Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arena 2008vs2007

Second season of this debating contest is over.
Personally I feel that it is a greater success than the first season, bringing out much stronger and articulate debaters than last time. The scoring system is better too, so we dun see crashes like 94-6 in the previous season (United World College trashed RI like, totally).
i think their win over Nan Yang this season for the championship must have mitigated the loss.
Anyway I really think they deserve the win as their second and third speakers really blew their opponents off heir feet, what with Arshish's( if that's his name) humour and Nicholas's calm.
Not that I'm being sexist now but score one for the boys!


Yesterday, just out to watch a movie (Indiana Jones and his crystal plaything) and seriously it was quite freakish the way it tells us aliens have once been here and all that. Supposed to be watching it with a friend but it was almost like he didn't exist (let's just say he's the quiet type). But then again watching a 70 something actor slug it out on the screen with people about less than half his age is quite interesting. Not that I'm sadist or anything.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First post

This is my first small step for man... first big step for mankind.
Just that I finally have time to blog