minions
TV show: Fringe Obviously duh
Color: Hurm…varies…today it’s gold. Dark gold.
Pizza topping: Erm…MOZARELLA! XD
Ice-Cream Flavor: Vanilla chocolatey caramel. I’m greedy so too bad HAR
Drink (alcoholic): Wine. It has an elegant taste and makes you feel cool xD
Soda: Who wants anything else when you can have COKE
Store: Dunno?
Clothing Brand: Erm…I never really cared. WOOT
Shoe Brand: Nike FTW
Season: Er…hmmm the fifth one which I invented in honor of my awesome-ness
Month: Take a guess…I’ll tell you you’re wrong later.
Holiday/Festival: Birthday. My birthday should totally be a holiday. Wait. It is one.
Flower: Venus Fly trap NOMNOMNOM
Make-Up Item: I. Don’t. Do. Makeup :P
Board game: Er…hmm…again, the one I invented USING my own awesome-ness
This or That
Sunny or rainy: Rainy effteedoubleeuuu~
Chocolate or vanilla: I’ll take BOTH and leave anyone else with NOTHING :D
Fruit or veggie: Fruits XD
Night or day: Er… both or either depending on the mood that day.
Sour or sweet: Sweet&sour<3
Love or money: Money. HAHA.
Phone or in person: In person. For phones you can’t see their expressions.
Looks or personality: I’m greedy, as emphasized many times. BOTH.
Coffee or tea: OMIGOSH COFFEE DUH.
Hot or cold: Cold. Preferably VERY
Goal for this year: To make the world a crazier place! XD
Most missed memory: I don’t miss what I don’t remember XD
Best physical feature: All 10 of my fingers. I’ll leave you to figure out the reason.
First thought waking up: Argh where’s my chainsaw Oh wait I don’t have one
Hypothetical personality disorder: Megalomania, ADHD, Bipolar, schizophrenia...etc.*hang on*
It was fun looking up Wikipedia for disorders. Just for the record, the above are all true and not hypothetical in any way.
Preferred type of plastic surgery: Hmm..Just the entire face. Preferably everyday. People will get used to it. Eventually.
Sesame street alter ego: *Does a triple-take* dare I ask what that is?
Fairytale alter ego: Alice. American McGee’s Alice, who is awesome like moi.
Most stupid remark: Too many to list out.
Worst crime: My continued existence
Greatest ambition: Becoming more awesome. Impossible to do, but an ambition’s an ambition.
Greatest fear: Becoming less awesome
Darkest secret: *hums a little evil tune*
Favorite subject: Physics. Yes people, GASP in horror.
Strangest received gift: I’m the sort who rarely receives gifts. I wonder why.
Worst habit: Too many to count. With MY fingers.
Do You:
Smoke: Nahhhhhh
Drink: I’m proud to say I started just last year.
Curse: It’s a learnt trait. From I wonder who.
Shower daily: Well duh.
Like thunderstorms: I create them. Obviously I like my own creations.
Dance in the rain: Uh. I’m not very good at dancing…
Sing: I do.
Play an instrument: Just the many. But I still haven’t picked up the guitar :(
Get along with your parents: Not the best relationship ever but we try
Wish on stars: I don’t wish on myself. It usually doesn’t work.
Believe in fate: I obviously believe in my creation.
Believe in love at first sight: Not yet. I think.
Can You:
Drive: Ooh YES. Hush now.
Sew: I prefer using sewing machines. Which is old fashioned and everything but I KNOW how to use it SUCKERS.
Cook: Not very well. It would be made of chocolate and I’d poison it. But other than that It’d be awesome, my food. :D
Speak another language: Which is “another language”?
Dance: Well, as I mentioned above, I can, heck anyone can.
Sing: I can, the quality, ahh.
Touch your nose with your tongue: Nah, it’s a cool trick tho:D
Whistle: YES I CAN obamastyle
Have You Ever:
Been Drunk: Nope.
Been Stoned/High: Nah
Eaten Sushi: I hated every moment.
Been in Love: I am. Now. XD
Skipped school: MCs. I HATE skipping school. :(
Made prank calls: Hmmhmmhmmmhmmmm
Sent someone a love letter: Nah.
Stolen something: :X X:
Cried yourself to sleep: Never. Darn. One experience I’m missing out on.
Other Questions:
What annoys you most in a person? Anything. But then I slap them and all is forgiven.
Are you right or left handed? Right.
What is your bedtime? I dunnoe dammit.
Name three things you can’t live without: Me.
What is the color of your room? Plain, bland white.
Do you have any siblings? Just the one. It’s probably enough
Do you have any pets? Used to. They died. Probably couldn’t stand me, which was their fault…
Would you kill someone you hate for a million dollars? Nah. What a pathetic amount he gives.
What is you middle name? Nothing. I’m too awesome for a middle name.
What are you nicknames? To be honest, I’ve never asked. Hmm…
Are you for or against gay marriage? I. Have. A. BOYFRIEND OMG XDXDXD
What are your thoughts on abortion? I don’t face birth issues, and don’t intend on changing sex anytime soon. So I’ll be totally me here and not give a damn.
Do you have a crush on anyone? I have a relationship with someone. No time for crushes.
Are you afraid of the dark? Used to. Around 65 million years ago.
How do you want to die? Alone in the world after I’ve killed everyone else. :D
What is the largest amount of popsicles that you have eaten on one day? A lot.
Would you take a bullet for the one you love? Maybe.
What is the last law you’ve broken? Ah…I dunno. Since I wasn’t caught won’t consider it broken.
In a Member of the Opposite Same Sex:
Hair color: Er *checks boyfriend’s hair* Black FTW
Eye color: Doesn’t really matter
Height: Shorter. Liking the person doesn’t mean you can’t mock him once in a while.
Weight: Who cares.
Most important physical feature: :X

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One liners

The day was groovy.
I’ve not used that freaking word for a really long time, mainly because it is a really sucky word in both terms of description and sound. It’s a sucky term for a nice feeling kinda word. Which is sucky, as the vocabulary handouts by the awesome Mr. tan would attest to.
Yes he’s awesome.
Let’s go through the last three days.
Tuesday—dammit forgot everything except for something highly amusing and retarded contrived by me and Ming Wei.
Ms. Lee: (something along the lines of) :If any of you have…some relationship it’s better not to tell, because there are some who have and then later regretted it.
I didn’t tell.
I regret it now.
Darn failed to convince Mr. Tan to cancel the lesson. But I suppose it didn’t matter in the end.
Thursday—Gotta change some old-and-previously-thought-had-been-changed-habits. This is irritating. The chem. quiz was irritating.
The look on Young Joo’s face when I told him I was gay after he hugged me like he does everyone else was priceless. (for the record, I actually told him I had a boyfriend rather than the usual answer I’m Not Gay)
I think I’m rushing my group members a little for the chem. poster project.
Ah well.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My little self-joke...
The Battle of Red Cliffs unfolded in three stages: an initial skirmish at Red Cliffs followed by a retreat to the Wulin battlefields on the northwestern bank of the Yangtze, a decisive naval engagement, and Cao Cao's disastrous retreat along Huarong Road.
The combined Sun-Liu force sailed upstream from either Xiakou or Fankou to Red Cliffs, where they encountered Cao Cao's vanguard force. Plagued by disease and low morale due to the series of forced marches they had undertaken on the prolonged Southern Campaign, Cao Cao's men could not gain an advantage in the small skirmish which ensued, so Cao Cao retreated to Wulin (north of the Yangtze River) and the allies pulled back to the south.
Cao Cao had moored his ships from stem to stern, possibly aiming to reduce seasickness in his navy, which comprised mostly northerners who were not used to living on ships. Observing this, divisional commander Huang Gai sent Cao Cao a letter feigning surrender and prepared a squadron of capital ships. The ships had been converted into fire ships by filling them with bundles of kindling, dry reeds, and fatty oil. As Huang Gai's "defecting" squadron approached the midpoint of the river, the sailors applied fire to the ships before taking to small boats. The unmanned fire ships, carried by the southeastern wind, sped towards Cao Cao's fleet and set it ablaze. Within a short time smoke and flames stretched across the sky, and a large number of men and horses either burned to death or drowned.
Following the initial shock, Zhou Yu and the allies led a lightly armed force to capitalise on the assault. The northern army was thrown into confusion and was utterly smashed. Seeing the situation was hopeless, Cao Cao then issued a general order of retreat and destroyed a number of his remaining ships before withdrawing.
Cao Cao's army attempted a retreat along Huarong Road, including a long stretch passing through marshlands north of Dongting Lake. Heavy rains had reduced the track to a thick mire, making the road so treacherous that many of the sick soldiers had to carry bundles of grass on their backs and use them to fill the road, to allow the horsemen to cross. Many of these soldiers drowned in the mud or were trampled to death in the effort. To the misery of Cao Cao's army, the allies, led by Zhou Yu and Liu Bei, gave chase over land and water until they reached Nan Commandery. Combined with famine and disease, this decimated Cao Cao's remaining forces. Cao Cao then retreated north to his home base of Ye, leaving Cao Ren and Xu Huang to guard Jiangling, Yue Jin stationed in Xiangyang, and Man Chong in Dangyang.
The allied counterattack might have vanquished Cao Cao and his forces entirely. However, the crossing of the Yangtze River dissolved into chaos as the allied armies converged on the riverbank and fought over the limited number of ferries. To restore order, a detachment led by the allied general Gan Ning established a bridgehead in Yiling to the north, and only a staunch rearguard action by Cao Ren prevented further catastrophe

Friday, July 9, 2010


GG man gonna die of something in the next few days. Or is it me who’s going to make someone die of something in the next few days? Dunno. But planning on staying up till 4 everyday for 3 days straight is not smart. Probably why I’m doing it.
HA Byorn I laugh at your face got MT oral cannot watch finals live NOOB
Now that was fun. I should mock people more often.
HA to all those who have to go a the mathematics seminar which is probably forced upon them but the teachers somehow brought to fruition a conspiracy to say you signed up.
I dunno. Hmm. I was strangling Ji all day. She is probably traumatized. Serves her right for telling me to guess by myself.
Today was a good day. And I believe that it would be a good night. Stupid Peng Seng made me waste me time to watch some retarded match where the ONLY goal was a HEADER, damn it. Should half watched Uruguay vs Holland.
NVM Holland vs Spain better be better. Spain should win 5-4 or something. HA.
English was slacking, slacking and more slacking. Which is about the same as the rest of the day, of which I spent 30 minutes exerting my aura of fear outside the 308 classroom.
Mr. Chia slave-driving them sia. 30 mins extra each day?! O.O

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to the future

Today was torture. Literally. :( , where today is yesterday and yesterday is yesterday and I’m just randomming all this rubbish to confuse you marginally. Just go figure out dates yourself, whattheheck.
Math was quite OK. As usual. Just that I usually ask Jit for help rather than listening over-attentively in class, finish the worksheets quickly, and…continue doing notes.
We were effusive in praise of Roy’s awesome notes which he had painstakingly collated from places unknown to mankind and compiled into a collection of awesome idioms and sayings. So Wu Jiong spent the REST of the lesson telling us MORE of such idioms and saying and exhorting Roy to take them down.
The break was so short I forgot if it constituted a proper break even. Sigh. Maybe we were doing something otherwise fun and engaging. Maybe.
Then we had to go to the sex education talk, which I have sincerely regretted participating. I could have learnt the same amount of knowledge (the knowledge I already have not withstanding) by having a good conversation with Dao Han for 30 minutes or less, without the photos.
*after the talk with the photos*
Mr Ho: You may go have your lunch now
Ultimate example of tastefulness.
But English was AWSUM THX about half the class was gone so we did AWSUM STUFF THX under the full permission of the AWSUM THX teacher. XD.
Until the most retarded talk, where I learnt that John Huang was actually more evolved than us *collective gasp*

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today was so epic.
Well. It’s probably always the chemistry lessons that are mostly epic nowadays.
I mean, I was basically using the entire Physics lesson to discuss DOTA with Jit and DH.
Then I like slept. Half-slept, at least, through Chinese.
Break was…blah. Nothing. Non-existent.
Chem was fun.
Firstly, we like spent almost half an hour arguing some crap that was completely arguable and I still maintain that it was ALL Ms. Teh’s fault for talking some rubbish that was probably meant to confuse us. Then Nat got caught for swearing again, and Ms. Teh reckoned James was hot. *O.O* Yea well maybe he is but being hot doesn’t mean you don’t get 30 pushups for yawning :( It would have been cool to watch. But Jit just standing at the back of the class is an amusing sight all by itself. He’s got this sneaky aura about him i.e. if he stood like this outside a bank people would start staring at him like Hmm you gonna rob it? O.o
But the fun part came sometime later.
Basically it was a short break in Chemistry and I needed to go to the toilet. So I waited for the lift with Raphael (he was going for a…late breakfast. Don’t ask.) Then I realized that as usual, the lift was NEVER going to come to the story I was on, so I was like SCREW IT and was going back to class when I heard shouting from the E-block girl’s toilet.
It didn’t sound like a girl shouting.
So I went hurm..and decided to see what would happen, though I had a kinda pretty idea. I dunno. So after less then a minute, Simin came along.
Me: Don’t go in I think Tseren’s in there
Simin: O.o What?! It’s OK I’m just going to drink water.
Then Dao Han came charging out. O.O
Even better, we could see Ms Teh coming along.
Then Tseren ran out in the literal nick of time.
And we consequently laughed so loud the lab technician came out to scold us. Bleh.
Anyway. The rest of the day was prolly sucky. I had to endure 2 and a half hours of netbook deprivation :( almost died if not for homework (oh the horror)
Luckily talking to Ming Wei for an hour is a fun activity in itself. In other words, we REALLY converse and blithely ignore everything else happening around us, delving into topics such and *blank* (I refuse to use wombede) *blank* and *blank*, where the blanks are to be filled by the wildest products of your fantasy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Thursday was short, too. And surprising enough.
For the first thing, Shreyas is still like MIA. :O Later he emigrated ardy without telling anyone :X
Then, I spent Math time doing Chem. Which was annoyingly…annoying. How the crap do you compare these rubbish huh?!
In English, we devised a system based on the amazingness of Jit’s oral score and Roy’s DOTA name.
And Jit’s score shall thereafter be the YAPstick, scores higher shall be the normal, while those below shall be known as ZenDISgrace.
So we spent time which was supposed to be spent on discussion basically laughing at Dao Han’s noob compo score which failed so epicly against Jit.
Then later Mr Yee (nice that majority of our teachers are male now XD they’re like MUCH nicer) was seeking our opinion to an obvious question and James shouted NO which was obviousy wrong. The Mr. Tan asked those who disagreed and only Peng Seng raised his hand. Then James was laughing and saying OH Peng Seng owned XD
I wonder how many people actually turned up for oral practice.
And I spent the 2hr 30 minutes slacking like some pro.
So I shall end off here with a moving tribute to Edith, who will be transferring soon.
Actually, screw it. I never write moving tributes. Besides, I didn’t actually know you well, didn’t really interact with you very much, but…still sorry to see you go. :P Wish you all the luck in future endeavours!


GG Tuesday was a sucky day.
Why couldn’t they have like changed the Chemistry teacher of ALL teachers. :( They replaced PHYSICS and BIO but NOT CHEM DAMMIT. *finishes ranting*
*Continues to mope about Dr. Pek’s absence.*
I mean, there are like FOUR hours of Physics a week. And with Dr. Pek not around anymore, that is A LOT of time to lose…
Chem was screwy. Ms The likes giving us heart attacks. Though I wasn’t planning to revise anyway. :P
Mr. Yee is awesome, but I usually spend more time on Math outside of Math, and more time on other stuff during Math…
Oral practice during Chinese. *keeps fingers crossed that YY somehow manages to tell everybody*
*Ends ultra-short post*