Friday, July 31, 2009

Screw The Things Schools Do On National Day

Just ranting.
We were…just talking about lots of bull**** on some dumb montage. Which is going to be freaking huge apparently? Because of all the **** that Mr. Cheong wants to slam on it.
Oh, and did I mention how freaking good Mr. Cheong’s drawings are?
I like his enthusiastic supporters too…
Mr. Cheong: You know, could we make the Esplanade 3-D?
J.Lau: 4-D! Got smell also!
He he. We ended up having 2.5 hours break. But then, I just wasted it playing…cards. LOL
My mind map is just so screwed up. Like, I devoted equal space to each topic on the skeleton on the worksheet. Then it turns out that the Anglo-French Rivalry has only, like 2 points?
So my mind map ends up having 75% font 8 words and 25% font 18 words. WTF
Now you know how my mind works.
LOL I should look more carefully at passages in the future. That’s all I found special in the lesson.
Oh yea, and YY almost caused Galen’s bottle to be pwned. That was cool.
Did I like say this somewhere before?
Never mind. Basically everything I did no working for had the right answers. Except for the one that I did do working for.
Ok, leave the fact that I got B even with 90% of answers correct and redoing the assignment in record time.
We were throwing a tennis ball around the class when Mr. Cheong was writing stuff! That was real fun. And, like all the Year 5s form Mr. Cheong’s class were staring LOL. Me to J.Lau to me to J.Lau to Jit Wu(my bad) to YX to Mitra to me to J.Lau to Daryl to YX(WTF Daryl u noob u let it BOUNCE on the table) to J.Lau to Me.
After that Ji was like looking at the tennis ball in my hands with a…hungry look. Scary.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday-after holiday

Can’t care about intros. Let’s just jump right in.
That sounds wrong right.
Think the Cheongster a bit nervous about his China trip. You know, he could have just not have gotten a relief teacher to teach us…
OK, and he wasn’t happy that Mitra was smiling at me. But, like, I am “attractive” so that’s just too bad. I just stare at people and they’re going to stare right back right.
Had no teacher. We should have just left the darn library when we could dammit.
I lost the Hearts game dammit. Still. It’s fun sabotaging partners at Bridge until J.Lau made this shit rule. Now I’m just going to pass everything.
J.Lau: I was doing so well until the two of you came along!
(Ruth and Ji hi-five)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Very Random Quiz!

* Go through your wall and list the first 15 names you see.
* Do not list any repeats; simply go to the next name in the list.
* Then, answer the 41 questions below, pertaining to the 15 people.
* When you finish, tag all 15 people in the list, so the cycle can continue.
* If you've been tagged, copy and paste this information into a new note, and follow the directions above.

Could I care less? No. So let’s just invent names at whim.
1. Bryan
2. Candice
3. Clarice
4. DJL
5. KM
6. Ji-Hyun(I’m typing it wrongly on purpose so there)
7. Keshiniy
8. J.Lau
9. Yi Xuan
10. Wen Jun
11. Sooraj
12. Jit Wu
13. Zhi-en
14. Shankari
15. Nikki

1. How did you meet 1? [Bryan]
i dunno.
either I poked, punched, tickled or rubbed him the wrong way. XD

2. What would you do if you never met 8? [J.Lau]
i'd be leading a sad sad sad life now.
Because there’s nothing funnier than watching him get pwned for the dumb things he does.

3. Would you date 2? [Candice]
too short for me

4. Have you ever seen 11 cry? [Sooraj]
No. I gotta find some way to make that happen.

5. Would 3 and 13 make a good couple? [Clarce & ZE]

6. Describe 6. [Ji]
Hyper…dory. Or so she says

7. Do you like 2? [Candice]
Er…how about no?

8. Do you think 6 is attractive? [Ji]
Lemme quote Hermione from HP6 here…
“Excuse me, I need to go and vomit”

9. When was the last time you talked to 14? [Shankari]
today. duhh

10. Would you ever date 7? [Kesh]
Yea, so I can buy the whole world by inventing a whole new economy based on Lau dollars. Now if I could find the printing button…

11. Where does 15 live? [Nikki]
Somewhere Boon Lay-ish

12. What is the best thing about 8? [J.Lau]
His dumbness ~dUh~

13. What would you like to tell 13 right now? [ZE]
Help me do every single piece of homework we ever receive. XD

14. What is the best thing about 12? [Jit]
His fatness.

15. Have you ever kissed 12? [Jit]
I’ll try not to.

16. What's the best memory you have with 1? [Bryan]
Pwning the King at his own game

17. Who is 10's best friend? [WJ]
Wei Jie? Seems that way to me…

18. Is 15 pretty? [Nikki]
I don't know... Nikki and Pretty don't really seem to match.
Oh, but they rhyme!

19. What was your first impression of 4? [DJL]
He is…hot….

20. Is 1 your best friend? [Clarice]
I…hope not. Not yet anyway.

21. Have you seen 5 in the last month? [KM]
well, DUH?

22. When was the last time you saw 11? [Sooraj]
today. duhhhhh. -.-

23. Have you been to 13's house? [ZE]
But seeing as he probably designed it himself, I probably won’t fit in there.

24. When's the next time you'll see 9? [YX]
prolly tmr. If my f***ed-up ankle is better

25. Are you really close to 6? [Ji]
You must be joking. Here me laughing?
Ha. Ha. Ha.
26. Would you give 3 a hug? [Ruth]
I might crush her. So she might run away.
On second thought, change “might” to “would”

27. Do you know a secret about 5? [KM]
He’s gay.
Ok, so that wasn’t a secret. Just something I can never state enough.

28. Describe the relationship between 14 and 4. [DJL & Shankari]
Classmates. I think.

29. What's your friendship like with 7? [Kesh]

30. Have you ever danced with 12? [Jit]
Oh yes yes yes during Orientation because of that effed-up crap.

31. How do you know 8? [J.Lau]
Since…Year One?

32. Does 2 have a bf/gf? [Candice]
BF: Daryl
GF: Too many to count. XD

33. Have you ever wanted to smack 4 in the face? [Daryl]
YUP! and i have! xD

34. Has 13 met your mother? [ZE]
No. I think.

35. Have you travelled anywhere with 10? [Wen Jun]
With? No. not in this lifetime. Hopefully.
Except for class outings. Which He doesn’t go to WOOT.

36. If you gave 7 $100, what would they spend it on? [Keshiniy]
The question would be…y would I give 7 $100?

37. What's your best memory of 2? [Candice]
her putting 1- -1 =0 when I told her so

38. What is your best memory with 8? [J.Lau]
Lotta dumb stuff. Like me raping him.

39. What is the last thing you did with number 15? [Nikki]
I dunno…I think we were talking about changes for bus fares…which don’t exist

40. When did you meet 6? [Ji]
Last year 2nd jan right? LOL

Yea, so apparently I sprained by darn !@#$%^&* ankle just in time for the holiday. !@#$%^&*
Just stating.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tu-day is Tues-day!

Damn. The. School. Personnel. Open. The. Freaking. Back. Gate. Dammit.
Just a rant.
WOOT I got full marks for quiz. EGO for a while. Oh, and Ansel saved about 10 marks for me in for the Holiday Assignment. Now if I just had simplified all the half-equations…
And I don’t like chocolates. XD. Just saying.
Ms Lam JUST had to show us this darn boring movie. There are some funny parts fortunately. One will stay distinctly.
“I’ll try anything once!”
“Except sex!”
The other funny part is when the poetry teacher abhors the description of poetry mathematically, and tells the class to rip out the introduction. So while the boys were having fun ripping the pages, another teacher walks in.
One of the boys JUST has to put a page in his mouth. Embodiment of Pro-ness.
WTF how can anyone pass 1 of sth in Bridge WTF…
Basically the best lesson ever, cos it involved moving of not more then 1m from my desk at th every most. XD.
Ms Lee: Cover ur answers after writing.
(ZE proceeds to wirte the LARGEST GOL-DANG font he’s EVER and probably will ever write in his life)
I think I’ll share a running joke.
To get in this school, you must be smarter than Sooraj. That’s why we got so many rocks and concrete slabs around.

Monday can die

This post…I think I won’t let it be funny. Oh, and nothing about school. Seeing as an un-funny thing happened on Monday…
Anyway, I might as well continue on HP6.
Gong into the…romantics of the movie…
Basically, both Hermione and Lavender love Ron…and both Harry and Dean love Ginny Weasley.
In the Three Broomsticks… (Since when did the barkeeper become a male?)
Ron: Look at them! This is a public place!
Hermione: Relax Ron; they’re only holding hands… (Turns over to see Dean kissing Ginny)…and snogging…
In a small interlude, Katie Bell touches a cursed necklace outside the bar. Rushed to McGonagall’s office…
McGonagall: Why, is it that when something happens, do you three HAVE to be around?
Ron: To be honest, Professor, I’ve been asking myself the same question for the last six years.
On Harry’s return to the Burrow, Death Eaters launch an attack on the Burrow and
So, Ron has to be greedy and eats chocolates laced with love potion meant for Harry.
In Slughorn’s Office…
Slughorn: With a genius like you, Harry, I reckoned you could have whipped up a cure in no time!
Harry: Well, looking at the circumstances, I think a more experienced hand was necessary.
(Ron hugs Slughorn)
Slughorn: Maybe…you’re right
Basically, Ron ends up in hospital (not telling you how!) While he’s in a coma…
Lavender: I happen to be his girlfriend!
Hermione: I happen to be his…friend.
Ron: Mmf…
Lavender: Yes, Won-won (that always makes me crack up) I’m here!
Ron: Her…mione….
(Lavender bursts into tears and runs away)
Great job, Ron…
Later, Harry extracts the memory from Slughorn Dumbledore requires, and proves his abilities. Dumbledore agrees to take Harry to join him in cutting away another of Voldemort’s life-strings. Taking him by Apparition out of the school, (apparently being headmasters means you CAN bend some school rules). The waves crashing upon that pathetic outcrop they end up on is grand…
Personally, I thought the sight of Dumbledore conjuring the twisting inferno is the best scene in the film. Personally. He is THE wizard to beat. How The Hell can he do magic at his weakened state?
Still, being so powerful, he is THE target for the other powerful one in the wizarding world, and upon his return to Hogwarts, who should he meet but Voldemort’s assassin, Draco Malfoy.
Now, see, Mr. Malfoy has been preparing carefully for this. Actually, failed the first few times and had to resort to this. Failing to curse the Hogwarts headmaster or poison him, he lets the Death Eaters into the heavily defended school through the Vanishing Cabinet. As the Death Eaters rush up to surround the severely enervated Dumbledore, (funny, Harry was trying to use Enervate in the book to revive Dumbledore’s strength), Snape sneaks past Harry, and snuffs out Dumbledore’s light. Harry attempts to curse Snape, but Snape reveals that he is the Half-Blood Prince.
Near the end of the movie, students and teachers alike raise their wands in a tribute to their fallen headmaster, and the light from their wands and the sun dispel the Death Mark cast by Lestrange, and the movie sets the undertone that darkness, no matter how powerful or debilitating, will be defeated by the light of day.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

HP6 Part one

So, for once I’m writing about one of my weekends. But that’s only because I watched Harry Potter. And this post is going to be about the film. Actually, entirely about the film. SPOILER ALERT!!!
So the papers say Harry was TRYING to chat up a girl? I think the girl was trying to chat up him. But, see, there’s this quality in elders that like to spoil the moment, so dear old Dumbledore turns up, and whisks Harry away by Apparition. (Apparently the book describes it as the squeezing Knight Bus. Just too fast in the movie for us to see anything…but there WAS some squeezing effect.)
Anyway, they are there to find Horace Slughorn. After poking him real hard, Dumbledore waves his wand and repairs the damage dealt to the house in an attempt to disguise Slughorn’s non-existence. Then,
Dumbledore: That was fun!
Quite obviously, Harry has that “drawing power” that gets Slughorn back to teaching.
Now, that part about Narcissa and Bella visiting Snape. I. Cannot. Effing. Believe. How old Narcissa is WTF. Still. Bellatrix’s madness enchants. Not that I’m not mad myself. XD
At the Burrow...where Dumbledore transports Harry's stuff before him LOL...
Ginny Weasley: Mom? Harry’s here!
Molly: Are you sure? I’d know if Harry Potter was in my house!
Ron: Yea, I’d know if my best friend was around!
*bump bump bump*
(Everyone rushes down)
Hermione: Well, there’s been rumors that Dumbledore’s getting…old…
Harry: No way, he’s just…how old is he?
Ron: About 150 years…give or take a few years…
At Diagon Alley…
Ron: How much is this?
Fred and George: 8 Galleons.
Ron: How much for me?
Fred and George: 8 Galleons.
Ron: I’m your brother!
Fred and George: 10 Galleons.
After the train ride…
Harry: Have you mended noses before?
Luna: No…I have mended many toes though. What’s the difference, really?
Back in school…
McGonagall: Go for your Potions class, or do you not harbour any more hopes of becoming an Auror?
Potter: But Snape only accepted students with Outstanding for Potions
McGonagall: Slughorn has lower expectations for NEWT students.
Harry: Yes Professor.
McGonagall: And take Mr. Weasley with you. He looks too comfortable up there.
Basically, thatwas the nearest mention of classes…but Harry just outdoes everyone with his cool…er…old book when he failed to snatch the new one instead, becoming the next student to get the lucky potion Slughorn offers. Hermione’s frustration was …hilarious, to say the least, I think she was smoking more than the potion.
In Quidditch, Hermione confounds Mclaggen, whom she does not want to see as Gryffindor seeker. Of course, Ron being the other contender, means there is one of those amusing conversations…
Ron: You’re big aren’t you? Keepers are supposed to be fast, agile…
McLaggen (grabs and crushes a bee in midair): I’m pretty confident on that front.
Now, so that I don’t TOTALLY spoil everything, I shall hop-skip-jump over some parts…
On Ron’s first Quidditch match..(I had NO idea Keepers, or any player for that matter, got to wear protective gear)
Luna (in some ridiculous lion headdress): You look awful, Ron…Is that why Harry put something in your drink? Is it meant to be a tonic or something?
(Hermione looks outraged at Harry, who is hiding the lucky potion)
Subsequently, Ron just owns the match…through blind willpower. But those were some slick moves. I think the Quaffle can be the new Bludger.
Oh, and I finally know what those two funny metal supports on the broom are for.

Friday, July 24, 2009


That was random. Still...
we went through something serious. Period. "Serious" because I felt like cracking up the whole session. But I'm not allowed to talk about it. So there.
Yay I produced another good piece. So did the rest of the class. But EGOEGOEGOEGO.
This lesson is getting boring. I need a test of some sort.
Damn chinese give me so much work for the weekend. At least There was only half an hour of lessons. I played autobot stronghold...I wish they could display the bots proper WTF.
I JUSTJUSTJUSTJUST HAVE to talk about this. For starters, mr. Cheong spelled Pythagoras' Theorum wrong about thrice...
1) Pyathogras
2) Pythogras
3) Pyathoras
Then, he started talking in falsettos to random people.
Then candice stated acting so blur he drew a picture JUST to show how blur she is.
So firstly WOOT from now on our CCA starts an hour late so I can play on the com without the lab techs around...
Then being part of the layout team, I thought I could slack for 7 weeks. Unfortunately Mr. Valles had other plans and wanted us to write one article each. But quite easy lah. 1 hour later I was playing games again.
I can just imagine the brochure we have to do for English about our CCA now.XD

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bridge'em and Heart'em

Today, right, is one of those what I call the more boring days…until we actually made the Math 1 hr in the mornings permanent. Heheh. Mr. Cheong was so nice, cancelled his morning meeting…
Would have been totally uninteresting if not for the fact of this question:
Mr. Cheong: eh, Jit Wu? I thought u like to…blahblahblah about these questions one.
Jit Wu: (some random gesture)
Mr. Cheong: How about Yu Han? You like to talk a lot right?
And I realized that I was just too freaking far ahead. So I had to like, Where are we?
Finally, I turn out a good piece. I mean, I just couldn’t see myself churning out shit all the time right? Just that Jit Wu or Sooraj had to f**king close the window before I had the chance to make changed to what ever I had written. WTF I felt like going to emo in a corner.
Quite obviously, being the addicted freak that I am, decided to play cards. Somehow Hearts didn’t want to be friends with me today and I didn’t shoot the moon even once. Sad. But as always, when I play Bridge with Cards other than POT ones. I tend to win. Most of the time. And today was one of those times.
PS Apparently Sooraj and gang were trying out the Flight Simulator on Eric’s laptop. Don’t ask me how he agreed to lend them. And Sooraj was so noob he crashed in Easy Mode WTF.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day of the

Solar eclipse in Singapore=epic phail
Totally true kind of equation, because the entire sky was like, overcast or raining for the ENTIRE duration of the solar eclipse. LOLOLOL for those who were hoping to see it. Yes, I’m sadistic.
We were doing boring shit. As usual. But the first part of it was fun.
Mr. Cheong: All of you REALLY opted out of the know your neighbour activity?
Whole class: YES!
Mr. Cheong: You can’t just put up your hand if you actually asked your neighbour; no need to be shy…
(no response from class)
So much for racial harmony then.
I should play Hearts with chickens, mushrooms and mimes more. Because I shot the moon like twice in one round?! HTF can you let someone end with 23 points?!!!
This part was REALLY amusing. Other than all the trigo stuff…
Mr. Cheong: I’m nice teacher right…
(Random people smirk/giggle/laugh)
Mr. Cheong: Hey, why are you laughing? Never mind. Ruth? Mr. Cheong is a good teacher right?
(Ruth shakes head)
(Whole class guffaws)
Mr. Cheong(In a shocked voice): Really, Ruth?
(Ruth nods)
(Whole class laughs more)
Mr. Cheong: Ok, I’ll leave you to read up your notes while I…go to a quiet corner get the temperature taking form. I shouldn’t take more than 10 mins but if I do, give me a call. Though I may not answer because I don’t want you to hear my voice when I’m crying…
Whole class: Mr. Cheong going to emo!
Break 2
I shot the moon. A third time. But failed twice…sad
Yea I sabotaged about eight people. But no matter. Our essay was so easy to write I had time to find out the Express Chinese teacher didn’t come WTF. Screw them

Random Emo shit

I hate emo posts and yea, that is one of the reasons why I have never tried to put this down from thoughts to paper (figuratively speaking). But after talking to Mr. Cheong about it…
To Mr. LJL:
I really don’t know how to start this. Serious. Maybe I should begin from the beginning.
You and Mr. LCS took us for IP. For the second semester we had to design a product that was suitable for the usage of an elderly person. Originally, each group was supposed to have 4 or 5 people, but because of Edith being unable to attend lesson, our group was left with 3 people.
So first, we came up with an instrument that would aid in the cleaning up of the floor for elderly people. Basically, it is an extension of the hand to assist the elderly.
Your came around to “demolish” our ideas (Well, how can there be success with just that one idea?) Mr. LCS was encouraging, he thought it was not good enough but he thought it could actually turn out fine if we went ahead with it (which, incidentally, was what one of the other groups from another class did.) You, on the other hand, told us bluntly that we were forcing the elderly to accept our idea. I was a little hurt, but I knew that the idea wasn’t what you were expecting, so I racked by brains for a new idea.
To cut a long story short, our group came up with around six ideas altogether, and I believe you demolished no less than two-thirds of them. After every time that happened, I convinced myself that I was not good enough, and I had to try, try and try again. But after three, four five times of that, I was tired. And frustrated. I am a perfectionist, you mentioned that, so I put the best that I can into all of my innovations.
In the end, we had to make do with one of your innovations, and we couldn’t make it into the house.
I don’t understand…we produced more ideas than any other group, with less people. It hurts that the innovation of one of the other groups was done with your help and displayed in the model house, based on one of my ideas. We were left to fend for ourselves until the very last moment. Even then, I hashed out the product as soon as possible. Mr. LCS was a figure of encouragement through the entire semester. He even praised of of our groups' innovations before the class. I can't say the same about you.
A year on, when I see the Year ones doing the same stuff…
It burns.
(I apologize for the atrocious command of English. I’m not used to expressing my thoughts this way.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wake up, Wake up, on a Saturday night

Today I woke up on a…Tuesday morning. Like, what were your expecting?
Practical test. Hopefully I didn’t screw up because I like, cheated for about 2/3 of the results. Probably because I only got the damn color on the first titration, and I decided to alter the rest to fit it. At least the theory part was easy. But then I think people on the other side of the experiment table were amused when I wasted lots of ink and then realized that we had to work backwards instead of forwards…
One of those lessons where we have to do another writing activity. I’m resolving to do better this time…
I really don’t want to talk about this. Because it involved me doing much more shouting than usual, and one other person doing really loud shouting.
We were doing handstands for the last lesson of gymnastics. It. Was. Gay. couldn’t they teach breakdancing or something?

Monday, July 20, 2009


Numbers…are cute right??? So I shall present today’s blog post title in numbers! XD (Can't forget Mr. Cheong and his acting-cute angles WTF)
First, we had to do some shit about racial harmony. But I digress.
Because, see, after that, we were trying to convince him that the next lesson was, you know, break…For a moment, I thought he really was that stupid.
But I digress. (Isn’t that the 2nd time I have used that or something?)
Painful jokes. Me zoning out totally. End of story.
Oh, and people in front and behind me asking for my math notes.
OK, that was totally random. But we were doing light. And will be for quite a few weeks. Fortunately there was a small break from temperature taking or I will be bored to death.
Experiments are always fun. Especially with pokey pins and flashy lights. Oh, and model answers XD. *hinthint*
And the POP quiz was relatively simple XD
We wasted the whole lesson, like telling detective stories? And two groups still haven’t told WTF. Going to tell them to write SUPER LOOONG ones like zuo wei’s group. So we can waste another lesson and not write compo.
Had this simple shit quiz which I think everyone completed in under one minute. So much for the girls’ mugging. Wa Lao are nice ethnic groups don’t you think?
Anyway, I think the quote of the day must be…
Mr. Lim (I like to call him the fat one. Just to differentiate him and two other Lims)
One of the jobs was FISHING.
FISHING was a very IMPORTANT job among the locals.
But with increasing COMPETITION, it became very HARD to MAKE A LIVING from FISHING
There were so many FISH FARMS, yet so little FISHING
FISHING had lotsa new technologies that made it easier
So only the RICH could afford FISHING
FISHING has from those days remained one of the primary jobs
I still remember…
Sooraj: J.Lau FISHES in my FARM!
P.S. I am OVER THE MOON (not shooting the moon, though I did once today WOOT) cos Mr. Lim (the Chinese) one is down with some medical symptom. I hope he gets a heart attack.
No one saw that. Clearly.

Friday and my poker face

I would, see, be SO TOTALLY BE LOOKING FORWARD to this day. Except that the school JUST has to start CCA next week. So. I. Have. To. Wait. God. Damn. It.
BTW, Mentoring was fun, because, uh, APPARENTLY Ms Lam LUVVED our class and walked in right in the middle of mentoring. wonder what 206 are doing...
Ms Lam: I'll be back!
J.Lau I think even before she's out of earshot):I hope you don't.
As everyone knows, Mr. Cheong was having fun flipping his desktop around. And his screen. So I was like stuck there supposed to read from bull**** slides but doing nothing until he cleared up his ****.
Oh, and he engaged in his...daily...activity of bullying Ruth.
Mr. Cheong: Jit Wu, you will be her...loud speaker?
Jit Wu: Ruth says hi
Whole class:...
Mr. Cheong: So, Ruth?
Jit Wu: Ruth says no.
No, no, no, no baby, No, no, no, no don't lie...
See, that was random.
Just. Some. Other. Exercise. Some more it is Summary. Wait...actually i'm actually improving. WOW.
YAY quiz postponed WOOT. More time to study. So we were just doing more notes today.
Looking at them ah, Mr. Lim is a bit…lazy….and non-environmentally friendly. One page printed? And not stapled, so we have 4 separate pages that can fly around instead of 2 proper pages? (Actually…I waste lots of staplets myself ripping them out after putting them notes in my ring file…)
Mother Tongue
Was…OMG I can’t remember. WTF. I just know the FAT MILTON OF TAMIL DEPARTMENT DIDN”T COME. I’m going to take Tamil WTF. Not like my grades are going to be better than the avg Tamil 204 student.
Mr. Cheong, you see, your lessons would be more...enjoyable without making jokes. I thinkj even my jokes are better tha "No pain, no gain"
Alternatively, you could allow IPods during lessons. SO I can zone out ur jokes while doing my workings. At least, I won't burn in pain.
At least you make a point to get bored of random English manga randomly confiscate random books from random people who are reading them randomly so that you can pick up a new random language, like OMG KOREAN WTF. So you try and snatch it, and the book gets thrown around and random allies of said person owning the book block you. So it ended up with another random person. I'm guessing Mr. Cheong didn't want to get slapped or something. So he didn't restart the process. (Well, see, you should, and when you get slapped everyone can cheer)
P.S. Just slipping in that we played to many card games during break…I…need…to…stop…the…addiction…

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Do geese see god?

Maybe not.

Today, well, is one of those days which have one of those ultra-long breaks yea. And is supposed to kick off with a break, but hopefully, once we have convinced Mr. Cheong to convince himself, it won’t stay that way…
Quite obviously, due to our encouragement and his own convincing, we had this lesson for the first period instead of a break. And see, everyone is happy XDXDXD. But for some reason, Mr. Cheong can’t bring himself to be not tired and not hot under the collar. You mean the air-conditioner isn’t cool enough? Turn on the fans duh. But you want to save electricity. Have it your way LOL. Only me and Bryan could feel the only fan you actually turned on, by the way. Maybe you should teach from the table.
We had this…word-challenge like thingy. Lots of vocabulary questions and one summary. Fortunately we didn’t have to REALLY solve the dumb anagrams. But you see, being a retard who just has to make his own life difficult, I solved them. Or tried to.
Just a, you know medley of various card games called bridge, hearts and daidi. Oh, and a little cheat. XD

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Dance...this Wednesday!

Sweet escape on youtube sucks. Dammit. But who cares.
I’m supposed to be doing my history project now. But there’s like an entire webpage about it that I can just copy and edit so I’m listening to Good Charlotte’s I Just Wanna Live. Because I Just Wanna.
Funny…all we did for ACE was completely useless. What is the idea of making me work in a group? Like, everyone just copies from me. I guess I should change the quote to “No man is an island, but Yu Han is a harbour.”
Oh, and all that crap about those yellow pieces of paper.
Mr. Cheong: "Please reconsider..."
Me: "We REALLY did reconsider this carefully for the entire past hour, and you know, we decided that this was the BEST answer we could give you..."
Mr. Cheong: "OK tell you take these home...and consider again...and return to me on Friday. OK?"
Somebody random(Mitra?): "Hey Jit Wu put them in the cupboard!"
Mr. Cheong: "Let me give your a choice. You can take the small yellow forms, or I'll give you...the bigger yellow forms!"
Whole class: "Blackmail WTH!"
YAY. We’re doing a new topic. Called trigonometry. Which is the first hard bull**** that I’ve seen. So I looked through the notes and WTF for the circle diagram they only taught half the circle?!!!
But you know, the first half of the lesson was fun. mainly because of SOH CAH TOA
Mr. Cheong: It doesn't HAVE to be SOH CAH TOA. You can remember it any way you want!
J.Lau: So, I will imagine opposite as Nikki, and hypotenuse as Sooraj, then sin will be Nikki over Sooraj...
Nikki: Hey!
Me:Well, that's fine, then adjacent can be...uh...
Jit Wu: J.Lau lor!
Me: Yea, and that would make cos J.Lau over Sooraj, but tan would be...
Jit Wu: J.Lau over Nikki.
Nikki: Shut up!
Well, Nikki, we were just making an effort to keep you awake...
Actually, we were supposed to have a break of half an hour in between. And, because I was busy playing Hearts or something similar, I was late by three minutes. So I did three pushups.
Mr. Cheong: Actually, I don’t feel like continuing the lesson…
Whole class: So…you could just move the lesson.
Mr. Cheong: You see, that sounds that like a good idea…
Random classmates(I forgot who, OK): Yes! Move it to 8-9 am tomorrow!
Mr. Cheong: OK, OK, I just want to see…any violent objections?
Mr. Cheong: OK,OK see you tomorrow.
Whole class: WOOT. Thank you Mr. Cheong
So, I did 3 pushups for nothing?! WTF
I can’t bother to blog about that. Cos it is, like turning so generic. New lesson. New homework on that lesson. Or going through homework. Or spelling. What ever.
So today was New lesson and New homework yea.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yea, no fancy stuff to the title. Just that. And I don't really care if it is boring.
So we were just clowning around...not sadly. Or there would be a lot more broken test tubes in the lab that day. But there was quite a little heating, quite a little dripping, quite a little talking, and whatever you're thinking. Just halogen and metal displacements, not much dangerous stuff around.
Unless, of course you decide to wash your hands in the HCl in stead of H2O.
Wasn't really much actually. Working with Jit Wu is fun. I really don't see what Ji Hyun complains about. Maybe they just don't have the chemistry.
OK, so that was a bad joke. It's usually Mr. Cheong who is better at such stuff.
We had to complete this vocab and summary exercise, basically. And basically, I fail and doing that vocab part except for the anagrams. And exactly how many words is that freaking summary? 160-100 words is about...60 words of difference? And with 15 points???
I can't really remember what we were doing, so it is probably useless for me to mention the one round of 100-game hearts, 2 rounds of 30-point game hearts, and 10 rounds of daidee.
Was terrible. I. Don't. Like. Gymnastics. Even though I'm OK at it. My freaking whatever-you-can-name parts of my body are still freaking sore from those dumb tripod stands. Couldn't we do, for example, leg-stands?
Still, the good news is there won't be such a super-long period of slacking for the next few Tuesdays. Woot!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I had a bad day, it's called a Monday

It was a great day, but first of all let me say, I’m mad about Sweet Escape and that’s the way it will stay.
Now where did that come from?
Apparently our worksheets were “atrocious” so Mr. Cheong’s SO not giving us a new topic. Darn I got one mark less than full marks for both worksheets dammit. Better get full marks next time XDXDXD.
Phew our solar car actually freaking works. Granted, without the solar panel but it runs, at least…The rest was just light and stuff. Not worth mentioning.
Spelling happened. So we took it. It was easy. End of story.
OK, so the lesson wasn’t that simple. But we were just doing some worksheet which everyone either copied or checked the dictionary. Mostly I was the checker and the copied. Makes sense?
WOOT Mr. Lim didn’t come.
OK not WOOT. SORRY MR. LIM. Anyway we need to do a project due next week (solo time) and we had to do some worksheet on the com. Jit Wu does such stuff so fast WTF.
Oh, and I blogged XD.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday is our death day

By now you should hav realized that even though whatever I put at the title bar is related to the day that rest of it doesn't make sense. But who cares.
I have given...a little up on english. Yea. cos I realized I should have just copied ssction out of the Da Vinci Code. which pwns BTW. Heheh. *Makes a note*
Was really ownage. So Mr. Lim walked in and gave us a...kinda mock quiz. It had WTF open-ended questions.
Mr Lim: you cannot look at your notes for about...30 minutes. We''ll see how it goes.
Then he walks out.
J.Lau: Hey everybody let's take out our notes! (something to that extent)
*Everybody starts asking questions, copying or referring to their notes. Take your pick. Not in that order.
*Mr. Lim walks back in
*Silence and scribbling answers
Lucky I do revising everyday.
And there is gonna be a quiz next week WTF. If he walks out again...
Eh I actually forgot WTH we did. Dammit. And there was no spelling like the paranoid girls thought. Noob.
O.o guess what Mitra forgot there was Math and went home. We were just finishing Surds so the lesson not much anyway.
J.Lau: Imagine Mitra at home...
"Eh why nobody online? I thought Jit come home quite early one..."

PS there was this one Math lesson where we had some Graded Worksheets. Fortunately I got 1 mark less than full marks. But see, we were all copying each other for the first GW so we all got the same question wrong LOL...
And HTH did I get 42 for that last GW question?!

Thursday is a dumb day

Indeed, cos we would have only one lesson. Only. Called Enlgish. As it turned out Mr. Cheong has an extra leasson on that day but quite obviously it was as boring as all the others. difference.
I already said that this lesson was boring as the rest. So shut it.
I got owned. AGAIN WTF. By that you "you can actually extend ur whatever by more than a pragraph if you want to make it better" lol. Screw. That. shit.
Forgot what we did after that.
Yea break can die. Just played a boring game called Defend your castle...and then watched Mitra play Tower defence. No life right me. J.Lau so super failure keep on lagging. NOOB.
Oh and Ji Hyun seriously fails at that ball game. Fail to put the ball into the hole so many times.
See...that sounded a little wrong...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I wish today was Wednesday

I think…there will be not much need to break this up to intro and different post…cos apparently there are…one lesson of Chinese WTH dammit. Wait. ARE?
See... in a fit of irony, today was supposed to be the best day for Ji Hyun. Cos she would have to lessons with Math and Chinese so conveniently not around. And she would have no school. Therefore, Mr. Cheong kindly offered to stay back for ACE. And screwed her up. Because, see, he decided that it was fine time to give us all a change of plans…sorry, seats. And through some hax0r method which I didn’t conceive possible…J.Lau was placed next to Nikki, and Jit Wu was placed next to Ji Hyun. Some freaky Cheongish method. Oh, and Candice was placed next to Bryan, but that isn’t the point. And WTF Yi Xuan switched 6 and 9 over so he could sit next to Zhi-en. And when Mr. Cheong switched him back, whatever he said made me want to slap him LOL. Only you can help yourself manx dunno what is ur prob. What was more dumb is that Mr. Cheong conveniently granted his wish by wanting Felix and Shankari top be both in front. (See, you could have switched pairs 6 and 9 with another 2 random pairs that WERE in front.)But, seriously, I got nothing much else to complain about. Especially when Mr. Cheong change our gang row into a column.
Incidentally…our Chinese teacher ALSO didn’t come. What is the school becoming? Instead we got an absentminded teacher who forgot to come back and release us. I should have gone straight home after completing that darn worksheet.

After Youth Day Holiday (A crappy day)

Yes, I totally have nothing better to do than to write about day to day events. So there.
Don’t really remember much of the lesson…cos I just finished everything by one hour or even less and wrote out one of the questions on the board. And my handwriting…is just too big.
I…think we were doing something one one of our most memorable moments. And I screwed up by, you know writing one paragraph while everyone wrote pro pieces much longer. Haha.
Was completely boring cos I like, hello, finished everything so very long ago. OK, maybe just a week in advance. But still. I slept the whole while of the relief lesson.
Was OWNAGE as all long breaks are. Mainly because the rest of the gang had very little time with so many things to do. And part of that “so many things” included going to McDonald’s etc. etc. So I could hog Bryan’s laptop and play stick games. WOOT.
Was WTH seriously dumb. What is the point of making us do Gymnastics?! Didn’t we, like do that LAST YEAR? I got totally dizzy after all that crap. At least there was running. You should have seen the way I began running.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Is the last day of my first week back! And I would have been goddamn looking forward to it if not for the fact that our school closed down all mass student gatherings, like, yes, CCA. I mean, If you don’t actually want such gatherings to occur, you could just make us all stay at home…*hinthint*
So. Friday is also one of those pretty packed days where there are a few more lessons than usual. Ignoring the fact that it IS the longest of those days if CCA could be factored in. Still…
I think we had to present something from the previous lesson…oh and that reminds me to send whatever I have to Ms Lam. Cinderfella stuff.
OK done. Basically, Ms Lam is saying that whatever I wrote this time sux. But I only had one paragraph to write! Everyone wrote no less than twice as long! And you haven’t shown me that pro paragraph that is supposed to have everything. So there. I’m sulking.
Was…like…you know the replay button on a VCD player? Just like that. Like he’s wasting one whole lesson because…I think he forgot to bring the notes last time. But I liked this one:
“Hey” (points to KM and Daryl, who are as usual…doing things better not known)
“Stop holding hands.”
Hehe. Zuo Wei was telling, for about a quarter of the lesson, cold jokes. In Chinese. Now that’s pro. I liked this one best:
There were three earthworms in a family…
Son wanted to play chess so he split into 2.
Mum wanted to play mahjong so she split herself into 4.
Father ended up in hospital.
He felt like playing soccer WTF.
See, I seriously got nothing to say about that cos I was, like, sleeping through most of the lesson. But Mr. Cheong fails at joking.
Mr. Cheong: “There’s a graded assignment on Sunday! Make sure to revise!”
WHOLE class (emphasis WHOLE): “Yea, sure…”
Mr. Cheong (turns around and pretends to slam the board in frustration and his failed joke): “See, that was a good weekend joke…”

Saturday, July 4, 2009

O.o broke 100th post!!!

Is, yes, my third day back in school. Unfortunately, though, much as it is great that there is no Da Vinci module, the day is still quite a little packed…
Owned almost totally because Mr. Cheong showed us his WEDDING PHOTOS!!! But, you know, his pose or smile (dunno which one) looked…you know…a little…kind of stiff…And it was more interesting that he Photoshopped all but one of the photos…(so, you see, maybe, you know, he wasn't that stiff at first, but…). Even Ms.Mak was eager to join us more ACE XD.
Whatever came next…was totally insignificant BS. Heheh.
Was also comparatively insignificant. Even though it was two hours. I just did ALL the examples in the first hour and *blanked* through the next.
Chinese was really terrible. WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO MAKE US WRITE AN ESSAY ON THE SECOND LESSON?! Even better, it was some strange genre of composition that I never heard before WTF. Fortunately the lesson was too short to I just went home and did it properly...


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Second day back in school...

Day 2
O.o this day quite owns actually. 3.5 hr break. Which is why I’m bothering to blog about it anyway. Basically…
Nothing much changed…cos it’s the same teacher probably. And she called me by my brother’s name. Hahaha.
Yes, I know same teaher also…but for some reason I find Ms Lam REAL hyper today. Must be over caffeinated. XD.
Anyway, she decided she didn’t want us to keep losing our notes so she gave us a REALLY thick booklet comprising of…hey 6 weeks of notes. And “to not spoil the fun”, she doesn’t want us to read them before the lesson. But, you know, where’s the fun ofnot doing things you have been told not to do…?
Basically we had to write an alternative to the Cinderella story to day. WTF the last time I heard that story was like 10 years ago…but I think I did a pretty good job then considering that…
(Sounds like my favourite subject. I wonder why…)
So since Mitra brought CARDS, we, naturally, played our CARD GAMES. Daidi, cheat, etc. And I learnt to play Hearts, and watched J.Lau fail big-time at it. Which wasn’t surprising to me. But when we played Cheat, I owned everyone like, 4/7 times. I’m THE CHEAT MASTER EGOEGO EGO.
And then Wen Jun wanted to gamble. O.o WTF. So I became the croupier. But even their money involvement didn’t make the game more fun cos the maximum is like, 20 cents and Jit Wu just goes all in every time. Texas Holdem just ain’t have the same fun LOL. (Mitra must have cheated. How can he have won like $2 in just two games?!!!
So for some reason the break was so long I actually decided to do some work! O.o. But then it was Math, my favourite subject. Coupled with Bryan’s IPod, that is totally fine with me. I like I Just Wanna Live blasting through my ears.
So I just kept on doing until I noticed that most of the guys were going out. Huh? So, like sheep I followed them. Turns out they were just following Daryl and KM. Like sheep. Daryl wanted to go to King Albert’s Park O.o. To play cards…just that they didn’t bring the cards with them. Obviously, that sounded so dumb I went back to class. And LOL soon Jit and the rest came back, cos Daryl and KM just went around the school for fun.
Not much to talk about after that. Cos nobody brought laptops.  Hopefully cos Ms Lam said so, people like Bryan will Thursday…
Yea. The period we waited 3.5 hrs for. And hehehe…WONLY HAD 20 MINUTES OF LESSON!!! So we measured our height and weight, then we played a game called…you know… “Home Run”…

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First day back in school...

Yea, first day back in school, so not really much changes…Jit Wu and gang still mad about their MMORPGs, Nikki and her group still yammer on and on and on and on about their random girl stuff (things involving, for example, pinkish heart shaped cupcakes…and Jodi Picoult) Me, just being random walking around randomly doing random things. Most probably because nobody, even me, brought cards. Dammit. Nothing much to do then, during breaks. Just a short chat about the subjects that he had today then.
Mr. Cheong wants to NOT spoon-feed us. This is totally okay with me, as I’ve never been really spoon-feeded by him anyway. But does anyone wonder if, you know, that’s where part of our $300++ school fees go to? Oh and is he paranoid about the H1N1 situation. 1,4,60000…wonder how that happened?
The teacher had the funny Chinese accent that China born people often have. But I let that go. Nothing much anyone can do about it. Her lessons, were, well, OK. And because of our youth day holiday, we have one more week to do our solar car! WOOT!
P.S. Oi Ms Li you took an extra marker return it PLSPLSPLS
First thing is WOOT MS MAK BACK TO TEACH US. Until I had a look at the lesson plan and thought WTF y is there compositions on the first week ardy. But Chinese will be OK. Hopefully.
Weird…Mr. Lim didn’t bother to know all our names. Again. From the first lesson only…I think he’s quite OK…