Monday, May 24, 2010

Drum rolls please...

We lost the NSC. Like, totally.
Enough said. I don't think I have like the heart to emo today.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Have been wanting to blog. For three days consecutively. And EVERY single time I’ve been sidetracked by other mundane stuff that should be ignored in the view that I am going to blog such as NSC preparations, Journalism articles, manga reading, game designing…
Yea. These kinds of things.
:( couldn’t see the rehearsal cos of family issues and man DO I REALLY HAVE AN ISSUE. OK well any heard they PWNED everybody totally during the rapid fire YAY NUS HIGH FTW
Suddenly realized the reason why I haven’t been blogging is because I got nothing ot blog about.
That just sounds so much like my freaking life without school. Spelt in one word total. B-O-R-I-N-G.
Can’t even make it to 204 class outing on Wednesday because of crap called Journalism during SIMC. But I guess I must have had it coming…I mean we haven’t been doing ANYTHING during Journalism. For half a year. It’s just been slacking, slacking and more slacking. But now they’re expecting me to annotate a research paper summary that I have like NO IDEA about. :O
Yea man host pwned WRONG NUMBER in front of national TV LMAO.
Crap World in Flames takes 20-180 HOURS TO PLAY?! FOR A BOARD GAME? The game designers have some…sadistic tendencies. As do I, but I never express it when designing my games. It’s only with my little pointy finger, and Justin experienced the full force of its powers while waiting in line for lunch. Couldn’t say it spoilt his appetite any though…

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too. Bad.

Dammit we are so gonna die. Really.
Or at least, we will die against RI. Oh, the humility.
XD. Because we were doing training for NSC today with the team against the reserve team. 3 people against 2. Just to give a rough idea of the…odds or something. It was really freaky you know both our seniors guessed ALL 3 people who were going on screen CORRECT. Yu Jian guessed it WITHOUT hints no less OMGZZZ awesome foresight. (Which reminds me we probably owe him a BIG B&J – guess he would like this innuendo too -- treat after making him our personal slave on Tuesday XD we’re BA-A-A-A-D juniors)
OK. Slavery aside, we did really badly for the first practice (both teams) and the two-man gang pwned the three—person team comprehensively in the second training session. Which…really leaves me crossing my fingers in hope that the freezing studio will do something to Kendrick’s impulsiveness. Maybe give him hypothermia so he can’t feel his fingers or something. (On a random side note, me and Byorn were “being”…RGSS in the first session and RI in the second. Ominous huh? XD)
Darn should go sleep or something REALLY tired this morning must have something to do with my relatively HUGE breakfast (you get some, you lose some, and Garfield gets phagocytosis. OK that neither rhymed nor make sense so who gives a crap) I suspect someone is slipping sleeping pills in my food I’m now feeling tired after dinner too :O
I got this feeling that we had a totally useless briefing about the CS module in the morning because they realized that ALL the other elective modules were TOTALLY filled EXCEPT the Physics modules. Which happened to include the CS module which was…the only one that was less than half empty. So basically, a fruitless effort to exhort those who weren’t intending to, in the first place, to join.
Still. The spiders we spent almost three days making LOOK CUTE XD. They like have a round balloonish head, a round balloonish body, four perfectly round eyes. :)
Was just reading someone’s blog, where the abovementioned someone has read Sean’s blog. (NOO why did you friend lock your blog :( it is the first sign of giving in to dictatorial, megalomaniac higher-up personnel) *subtly mentions his latest post*
It is kind of fun, see, to dance on the thin line of controversy on your blog, specially when the line of controversy is defined by not the legally authorized national regulators but by people much lower down the command line. You can be happy or otherwise about it but Singapore is a democracy for a reason. Granted, not as democratic as the US but freedom of speech, in case you weren’t informed, has been generally allowed on the Internet as long it stays away from defamy or racism. And if you happen to chance upon something that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and you decide to make life difficult for that person because you…happen to disagree with whatever you’re seeing, it isn’t us who are overstepping the line/boundary.
It’s you.
Simple as that.
So I’ve been talked to quite a few times since this year, and why aren’t I listening? Why aren’t I listening?
Because I decided a long time ago, that if I started a blog, then as long as my blog fully legal as per the country’s regulations, then any other issue anyone would have with my blog is an issue worth about as much as what makes up untreated NEWater.
And if you don’t like silent witnesses at murders, only two words for you.
Hopefully you have the intellect to go figure them out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


*tries to avoid rambling*
I will succeed. Probably. Because it feels tiring to try and read through an entire non-stop paragraph with no full stop for about 300 words or more hey why are all the channel 8 programmes in 5 characters this is freaky.
Ok almost failed and not rambling. But then there seems like there’s nothing to talk about other than trying to ramble randomly about stuff that has happened anywhere from a year to a day ago. Still. Bad habit to ramble. Or go off-track. But that really can’t be helped personally can it I mean everybody knows what a freaky person I am I will look at something far away while I am talking to you or rather when you are trying to talk at me and obviously being a mere egocentric human you will turn and try to look at what the heck I’m looking at so as to confirm if whatever I’m staring yet could inconceivably be ACTUALLY more important that what you are trying to tell me or are attempting to impress on my relatively impressible mind. Which, in fact, would be suitably impressed in the case that I might pay attention to whatever impression you might be trying to convey. But often I take about 2 seconds at least to wait for you to look and stare at me with a “you-must-be-some-degree -of-crazy” (which I am, Your Honor) before I deign to look at you, conveniently ignoring whatever you said with a “Yea?” Because I am of a higher level. And unlike that whoever-she-is- on Ji Hyun’s blog…THIS IS ME. Don’t doubt it. Not that people often do. Still.
Assault rifles coming into Alice in Wonderland just sounds freaky. I mean, nice shining suits of armor should go with nice shining, sharp battle axes. Or swords. Or maces. Or morning stars. Or whatever-medieval-weapon catches your fancy but NOT assault rifles. I mean, imagine a bandit king going by the esteemed name of THE great Sovran shooting a couple to death with a…tiny assault rifle. A tiny, flashing assault rifle that is likely to make those ‘PIUPIU’ sounds that laser toy guns make. (On the other hand, it could have been worse. Now imagine the GREAT Sovran blasting for his life using water guns…)
OK that could have given people a really stupid image. And if anyone reads this blog and the Straits Times on the same day, inconceivable as it seems, because that would be making you me, and trust me that is probably the worst thing that could happen to your life, I want to get me a collection of Barbie dolls in the next couple of weeks. Or even more preferably, that card holder that wears a leather vest and holds a whip. These are the kinds of toys that would DEFINITELY pave the way for new ways of thinking among children under six, especially upon the concepts of…things preferably less mentioned unless I want a stern-faced reprimand from my teachers.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Screwed up spaces

Man physics today was like hard but it’s like UNREASONABLE god it’s PHYSICS and not some English comprehension why do we have to give some funny worded explanation for 3 marks (oh hey there’s the difference! They only give you ONE or TWO marks for English) for which I barely managed to craft out a half-baked response in the worst possible grammar that have ever-witnessed in my life in the last five minutes and which I wrote out in about…the last one and I was looking at the clock the ENTIRE TIME I was writing and thinking about how freaky the second hand is when it just moves continuously WITHOUT stopping I mean can’t it tick like a nice clockwork clock I’m USED to ticking clockwork clocks ticking they have this therapeutic effect on me to see them ticking…and ticking…and ticking (oops time’s up but hey who cares) and ticking…but whatever the physics test was in one word screwed up I was like trying to use the kinematics equation for one of the questions over and over and I kept on failing each and everytime until I decided to use simple multiplication and guess what it freaking WORKED and I was SO pissed at every equation I ever knew in general all of a sudden and also in that sudden I remembered every single thing I happened to be pissed at during a slightly more than minor test instead of thinking of how to solve that particular explanation question WHY does FECL3 produce a GREY/BLACKISH GREEN PRECIPITATE JUST LIKE CHROMIUM IONS :( such a total screw-up but I somehow managed to score better than some people who got the compound correct (I got both wrong :O) Hey these posts are getting shorter and shorter like halving themselves just like that X-man guy multiman imagine a freaking army coming towards you…with a all the same faces XD sounds so much like stormtroopers in Star Wars are going off track but that was the point anyway so sad that the movies AFTER the first three were complete bullshit (Hey I just became Darth Vader and I’m gonna slaughter you Obi-Wan but OOPS I get charred by lava alive because I SLIPPED) heheheh but the newer Star Trek one was much better at least the guys were HOT (Remember bryan spouting some nonsense when the guys were at the movies but shall be nice today and not embarrass him here. )
Oh hohum. A full stop. Till next time…I hope. Too tired to ramble these days.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Retest tomorrow which is hopefully easier than whatever everyone is saying (Yang Yi was apparently to much of genius doing one of the questions) but still a retest’s a retest and I still gotta take it at 8 tomorrow and what am I doing? Still reading Battle Royale and Teen Titans fanfiction of a more…ignominious nature holy s*** the new actors’ acting skills are ALL like…to put it in less nice words, trashy I really can’t bear to watch it O.o back to fanfiction discussing Raven being a…vampire you know that somehow makes more sense I mean he parentage is TOTALLY screwed up but it’s so unfair how can Daddy force her to drink only one pint of blood every week I mean that’s totally starving your little baby vamp OK now I’m talking trash also WOOTZ but you see this fanaticism over vampires especially TWILIGHT vampires of all things (Twilight: Necrophilia and bestiality FTW LMAO) I mean Cullen jumped what 300+ places oh god or should I say SATAN for all us cursed things in general for the existence of Twilight and crazed fangirls oh hurm it’s almost 10 can I finish typing over 900 (No not NINE THOUSAND OMG I’M SO SORRY Lim Jeck will thou the almighty be so kind as to grant me forgiveness) words in the space of about…say 20 minutes maybe not I took about half an hour to write that 1300+ word blogpost yesterday even excluding the time I zipped off to other random sites to play games or read manga or pretend to study physics just in case my Mom is looking over my shoulder oh I REALLY MISS having the PC screwed up I mean using the notebook allows me to be able to block out the notebook entirely with the width of my shoulders until she forces me to plug in the WIDE SCREEN monitor :( luckily we don’t have an entire row of mirrors at my back anymore like a year ago I tell you that was TOTAL HELL and speaking of hell which is always other people consider the fact that hell is a part of Earth as in not apart of the misty ethereal version of earth that exist on a lower, rather than higher level I mean it’s other people and Earth it’s other people so it follows that Satan are just the other, (Teen Titans use…TUPPERWARE?!) albeit HIGHER or LOWER up or down people playing the…er chess games with all us mere mortals, especially the street cleaners meaning the auntie cleaning the toilets are using all the company workers as pawns or something against the…dundundun CEOs (Elysium Fields sould be for the GODS not warriors slain in battle it’s NOT Valhalla for GOD’s sake) now imagine if Satan checkmates God now THAT’D be screwed up TAKE A NEW LOOK AT CLASSES PEOPLE HAHAHAHAHA (OMG Raven and TERRA?! Of all people EWWW—reminds me of that girl in Infocomm who was going eww at…guy going out with girl. -.-) sounds like such a crappy theory right yes it sounds like crap to me to but ALL HAIL THAT PIG OK that was random but the time they take orgasming is just…MIND-BLOWING not that an orgasm doesn’t do that to you already (other than other types of blowing but hey let’s just not go there) YES THEY AREN’T CHANGING THE PROPORTION OF MOTER TONGUE WOOT just making everyone who did or are doing badly in Mother Tongue do badly feel BAD yes I’VE BEEN BA-A-A-A-D sounds like Alice in Dead it’s a really fun and difficult point and click game go play
Alice is Dead 2
Alice is Dead 1
where Rabbit is a tuxedo-wearing gunman and the Mad Hatter is, well, a MAD murderer (never would have guessed right) and the Cheshire cat is some…cat-spider hybrid? And looks just as screwed up as the one in American McGee’s Alice which I happened to finish with the almighty help of the OH-SO-AWESOME Lim Jeck.
Oh darn. A full stop. Fine then CIAO EVERYONE time to watch CSI

Monday, May 10, 2010


I realised that my posts have been to organized and coherent. For a long time already. In fact, ever since I stated on this blog. So…it’s ramble time WOOT.
So I’m still like reading Battle Royale comics these days YES I KNOW IT’S SO MUCH EPIC FUN instead of attempting to study for my Physics makeup exam which happens to be on oh that reminds me I haven’t bothered to read Dr. Pek’s email he was so nice to call me this morning but the conversation went a little like funny cos I was like hello and he went hello! Er Good Morning and he went silent for some time wondering if I was supposed to wait for a reply while he checked the papers on his table or was I supposed to reply to him or something and he continued waiting for about 3 seconds and so I like wised up to the fact that I should probably say hello back or we’re gonna like wait forever for each other to reply with something nice and I mean he’s so nice already how I can I make hi say something else nice OMG so while he told me about the timing of the makeup test I was thinking about the Risk version that I had created, or at the very most copied from the manufacturers without paying an extra forty something dollars but hey you can’t say I can be sued for copyright infringement issues I mean I created all the cards by myself ALL 67 of THEM WOOT play Risk Godstorm XD FTW it’s like a game that’s quick and easy (more than two playing hours at least) and is easily portable Oh dear Channel 8 is showing that ultra-emo show again for no apparent reason (just refrained from swearing down there) It’s like all these failures in life (it’s true they ARE failures and the short biographic just makes them more so) just like that small girl what’s-her-name OH YES Kaori (oh back to BR COOLIO) the fangirl of some teenage singer just like a certain tween called I hate to even mention this JUSTIN BIEBER OMG Ok that’s over and done with maybe that’s not so bad BUT I AM NEVER GOING TO FORGIVE YOU FOR DESTROYING A PERFECTLY GOOD RAP SO THERE ARGH and this Kaori right she was thinking so much about not getting killed that she turned on some rustling in the bushes and BANG SHE KILLED A CAT really nice one there I mean you could see it’s miniscule brains blown right out of its head and she went MA-a-a-D I guess killing nice little animals does that to people hmm sounds like some people I know or probably I am but I was mad already anyway even without the killing animals yet because as far I have kept a careful record of the animals I have…almost killed and got lots of tortured insects it is fun pinning the legs as far apart as possible and trying to see how far they can stretch before OOPS heheh that woman is crying oh dear sounds like the shows really mean it when they say spill your guts well OK maybe not literally spilling your guts on free-to-air TV is really kind of freaky unless you happen to be in this dystopic version of the future conceived by Stephen King where you get to walk forever if you’re lucky ad guess what slow down four times or stop for more than two minutes and BOOM there go your guts maybe if you’ve walked long enough it could take quite some time before you even feel the pain or you may never even feel it at all you could just go walking and walking trying to scoop up those stringy/baggy/reddish stuff that are falling out of some rather huge hole in your midriff and wondering hey what is all this trash and try to throw it away and YES that’s probably when you begin to notice so if you’re REALLY lucky you just die from the intensity of it all but Battle Royale isn’t like that the artists are like REALLY obsessed with brains and popped out eyes because either all the students are somehow skilled headshotters all of a sudden or some students could die in a really stupid way such as having your own machete slice your skull into half after you fall of a cliff while you have a scuffle with the protagonist who is using a…hunting knife I MEAN HOW DUMB COULD THAT get HAH MYWEAPON IS BIGGER THAN YOURS then next moment oops it happens to be also big enough to cleave my face just the way I like it medium rare like Ji was saying when she was trying to verify the frequency of our really failed Outdoors Field Activity I remember thinking WHY OH WHY can’t the outdoors activity be done indoors like the REALLY nice air-conditioned Science Centre? Oh right the rules of the English Language are probably why but I had just spent an hour in the hot Sun trying to catch spiders so we saw 9 caught 2 and missed 7 Hey nice move there a slam-dunk jump then a somersault to catch an almost-exploding grenade in hour hand I must say that’s REALLY smart of you Shuuya Dang really want to play Ultimate War but that’ll just lag my computer like some SUPER power eater for one moment during the convo with two seniors deciding of all things the clothes to wear for NSC I REALLY thought for a few seconds that DANERD was Dayna rather then Yu Jian the Moonwalk man LMAO GG it takes only a year for my mom to start arguing with the neighbors upstairs some argument about dripping water or what not HOLY SCREW A 15-YEAR OLD STUDENT CAN OUTRUN UZI BULLETS?! OK this is getting stupider and stupider you can use a…blanket to block and entire round of the same bullets hmm a thousand words OK halfway to two thousand and you can get a grand total of TWO PICTURES yes I know that’s just lame but see no full stops yea and no interrobangs and exclamation commas those sound funny but I reallyreallyreally wanna use an interrobang one of these days and see how much space it saves rather than the two punctuation marks that every normal person uses but you should know my mind’s already gone a BIG way YESH I’M OFF THE HANDLE like in this dream I cut off my head for the extreme fun of it or at least because I was trying to experience how it would feel being short and the head seemed like the most useless part (hey it can neither walk or slap other people so obviously it’s less useful than my hands or legs right) And I like remember talking up to everyone from my bloody neck it was really fun using a cleaver but you know what maybe I should carve out the brains next time I mean who needs control over any part of you body huh? Oh man I wish these stupid orcs would stop spawning like spiders or Dalmations or whatever that reproduces explosively it’s so dumb to leave and, of all things, and AI to resolve my battle but like REALLY moving a hundred units is just TOO time consuming AND irritating not that Ultimate War hasn’t irritated me enough already but YAY SCORCH THEM LITTLE DRAKEY Ok what Am I doing talking to an automated program oh NEARLY had a full stop there but see NEARLY at the bottom of this Microsoft Word page so MUST KEEP GOING I wish I had a lobotomy just like kiriyama why are Orcs throwing themselves at the humans like they are inexhaustible? Oh right.
Well there. My topicked randomming of the day. (don’t you like the way I spelt topicked? Sounds like magicked but it’s like such a common word or at least a word with less awesome connotations that magic but still that shouldn’t stop me from…)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Take it out now

Noticed I had the gall to not post anything about the opera. (Well you know it’s VERY important to me)
Hang on. Why am I doing this instead of mugging for exams ARGH NUV I’M GONNA DIE.
Not that I actually care about mugging in the first place. Almost went to sleep studying pretending to study for math today. Reading Battle Royale manga now FTW WOOTness.
For the first thing…Jit looks so hot in his striped cuff shirt OMG and his black pants WOOT. But the other thing was all the bandits dressed in… almost the same thing. I mean, what are we? Black and White Mob Limited? We’re not ALL butlers for god’s sake.
On the other hand, Ming Wei in my dad’s suit looks totally… MAFIA OMG. Just replace his violin with a automatic and he’d fit right in down to the unruly tied tie.
In any case. I was still almost freaking out about them not remembering their dance steps (though we perhaps DID do some last minute revision with some of the less-clear-about-what-are-we-gonna-do people like…ahemahem) and then Dr. Wong turns up saying WE ARE GONNA GET SCREWED SO BADLY because apparently Claire misheard Peng Seng resulting in our demolishing of the Student Lounge totally unauthorized. Meaning if we didn’t authorize it in the next hour we could all just pack up and go home because we’d get zero. Fortunately Mrs. Chong and Raghav were so nice about it. (yes ZERO is scary. :()
I still can’t figure out how people can go around wearing two jackets and not sweat buckets OMG Ming Wei said he was wearingthat coat of mine for the day and he was SO comfortable ZZT. I was only wearing it for less than 30 minutes and I had to take it off or I’d probably start dissolving in a puddle of salty liquid o.O.
Why, may I ask, do BUTLERS need to put on make up? Or any of the musicians, for that matter? (On the other hand, Ansel’s expression when Claire was putting on his makeup was…just priceless)
Still. Ran through the dance sequence twice (surprisingly more vigorous than I thought=really sporting of everyone to do it twice.)
Saw some clips of the Monday rehearsal (Well, the only REAL one we actually had—which I DIDN’T ATTEND ARGH)—Galen looks like such a wuss. Just saying. But can’t you at least be a little more aggressive?
Anyway. The screening went…mostly OK, audience was REALLY enthu, AV ppl were REALLY helpful (I’m looking pointedly at Galen and his last minute themes and directions ZZT) and the “sword” was actually more realistic than I thought. Though our bow was really failed, and Jit Wu twitched around when he was supposed to be in rigor mortis LMAO. Oh and wished we could hear more of Yao Rui’s genius.
All in all, an experience to be missed. Sigh.