Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cliff jumping

Adrian kind of suggested this.
And I couldn’t resist the temptation anyway.
So the dalliance of my blog shutdown. Just for our class outing to the chalet.
*hint: you guys should feel honored
Anyway most of us were meeting up at East Coast Park and some of us were cycling. And I came a little later. Or at least set off a little later.
First I need to make it clear that I was carrying a Risk board game. And my laptop. Which I couldn’t get freaking Internet while on the train. ~emo~
So I went to Bedok Bus Interchange intending to take 401.
And I realized it didn’t exist on Thursdays. And all other weekdays.
So I walked around and THANK GOD found a sign telling me to take 196/197 for 5 stops and then take the underpass.
I did. Surprised?
On arrival to the fifth stop I realized that Bedok conveniently left out the part to tell me to start counting from the Interchange.
But walking back to the fourth stop didn’t stop me from being unable to find the aforementioned underpass.
Fortunately there was a helpful sign pointing to East Coast Park…and I walked through the underpass to find myself in green pastures and a highway.
Luckily I somehow spotted a beach like area in the distance. So I walked through the green pastures towards it.
Upon reaching the edge of a VERY BUSY expressway I realized the highway had a walkway beside it. Leading straight to East Coast Park. And I was currently located 10 metres above my head.
And when I finally ended up in East Coast Park, I had no idea where the McDonald’s was. So I asked a random guy where it was.
“Oh it’s gonna be a REALLY LONG walk”
Uh. Oh.
As luck would have had it, I was at the OTHER END of East Coast Park.
Felix appeared.
And he was just as lost as me.
And J.Lau randomly rode past looking like a total retard.
And the first thing Keshiniy said when I came into Subway’s was.
“I knew he was wearing blue/”
Random. Too.
Some time later after two Moon Shootings in a row Adrian and Leyi came in looking like they’d sprinted rather than cycled.
So 204 took over Subway’s soon after.
Clarice and Zhi-En were conspicuously absent.
Me: Zhi-En, why are you so tired?
*waits for expected laughter*
Me: Clarice, why are you so red?
I rawk.
Well at least there was Internet access in Subway’s.
Zhi-En then walked us to his apartment. And abandoned us. Evil guy.
We still managed to get in. And drank lots of water.
Well actually it was just KM spilling most of the water. Still.
Daryl: I think Sooraj isn’t actually in UK…
KM: Huh lol he really is.
Daryl: No I think when he reached the border checkpoint they found a match to a known terrorist…then they rejected his passport…
I gave the celing of a certain bus 31 a rather good clean after that. And attempted to terrorize the driver.
Me: Ruth.
Ruth: *Apprehensively* Yes?
Me: what…did you get for your oral examnination?
Ruth: I…don’t know
Me: Tell me when you have a suitable answer…
So we arrived at Tampines Interchange where Candice had been waiting for an hour. Or so.
Daryl: Eh Candice move over I wanna sit
J.Lau: If you noticed Daryl the bus is like here already.
LOLOL owned.
It started raining halfway zzt. Then we saw J.Lau was like shouting at Jit and Jit was presumably swearing back…
Me: Hmm…Jit AND Nikki at the chalet? They’d throw them out even before J.Lau arrives…
KM: Oh No…
J.Lau: Cheong says he 4.00 then come…that probably means 5.00
But WOW Cheong was actually on time.
Way to chalet quoting Cheong: Go up turn left.
Jit: Go up turn left?!
J.Lau: Did you like book the tree?
Bleh and I haven’t even like posted on what we did at the chalet.
Some other time maybe.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 days to shutdown

I think…there won’t be much time to write an emo piece any time in the holidays. Not that I would purposely make time for emo pieces after the holidays anyway. So. Here it is.
With 2 days to the impending closure of my blog, I dedicate a tribute to our days as the class of 104 and 204.
(Well, another reason I don’t write such stuff is because I suck at them. Emotion is better expressed through slasher/gore or lemon stuff. For me. So see I’m making an effort XD)
Firstly, I’d like to thank all 24 of you for showing me the varied shades of human psychology.
(Damn. The first sentence already sounds scientific.)
Let’s try that again.
Thank you for making my life more wholesome through my first two years of NUS High’s Life, and being such awesome classmates who have added to the fun of my life.
(There…that sounds marginally better.)
For being the awesome class that we are for the past two years, I really hope that we will be able to maintain our close contact in the years to come.
Of course, not forgetting to pay tribute to the teachers we have had for their unending endurance of our class and its randomness
(OK, I understand how some of you feel about mother Tongue teachers, but still…)
…especially our mentors, Mr. Cheong Kang Hao and Ms. Ng Zuli Joon, though I must admit the former returned us much of his own randomness.
(Try and stay off too much of the painful jokes, cheong, kay?)
…as well as our 3 PSLs who have spent time and effort to share their experiences, leading the new recruits on the path less taken
Looking forward to our last chance of coming together, the chalet trip, and hope we will really have a BLAST for our final day as class ‘04
Come to think of it, I seem to remember we had a class cheer. And I admit I cam only remember two lines of it. The most important.
WE will be the best of all!
With that, I conclude my dedication to class 204.
PS advised you remove the video of me dancing, Clarice.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 days to shutdown

In actual fact there was nothing remotely exciting to post about today. But then our life is so often made up of nothing-remotely-excitingness, so I might as well just post this not-remotely exciting stuff.
That’s all crap. I guess the only reasonable explanation for the existence of THIS post is that I’m too bored to do anything else.
So I was bracing myself for the horror of spending 5 hours in the Audi…but hey actually it took about…1 hour. WOOT. And that one hour was amazingly remotely fun somehow. I guess the Malays and Hindus learnt how to see their festivals in a whole new light.
Oops. Language seemed more appropriate.
Somewhere along the one hour or so the MC made us do a quiz. Understandedly, we attempted to make ZE write down the MOST RETARDED answer from the list. I drink Horlicks during festive seasons wut…
Wow nice Word’03 doesn’t recognize Horlicks.
Somewhere along the hour or so, the Dance club danced. Twice. Out of sync. Twice.
Well maybe the second time was marginally better than the first.
On average. And the marginally only comes about because of the on average.
After the first dance Bryan was like telling me (supposedly Eric or J.Lau told him this) this is the result of too much Dong.
He didn’t have anything to say about the second dance.
Probably because he was laughing too hard to speak, and I was laughing to hard to listen.
Let us observe a minute of silence for randommers who bring joy to the world.
No, seriously, don’t laugh.
Anyway. While I was hoping that they would suddenly start singing carols, I was disappointed to not see Ansel in the line-up. Well…you cant have everything in life.
Zzt gonna leave Journalism stuff to tomorrow. Screw Valles. (eh I’m damn nice ardy Daryl calls him Tinsay)
Not gonna mention us failing at ketupat making. The Kolam looked nice.
Tigers and goats is the stupidest board game I’ve ever seen. Set a move limit or something right…

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

4 days to shutdown

I usually like to begin Tuesdays with Tuesday.
Well now didn’t that just make sense.
Anyway we were briefed for our SIFAS visit, which apparently Ms. Mak reused the Tea Chapter visit slides, and forgot to amend some of them, for.
The allocation for the foreign students is just so freaking sexist. Just an observation.
So 204 got 3 girls (you see, that can either sound wrong or not depending on how you see it, and what gender you are posting this as) ALL FROM CHEENA Luckily Ansel has a different type of racism this year.
I think they were surprised to hear me speak Chinese.
J.Lau: Eh Dun speak Chinese leh remind me of Sion…
Sion was socializing with them later on. Eric looked pissed.
Anyway. We were honored to listen to the principal promote his school for 15 minutes. Moving on…
Candice was made to play the…uh…veena(YES I GOT IT RIGHT I’M SUCH A GENIUS)
Me: Eh later she gets crushed by the instrument.
SO then Mr. Cheong forced ZE to play the violin Indian style, after having a fleeting hope that the cello was simply a supersized violin. Or a violin was a shrunken cello. Whatever.
Well now obviously we couldn’t have that so we TRIED to make Mr. Cheong play the pita but failed. EH WE ONLY STAYED THERE FOR 10 MINUTES THEN HE RAN OFF.
So it was up to me to make him dance. AND I DID HAHA.
And… we made him dance again.
Poor Adrian sabotaged so many times. Mainly by Cheong SO IT'S ALL YOU FAULT CHEONG.
Next time dun be spider man la.
AMC WAS JUST DUMB. Not just talking about the questions.
Firstly me and Ansel had no idea where to go to.
So we went to the classroom on the second floor which happened to have quite a few people.
Then Seu Koon was like telling Ansel Wrong Class. So I followed him out.
Then we wasted some time trying to find the other class. And Mr. Valles somehow managed to make me do work for him in that short time without helping me one jot.
So I went into the other classroom and realized I was supposed to be in the previous class after all. WTF.
Did I mention it? The questions were dumb.
Oh I did.

5 days to shutdown

School gonna end in about a week’s time. And they decide to make us to retarded stuff in the meantime. While the Year Ones go to camp. ZZT.
So like at least it was better than the Sports Day. There was Internet reception, and we could go to the library. But Bryan was dumb, and didn’t want to take out his cards. Still. None of my concern. Just that the guys were talking damn loudly in the library. About Bryan impaling Felix on…I dunno. Who cares.
Mr. Valles was so smart. Call me on Friday say someone needed help so I called that guy like so many times and he never answer and today Valles tells me maybe he doesn’t need help after all. Nice.
Stupid ppl want go out of library. Stay there can avoid everything right…
I couldn’t believe how Fleming could lose 16-0 to Faraday.
Until we played them
And Fleming.
Then I could believe.
Actually ZZt did Faraday like manage to block every single one of Justin’s long balls?
Then we went around doing nothing and trying to leave school early. And Mr. Cheong was a –insert preferred swear word- and wouldn’t allow us to go early WTFBBQ. Even when another teacher wanted to let us go he STILL must argue.
Mr. Wu Liang: -in Chinese- Actually they’re all done can go what…
Mr. Cheong: Huh no they can only go at one…
That Mr. Cheong go feed us false information can go at twelve want us go at one WTF.
So we went back up and I had no idea WHY CANDICE WAS THE DEFENDER???
Even Ms. Mak couldn’t let us go early. Due to some mysterious identity called the House Committee just saying we can’t. And now she knows I’m gay.
Ms. Mak: In the mean time, you can have coffee, tea or me…
Me: Hey! I’m gay
Ms. Mak: O.O No wonder you keep hanging out with Jit Wu.
Well. Never mind then. BUT CAN’T OYU FREAKING RELEASE US?!
Apparently not. BOO.
So…back to playing games. And watching Sooraj and gang trying to send a love message to Ji Hyun with Jit’s name on Ansel’s Facebook account. WOW.
Oops. Was that a secret?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Camp reds

Boo this like freaking sucks. NO ONE ELSE STAY UP WITH ME THRU THE NIHT NUUU
And WTF am I doing blogging first thing six-thirty in the morning.
Nevermind. Wonderful experience. Just me and my notebook. Enjoy the solitude.
WOOT English better than most. XD. Nikki and Keshiniy and Edith somehow got pwned my Ruth I DUNNO WHY. Oh. Ji Hyun was also pwned. Well.
Anyway. I like didn’t take the history test due to some competition where I just did nothing for about 24 hours, then KM and Jit and ppl were like WTF…but Tower Defense is fun. Except where I keep losing…at EASY stage. BOO
SLACKSLACKSLACK for 5 hours playing world domination. Oh don’t mind me I’m megalomaniacal. Still. Mirror’s edge is fun to watch. So I like became real bored and started to play all the retro games possible.
Chee Seng: I realize you like to play all these kinds of stupid games…
That’s how you do well in tests boy. As well as…uh…maximizing ur time.
This is stupid. Supposedly we shld play some games tmrw but Clementi is like freaking drenched. ENTIRELY WTF.
Candice and Shini getting a little despo lol
Candice: I need boys…
ZZT hope Monday like rains cats dogs, elephants, rhinos and whatever. So we can’t play. CANDICE SO BLUR THNK PPL GOT NO TEAMRITE. It’s just the Fibo house. Which incidentally Ji Hyun is the Yr 1-2 level Head of. Hmm.
SC camp so much better only got 36 ppl this time. But the stupid thing is everyone insists on squeezing to the corners of the room and leave a HUGE space in the centre. Not like we’re going to disco party tonight.
The SC leaders so cute. Suggesting we pla n for a Friday the 13th activity. The n another one remarks it’s Friday the 13th. WOW.
ZZT not looking forward to breakfast gonna go thru interview. Later Mr. Cheong purposely give me some retarded questions with retarded answers which somehow only he knows then I DIE. NVM I JUST TELL EVERYONE HOW HE LIKES SEXY BACK
This is so freaking weird only got 4/36 in the camp are yr 2s.
Bleh. So there.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To make a Mockingbird

Just to mock the rest of my classmates...



Seriously, who needs to mug for History?

Bryan's Imbah Answer: Everyone EXCEPT YU HAN!