Monday, January 25, 2010


absolutely nothing else to talk about except whatever I tell him during Math Olympiad class.
Yes I know am sad. But.
I think our most recent conversation mostly revolved around…the opera that the opera class is going to make. Or put into production. WhateverYes I know that sounds retarded. Anyway. Ian was for about 50-60% of the time a laughing wreck imagining the various trials and tribulations that Jit Wu is going to face as *drum rolls please for anyone who doesn’t know* EDWARD.
Ian: So see, Jit is currently like this…*draws one flat circle on top of another somehow flatter circle* OK well not so fat but you probably kind of get the idea. And Claire…has to turn him into…this…*draws a guy with…erm…muscular arms and a triangular body. And…*
Me: Hang on…this looks more like a freaking punk-rocker than he looks like Edward.
Ian: Yea I know XD but you see it’s gonna be so fun well doing all this to Jit WOOT
That was probably wrong but I’m quite sure it was what he was feeling XD. But seriously the guys hair was just too droopy for comfort. Anyway.
Bloghopping while doing this (my attention span is seriously to short) and wondering how you link ice-cream with contraceptives. (Actually I think I know but never mind…)
And Ian was like bitching about Claire going to take over everything, which I assume is going to happen to the opera, even though historically it’s supposed to be the composers who get to boss everyone around but never mind cos I can’t care less. Except the fact that this writing business is getting a LEETLE long so if you’re looking HOW LONG HAVE YOU WRITTEN CLAIRE AND IS POSSIBLE COULD YOU HURRY UP.
Actually scratch that cos if she’s REALLY reading this either she’s going to whack me (mild) or she’s going to write more long arias on purpose.
~Si Min why you suggest singing BOO I know you aren’t composing but still…~
Yes I know I’m random in fact I seem to recall this particular conversation occurred BEFORE we discussed slimming Jit.
Ian: You know the Macarena for the Orientation I was thinking of rapping it cos it would sound really cool…and then Claire wanted to have the mike cos she said her sense of rhythm is better?
Me: Isn’t Claire like totally not made for rapping?
Oh man pwned. Luckily the microphone spoiled that day XDXDXD.
Ooh two parents thought their son died then collected the wrong corpse and then their son just comes back home and they were like WTFOMGBBQ.
Damn Ian’s wonderful drawing left marks LMAO.
Me: Look Dr. Chua’s talking to Lim Jeck V2
Ian: Well I think she’s probably much more mature than Lim Jeck then when he was her age. Actually…she’s more mature than him now.
Screw I need to upgrade my live messenger but ~I’m too lazy…~
Anyway…I dunno probably gonna go off. Ansel’s obsession with THE Lim Jeck…THE Yao Rui etc. is getting irritating.
Ian: Who’s whistling? Coming from the front row
Me: Would Ansel whistle? Obviously Sean right.
Ian: Oh so if I go sit in his chair I can probably gain the magical power of THE whistle…
Fine I know you were joking.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


WOOT found time to post. Actually I have too much time to post what with me bringing the notebook to school every single day but I usually prefer to do more productive things on it such as the engaging in the pursuit of net related activities light years more leisurely than churning my brain for what to freaking post. So…I’m posting now.
Just one small problem then. No idea what to freaking post about.
OK then. Random stuff about Friday and Saturday.
So Ms. Li was like saying we HAD to have one female and male mentor rep. And it has to say female on the ID card. Meaning our pet monkey Shreyas didn’t actually count though we have 20+ people willing to testify that he…em…is one.
So. After an unknown decision making process(actually it’s just scissors-paper-stone but let’s not go into details such as that of it being carried out three times—but I digress) Shreyas ended up becoming the…male mentor rep. Claire is the female mentor rep but that’s not really important. Other than the fact that she seems to be more efficient that Tseren and Shreyas combined. (You mean I didn’t tell you Tseren was our male mentor rep?)
So we basically a bit more worried about the lack of our decorations for CNY than we were on Wednesday. Not US as in US 303ians but US as in US Clare and Ms. Li. Who for some reason yakked on and on and on about admin matters on the day we were supposed to put the d├ęcor up. Anyway. Claire made us spend mot of the break for that.
Just realized I was about to misspell Claire’s name for the entire blog post.
That was me being random.
In any case me and Jit went over to 304 while doing the decorations (you fan is freaking as fat as you Jit. Proportionally of course. Imagine a fan REALLY as fat as Jit O.O) and I was wondering why we hadn’t procured huge pieces of brightly covered cloth suitable for either Valentine’s or funeral processions.
Did I say something wrong?
Oh never mind. Shan’t bother spelling the name of Ji’s friend either. Although she constantly insists SHE was the one doing all the fantastic curvy looking word work. Or artwork. Whatever you call it.
Eh Candice Dr. Pek ardy agreed to 4KING awesome what’s your prob LOL. And your had to take about 30 minutes lining 4 characters with tape.
Some time later it was Chemistry and Ms. The was like O.o when we told her Shreyas was the mentor rep. But she still could make a joke out of it.
Ms. The: Shreyas…you must be more responsible in your words and actions…you are the female mentor rep now…
But he always was LOLOL
OK Basically the CCA fair was retarded, especially when in the midst of it I was going back to collect my bag and my notebook from the Free-access lab when I realized it was conveniently locked. With no technician on site to help.
And me and Jit were like screwing up Tseren’s and Jazlene’s game. But I defend my actions upon the ground that Tseren took about 15 minutes to lose a pawn. At least he was checkmated consequently…and then started blaming me and Jit. (Of which he had every right to but we’ll ignore that)
I can‘t believe I could actually get tired from walking 10 times around the concourse. Waiting for some NCC show that Jit said was planned but didn’t freaking happen. How can you guys sing karoke when your comrade has to stand still on a platform for more than an hour cadets…
Basically it was pretty quiet before the Year Ones came, an occurrence which triggered a shouting match between Choir and NCC drowning out anyone who might have wanted to shout for their CCA.
I am foretelling that we have had a zero intake for Journalism from Year Ones.
I was hearing that Annabeth was being random and telling Mr. Chin to cross dress O.o
Dr. Hang just looks weird sucking a lolly and playing the erhu at the same time.
OOH Realised that this is getting a little long
Saturday tomorrow then

Friday, January 15, 2010

First post of the new year

Screw only gonna blog about Thursdays and Friday now cos the only fun lessons around seem to be on those days. WHY DO WE GET LSH DAMN
Anyway…just gonna focus on chem lessons. If I’m lucky music might get more fun as we butcher Twilight even more somehow.
(of course occasionally I shall slip in random acts of nature students)
Actually chem. Is only fun because Shreyas likes to talk lots of crap during this lesson which he doesn’t otherwise…seeing as it’s one of the lessons which he doesn’t understand anything the teacher is teaching 90% of the time.
So…just an example or two.
Ms. Teh: (Explains about different p orbitals and subshells)
Shreyas: Er…I don’t understand could you explain it again?
Ms. Teh: OK…these three orbitals are in a shell…
Shreyas: (After a REALLY long pause) HUH?
Half the class: LMAO so simple you can’t understand WTH
Shreyas: OKOK could you er…draw it out?
Class: LMAO you noob
Then later I was staring out of the window for fun and noticed that Ji, Shi Ni and Deborah were carrying a FREAKING HUGE piece of cloth. Then Ms. Teh just had to try and be funny.
Ms. Teh: Oh are you staring at the girls? Which one do you like?
Me: I was just looking at their freaking huge piece of cloth LOL
Ms. Teh: Oh I noticed they are all netball
Jit: Shreyas here says he wants to join netball
Ms. Teh: Oh…but I don’t think we can allow you on the team…
Shreyas(acts shocked) How could you?
Ms. Teh: Well…you would be distracted when playing…
Shreyas: Hmm…I agree…by myself…
So that was us during chem. And approximately 11 of us planning how to mutilate Twilight as well as possible. Screw I somehow know the most about Twilight NUUUU.
Actually I think we already did so by one move.
Jit. Is. Edward.
Ignoring the fact that everyone dies and Galen is his father…well…
‘Nuff said.
I have sworn solemnly never to complete the examples in the notes before the teacher teaches them. Upon the pain of death.
Mine. By boredom.
And we managed to string huge lanterns, strings of airplanes etc.etc.etc. in one day. While every other class has interesting coloured banners proclaiming their class proudly. We don’t even have a class cheer XD.