Monday, March 5, 2012

Raise Your Glass

Someone needs to compile a list of classic Mr. Lim quotes. And situations.
So here.
“The whole world knows, you know. The WHOLE WORLD KNOWS.” *Three-fingered—I don’even know what to call it. For nerdness’ sake, I’m calling it the Nightcrawler hand* “Do you know? No? Then you’re not in this world!”
“…And then, monkey see, monkey do.”
“Sure. My pleasure!”
“…but it’s not that Mr. Lim wants to cheat you of knowing this wonderful short cut, you know; please don’t be upset. Are you upset? Oh, Samantha is upset I see. It’s OK, you and I could go out for some time and discuss Math over a cup of coffee…”
“Nicholas! You’re too bad at cheating—I think you need to pick up some tips from Mr. Lim, you know.”
“You know, if you want to you ought to bring in a sweater, and write all the equations on the sleeves, you know. But make sure that you bring the right sweater on the right exam date, otherwise you might bring the Physics sweater to your Math exam, and then—Oh no!”
“I realized that Singapore is not having enough babies for the replacement rate too, you know, and that’s not good. It’s because not enough people are dating, you know. The smartest men will date the women who are slightly less smart, and so on, and then there will be the least smart men and smartest women left without partners. I have a recursion formula for this, you know…”
Starbucks date <3
Taken in a different context that might not be completely appropriate.
But what the hey.
English. Bah.
I haven’t read my own essay properly enough to remember it. T.T

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Laser Quest fully booked in February GG
No problem: Cluster meeting have!
*disclaimer: order of events edited to suit my memory as it occurs*
“So…Laser Quest is off, any ideas?”
“Anything with 2A!” (No prizes or guessing who this is. Hmm)
Cluster: LMAO
“OK erm so do we have any suggestions?”
*the usual boring stuff. You know, cycling…*
“Got people cannot cycle, but never mind I willing to learn”
“Later Aris gets the two seater one so he can ride…”
*Buffet only…*
“OK…anyone who’s NOT teck chye voting for this?”
“What about swimming?”
“Come on, you want to see us in trunks?”
“Oh, someone wants to see people in swim suits…”
“Ten dollars will give you so many arrow you will shoot till you tired”
“GG later come back one arm super buff”
“With 2A”
“Going archery with girls?”
“Imagine they are guys, then with one super buff arm…”
“Prawning is seriously waste of time and money man”
“Oh yea you got go right what happened?”
“Cannot eat the prawns meh”
“Yea Roy tried to cook and burnt everything WTF”
“But should be quite fun la, make sure there’s no beef or mutton…”
“Or maybe…um…Jurong birdpark in the morning, Zoo in the afternoon, and Night Safari at night! Everything covered!”
“Ya lor cost how much only per person LMAO”
“What about…GOAT FARM!”
“Dude, what are we, primary school kids?”
“Eh but I heard the Goat’s milk damn nice.”
“OK so milking goats?”
“With 2A? But Aris will probably be looking to milk a very different kind of animal…”
*milking goats (somethingelsecompletelylessinnocent) put down. Hilarity ensues*
*without revealing too much, let’s say it goes along the line of squishing. Of things.*

“Who votes for milking-“
GOATS Milking goats
Laughing/Good core training results.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Set Fire To The Rain

I noticed that not two posts ago I was in a class of whackjobs.
I miss that class of whackjobs.
So much. T_T
This class can get retarded at times.
(That's probably a good thing, by the way)
But most other it's frustrating.
One can stand an entire class of muggers for just so many times.
Now it would be fine and dandy if quizzes or graded class tasks were on the level of say, Honours.
(I will be missing major modules so badly when the Honours hit)
But no, they're the type that makes you regret THINKING of studying.
Oh well.
Too much Bio Olympiad, I see.
Also, I finally did not sleep during a Biomed lecture.
One can hardly tell whether that is for the better of anyone or anything.
Except for the fact that I am sleeping more, perhaps.
My story manuscript D:
I'm upset now. I think.
Mr. Lim: This method doesn't work for every case, but please, um, don't be upset because you think teacher is shortchanging you. But if you are upset we can always go out for, you know, a coffee, and discuss math over it.
Sometimes, though, this guy just brightens my day.
Nowadays everything is boring.
And I'm cruisin'
In a handy turtle shell, but still cruisin'

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vanilla Twilight

Didn’t expect to see you still around.
(Frankly, the way things stand I didn’t expect to see me here either.)
I think I’ve lost the…taste to blog?
(Oh The Horror)
Or maybe it’s just the personal crises. New class of…closet muggers, a week’s worth of bio mugging to entertain me this Chinese New Year.
Ah well. All beginnings must have an end. Or is it the other way round.
Our hostel room is Spartan. And sort of dusty. Whenever I walk into someone else’s room.
Magiclean? Somehow I don’t like the mop. It always makes things…dirtier somehow. A soppier kind of dirty.
And I still haven’t gotten out of holiday mood. Really. Feels like one every week.
Obviously, then, no motivation to study.
Hello hostel life.
And…really still tryin to add the class to my people collection before I can relaly post much of substance.
Not like anything here was really of substance originally.
Also, I am losing things.
Three things in the same number of weeks.
T.T. Least I found one. Through stupidity GRRAWR.
Dr. Dewey likes glitter. And talking. Especially if he gets to take a jab at someone into the bargain.
And he’s British. Reasons for cuteness not necessarily in that order.
Mentoring, though, with our class.
Dr. Dewey: You people are…difficult!
*nervous giggles*
Eh heh. Seems like they aren’t too much of the talking sort.
(needing to mug still bugging me)
Oh. Well.
Screw off.
Debate was actually amusing.
I think.
Obviously, talking in impressive tones is enough to use complete bullshit you pull on the fly to impress everyone. But that’s just me, I think.
Oh, and five dollars which you have to spend 30 dollars to use.
One does not look gift horses in the mouth, I suppose. Especially gift horses that are not Times magazines.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Russian Unicorn

It’s…going to be a long week.
Bryan: HEY I got 21 for bio prac man!
J.Lau: Yea…I got 22.
I should have known better than trying to continue blogging but, ah well.
I guess, being in a class of whack jobs makes one a whack job.
What if the whack job influence comes from other aspects, huh?
Shi Ni: I WANT THE STICKY THING! *jerks hand up and down*
Me: WTF?
Jit: WTF?
I guess…that is quite an appropriate response in response to such stupidity.
That, on the other hand, is a stupid response no matter the situation.
Well, what did YOU expect?
The was raining so hard there was sea spray on the stairways. The sixth-floor stairways.
Mr. Soh: I’m so wet you guys need to join in the fun. Come to the Life Sciences lab.
Lashing rain+air-con=very good idea. :D
During Biology we have established that Morgan Freeman is God. Existing since 160,000 years ago.
And someone needs to sort out his tastes of music. That goes along with serious documentaries.
Ms. Soh: And now…the worst for the last…20/22
We actually made more headway on chem.
I can’t remember what else we did, but it was probably something awesome. And the rain stopped, so that was probably good.
Math. I need to get away from Jeremias. GET SMARTER DAO HAN *hinthint*
GG deck of cards with a quarter chance of drawing an ace. Must be my kind of deck. :D
Mr. Loo stares at people evilly sometimes. :O
And the one who has been doing all our work while we drink coffee is leaving NUUUU
But, we have cookies. :D

Sparks Fly

Oh dear.
Speech-making was so much harder that I thought it would be.
Trembling in the cold, fortunately I didn’t drop off.
BUT—Doing with 08. :D
And then—one of them did abortion. Without considering anything important from hell and back before deciding that that would be a good advocacy topic, I think.
Cue the missiles.
Bloody hell.
Dr. Wong seemed to be in a bad mood…?
Thank fully we weren’t too late for music.
And then the group teaching Chinese Opera apparently did better than the troupe we were forced to go to!
As for what hat might be saying, I’ll toss it up to debate.
Music test. Blah. Two marks for effort? :D?
I like the feeling.
Of having to go for useless trips after examinations.
Ms. Yeo: You are not allowed to leave from the last spot on the trip.
Then…what about the FIRST stop?
Ah yes.
Ian’s animation T.T
Coming clean T.T
Insult I felt after taking the PSAT T.T
The class’s neatness O.o mind-effed.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ain't No Mountain Higher

Yay for the beginning of hell week, 2nd edition?
it really isn’t so much of the homework (no, not more than usual…just the same as we always have had...T.T)
But, you know, since they’re just a couple or so weeks to the examinations…One can surely hope for better things.
In the weeks to come, anyway… *sighs*
Yea, still a bit far away right. But heck it.
Independent Study sounds a really good idea. Oh well.
Bio: quiz.
Never a good news.
But, you know, GENETICS argh.
*should be easy manzzz*
We came up with the theory that if me or Tiong looks at DH’s face for extended periods of time, our IQ level will start dropping
Galen: *blocks out DH’s face with hand*
DH: N1 stop being hater man!
Here I must interrupt with news from Friday.
DH: Noob man Tiong do such shitty puncturing.
Me: Usually the CEO doesn’t do this shit. That’s why we got cleaners who are more pro at it! :D *points significantly*
DH:…shuddap man!
*blocks out DH’s face from the past*
Yep. Helps.
All these sisters and brothers and random incestuous relations are so complicated rawr.
Aaanyway. The quiz. At long last.
DH: DOOD where’s Tiong?
Jit: DOOD where’s Yu Han?!
DH: *sees me and tiong waving from opposite ends of the room* WTF they are at opposite ends of the…world! It’s like the…North and South Pole and this is…
Me: Africa…
DH: Come on! It’s Christmas! Come back here!
Galen: *blocks out DH’s face*
Good response. LMAO.
But seriously? Dragons?
And then ARGH CHEM.
Which was so simple.
With a really scammer bonus question. :O
Oh well. Better than a couple million Celsius. XD.
Chinese. He manages to waste an hour better than anyone ever could.
And lack of assembly invariably gives rise to…
DH: HEY WTH whenever we get into this circle, we invariably get started on the topic of…something embarrassing to me?
Galen: Look, it’s like this…Cyrus will say something screwed up, you will say something obviously homophobic, Claire will screw your mind further…Yu Han and Jit will laugh at your retardedness, and someone will walk in saying something else retarded. Like Teck Chye will say HI DH, which is already retarded…
Hey, it was his fault. I mean, he was saying something about…JERKING OFF IN BATHROOMS?
DH: *at Galen* you better not let me catch you doing that one day ah?
Tiong: Ah, look who’s talking?
DH: More like this dude man!
Jit: No man, never in my life
Yea, good joke.
Galen: *blocks out DH’s face*
DH: Liddat la A-hole!
Galen: *is shocked* you the a-hole!
Tsktsk. Kids.
An interesting fact as arisen.
I take it in my very evil stride. XD