Saturday, June 6, 2009

Post exam stuff (3)


OK, so actually today was really just a series of talks, talks and more talks and I REALLY DON”T WANT to elaborate on such boring stuff. But just to make sure this post isn’t as short and ridiculous as the last one, I make the effort…

Firstly, was a long, boring and still somehow ridiculous talk about social etiquette, position, blah blah blah. I mean, WTF do we need to learn about standing straight or talking or handshakes?! Swearing is fun! And I’m taller than you, woman! I SHOULD have crushed her arm when she so willingly shook hands with all of us. But the playing of Sexyback was great though. Fortunately we didn't have to wear jackets the right way.

Basically what happened after break was, oh dear, the emotional management talk. Like I have any problems with my emotions. This should be a talk reserved for special Very Emotional People like Bryan and Ian Foo etc. etc. etc. So I just sat there and guess what? Started to emo. Great idea. Nothing better than an emotional talk to get someone emotional. And yes I took NOTHING away from that crap. Including the crap the talker wanted us to bring away.

The last talk of the day was…a talk by the police. So I was just sitting there and listening to them go yada yada yada about not committing crimes and talk about cybercrime. Unfortunately they didn’t drop some tips about how to carry it out. Without getting caught.  It was amusing to see them exceed the time limit and see the (Year Ones I think) all standing outside the hall. Happy waiting.

End of day

Post exam stuff (2)

Tuesday-had nothing except holidays at home so who cares LOL