Thursday, April 29, 2010


With the new audience that I can reach out from my blog due to the conveniences of NSC I shall make known my plans to all the children of the world to rise up in toys and arms and seize control of this world. We have been oppressed too long by overbearing adults and it is time to show them that the Earth will be a better place with THEM under OUR thumb. Join the cause NOW!
Heh. Just joking. But WHAT an anarchist, not forgetting controversial and TOTALLY politically incorrect paragraph. Probably wouldn’t have made some of the more megalomaniac adults piss in their pants (HOW DARE THIS LITTLE ONE? CRUSH THE RESISTANCE!) If I hadn’t typed this next paragraph you can just see the Singapore Thought Police Pte. Ltd. Opening my cupboard doors (now how DID they get in there) and doing things to me better left unmentioned.
Anyway. Time to skim over Wednesday and Thursday and Wedursday. Not sure which day of the week is the last one but never mind.
Math was…trying to figure out some stupid solution set. Took my mind of the lesson though, which makes it a good thing.
Chinese was…GETTING TEST BACK (Improved phew) getting essay back (hey I improved too YAYZ) filing (oh well. I’m quite sure I left something out. Not sure what that is. But it exists. And It’s going to creep up in the night and…OK now I’m just being silly)
Thursday was so epic TWO HOUR BREAK FIRST THING IN THE MORNING WOOTZ SO COOL. Mornings have never been this good. I mean, what with paying $39 for chairs we didn’t break, listening to Jazlene bitching to Ms. Li because she didn’t want to pay…er…$1.85…(William: WTS?)
Bleh should be like totally chionging opera reflections but not doing it.
Er. Chemistry. Quiz. Didn’t study. NOTES DISAPPEARED INTO THIN AIR ARGH. Still. Kind of OK. Everyone shocked at the “3 minutes left” like the test. Everyone prolly completed though. Unless…well let’s leave it at unless. And THE Lim Jeck came to take the quiz. Hopefully he gets full marks or our IT’S OUR FAULT. Skippetyskipettyskip.

Dwarven Elders

OK shall trash that essay till tomorrow unless I can type the randomly 1200 word long essay in half an hour. Actually I can but you probably know me. I can take half-an-hour of typing. Until I go mad *now where did I leave my brain gropes around for it. Ooh something squishy hmm probably not important. Throws over back. OOPS*
You should let the abovementioned situation happen to you sometime. So you can really see how it feels like getting crazy.
How to fly properly: throw yourself to the ground and MISS!
DR. PEK IS AWESOME. Shan’t say more. BUT HE IS AWESOME. Will not say more about it. Will not will no-DR. PEK IS SO COOL. YAYZ.
Galen has some problem luhh all these last-minute changes also haven’t told the AV people gonna see how they crew him upside down.
KM: You know what’s the first question for English essay test? It is name. I think I failed that. I mean, none of the notes taught us how to do that. Even the teachers never taught us. GGman. :O
Oh hey how lucky you are Bryan. Just mentioning it. By the way. Might as well not post anything about…ahemahem just in case you get…ahemahem by an undesirable person. But the way you put it…seriously…
Anyway. Bio was a bit of a bore. At least I did much better for my quiz this time WOOTZ that scary B doesn’t seen so close anymore. At least I hope so. Why are there ESSAYS?! OMG GONNA DIE.
Forgot about Math…a forgettable subject anyway.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A politically correct the bequest of a BE politically correct for the time being...

Is your generation wiser than your grandparents’ generation?
As we walk into the second decade of the 21st century, the world faces a whole slew of situations: the aging world population, global warming and the ever-rising standards of living. Spearheading those who will have to weather these situations are the youth of today, the world leaders of tomorrow.
However, for now, the so-called Generation Y, riding on the waves of the technological revolution, seem to be having the times of their lives , due their ability to somehow operate every gadget that happens to start with the letter i. it seems that the dominance of such technological wonders the youth of today are much wiser that any generation before.
What are the qualities of youth that put them a cut above the rest? The first would definitely be the aforementioned technological adeptness. If there is a digital device today, it is between generations. More than 60% of Singaporean households with children have computers with Internet access, and nearly all Singaporean graduate students use e-mail, the web and the latest Internet music-piracy technology. While our parent’s generation, Generation X, born in the 1960s and 70s, were relatively computer savvy compared to our grandparents’ generation, their successor, the youth of today, are technologically precocious, growing up with a rattle in one hand and a computer mouse in the other. The generation difference shows up such that the one in the family who knows most about computers is far more likely to be a teenager rather than the father of the house. A study has shown that calls to technical support are coming predominantly from children rather than adults.
For example, in many “pre-figurative” societies – those going through rapid technological evolution – parents have little to offer their children because their knowledge is not relevant enough. In such societies, adults don’t have all the answers anymore. They are not in a position to tell young and the old is becoming more of a dialogue rather than a lesson, affecting the traditional role of authority, as the young begin to teach the old.
Also, they welcome change. Youths by nature are well-adapted to the frenetic and unpredictable workplace of the future. They have less concerns weighing down their mind and can therefore afford to take risks. Youths today are getting married much later, and women today are having children three years older than previous generations have on average. Each generation is born into an era of more rapid change than their parents, making them better adapted for the hectic world they are about to enter. As Pearl S. Buck once said, “The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore attempt the impossible – and achieve it, generation after generation.” These words, written half a century ago, seem to be even truer of our youths today.
Furthermore, they know to think differently and move away from the old ways of previous generations in order to better adapt to the brave new world today. While years of education, training and experience were once necessary to succeed, now there are increasingly seen as irrelevant, even a liability. Companies set up by bright young youths, born on the right side of the digital divide, are running circles around older, richer but slower rivals by virtue of their ability to turn the increasing popularity of gadget usage today to their advantage. Experience is rapidly giving way to technological adeptness as the most powerful force that can make or break a new company.
Besides, they are independent. One of the more pervasive business trends of the past decade has been the rise of the “free agent”, caused both by the breakdown of the social contract between companies and employees, and by the growing share in the workforce of knowledgeable workers with portable skills. Today’s young people came of age to enter the workforce just as the so-called social contract, an unwritten agreement between employers and employees not to break a partnership easily once it is formed, was dissolving. They have never expected any loyalty from a company, nor have they expected to give it in return. They define themselves by their skills, rather than the firm that they work for.. Many of them see their career after graduation as a path zigzagging from one company to another, from job to job, rather than a straight line of advancement in one single company alone. Along the way, they constantly upgrade themselves and gain new skills from the times that they spend at different jobs, increasing the demand for themselves on the market, increasing their chances of getting a job in the future.
Moreover, they are entrepreneurial. With an economy which has been rapidly picking itself up after the recent financial crisis, capital for the taking and unprecedented technological opportunity, it is no surprise that more and more young people have been striking out for themselves. Nor is this just the bravado of callow youth; by the time they enter university, most teenagers know far more about the business world than their parents ever did. Daring to live their dreams and having the right knowledge on how to survive, they do and consequently make it big. In a Newsweek poll, when youths were asked to name their hero, nearly half of them picked Bill gates, who dropped out of college to start Microsoft, one of the most successful Information technology (IT) companies today. All these characteristics of youth that enable them to survive in our world obviously show that they are much more worldly-wise than our grandfather’s generation could ever hope to be.
However, it cannot be denied that our youth often show signs of being lost lambs in this chaotic world. Our youth seem to be victims wherever there is trouble, from wars to famine. They are also the victimizers and an extreme caricature of the current culture they are in, from Britain’s “yoof” or youth hooligans to America’s inner-city gangs to the increasing occurrences of parody of adulthood among teenage girls, especially in Western countries.. Yet they are also carefully crafted in that society’s image, raised to reflect the society’s values, which gives them every chance to improve upon them. Whenever you read headlines about youth, it is likely that you will despair for them. They are in perpetual crisis – fat, lazy, amoral, sexually promiscuous and drug-addicted, failed by a deteriorating education system and sent astray by society’s dropping standards. They are explosive, aimless, spoiled and corrupted by materialism, television and violent video games. They are sullen, distant and…armed. The majority of them will be born and die with poverty, most of their endless potential untapped.
Yet all these examples are once again evidence pointing to the mind-blowing adaptability of the youth today, who have in their unique ways, managed to make the best of their respective situations that they have been born into. Though they will not be capable of achieving as much as their peers in the city, considering the lives that they have had to experience and the conditions that they are immersed in, it is an achievement in itself that they can remain an active, surviving member of society.
Indeed, youth resonates with infinite potential – representing the wisdom of today’s society that can withstand the storms of economic crises or waves of technological advances. In conclusion, our youth is definitely wiser in terms of facing today’s troubles than our grandparents’ generation. Though they may have age and experience of decades, all this knowledge becomes irrelevant in the face of our world today, and the old cannot help but admit that only the generation of youth is the best equipped to face this modern age.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


O.o blogging everytwo days. Up till the exams. Which happens to be in…almost two days time.
Ok let’s see…Monday.
PE without a second solar entity. Phew. His warm-ups really kill. Because he’s on…child care leave or so I heard (oh no what’s gonna happen to the child :O). Anyways. Was still thinking about whether to go for Opera rehearsal or imaging (Yes I ran out of coins to flip) So Kendrick was threatening me to go.
Kendrick: Meet us at the staff room at 3.05 later…or I’ll kill you tomorrow.
Me: Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.
Kendrick *pokes me in the midriff*
Me *no response*
Kendrick *damn*
Me: As I was saying…
What a failure. XD.
Anyway. PE was spent watching people do their MAPFA retest. Or at least, watching Tseren and DH trying to outdo each other.
DH: Tseren u need retake meh? Which one?
Tseren: Standing BJ! (yes it’s an inside joke)
DH *immediately joins the retaking NAPFA group*
So what was actually left of the class who weren’t taking NAPFA was around…10. Out of 40-sth. Pro-ness right.
And Galen was abusing Mr. Cellophane in the gay tone used by Glee. Galen AND J.Lau.
Chinse was spent filing w8 OMG I forgot to buy a freaking purple ring file for Chinese NVM will chope English one. Anyway. Crappy personal letter I was so stressed trying to make people remember their opera moves that day I lost one mark for writing my name. Which happens to be the place I always lose marks over. Darn.
How come Ms. Bay is always late for English?
And she looks suntanned. Ooh. Darker than usual. Ahh.
All the 2.4 km retakers…failed. Again. Like J.Lau who failed twice. :O
Prolly all. Supposed to be doing revision worksheets and correcting some commonwealth essay. Which I should do tomorrow to be more productive. Anyway.
And you can quote me. I should have gonetotheoperarehearsal. Iwaslikefreakingoutforanhouraboutnotbeingtherephysically. AndnotbeingabletobethereavataricallybecauseMSNfailsARGHdarnMicrosoft. Soeveryonebegantodoubtmymentalconditionwhichtheyshouldhaveanyway. *ohbutthenIwasalwaysnuts* StillARGHJitWuHADtomakethingsbetterbycallingandsayingOMGtheyforgotallthedancemovessoIwasARGHNOOOwe’regonnaDIE. TomakethingsbetterI-.
Mightaswellnotmentionthat. BECAUSEWE’RELOOKINGLIKERISTUDENTSDARN.AndthankgodIdidn’twastemytimegoinglate-nightshopping. Butthesuspenderststilllookretarded. Whydoesn’tJiHyungetthemOMGunfairness:(
OhdearsheseemstobeafutureartisteorsomethingaccrodingtoProfButler XD
I realised I was crapping. But you can read between the lines and see spaces can't you. WOOT

Sunday, April 25, 2010

And they both reached for the gun-the-gun-the-gun

Haven’t been blogging in days.
Well. A couple anyway. Maybe because my life is made up of swearing, swearing and…trying to mug as little as possible and squeeze some more DOTA-and-lame-games playing time into my life.
The Star Award presenters are really like TOTAL RETARDS. Like they are trying to hug each other as much as possible, after EVERY name they are reading out for the Top 10 most liked Female artistes OMG. While the host is like trying to rush them OMG STOP TALKING CRAP AND HUGGING IS IT THAT ADDICTIVE AND GET ON WITH IT.
I realized. There’s no 3 hour Taiwanese drama today. Ansel must be SO SAD-DED.
Joanne Peh is dressed like some-
OK better not say anything JUST IN CASE Mediacorp finds ANOTHER excuse to screw us up or something.
Ok just being random there. Will totally forget about Friday because it was mostly about swordplay i.e. attempted swordplay (I was freaking out all day about the sharpness of Tseren’s sword OMG) And a tiny blunderbussy-like thing XDDD. And Claire’s Magnum. Obviously better than APS’s assult-rifly looking like thing. Imagine Tseren running around with a Uzi.
OMG Ji Hyun you unfaithful bitch(another thing not to say at NSC) girl you ditch Ruth and go for someone SHORTER?!
Math was so SLACKKK I can’t BELIEVE Ms. Lee let us go on for so long OMGZZZ.
OMG Opera rehearsal ONE was SO FAIL WTF we didn’t know where the light were gonna be, Dr Wong hated the real swords, I hadn’t even drilled the dance into their heads so it was utterly uncoordinated, and we probably shifted the Entire Student’s Lounge into the Auditorium and I’m suspecting we DO NOT HAVE APPROVAL.
Ji is HIGH~~~~
But Chicago was JUST AWESOME OMG Totally worth my free ticket XD or at least totally worth the school to pay $55 for it OMG IT WASTHE BEST THING I EVER SAW.
Epic quotes:
‘I was chopping vegetables, and my husband comes in and says “YOU’VE BEEN SCREWING THE MILKMAN!” etc. And he suddenly runs into my knife. TEN TIMES.’
‘Are you going to believe what you see…OR WHAT I SAY?
*another woman appears beside the very-recently dead husband*
‘He was always chewing, no, POPPING gum. And one day he sits there and he chews, no, POPS the gum. And I say, “YOU POP THAT GUM ONE MORE TIME…” and he DID. So I grab the shotgun and fired two warning shots…into his head!”
“He was always going out looking for himself. And he found ROSEMARY, SUSAN, LAURA…and DAVID. So he ditched me because of…ARTISTIC DIFFERENCES”
*VERY proudly*”I’m a MURDERER! I KILLED!” *points to her name in the papers excitedly*

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Oh noesium Wednesday ish a crappy day.
And Ji Hyun has once again converted her blog to a quizzery platform. What an epic waste of space OMG. Especially when these quizzes aren’t like, scandalous enough…
Which brings me to an almost ancient point. From last week.
Claire: You take the MRT to Paya Lebar Station, then…
Galen: Paya Lebar? I thought it was closer to Katong…
Claire: Er no our house is closer to Paya Lebar than Katong.
Class: OH…
Dr. Wong: Did I hear wrongly? It sounds…scandalous!
Yea man OMG how could you Claire.
Anyway. Wednesday was mostly experiencing a slew of whatever I had missed for just TWO days. Which happen to have the lessons that were going on TODAY.
D: my summary is so failure and so is my Comprehension which has always been failure anyway MUST BUCK UP OMG.
Chinese Summary OMG (Again) WJ was just praising how BRILLIANT DH’s summary exercise was…and then he got four. Like everyone else. (Actually I think 4 WAS the maximum. In terms of content marks. Out of fourteen. Our class owns.)
Math was just boring. I THINK TOO MUCH D:~~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Maybe a short post for Wednesday. And a shorter one for Tuesday.
Why are they showing me DOTA taverns when I’m looking for beer bars goddammit.
Gerard Butler is still the retarded looking guy he always was.
Why are all the nice pictures COLORLESS. (Reminds myself to not type backslash in place of enter or THE Lim Jeck will…do things so unimaginable to me no one imagines them. Which is why they are called imaginable in the first place. Which makes one want to imagine them. Which-OH I:M CONFUSING MYSELF ARGH)
Physics was BLAH apparently we reached a milestone signifying the success of…whatever it matters to whoever, and obviously I wasn’t paying attention, because I was…*ahemahem* doing what Dr. Pek admires, and calls multitasking. A trait of…MODEL STUDENTS XDDD. And for the record, he probably noticed enough to comment on it for once.
BIO QUIZ MADE ME SO HAPPY IT WAS SO EASY. (Not revealing anything here XD) Nothing else remembered about the lesson except Mr. Lee being nice and helping us doing last minutes mugging…
Math was…well. You know. Boring.


I feel so ashamed. I mean, Byorn is a mugger type and still can devote SO MUCH of his time to blogging. :( And his posts are so long summore. :(
OMG I missed so much during the two hours that I sat for the completely useless Math Olympiad Test. :( Should have not gone anyway and not gone for any retest either I can just FAIL IT and WHO FREAKING CARES OMG.
Mr. Murali, the king of irony (Hey that rhymes somehow)
Me: Oh why is there a projector screen but no projector?
Mr. Murali: Oh, you can’t see it? That’s OK, only stupid people can’t see it. I can…
Oh shall insert some random part that er while we (OK, well, just Justin and Byorn) were fervently trying to hack into Ji’s laptop on Saturday morning, she was like bitching about how the astronomy teacher was changing the booth into all shades of horrible possible. Then he came in.
Kendrick: How were the Astronomy students?
Mr. Yuan/Yuen can’t remember: THEY WERE YUMMY oh er *coughcough*
I for see that this post is gonna be made up of all sorts of random facts over the days of NSC and NSC preparations. And everything besides. Still.
Professor Butler: There was even this team that did this dance called Friction! Obviously I won’t reveal St. Nicholas’s name. Oh OOPS *coughcough*
OMG Ji and her LOLCODE (Just noticed it was posted at about two in the morning WTH was she doing O.O)
*Hangs on randomly while chasing after random bits of memories*
Well. Forgotten then. *goes to refer to Byorn’s blog*
Oh well. Nothing interesting left there really. Ji Hyun you food wastoid. :( Anticipate the size of “small” carrot cake XD.
GG Yu Jian and his horn-blowing inuendos. As well as the funnel one…which is partly my fault.
Yu Jian: are you really that h-
Oh well might as well not say Yu Jian might come to strangle me.
Work productivity should be indirectly proportional to time given for production. XD. But IT IS :O
How come the food provided for…say 6 judges is about half/quarter that provided for 300+++ students and their teachers. AND THEY GET BETTER FOOD :( AGAR and CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS :’(
Now looking at various mansion interiors for opera backdrops and wishing I owned them. (Yea FAT HOPE LYH) Still it’s nice to dream!!! XD.
You know how I realized the fact two paragraphs before? (OK other than our pathetic NSC preparations) I finished planning the dance moves in less than an hour today after trying to think about it for more than two weeks. Great job right.
Funnily enough in the space of that week, I’ve been choosing the music, doing the programme and choosing backdrops for the opera. Basically everything except whatever goes under my job description as the dance choreographer. It’s called pro-ness.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Press the button

I mean like,
Opera next week, (with an uncompleted dance sequence or so.  Needa get to audi soon)
On a side note, YAY for two things:
1) Got past auditions round (on a side note, is that a good thing or…)
2) Got Byorn to moonwalk in front of…say 300+++ people, or 60+ school representatives :D (After my request to one of the judges to…persude…him…)
OH NO WUT AM I GONNA DO TWO MONTHS OF HELL LINED UP FOR US :( (So says David Butler. And I’m beginning to believe him)
That was me crapping. I wanted SO MUCH to go for PE :( And Chinese O.O (That reminds me…haven’t even gotten my sui bi, and haven’t done it. Supposed to be due today. OMGZZZ)
Man I wish we have good lights in the audi.
Byorn and Kendrick trying to force me to go for imaging and skip my Opera rehearsals. I SAY SCREW OFF PEOPLE. I’d rather be doing Opera than some stupid thing called Imaging. I HAVE DECIDED TO HATE MEDIACORP FOR LIFE.
Wanted to add a side bracket there but since the NSC website is going to somehow mysteriously find our blogs and let the whole of Singapore read them…added to the fact that I’m REALLY too lazy to make my blog private.
Going out. School tomorrow. And I’m REALLY looking forward to it. (Oh wait math assignment and sui bi still undone PANICPANICPANIC)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Man blogging less and less and shorter and shorter these days because the days are getting suckier and suckier.
On a side note, I wonder who WJ is going to send to carry down all the sui bi with me absent.
GG man missing so many days of lessons gonna Wong Chee Leong for exams how?—oh wait that’s just mugger philosophy (MUST…NOT…BECOME…A…MUGGER=PLAY MORE DOTA FTW)
ZZT anyways NSC preparations was just sucky. 1 and a half minutes WTF u gonna do :O
Oh well we did it. After about 6 hours of slacking out of 7 on Saturday and working like shit (OK must remember a list of words NOT to say at the auditions :) including shit) on Sunday. I shall blame…Ji, Yu Jian and Kendrick and…basically everyone except me. Push the blame, push the blame…
Moon walking is fun XDDD
How am I gonna do that bandit’s dance properly O.O I am MOST definitely NOT adopting ANY of claire’s proposed ideas upon the pain of death OMG.
Mediacorp Star Awards 2010 IS TTALLY CRAP I TELL YOU. They doing some SUPER CRAP show on such a nice stage. BLASPHEMY I SAY. Singapore trying to copy China version also dun do such BS can or not. ZZT

Friday, April 16, 2010

This day was dumb. From the start. So I shan’t bother posting much. Bleh.
Firstly, my legs are faster than a taxi. (yes Ji I’m staring pointedly at you)
Then Justin reads the ENTIRE A section of his unreliable unencyclopedia and misses out adiabatic.
Then I was talking crap about using masking tape to bond DNA together, and why Chen Ge is more stable than Adrian Tan. XD I know I am full of S***.
Then the filming crew are such fastidious bastards. Can’t they just insert a modified clip or something?
Then (fourth then and counting…) the props provided for our audition rounds were just…EXTREMELY TINY WTH.
Oh. And we spent much of an hour discussing crap. From password protected posts to ripping out fingers to i dunno Adrian programming so-called-Trojan horses or what not.
Expect Micheal and Michelle Jackson XDDD


Oh noes wut to do waiting like ages for Claire to freaking come online to tell me the IDEA that she has thought up of for the Bandit’s aria.
*goes off to check*
Oh she IS there.
Well. Never mind. Blogging is more important. XD. But our opera is due in less than two weeks OH NOE WE’RE GONNA DIE OMGZZZ.
Still. The…most recent rehearsal was er…just the skeleton with aria skeletons added. As in the songs and not the lyrics. For many of them. Mostly because some people are singing more then three quarters of the time.
Boo chem. Was such torture. Especially with Math after that. Ms. Teh so evil dun wan give back our Chem. test :O
Crap have to do the formal letter some other time because of NSC :(
Health check-up was totally useless. Can’t they ask me if I smoke again?
Hey why is this post so fking short. Oh right it WAS a particularly short day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Byorn you emo-ist. Emo things shouldn’t go on blogs it’s bad for their health D:
KK better not say much more ltr all the ex-M09202 ppl come beat me up.
Ooh before moving on to Wednesday let’s share a short anecdote on Monday.
Dao Han: Let’s do a comparison between Gabriel and Peng Seng (putting English lessons to good use, I see—for once)…
Si Min: *smiling* Can you stop that?
DH: *Looks at the smile* er…OKOK rubs off the table he was drawing
This is like one of the situations where the Chinese idiom/strategy (crap imagine going to war with Si Min. I can’t XD) Dagger Sheathed in a Smile is DEFINITELY applicable (Now I’m trying to imagine Si Min spitting daggers…OK now I’m just thinking silly.)
Well anyway. Wednesday. Hurm. Mentoring was surprisingly lacking in unrelated discussions. For once. As in RELATIVELY. And I still say foreigners run TOO freaking fast XDDD for their own good
OK freak this reading too many synopsis of religious horror movies.
Sometimes I can get too bored for my own good. Just stating a fact.
I think many ppl ggfied for Chinese spelling :O Even THE Yao Rui left one or two blanks. Not to mention Jazlene.
English was blah Ms. Bay only let us off 5 minutes early WTF???
OK well then the “class” I was planning failed big-time. But who cares.
The rest of the time till three was spent either trying to rip Byorn’s fingers out of his hands or discussing the action slash word F***. (Oh man Byorn your nails are long)
And LOLOL the picture Chen Ge drew. Supposedly it’s a picture of Ji. And then…
CG: Oh I realized it’s nude OMG
Dion: Oh is that why you drew the hands covering the important parts?
LMAO CG you are ownage. Even your retarded smile is cool. XDDD. And Dion got such PRO observation skills.
And OH no I was playing tetris and failing at it for like the ENTIRE time Benard Ng was teaching Organic chem… and I’m not even bothering to read the notes. Srsly Wong Chee Leong.

To cross this old divide

Oh noes haven’t been blogging for two Days O.O
Oh but there hasn’t been much to blog about. Because I’m bored :(
Ok well let’s start with Tuesday.
Er…nothing. Really. I can’t believe HOW BORING physics is without the distraction of my netbook. How do you people manage it :O. I mean all Dr. Pek gives us these days is discussion questions, discussion questions, and MORE discussion questions. The only thing exciting is our collective awe at the awesome power of THE Lim Jeck and THE Yao Rui. OMG-ness HOW DO THEY DO IT? That is the question.
And in the brief interim period of deciding not to bring my netbook, I have taken to drinking chrysanthemum tea, which is leading the pack with almost double its closest rival XDDD i.e. Winter Melon, endorsed by THE Lim Jeck. (Oh why am I even fighting? It is obvious THE Lim Jeck will exert THE aura necessary to turn the tales)
Then everyone was furiously mugging for the up-and-coming as in REALLY round-the-corner Chem. test. And I was…I dunno. Drinking Chrysanthemum Tea. XD.
Bio was such slacking. Or at least…the destruction of plants. I mean, we boiled leaves, then submitted another plant to such strong light it…withered. UP. Other than doing what we always do for practicals.
Chem test was…surprisingly not too bad. Other than the divide in class about aluminum trichloride and carbon tetrachloride. So give me reason, to prove me wrong, to wash this memory clean.

Monday, April 12, 2010

chrysanthemum tea FTW

Mehh. Diaries of a drug netbook addict.
Going cold turkey is hard. I mean, well, there was probably a reason for its rather interesting name (I wonder if people feasted on frozen turkeys to quit drugs in the past. Now that’s an interesting thought)
In any case. I am beginning to suffer the withdrawal symptoms of not having my netbook ~I’m beginning to eat lunch how is this even possible :(~ Oh and I go next door to annoy Winnie ~and stop mugging for your own good~
Oh no ZE’s…moulting. And all new ZE with wings is gonna emerge O.O Watch out guys. I mean, the skin of his arm is peeling off in HUGE chunks OMG
Damn I’m feeling so tired even after such a slack PE session. ~Withdrawal symptoms~
And hey I just realized the netbook is screwed already. How convenient for me to keep my promise.
Then after that Math was slack and Chinese was slack (Think Jit the Tiger Killer) and English was slack (No teacher WOOT). And In between Ansel and Jeremias tried to convert Si Min to Winter Melon (and failed) saw Peng Seng being such a nice guy (OMG Gabriel gonna screw his head off)
Then the stupid translation competition was TOTALLY OMG RETARDED HOW COULD THEY HAVE GOT INTO THE FINAL ROUND O.O (makes one think how sucky the others who DIDN’T qualify were…) With the malays singing off tune, Chinese singing reciting English words, Kylie and French AGAIN (Well at least it’s the LAST year she’s ever gonna do it) and Claire and KX doing some…retarded thing I shall not deign to mention and Sharne performing under par.
What is the world coming to D:
Well that means we should all go and watch Yao Rui’s IMBA concert performance
Galen: But we can’t hear any mistakes!


Man I suck I’ve worked for about an hour at the computer and decided that the essay I’m attempting to write is totally…useless. Which means I’ve wasted an entire hour of my life accomplishing nothing. Nada. Even the fact that I’ve actually been thinking of dance moves for the opera all that while in stead of concentrating on my work doesn’t make me feel better. Mainly because the dance moves are…totally not dance-like. But how is one gonna come up with like nice-looking dance moves for bandits short of tribal hooting or what not?! :(
KK must stop myself from continuing to…demoralize myself or something.
Oh noes I am squeezing two days into one post. How am I gonna meet my target of 303 posts my year end :O
Music lessons all turned into rehearsal times and so we took the two hours for some…funny parody/pathetic excuse for a rehearsal. And I was showing THE Yao Rui which songs to play (no one would dare assume to tell him HOW to play them) and he was like I don’t want to do the tremulo so Claire was saying DON’T SLACK.
Lying on the floor and laughing is so liberating. So is watching Jit dying and saying “EH WHAT IS THIS YOU’RE FALLING ON ME ARIF” and Joshua’s weird assassination styles. ~Why do I have a better murderer~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Come on let's bounce

Man I suck I’ve worked for about an hour at the computer and decided that the essay I’m attempting to write is totally…useless. Which means I’ve wasted an entire hour of my life accomplishing nothing. Nada. Even the fact that I’ve actually been thinking of dance moves for the opera all that while in stead of concentrating on my work doesn’t make me feel better. Mainly because the dance moves are…totally not dance-like. But how is one gonna come up with like nice-looking dance moves for bandits short of tribal hooting or what not?! :(
KK must stop myself from continuing to…demoralize myself or something.
Oh noes I am squeezing two days into one post. How am I gonna meet my target of 303 posts my year end :O
Music lessons all turned into rehearsal times and so we took the two hours for some…funny parody/pathetic excuse for a rehearsal. And I was showing THE Yao Rui which songs to play (no one would dare assume to tell him HOW to play them) and he was like I don’t want to do the tremulo so Claire was saying DON’T SLACK.
Lying on the floor and laughing is so liberating. So is watching Jit dying and saying “EH WHAT IS THIS YOU’RE FALLING ON ME ARIF” and Joshua’s weird assassination styles. ~Why do I have a better murderer~
Hmm ZOOT should I write a random article about the House Carnival which I saw approximately 10% of for my junior?
*Flips coins*
*Then finds out he has to coins to flip*
Crap where are all my coins huh. Oh nvm.
Now I like voodoo dolls too. Or at least, my interest in voodoo dolls has been for now revitalized. Mmm…slow roast.
OK what to talk about now.
Oh YAY first >full marks for Chem. Quiz XDD
Hmm at least I can kind of like understand everything to do mmost of whatever there is to do for now. And I hope I can still enjoy this chemistry between me and chemistry (hey another one of my stupid puns) Hmm so was there foosball during the house carnival? From Frisbee to foosball sounds nice :D

Thursday, April 8, 2010


TskTsk internet gonna screw up soon again. So American McGee FTW.
Anyway…about the identity of above mentioned sister…it really depends on what and who you would believe. Or at least, BEFORE Sean or Ian Seet reads this. XDD
But might as well really.
In anycase…I am beginning to worry less for the opera as it is…seeing the number of rehearsals that are happening in the Auditorium.
Holy crap this long disconnection is fking worrying.
And rehearsal was as retarded as it ever was. Like, what is Mr. Suresh problem with…almost EVERYTHING
And I forgot to bow WOOT (Hmm thinking back, that was probably why…) But anyway. The brownies tasted like cardboard, and poor Dr. Pek was just standing there serving everyone…
And it was mostly…uncoordinated though. So still…better than our opera with unmemorised arias
Oh no chemistry worksheet and English essay still sitting around.
Dun wanna get almost fail for Chem. Worksheet again :(
Stupid hero with all his stupid skill ordering. QUAS. WEX. EXORT.
And order coming in the midst of confusion…it DOES seem a little disorientating.
Another of Alice’s epic quotes:
Alice: I’ve come for the turtle’s shell you ogre!
Duchess: Over my dead body!
Alice: I’ll try to accommodate you.
Oh no what to post about soon.
O yea the Speech day dance item was just…traumatizing. I mean…hip and chest thrusting?! :0

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day long lagging

YaY Dr. Pek FTW. More than usual. Because we’ve done our Physics project and two other groups haven’t.
Wait hang on why do they get an extension NUUUU *goes off to throw a tantrum*
And I still waiting for C&C to like work on their unfinished unstarted projectile launcher project. The $100++ project, which currently looks like…two disjointed plastic pipes and a metal pole. A collapsible metal pole.
Eh what’s wrong with Jesus Torture Day huh Isaac.
KK YES FINALLY FINISHED ALICE. The ending was like rather nice BUT ALICE STILL LOOKS CREEPY :O (Oh no how download new game? Maybe back to DOTA)
Our ratio of DOTA to non-DOTA players is steadily rising…(at the last count…9 to 12? 0.0)
Galen so pro la when I shooting at the Queen of Hearts with my Blunderbuss he pops up saying SPRAY YOUR JIZZ AT HER WTcrap you sicko I mean if it’s DH it’s def…er obvious but Galen you SC OK. IT SHOOTS A BLODDY MUSKET BALL RETARD.
Then even better you go around talking about icy sticks and sex in the garden…
Bio lesson was so ownage --> Galen Tiong for all answers FTW. So Mr. Lee started ignoring us :(
Then there was Young Joon making spastic…laughs and weird noises, Nat talking about jizz, Dh and his usual random sick stuff, and some VERY DESPO insects. ESPECIALLY those with stingers.
Math was simple. Where did my pretty pink pencil go :(

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Down with the bloody Red Queen

Yesh one boss down and one to go. Meaning it’s time to finally find out how many playing hours that is REALLY gonna take.
So mentoring was skipped for…bleaurgh five minutes only but erm definitely better than nothing but WTscrew why do they need…three sessions? With a make-up one?!! I mean…for laughs?
Oh well. We did nothing for mentoring except ignore Ms. Li’s existence totally and walk around talking so yea WOOTZ.
Yays PE can finally get my second SILVER!!! XD sounds lame right. :( wut to do for pull-ups next year.
Bleh makes sense right the only part of the body used to do pull ups is a part of the body that can only be trained by…doing pull ups. Such BS.
Oh no Jit coughing like crazy today wut happened :0
First trip to the canteen in…half a year. Oh no I probably should not bring my netbook sometimes. So I can be better acquainted with my…fellow school amenities. And Ian. XDDD
We have ze drunk drinks competition in our class and chrysanthemum tea FTW YaY
English presentation was win. Five slides with two words for one slide XD. So no one has nothing to refer to when they want to ask questions.
The…erm…rehearsal was more of a…heated...complaint about random matters. By the students…and by the teachers…and the mysterious disappearance of all the Year One principal’s listers.
And I thank the gods for…Ian Seet not having passed down any characteristics to his sister. I guess weirdness is passed by…gender.
Dr Chua: If you’re nerd, you go RI. If you’re jerk, you go ACS. If you’re weird, you come to NUS High
That’s a win quote.
No why are my posts getting shorter and shorter.
And I dislike walking through brains. Or brain like bricks. Whichever.
Uh-oh opera due in less than a month. GG

Friday, April 2, 2010

How did I get here

Oh no how many playing hours is it like gonna take me to complete American McGee’s Alice even WITH THE Lim Jeck’s help?!!
Well for sure I can probably never pass one of the stages without him. Bleh. ~AND IT’S ON EASY MODE~
OF DOOM as THE Lim Jeck would say.
April Fools happened to be less foolish than it would have been at my primary school, but let’s go into details…some other time. Maybe.
Math was crappy, except Ms. Lee tried too many times in vain to poke Joshua Park awake…eh what you expect your lessons are so freaking boring. So Jit DH and me once again took out time to talk rubbish with Jazlene and Sooraj and our…topic wandered to…foreskins and we realized Jazlene didn’t know what that meant. So Jit told her to Google it, and the result was…
Foreskin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In male human anatomy, the foreskin is a generally retractable double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans penis and protects the ...

Me: That protects the…
OMG that was so awesome. And Jit the smartass thought Wiki wouldn’t dare out a picture while DH was telling him there’s prolly be a picture man dun click the link and HE WENT TO CLICK and the FIRST THING HE SAW WAS A…
I’ll leave you to guess.
So he was like HOLY F*** OMG DUN LOOK and flipped the iPhone.
EH Microsoft Office you noob are you FKING telling me you DON’T RECOGNIZE iPHONE??!!
During break I repeated some piece of crap which I forgot to save yesterday, tried to study SOME chemistry for the chem quiz which I hadn’t even known existed (no studying of any kind took place so I was like uh-oh but NEVER MIND). English was retarded as usual, chem. Was BLAH with balloons and watching Jazlene’s skill at popping like almost every single balloon she comes into contact with (OMG Simin HOW COULD YOU FORGET CHEM NOTES and Jems this is like…the third time you’ve forgotten in five weeks?!) At least the quiz was…comparatively easy.
WOOT Chinese was ownage first we switched express and Higher Chinese classes, then Wu Jiong said he’s be letting us go after half an hour, THEN I received Wayne’s SMS that there’s no CCA today WOOT-ness. (Never knew Jazlene carried such a…TINY pack of cards around with her…)
Physics was…totally not paying attention to the lesson and listening Jit and DH and James talking about some episode where James first banged a hot girl and then DH the smart guy has to like add so much rubbish to it about spraying so much white stuff and giving the girl a facial…then having a…House of Wax because whatever gave the girl a facial was enough to…OMG WTcrap NEVER MIND and Jit was like laughing and kicking DH off his chair and saying WTcrap stop talking SICK BASTARD.
OK so our HOLY weapon kind of worked…but didn’t hit the target so sad we were like testing for about 30 minutes and screwing and rescrewing LOLOL and Galen like being pissed at the screws XD.
Today like so many ppl with no CCA, YX slacking Adrian slacking Ji slacking and me slacking. So like it turns out the second slot o=for NSC presentation was chosen by Ji WQITHOUT any discussion with anyone else and EH Wednesday playing game of life never tell me come huh WTnoobs
Man one of our new trainee teacher is a DOTA pro WTH must have team match after exams or 1v1 between him and Jit WOOT will pwn totally