Friday, August 26, 2011

Alligator Sky

Why am I posting on…Wednesday, of all things.
Oh well.
Actually no.
Since I have conveniently missed an entire week of posting because of various pursuits I guess I will just have to sit at the desk and twiddle my thumbs until a random thought comes to me.
Or at least have someone or something to distract me. I have quite a few things to be distracted by.
And then Daryl took away snacks, a couple of drink packets, and then forgot his own laptop charger. (V)
I seem to remember the time where the 987 Muttons were talking about random people waving at them. Who knew Daryl and friends were the ones doing the…knocking on the glass
Headlines as thought up by Raffles Institution:
Which brings us to…
Trainer: Although the Chihuahua is cute, I hope that any country’s publication would not have Man Bites Chihuahua as a Front Page Headline. It’d probably mean there is no better news to report upon.
Why would a man pick up a Chihuahua to bite it in the FIRST place?
Oh, the nerve of me.
Shall not say more.
Victoria: Quickly think up of a random word!
Me: Sex
Victoria: OK, maybe a word which will not have parents and teenagers writing in with complaints…
Me: No, teenagers will plead for more.
Yes I am sorry for my random suggestive suggestions.
And no, not that.
Oh, and about the part where a particular English teacher’s words carry more weight than others…
Jonathan: Put American midnight snack over that collection of fries and various fast food! Then put a person’s normal meal from other parts of the world over the healthy diet!
Berverly: Why are you so anti-american?
Jonathan: Because Americans are so fun to troll!
I reserve comment. OK. Maybe just the one American.
Caption for Chinese New Year article: FEEL THE WRATH OF MY PUSSY WILLOW
Me: Did you know that they are outside dancing to—*beat*that is so wrong on so many counts
Daryl and Jonathan:…Exactly!
I don’t exactly remember myself being so hyperactive in my lower years. Then again, one doesn’t expect anything less from those who can be obsessed with the complementary colors of a pie chart for the better part of half an hour. And one who laughs at generally everything, while the other thinks ShiNEE should be made an official color. Or something.
Jonathan:…So Mr. Chin left. To buy a waterproof camera!
Me: He probably saw breakfast. And decided against the wisdom of staying.
I left others to judge upon what constitutes wisdom.
Berverly: So did you get the same briefing last year?
Me: Probably not. Then again, I was probably not listening.
All praise me.
Cyrus: What if I wear camouflage print?
Safety in the camp must be…adhered to at all cost.
Brendan: *making an announcement about the Student Lounge opening on an extra day*…OH THE HORROR
Yes we all stand in shock and…face-palming-at-over-used-once-crowning-moment-of-retarded
Ah…Poor Galen. :P
*his problem. XD*
Today I went to school on a day I was actually supposed to have taken the day off. Not that it would matter ultimately, as the only lesson were Physics, Math and teacher-less English.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Never Come Back

…And it was this big.
(Yea, I promised but that’ doesn’t mean I can’t hint to it. I mean, we went to so much trouble trying to see it.)
Ms. Koo: DH, you are baring your midriff…and it is making me high…
Shyt I has to do commercial based on…fifteen techniques? :O
Advert shows: Hot girl with broken down car. Two guys come along in an SUV.
Guys just drive by.
“I’ve never ever seen a Toyota break down.”
“Hot girl” strips off mask to reveal some angry guy.
And then…
THAT fat girl in a bikini with her pet dog. And the message of the print ad was: Choose pets; they don’t choose?
(I’m sorry, but isn’t there some screwed up implication about the possible relationships on has with your pets when the girl is in a BIKINI, no less?)
Music. Oh. Right.
I like Dr. Wong’s red shirt XD
Dr. Wong: You’re so huge and you can’t even produce half the sound that Simin makes?
I think we can put him together with the practicing kids they might teach. Would make them feel better about themselves.
How come there were more 402 students than 403 students for ACE?
And why were we doing anything about interviews when the next interviews are probably a couple of years away.
(When everyone knows you just have to walk in like a boss)
Mr. Loo: The emphasis on interviews is all about the impression you make in the first twenty seconds. The way you walk in, shake the hand, how you dress…but everyone knows interviews are all about luck lah, sometimes I come out thinking shit I screwed it up, then—got through.
DH: How…Mr. Li made the interview ah?
Mr. Loo: Cos…first 20 seconds haven’t started speaking yet.
Class: LMAO
Jon Koo: So what’s your pornt?
Galen: Isn’t that really screwed, cos if you walk in with a suit, tie and everything, then you open your mouth and…
Me: Start speaking like this (in fake baby-high voice of a certain person two years older than us. Oh, and that douchebag hairstyle)
Mr. Loo: Eh I where got insult you? I only say people who play music are either gay or good-looking. Pick one.
Jeremias: Unfair lah Mr. Loo dunnid to pick. He’s both.
Lim Jeck doesn’t shower for…a week. Man…
Mr. Loo: Keat Mun will like try and say something. After I tell him to repeat himself 5 times he just ignores me. And then suddenly come up to hijack my laptop while I just…look skywards.
Someone: Never stop him meh?
Mr. Loo: How to stop huh?


TO be taken note of for assemblies not in the hall: It is always amusing to watch the flag raiser opposite Simin. At super slow speeds, and managing to get the flag tied up at the top, I can say that she nearly outdid DH and the epic leg-shaker.
Now let’s not insult the two SJAB people. You can’t go any better from raising an upside down flag.
Ms. Fong: 402 and 403 will proceed back to your classes, where your mentor will continue doing the one-to-one session.
Hmm. I wonder what 403’s mentor does in the mentoring sessions.
(Hey he actually came. Must be a first. :O)
It seems to be getting really mathematical, though.
Mr. Soh: As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” But three weeks is a bit too long, and I can see that many of you are trying not to be sad at not seeing me for three weeks. I’m trying to hold back tears too. *rubs eyes*
19-92. Shoot moon four times in two games. With people. :D
Will stop being too pro at Risk. Or at least play with no alliances next time.
How fast can one do a Chinese poster?
Or discuss randomly unrelated historical Chinese stuff with the Chinese teacher?
Some questions ought not be answered.
Oh, right. Like questions in Pei-pei-vui.
DH: I wish we could just…bring this machine which we know best back to the lab.
We’d never spend a minute asleep.
Which might not always be the best case in IRP, considering we spend our time making fun of people who happen to be not around anymore and getting freaked out by me.
DH will never want to hear another story from me again. I think.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Story Of Us

Sometimes living so close to school rocks hard. ~YEA~
Our class probably just keeps breaking new ground. The other Friday we made Mr. Loo drift to the here fore unknown zone of taking the math lesson to its full course.
(and the other-other Friday we made him drift to somewhere near anger. Hurm)
And then we’re…back to the average business. Like, three examples in one lesson which leads to the lesson ending 45 minutes early. Hurm.
Somewhere in the interestingly extended break Jit was attempting to study for biology for the first time since he heard of the quiz.
Me: Didn’t you say you were going to study last night?
Jit: *looks at me*
Me: Oh…right.
You pretty much know what to expect from him in that domain.
On the other hand, discussing the ridiculous results of our year is pretty…fun, to say the least.
Jit: How much you got for PSLE Lim Jeck?
Jit: Shit I only got 260 eurgh time to poke you!
Me: DH got, like 272 man!
LJ: Argh! No! *goes to poke him*
DH: Yu Han got…282 man!
Me: not too much man, only 19 marks more than you
Jit: Whaddya expect from a guy who LOST TO KENDRICK
Joshua Chew: LOL in the future Lim Jeck will put IMO 2nd place, SMO 1st place, but Kendrick will just put BEAT LIM JECK BEFORE
Why Simin came to NUS High:
Simin: Cos…school is nearer!
Chew: No man, you came to DSA camp and saw Gabriel—OH! THAT Guy!
Air-conditioning at long last.
I was stewing in the weather.
And then during the screwed up quiz only TWO AIR-CONDITIONERS WERE ON. GOOD LORD
Maybe I should move in with Jit. I wonder how a polar bear’s natural environment feels like. Hmm.
So today we were doing stem cells. Them being important isn’t too important actually, unless you count the fact that most stem cells are drawn in a cartoonish manner, and have a permanently raised-eyebrow expression that seems to suggest it’s a stuck-up little prick that can do anything.
Or maybe that’s just me.
I wonder if you can get severe irradiation from a laser pointer.
In that case I’m glad I’m not the one being pointed at.
Embryonic stem cells are obtained from…well, duh, embryos. Which are…
Dr. Low: YOUNG AND INNOCENT! *swings arms back and forth*
One might pause to think about whether stem cells can be implanted straight to the skin. Then maybe one day you can find little hands growing out of your arms :D
That’s definitely just me.
Surprisingly the relief Chinese teacher goes slower than WJ. Then again, Chinese teachers never cease to amaze me.
I can’t recall much of chemistry. Maybe it has something to do with the twenty people to the left of me during the lesson. One is understandably a little squashed under those circumstances.
It’s funny how after you survive “Guts”, retelling the story to other people again and again is especially amusing. If only I could remember all the descriptives.
But I suppose it could only be called and appetizer, especially then Claire and Cyrus were getting ready to read 120 Days of Sodom later on.
Nicholas Ho’s performance was, well, pure technical brilliance. Perhaps he was pissed off that the piano was too narrow for him to display more skill.
(But, couldn’t you just play the piece at the speed they were meant to be?)
Watching him play the violin was amusing, though. *smiles*
Hearing his encore pieces, especially the single-hand effort, was amazing. XD

Friday, August 12, 2011

Who Says

Life, the high school and everything.
The life of a high school student. Ah well.
I still can’t help putting my hands in the air and…OK yea I’ve mentioned it like twice or thrice already. In a week of two days. :D EXTENDED HOLIDAY YEA BABY.
Add that joy to the confirmation letter Mr. Loo gave us.
DH *waits for Claire to walk past* *talks about how Claire could scratch him up*
*Claire turns around*
Me and Jit: LMAO
I wonder why he never comes to morning mentoring sessions. Ah well. I’m not complaining.
Next week is, though, more or less going to kill us. Through Bio Monday Chem Thursday Physics Thursday…Oh yea. Math. Friday. And maybe PPV on Tuesday for a select few noobs. Select few meaning the other three-quarters of my class. :P
Physics 2-hour lesson.
Ms. Li: I also cannot stand shouting at you FOR 2 HOURS!
One now remembers the preparation for Ms. Li’s entrance by Galen. i.e. playing of the Chinese National Anthem, in many different musical instruments, on the electronic piano.
Ms. Li: Why you keep on playing my country’s national anthem?!
*Last Monday. Yea it’s long ago I know*
The benefits of eth—cleansing.
OK never mind. Seriously.
Yea. OK where was I. Physics?
Ms. Li: And fleming’s Left Hand Law is like this…NO NOTLIKE THAT JIT
Jit: Wut?
Here I leave the viewers and the informed to imagine the orientation of his thumb, middle and index finger.
Not counting the various much more creative ways we named the different fingers using the labels F, M and C. Hmm.
Math and Mr. Loo’s new girl which YJ and friends were trying to identify.
Joining Jit in the silent “mugger” chant.
Watching Shreyas kill cows.
Hearing Mr. Loo challenge Jeremias to a smackdown at four for just being TOO retarded (as usual)
Jeremias: I bring JOHN HUANG
Mr. Loo: I bring Keat Mun!
Jeremias: GG he’ll just ignore me man
Mr. Loo: I put a burger on you!
Jeremias: I eat so fast he can’t even smell it!
Mr. Loo: Then I SPREAD PEANUTBUTTER ON YOU (GG that sounds kinda sick)
Jeremias: It’s OK I HUGYOU
For the lulz.
Galen reading Cyrus’s speech is fun.
Cyrus: Yea I know it’s boring. But my specialty is in innuendos!
Galen: WTH kind of a specialty is that?!
DH: That’s fine! I can help you add it in your speech…BIG PENISES. I REPEAT, BIG PENISES
*Claire attacks*
Galen: OK let’s incorporate some innuendos for Cyrus’ benefit…he makes it short and sweet (or something to that extent)…
GG there’s an English essay test?
And it happens to have exactly the same boring questions?
Claire: Ms. Koo, The questions are boring.
Someone: Now then you say
Claire: Just thought you needed reminding…
Ms. Koo: OK the next time we English teachers think up questions for essays we’ll invite Claire to share her suggestions, OK?
Claire: Hmm…Bad idea…
Jeremias: Ya lor the ideas that she give a lot of people cannot do le
Jit: Jeremias a lot of people…
Or when you have the teacher with cradle-snatching tendencies?
Ms. Koo (to Jit): Everyday I look at you, cos you’re in the front, you look cuter and cuter!
Everyone in general: :O
Ms. Koo: Didn’t I say? I’m a cradle snatcher!
Me: This kind of cradle also want to snatch…
DH: Claire could you stand somewhere where I can see you? It’s so uncomfortable with you standing behind my back while…I’m…writing…
(Ms. Wong: I know WHO to put behind DH! Claire!
Jit: Kiss goodbye to your neck :P)
Through a thorough observation…
DH: Eh Yu Han can help me take over to listen to her?
Me: :O DOOD *sees Galen counting* Hey Galen what are you counting?
Galen: Number of “and then”s
Shi Ni:AND THEN…AHAHAHAHAHAHA *starts pinching and beating DH*
Abusive retards…belong with abusive retards.
DH: Cyrus you know Shi Ni talks like this and…and then AHAHAHAHAHA *pinches her*
Shi Ni: AHHH *ultrasonic scream*
Cyrus and me: Ow…
Reading into the lines of Jonathan’s possible interview with Dr. Hang for winning a nondescript award with a couple of other hundred of nondescript people is fun.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love You Like a Love Song

National Day was…good? At least all the fainting was confined to one cobbled-together-at-the-last-moment house. :P
I mean, anything would have been better than the walking contingent XD
OK, jokes about the 43rd contingent of Domestic Helpers aside…
(Ji Hyun: AH MY GLASSES MY GLASSES *freaks out*)
Oh, yea. That too. How do your glasses drop from your face while marching off anyway?
Still. It felt so much like a Monday this morning. Bah.
*over National Day*
Shi Ni: I can entertain you at my house or you can continue gaying at Galen’s house
Me: So…which option did you choose?
Leetle Boy raising National Flag: *jerkjerkjerkjerk* to random point above middle of flagpole *starts shaking in the knees while National Song proceeds* oh crap it’s gonna finish? *jerkjerkjerk*
If he doesn’t have a heart attack soon, I probably will.
Chinese=Mass copying in effect. Well, what did WJ expect us to do when he hasn’t even started TEACHING the topic in question?
Health checksome slacking???-->Profit
DH’s Basketball training plan:
1. Do a simple dribble. Back and forth, back and forth…
2. Now go low on the ground and keep the ball as low as freaking possible with your hands in front of your body, behind your back, for as long as possible…
Galen: Dood that’s like after I teach you to balance the ball on your bat in table tennis…then YOU DO THE SMASH HIYAHHH!
Jit: DH must have took it
Me: He doesn’t even measure our rotted plants!
Jit: Oh then must be NAT! OR SHREYAS
Me: WTF?!
Jit: Noobs quick return Yu Han’s ruler.
OK, I understand I had FIVE at first, but somehow my army’s been whittled down to ONE. WTH.
Physics MagnetismIn-class assignment next weekTEST nextnext week We die really soon.
Then again, a week of holidays at the end of August SOUNDS GREAT OH YEA XD
Ms. Wong: Claire, Rapahel, Yao Rui, Joshua and Cyrus, please go and change…
Ms. Wong: Claire! First back. OK now who do you bet will be last.
Probably the one who takes twice the time to shower as a girl.
One wonders whether he’s so stoned he can’t even change straight.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Love Love

Five-day weekend next week WOOT
~I don’t want this weekend to end~ *Take MC on Thursday and Friday=nine day hol GGGG :D
OK. Yea. Safety Training test sometime in the future. Who cares, obviously.
SHIT Ms. Li came. If she hadn’t we’d have two hour break + Math/break + English + CCA =WIN FOR FRIDAY WOOT.
She came.
Ms. Li: I am going to complete this entire set of notes by today!
Dunno who: Are you nuts?
As it turned out, she didn’t. One wonders why.
Ms. Li: Because the test has to be done after the assignment which can be done only after I finish teaching you, and if I don’t finish by today the test will have to be pushed to the last week of Term 3, which is virtually nothing with sports day, teacher’s day celebration, teacher’s day…
Galen: And Presidential Election Holiday.
WOOT August Holiday+++
We actually achieved a whole new record of having a whole two hours of proper math. In between Nicole sleeping across two tables (Mr. Loo: Can you get up and…sleep elsewhere?) with Jit trying to poke her (Mr. Loo: Jit, stop flirting), Jit mocking SImin for being a noob for not being able to work under the pressure of two people staring over her (Mr. Loo: With such a test working environment, I think exam will be no kick already) , a break (Mr. Loo: OK take 30s break while I sniff my ass-water), Jeremias doing very inappropriate actions (Mr. Loo: It’s…OK. Just the usual greeting from my frenemy) , Nicole massacring Raphael armed with a pen/pencil (Mr. Loo: Eh Raphael, get up, stop disgracing the Loo family), me trying to fly with a dead penguin XD…yea. GREAT SUCCESS.
Mr. Loo: Jeremias what you doing?
Jeremias: Doing what I do best like you told me!
Mr. Loo: What? SMS-ing hot girlfriend ah?
Me: He got girl to SMS?
Mr. Loo: Eh you don’t laugh ok, later he got a hot girlfriend—
Jeremias: Like Mr. LOO
Mr. Loo: :O
Mr. Loo: I was just going to say you could have a hot girlfriend and then you give me this kind of…aiyah…
Me: LMAO self-own noob
English. Air-conditioned Seminar Room. ~YAY~
*when preparing freely for a speech*
Ms. Koo: DH! Turn off!
DH: You can’t turn me off, man, when I open my mouth you just gotta listen to what I have to say…
GG Galen’s speech so epic. With all its square moons, unicorns and baby-faced sun-ness. :D
GG Shreyas so pro.
Shreyas: And therefore, we MUST eliminate the INDIAN RACE! That doesn’t mean you have to eliminate me, Singaporean Indians are still OK, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to die.
Tseren: Like, what have you seen on stomp?
DH: Oh, like the guy being hit in the balls with the high heel shoes. He think he balls of steel, just stay there and take it, just say ow so pain. If I were him I guard my balls and run away…
YJ: *Can’t stop laughing*
Simin:…or a person beaten up in a lousy ambulance
SO…Gavel Club can’t run without its oft-missing President? Yer wot.
I still think the SAF will be providing contrast. Especially as Faraday’s bringing up the rear.
Galen: *while eating crappy vegetarian food* It’s 620 ah, don’t be late.
Me: *thinks* you the one who’s busy eating.
And Happy Birthday Shi Ni with your >$10.00 pig and not-so-mini-me. :P
Shi Ni: I can give it to you, DH! Hang it on your wall!
DH: Oh god no, later I wake up get heart attack instantly BLAM

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I've Done

Matrix rip-offs that make for idiot-friendly playing and thus waste lots of my time *grumblegrumblegrumble*
So, we were discussing how the speech in uber-cheem Chinese wordage was most probably not made by Dr. Hang. Well, obviously. In following with the complete originality of our Asian power brokers. Unlike, of course the West when the media zooms iin to identify cheating on a speech by Sarah Palin, specifically to make her look stupid.
Then again, it may not have been so much as specific. Just one of the thirty-two hundred reasons why it is most likely not a good idea to have a woman that can see Russia from her house as your leader.
Back to the topic at hand today: speeches.
WJ: The reason I am teaching you is that although it is commonly known that you have to choice to not pick speeches in the major examinations, the SEAB may just sneakily put two speech questions just for the kick of it. Then those students taught by teachers who specifically just teach official letters would fail.
Jit: Hmm that after that year, if you say your O Level grade for HMT is above B3, can immediately tell you are lying, Getting a 0 for 10% of the paper can do that.
WJ: Of course, the moment that happens the teachers will be drilling speeches all day long…
Aikido. Soft-style. With a final fight sequence oddly resembling gang fights in all movies where you absolutely don’t have to worry about the threatening 20 people because they’ll come at you one at a time. *imparts television wisdom*
What is wrong with people today. A group promoting paedophilia, and a man arrested for stealing…$2
NO PHYSICS :D=Ambulances in the house. Human ambulances. XD
Galen: I think I can trust DH with doing the graph
Jit: You sure you can trust him with ANYTHING?
DH: Duh I can do that
*some time later*
Me: More like a worst fit line hurm
Jit: Told you he couldn’t be relied on. XD

Take a Ride With Me

Half-exciting day.
Maybe more exciting if Dr. Wong had approved my leaving early. But oh well.
English :D. Speech proposal :D.
Ms. Koo: If the government would give 500K for a child, I’d have babies in no time!
I’d do whatever too if the government was willing to spend that much on increasing the population through birth rates. Unfortunately they realized that importing people was much cheaper.
*Justin Bieber was allowed to drive? Seriously?*
Galen: Eh I can’t read the comments WTH does this say?
Dr. Wong: Don’t look at me I can’t read my own handwriting either.
GG. Over the rainbow with multicolored Boomwhackers. One has to appreciate the irony.
So much handouts T.T two files probably won’t be enough.
Lesson planning. Hurm. For a 30 minutes lesson. GG. For students in Year Two. HOLY…
DH almost failed except for the fact that…hmm…
From a really failure of a game we learnt the most suitable plan for Singapore. In other words, if Jit Wu was Prime Minister…
Plan for Singapore
OK. We got 5 trillion in the reserves. The first thing we need to know is that public is NOT a word in our dictionary. All you need is a HUGE CASINO that covers the ENTIRE CITY. One trillion for that!
Next, I’m privatizing everything. THOSE WHO CAN’T AFFORD IT CAN GO LIVE IN THE SLUMS! One more trillion for that
WHO NEEDS WATER. We’re, like, SURROUNDED by it, man!
Oh, right, my city isn’t defended well enough. No kick, we’ll construct a mega-large air base with planes a tenth the size of our country!
OK, we have absolutely no industries and I have no idea how we’re still generating money to keep this up but NEVERMIND THAT. While we’re at it I think we should help our younger generation with a space age school. :D
I think our tourists need a nicer place to stay. CRYSTAL PALACES, Coming right up!
The way this goes, there might be people approaching him for official city running advice. GG.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


*will elaborate later*
“The Student Council Supporter’s Committee would like to make an announcement”
“There will be an LTA debate this—“
*Phone locks*
GG for the Lulz
During Mentoring/Break we discussed the uselessness of DH in…one of those departments in Council.
Galen: So what do you have?
DH: The flag, the cheer, the…
Galen: OK so what did you do? Printing?
DH: No man, Mrs. Chong will be helping us print…I did the design!
Me: So what does the flag look like?
DH: it’s just some simple thing with…our school logo…and some colour…
Me Jit and Galen: LMAO well thought out.
Biological bead sorting…that takes 2 hours. Stupid genetic drift bah.
I shouldn’t try what my body size was not built to do easily. Such as, balancing upon steel poles. Not that falling to death one day is a great idea and all, but parkour just isn’t amajor concern right now.
On the other hand, the ability to handle hot metal for extended periods of time…(yes I’m looking at you Tiong. Noob.)
(on a side note, imagine what Claire would do is she could take all that rope)
Yan Sheng has musical talent…to interrupt . :D
*to be sounded whenever Lim Jeck is near*
“*halo-ish glowing sound. Holy/Gregorian chant”
Productive Chinese. Wow. DH noob trying to diss my answers right.
Un-productive Math. Well, actually for me mainly. Safety concerns ensure I will not elaborate.
(I mean, since when was math productive…hurm?)
And…on to our most productive session at IMRE. Aha.
Given that we were not, this time at least, led astray by one particular woman. XD
But still.
Dr. Nikolai: And Daniel will be presenting what he has learnt to his school mates tomorrow, so I have let you be his…mock audience (you have no idea how ironic that word becomes later) and the best thing is…he agreed.
Daniel: *smiles uber-dorky smile*
DH: *pfft*
Daniel: *starts talking*
DH couldn’t even string a full question. As I said, straight faces need the training.
DH: *to really tall Polish guy we’re working with* Have you studied for the test tomorrow?
Carl (I think): Of course *shakes his head*
Me: Is that supposed to mean…yes or no…
Carl (shakes head)
DH: OK Very good!
Carl: Ah, but I can test you. Which rule are we breaking now.
DH: *looks around* Professor not in lab! Wow heng I could get that correctly
Me: Along with lack of gloves, safety boots, goggles, lab coat…
DH: Dayumm how many demerit points is that…we’ll have to give a seminar!
Me: We’re not doing anything productive here man…should go and get a coffee or something…
DH: Good idea! The only machine I am most familiar with is…the coffee dispenser!
Carl: It’s free, you can get as much as you like…
DH: Eh than how we get back in?
Me: *sees unlatched door* oh…ok…
Carl: And that’s another rule broken…
*after going out and having Dr. Nikolai ignoring us completely while in deep discussion*
Tseren: CookiecookiecookieHAHA
*in pantry*
Me: OK let’s see…5 packets should be good *adds sugar* *adds sugar* *adds more sugar*
DH: WTH man you’re gonna get diabetes. Later if you go for blood donation the nurses are going to wonder WTH there are sugar granules going up the tube.
*some time later*
DH: OK I’m not feeling too well. Maybe it’s too much creamer…
(And I haven’t even added our discussions of the US debt, how Germany is doing so well in a shitpit called Russia, how we gotta get the right out of Singapore ever enters a war *Singapore and Norway have always been very good friends* and…balding. Mmhmm.)
DH’s brother pick-up line no.37: If the girl’s correct, then I wanna be wrong, so I can be incorrect!
Me: What if the girl’s a blonde?
DH: She’d probably go ur?...Why’d you wanna be wrong?...Are you stupid?

Monday, August 1, 2011


The only worse thing than a Monday, is to have another Monday right after it.
By Raghav, I think. You can’t help but honour wise words.
In any case, I didn’t have to suffer the ignomity of a first Monday. Oh no. That was spent listening to one really awesome old dude deadpanning for over half a dozen hours :D
Mr. Ang: Because I whole day long using latex gloves, now my hand is…not so good quality already, girlfriend dun dare to hold.
Class: *sniggers*
Mr. Ang: Only my wife dare to touch.
It was a more or less good “Monday”. Now if only there wasn’t the matter of the test two days later…or the thousands of dollars at stake every step we take inside IMRE. Yea.
But still.
Math test first thing in the morning.
Me: *opens door to…darkness* *sees Jazlene sleeping across the chairs*
In relation to Jit and Peng Seng stretching their legs across chairs during and before the test.
As usual we fooled around a little. For example, on the issue of being definite or not when confirming the attendance for OBS. Hee.
(It was pretty darned easy to be honest. Oh gods)
*suddenly halfway*
*Yao Rui’s brother’s class passes*
Jazlene: The effects of too much canteen food LOL
Rapahel: *Sluuurrrp*
Jazlene: *sluurrrppp!*
Nicole: *sluuurrrpppp!*
The intricacies of cacophony. In a test.
And then I saw the graded class task. GGGG. Fortunately for the benefits of asking for help. XD
Biology=2hr long practical.
Trying hard to get Galen to pair with me and ditch DH and Jit. XD
Why the Bio lab has only two fume hoods :O
Galen: :O DH WTH did you do to our leaf?!!! *looks horrified at a completely white leaf* You’re supposed to shake it enough NOTTILL ITDIES
DH: Hmm Oops :P
Dr. Low/Lab tech: Yea…it’s dead.
Galen: NUUUU
*sometime later*
Galen: Why you no tell me when you finish using CYRUS (I think it’s just one more excuse to touch him)
Me: Cos I KS :P
Ended up…25 minutes late for Chemistry GGGG
YJ: Can you go through again?
Ms. Wong: I, like, went through in 5 minutes just 5 minutes ago :O
YJ: Can you go through the buffer again?
Ms. Wong: …OK those with questions ask me after class
*did I miss anything? WTH is maximum buffering capacity?*
Chinese. No teacher. Or not
Mr. Chua: Do your Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s school paper! *goes back to laptop*
The STARVING DH: *tries to sneak out of class*
Mr. Chua: *looks up*
DH: *shyt* *goes back*
*sometime later after the one playing HUNGER GAMES has succeeded in not dying of starvation*
DH: *eats…something*
Mr. Chua: If you want to eat, make sure you can share with the class!
DH: *pauses* OK Yao Rui pass down
Hmm. So I ended up not doing work because one water-spraying crazed kid was…being mature next to me. Take my cap summore.
In assembly…
*girl with glittery costume appears*
Host (or something): what is that?
Mak: She is beautiful/hot/something to that extent
*wrong answer: it should be a Twilight vampire DUNDUNDUNDUN*
The Monkey just went on, and on, and on, and…HEY WASN’T THE STICK BLACK AT FIRST
*theme song for biggest villain starts*