Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It is tiring to keep up blogging.
And finally, I am much too tired.
With these posts I shall sound the death-knell of my blog. Until I am otherwise disposed to do so.

I though it fitting that, with no video ever in the history of my blog, I thought it fitting to end off with one.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Triumphant Song

Stupid Tiong eh come back online pl0x.
Not that I did much, anyway. But, hey, at least I didn’t get to hear Gamelan play horrifically off-tune Just The Way You are, so that’s probably good.
I am going to carve myself up every Physics lesson from now on ARGH. But I was doing so already anyway. :( Boring, sleep-inducing subject. ZZT. *chews lip*. Test next week nuuu. I need to power of being able to stand studying…5 hours straight. Or not.
So we finds the half an hour break an opportune time to do last minute studying. VERY last minute studying (as usual).
And I end up missing an i. As usual. WASTED *fingers twitch*
Galen: Lamprey=condoms with teeth
Hmm. Wouldn’t like using one of those.
YAY Mr. Yee shaved the stubble now no looka lika hobo no more. XD.
Supposedly we were all :D because Mr. Yee said he was just going through two pages.
It took all of the…allotted lesson time. Blah.
And I feel like arguing with those…arguments.
So…pottering about before Odyssey concert. A bit like the little trek I took with TC on Thursday.
TC: If Russia was all fertile land, any Russian with sufficient dosh could probably buy a plot of land the size of Singapore!
Me: Then that Russian would say, when visiting Singapore, Singapore ah? That country a bit small, right…my roses cover about that area.
TC: WTH you just blew my mind. Exactly HOW BIG is that guy’s yard huh?
By the way, our road trip consisted of: TC and me take lift to 5th storey so he can put his bag at the Lounge. Walk to Canteen where TC buys snack. Walk back to take lift to 5th storey. I get my bag.
Yea, you get the point.
We were discussing punishments the other day.
NCC: Pushups and standing still
Dance: A variety of splits and stretches
Basketball: Extra training
Journalism: Hurm. Firstly, we need to confirm the idea of late. Any suggestions?
Ooh. Odyssey concert was so awesome XD.
I got to grin at Yang Qian.
Candice: YQ! *points at me*
Me: *grin*
YQ: Huh? AH! (slow tsktsk)
And me learns to play Just The Way You are on the…vibraphone.
Vivian: :O What’s a vibraphone?
Me: A…phone that vibrates!
Vivian: ||| and what might that be for?
Me: Urm…phone sex? Inappropriate much XD.
Everyone was nervous.
Nervousness brings out the…random effects in people, which are on occasion quite amusing to watch.
And I mourn the loss of life for when the MAs were folding programme booklets. GG?
Feet shaking. Not too good a sign. Either that, or it’s been too cold. Aha.
I KNEW it’d…not be serious. Especially the part where Dr. Wong tosses a couple of rocks/bullets on the dying man…then subsequently revives him. :O.
DH: Now I never want to leave tonight, with this large-ass pile of food!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tomorrow is FRIDAY.
That should be foreboding. For the most part though life has been enjoyable. Is enjoyable if I hadn’t suddenly found myself at the end of a series of unfortunate decisions, memories and mark recently.
Yes, mark. But. Screw that.
The coming of morning was the realization that people can, in fact, be incredibly retarded.
Ming Wei: Hey, what do you think will happen if I drop this bag?
Me: But it’s only one storey…oh, never mind. Go ahead.
Ming Wei: Imagine…*drops bag*
*Me, Ming Wei and Victor look down*
*see water spilling out of the bag*
Ming Wei: HOLY SHIT MY BOTTLE *rushes down to…I dunno. Save stuff in the bag?*
*sees HUGE hole punched STRAIGHT through the bottle cap*
LMAO. DumbArse.
Chinese was. Bad. Bad bad. Wu Jiong making my life difficult. :(
PE was badbad too. In the first set of pull ups I miscalculated, consequently slipping due to lack of grip and then…landing on my knees. Not the butt. That would have been so ungainly, no?
Then I did the second set, miscalculated less, but apparently it was not enough and therefore I landed on my toe. Hard.
Jumping capability compromised. Which in the end didn’t matter so much.
9.4 secs no kidding. Bah.
Nat: Eh why is Gabriel following us huh?
Me: *ahem* following SIMIN *ahem**ahem*
Woah. English was Good. I mean, watching movies every four lessons was GREAT, but with Mr. Chin back being Sandbag Commandant, I guess it’d be good to have a friendly teacher.
A very friendly teacher.
Ms. Koo: I have heard things about your class…
Class: o.O
Ms. Koo: No, I see you all looking at me thinking hey must be something bad right…No, I’ve heard nothing but good things about your class.
Later on…
Ms. Koo: yea, you guys are said to make a lot of noise. And that’s not a bad thing!
Ms. Koo: You guys are my LAST HOPE to do well for English.
Oh noes.
Ms. Koo: I was so impressed my DH and Galen. They have the CONFIDENCE, and capability to present crap and capture the attention of the class even when they’re talking some rubbish…
Proness. Heh.
Ms. Koo: And I believe, Jit Wu, that J.Lau has fallen in love with you!
Class: WOAH GG
Ms. Koo: Yes. First it was the Advert presentation where they were going on and on about a Yap Jit Wu burger. Everyone was laughing except me because I didn’t KNOW what was going on. Later on J.Lau wrote about you in his print advert. Today, when I went to 402, J.Lau told me to “watch out for Jit Wu”. That’s how I know.
N1 lah.
Ms. Koo: Oh, yes. Late coming. I hope that will not be a regular occurrence.
Tseren: Yea, Claire…
Ms. Koo: Oh, I’m sure that she can make sure you people are not late…
Tseren: No! she’s the one who’s late, whole day long being late because of going to the toilet with Cyrus.
Class: WOAH n1
Ms. Koo: Hmm, I can see that this class has a lot of…scandals…
You learn. Every lesson. :D
Ms. Koo: as you know, I’m an attention seeker, and would like you to pay attention to me for most of the time and not leave me feeling out of the loop and emo-ing in a corner.
Me: You could turn off all the lights and leave one directly over you. (V)
Ms. Koo: Well…that’s an idea…
DH: Then when you turn on the lights you see everyone ZZZ
Ms. Koo: Oh, yes, that’s another problem I’m scared of…
Me: *ahem*the Koreans*ahem*
During the break, we were seeing a gay corner/taupok unfold at the originally quiet corner of the relatively small seminar room where James was originally emoing about his Physics marks. Until others came along.
On the other side of the door, DH and co. were pigging out on fried fishballs.
Jit: CB WTH nvr tell me WTF
Apparently he was eating with one hand, getting the beehoon with another, and then filling cups with teh tarik and chuggin’ them.
While the projector was screwing up.
Ms. Koo: Sometimes my Math not too good, so 5 minutes may magically shrink or stretch…
PS: N1 5 min so long XD
Random comment:
Nicole: Simin come closer, so I can eat you properly XD
Simin: Huh Nuuu *moves away nervously*
Nicole: Put your finger in my mouth OMNOMNOM
Completing sentences is crucial. In life and all in good fun.
Ms. Koo: You see, people may not be giving birth because…
Me: Our males have been neutered XD
Ms. Koo: If you really cannot make it then I advise you to…
Me: Bribe the teacher…
Ms. Koo: Oh, no, not that, rather…aim for a B- *turns to look at YJ and gang*
Jit: It’s all 7 of you LMAO
Yao Rui: How do you drop English?
Ms. Koo: Oh, I’m sorry although NUS High IS a specialized school, but you CAN’T drop English. I mean, Lim Jeck is a Math guru…
Class: GOD
Ms. Koo: OK, god, but I’m pretty sure right now he’s somewhere in Lalaland already.
I expect much awesomeness ahead.
On a side note, I miss Mr. Tan Gim Yong. :(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


How to self-own epicly, that is the question.
The same way that Jit loses his passport 3 hours before the flight, but that’s a different topic altogether. I wonder HOW he got back. Cargo shipping a polar bear?
Mr. Yee shouldn’t have shaved his head. Bah. Makes him look like a hobo. Or someone just out of rehab. The stubbly beard and moustache makes him look that way, I mean. Not the baldness.
Everyone notices that I cut my hair too. Mainly because if I just let it grow on and on, pretty soon I’ll have my very own Leaning Tower of Hairsa.
That means I can’t whip my hair back and forth, on account of the stiffness. :P
Hmm. Internet crashes with all vital signs still up and running. Fiber optic cables, anyone?
Oh, hang it all.
You see, the small mercies of live include the one that through swapping of lessons, Ms. Wong effectively pushed the Biodiversity quiz slated for this week down to the latest day possible. :D
The flipside is the OTHER module. And the lack of cleverness of certain people, both literally and… literally.
Wireless keyboard is so cool :D. Claire owning the mouse holders is pretty retarded, which is saying something considering some of the holders of the mouse. (The keyboard and mouse came in a set :O proness)
And Ms. Wong has been one of the few teachers who has almost consistently let us have an early end to the lesson.
Raphael*comes in late as usual*
Ms. Wong: STOP, what is a chemical reaction?
Raphael: Uh…*realize that Claire is typing every word of this, including answers like shit, who cares, and the like for previous answers to the same question…well, not this asterisked section but…ah, screw* When two reactants combine to form new chemical product!
Ms. Wong: And that is…correct! You can go sit down.
Everyone: WOAH model student sia.
Msn can go jumping off cliffs. Whee!
The downside of electing to play Blackjack with a unlucky feller and a girl who screams every 3 minutes on average, and both acting like they have a combined age of…7, is, well, you get the idea.
Raphael was telling me how bad sergeants could be.
Captain: One of the soldiers’ mothers died. You need to inform him.
Sergeant*walks up to soldier*: Your mother died.
Soldier: :(
Captain: Sergeant, next time break it to them gently.
*next month*
Captain: Another soldiers’ mother has died. Remember, break it to him gently.
Sergeant: *calls for assembly of all troops* OK, all those with mothers, please step forward…Not so fast, soldier…
Damn that’s just…
Lengthy discussions about the craziness of Russians, idiocy of Americans, and the bloody unbelievability of the Chinese is probably good for my mental health.
Random fact: The fourth most powerful earthquake in the last 50 years was at a remote…bomb testing site. 8.5 on the Richter scale. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hold It Against Me

Good Lord.
I feel out of touch of blogging suddenly. Maybe it’s the week of lack of blogging.
That will be changed.
Starting from Friday, Friday…No, seriously, it’s TUESDAY, whatcha gonna say huh?
The first thing I found out in the morning was the absolute misinformer Galen had to potential to be.
Cyrus: Wait, what bio quiz is next week? WHERE’S GALEN?!
Sad life man. People staying up late to study bio.
Cyrus DIDN’T sleep.
I stayed up to watch anime.
You know, there’s a thing about imaginary numbers that…
Nevermind. Puns get irritating at some stage.
Mr. Yee: I will make you climb down 5 storeys and run back up!
Me: Aiyah, Jeremias will take the simpler route. He will jump out, land of the ground, and bounce right back up!
Mr. Yee: :O what are you trying to imply ah?
Galen: No lah, cos ground floor got trampoline! Ah…
Bio. Is getting. BLAH. Polymerases are not only irritating, they are also irritating, and irritating. Why are there THREE TYPES? :O.
*dies for bio*? *and everything else, but bio first*
Galen: LOL ltr Dr. Low give SURPRISE POP QUIZ
Me: Right…on central dogma of genetics. GG
Guess what?
He did.
We should learn how to keep out traps shut from now on.
Unfortunately, we have only JUST started planning for the game. And let’s no go into the bio vid.
NUCLEAR BOY! :D Must stay away from poop now on.
Also, it was very fun torturing information out of Cyrus.
Mr. Chin had the…kindness? Good sense? To not cancel Journalism, and then not turn up.
*likes his style*
Gretel and Hansel (V) for suicidal people. Gives them as many ways of dying as possible.
The Choir teacher was so good. And we were so lousy. *I was lousy but I tend to avoid putting myself down in keeping up with my image*
BUTBUTBUT stupid mic only WORKS IN ONE DIRECTION. Like Whaaa?
Choir teacher: LOL you are not pronouncing the words properly! LOL
Choir: *sings halfway*
Choir teacher: *titters*
Now I needa learn pro-nun-shia-shion like a British.
On a related note, the 007 themes were HILARIOUS
Dr. Wong: Eh Dun laugh, this is SERIOUS business.
So they were having a hard time deciding when to introduce the gunshots (or kiddy laser pistol shots, but let’s not digress from the topic)
Sankar*halfway walking*
*sankar stops and motions to stop the gunshots*
For the first time I realized that being MA has its ups and downs.
Then the choir for that was like *had to watch them being retarded* and unble to sing.
MW and I were eating pizza, watching a good comedy, in an air-conditioned room. What more could we want?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Marry You

You know.
Somehow the post just below looks just a bit too scathing.
So I shall just leave it there. I’m feeling scathing at the moment.
There. Moving on.
Class outing left me empty.
Well, most things leave me either empty of full of worry nowadays. So. Former sounds better. :O
It must have been such a sight at Paya Lebar station.
Claire: I should distance myself from you guys.
Well, no wonder. Sometimes our enthusiasm for cards goes a little too far.
DH: I went to have a look, and realized that the tables were for some…banking advice or what not.
Me: We could go there, sit down and play Poker. High finance, buddy.
Damn shoulda hitched a ride with Claire’s mom earlier. Then maybe we wouldn’t need to see DH going around being a retard.
Claire: Usually when I wait here there ARE taxis.
DH: OK *picks random leaf* Look here this is magic leaf it can block out all of us and leave Claire to flag down the taxi! AHAHAHAHA
High ALREADY. Tsktsk.
Playing Texas Hold’em over drinks is…cool. Somehow. Two aces may have had something to do with that, but…
Seriously, the class outing comprised mostly of cards, mahjong, Monopoly, more mahjong.
And lots of beverages.
With pizza.
PS: Can’t Use that tap I can’t turn it.
Me: *flips tap up*
*Tap gushes*
Me: N1?
Da swing brings back memories
James: STOP SINGING DAMMIT *tries to get off quickly swinging swing*
Galen popped by for drinks for half an hour. Then left for SMP.
I wonder if that was entirely wise.
DH has his take.
And I’m not saying anything about that :X
The session after Monopoly was…much hard work. By others. With ice-cream. Using mine.
Mixed messages are interestingly…mixed sometimes.
Me: Hurry up I need to leave soon.
*three rounds of discarding later*
Me: WIN *leaves*
Yes I owns.
Because I has finished almost all my holiday home work :D

Monday, March 14, 2011


House carnival was boring. BORING. And physically educating XD.
Over and Out.
And SOMEBODY needs to teach the art of Rick Rolling PROPERLY. DOOD.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Like It's Her Birthday

A one day lag is better than two, but that just means I tend to concentrate less and less on the piling homework.
DH: OK, we have…Physics assignment, Chem Assignment, Bio Project, Math Assignment, Econs project, English portfolio, Chinese essay and diary writing, DV commentaries…what else?
Me: Well…nothing I’d say. We don’t have any more subjects.
Yes Year Four life just blows. *crashes down*
This morning was a learning experience. For some people. Why is the piano still damp D:
DH: You could like learn to sing along, then we could invite all the girls here so they could squeal or something…
Me: *starts singing along to chorus of Just The Way You Are (yes I know I keep playing that but rarely does it sound so nice and…complete on the screwed second-hand piano! XD)*
DH and Shini: :O
Yep I know I rox :D
Maybe the constant lesson swaps are getting to me. I dunno. But next week is holiday homework week godammit ARGH.
I went to count the number of projects there were, and came to the realization that the number of days in a holiday was even less than that. :O.
I hope I didn’t screw up English. It looked pretty tricky :X
Mr. Chin: You have to write in about social problems…
Jit: I got one valid social problem
I’m pretty sure I screwed up Music. The software is, by itself, pretty screwy. WTH screw.
How do I skip home more?
GG Ms. Wong tells Mr. Yee that YJ doesn’t understand English? No wonder he was so pissed after Chemistry. Kick chair and slam table summore.
Can’t beat Mr. Lee Kim Hun.
*Chinese national student doesn’t copy example during lesson*
Mr. Lee: Why aren’t you copying the example? Please do not waste your time liddat. Do you think your parents sent you all the way here to waste your time?
DOOD. Seriously???
On the other hand, sarcasm is an art done only by the best.
I shall not elaborate on the circumstances under which I learnt this. Except that Jeremias LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE WILLIAM’S BROTHER.
DH: Sorry, passengers, but the plane has exceeded it weight limit. We are currently attempting to establish the cause before takeoff. Then Jeremias says, “Sorry I’ll take my finger off about right now”
Funny. Our bus survived.
DH: You know why Jeremias and William are on opposite halves of the bus? This is to ensure the bus doesn’t topple!
Jit: Dude that just means our bus will become Titanic MK II=split into two halves lengthwise
Galen(who is sitting in the middle seat of the back row): Oh. Oh shit. I feel the tension already…
DH: Eh William where’s your half-brother ah?
William: Jeremias ah? He—
DH: N1 lah insult fat people.
Galen: Damn never heard so much suan packed in one regular sentence.
Of course, there is also the nerdy method of insulting the personalities of different people.
Really shan’t go into details. Best left to the experts.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What The Hell

Today. Aching. Argh.
Chinese was so much. Retardedness. Oh yeah need to rmbr something tmrw. Or not.
Somehow I managed to squeeze a time slot out of everyone’s packed schedule for extra Chinese lessons. GG le.
So essentially today we were doing some kind of…spelling competition?
DH VS Jun Hui VS Jeremias-->GG Hwa Chong representative man!
WJ: If many wrong then is HC representative…if many right then is NUS High representative!
In the end, it doesn’t even matter.
I did that on purpose. Not on pun-purpose, but on purpose-purpose, because DH to proleh. XD.
Later, Jit, YY and Roy PK
WJ: Although Roy failed, he is still the best among the three.
Hmm. We only had 5 questions. One mark per question. XD
Me VS Tiong VS Simin.
Simin def sick today. Somewhere. Or else how she write so many wrong. One out of five lehh.
Then WJ dunno sumthing wrong minus Tiong 0.25 marks for untidy handwriting? N1
Wah seh. PE tiring sia. At least not doing 6 rounds.
Actually I preferred six rounds. At least I feel less inadequate. Needa break 222 :X
And more pull-ups dammit.
Peng Seng: Mr. Yee will have 3 reasons to be angry…THREE TABLES SUMMORE So pro man u ppl.
Aha. But the Social Network was awesome k thx. Especially the Eduardo gets pissed off scene.
“I’d like to freeze this account with the $19000”
Later on:
“Hey we’d like to offer you $500,000 investment for your company”
Nice one owned already and he didn’t realize. What a retard. Then again, he was an economist major who got scammed by his own lawyers who worked in the company he co-owned…or not. 1000% dilution beat that.
In the end Mr. Yee did come GG :O
Nuu I made a set of screwed up decision.
Firstly I should not have skipped a free one-hour writing session, which happened to be surprisingly simple, seeing as I was “involved” in the talk.
Then later because I went to a talk for laughs I missed the chance to go see the innocent (no I’m just kidding) Year Threes and talk about the inappropriate innuendoes Yu Jian taught me the other year.
On the other hand, what if they change the format again?
“By the way, we have an Outdoor Challenge component which you can’t prepare for! Good luck!”

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Way Back into Love

Why do I have the time to post this in reverse order?
One of life’s bigger mysteries, hot on the heels of me complaining the difficulty of posting.
Basically I forgot about Math. Maybe because I was doing something else. That being said, I attempted to do Bio during Math on Tuesday but decided I should watch my graph this time around. GRARAWR.
Stupid little India ink eating thingies. Move around and about so fast.
Me: Where are you noobs
*zip past*
*tumbles about and around up and down for no better reason than for the absolute fun of it*
*halfway thru Bio*
Me: DH Do you remember what you forgot last week?
See, every week I always think about playing cards later after Bio and thus remind
So, after treating the $285 instrument with high respect, and trying to look for cells for the better part of an hour,
Dr. Low: Actually you could just turn down this iris lever…
DH: Oh WTH So clear!
GG man wrong graph so bio prac SCREWED. D:
I emoes?
Anyway. Chinese so GG. Blah. First thing WJ come in start talking about our test like uber GG le. Average marks just below 60% point wth. Even the highest scorer got 75% only. Like, an A2. In other words, O Lvl prolly only one A2 for our class?
On the other hand, that highest scorer mentioned was …me.
Yes that sounds so suan I know. Butbutbbut. NUUU. I GOT SUANED.
Comprehension: 24/25
Summary: 11/20
WTS. That’s like, less than 80% of the class? WTcrap?
*emoes again*
Assembly program was so retarded.
Supposedly it was a House Meeting.
More like an organized 5-minute announcement time to announce the Handball and Tagball players. Or Handball and Rugball. Whatever.
Happy surprise ball games!
Apparently it seemed, for a while, to be Nobellians VS Faradians.
Or not. Year for against Year Three?
Whatever. It was so cool. And kinda failure. And very laughable. LMAO.
Pass. Pass-ZOOM! Overhead.
Pass. Pass. Pass. Oops. Bouncebouncecatch.
Lim Pin too pro le.
Then again, all the Year Fours were like TOWERING.
*Halfway through “Assembly”*
Journalism cancelled GG?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Born This Way

The deed of blogging is becoming rather a chore.
Mostly because of the general borify-ing of school life these days. But I try. XD
For these few days I’m emo-ing beside Galen by poking him because Jit happens to be not here.
Jit: First Physics Department demanded a break for those participating in the Olympiad. Then Math Department requests a one-month break for those training for the IMO. Now the Bio department is planning a THREE month break for those training to be in the IBO. GG?
Oh gawd. How can a person stand studying ONE subject for three months straight? I’d string my guts out.
Speaking about guts, watching sea cucumbers s[ill their guts was cool. Literally spilling, of course. Which brings me to emo about the wasted chance for a nice horror story I could have written a month ago. Involving worms and guts, coincidentally.
“Goddammit this worm can’t be longer than my guts?! *Pulls harder…and harder*”
My personal favourite quote of the story. What a silly, silly guy. If only he had the skills of creatures a few steps down the evolutionary ladder from him. Heh.
Anyway. Math was so. Tedious. I hatez vectors? And the random calculators keys.
More teenagers are loitering on the streets, according to the news.
I’m betting they ain’t NUS High students.
Should I finally start working OT?
Every Friday I feel slightly guilty. Other people stay up till 2 to do homework. I stay up to the same time watching late night movies.
Found Bio file :D. I’m saved.
Anyone wants to challenge Nicole at Bridge…ONE ON ONE?
While on that topic, I turnedaround during Math, and suddenly Nicole went RAWR NOMNOMNOM
Shreyas is so cute! XD
Aha pedo-ish.
*reminds oneself to go pedo the Year Threes when they do NSC test*
*wonders who the Physics teacher in charge of NSC is*
*wonders how come everyone did so badly for Chinese test*
*wonders how Justin can possibly worry about HIS results*
Now it’s probably time for me to go hunch over with my chin on my fist. Thinking too much.
Annabeth: WHY are you writing erotica at SEVEN?
Me: Dreams are GOODTEACHERS!
Randomly during Recess:
Me *reaches over backwards and wraps hands around MW’s neck*
I’m ready to kill him everywhere.
It rained at 3 in the morning.
Then it rained again for 15 minutes
Rain+rain=flooded classroom WTH

Friday, March 4, 2011

This Love

Bzzt. You gotta love Journalism. I know I do. Especially when I’m not holding any EXCO posts.
Until next year, when I become one of the only three Year 5s. I’m so screwed.
GG how Mr. Yee AWL again. Then Tseren and Galen late summore.
Claire: Hey Tseren I received an SMS from Mr. Yee this morning saying he would be on MC and you would be late. I mean, he’s obviously home if he were on MC, then how would he know if you were going to be late?
Tseren: :O WTH obviously I SMS-ed him first. What are you thinking?
During Physics we had a revision session. During which I spotted both Peng Seng and Young Joo bending over James’ lap, and Cyrus bouncing a clenched fist off his. Lap. Hmm.
GG Physics test was actually trickier looking than I expected. Or not. I live in denial.
Dr. Pek can really talk. I mean, I’ve noticed but it’s never been to my non-benefit. Until today :O. Now the session is going to have to be pushed to…term 2? God darn.
And I need to look for the 401 guys. Don’t ask.
One learns a lot from practicals. Such as people having the ability to not follow provided instructions.
*After I return from weighing two grams of stuff*
Jit: Aren’t you supposed to just pour everything in?
Me: *mentally explodes*
*later on*
Me: Sometimes the quality of work isn’t actually as good as I hope. Mostly due to the person next to me. *looks left to Jit*
Galen: Yea. Similar effects *thumbs at DH*
Phew failed to smash a measuring cylinder.
Now I understand why 403 is doing better at Math. I mean, seriously. Too much noise.
Cyrus left the Chemistry lab the earliest…and comes the latest?
Tseren: Probably caught by male rapists…
Me: Now we know what you think about in your free time.
A Year one girl made her male classmate cry.
What an insult to men.

Like it's her Birthday

When I got here today I REALLY didn’t want to blog, so here.
I am, blogging.
By the way, Jit distracted me again with new manga chapter.
At least there’s always Wikipedia to help fill in the random gaps.
Shall choose a more interesting day to blog about. Like Monday. I mean, usually Thursday is all well and good, but with Mr. Chin going AWL and all, it was mostly just Monopoly Deal, Monopoly Deal and MORE Monopoly deal. A game that is getting irritating with each time I play it.
I need to buck up for PE. Lie, in every possible way :O. Or get a sex change just for the NAPFA test.
Ms. Wong sounded funny. And I wish I remembered the wording for that darn quiz.
Physics test tomorrow :O
And now, Monday.
We should have more lessons in Seminar Rooms.
Claire: They’ll need to clean up the air-conditioners. I have some…dust allergy, so I’ll start sneezing whenever there’s dust.
Dr. Low: You were sneezing?
Me*while rooting hopelessly for my missing pen*: She was…
Claire: Yea, I dunno, my whole family’s like that. When my brother walks past wet paint, he gets rashes.
Dr. Low: Right…so next time we can use you as a bio-indicator of dust!
And we actually completed Bio-lesson faster than expected in the seminar room :D. More lessons in air-con FTW
Assembly was such a joke. For three reasons.
1. Faraday’s performance. If you want to do a dance with more than 10 people, you had better coordinate it darn well.
2. Fleming’s performance. A dunce hat REALLY doesn’t make a convincing god.
3. Right in the middle of assembly Wayne springs s surprise cancellation of CCA. LOL?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Her Name is Alice

GG. What a dumb day.
And it all begins with my voluntary sojourns to class to clean it up. I should make it a habit from now on. :D
So DH was strumming da guitar, Cyrus was sleeping and Shi Ni was playing the utterly ruined piano lika retard.
DH: Eh Yu Han go play that…song. She like it very much one!
Me: You mean she knows any songs?
Shi Ni: Oi! *tries to hit me*
*I start playing “Just The Way You Are”*
DH: Eh you recognize this?
*Gabriel walks in*
Gabriel: *after about half a minute* Oh! I know this song!
DH: N1 Shi Ni do YOU?
Shi Ni: *gives blank ~HUH~ look*
Gabriel: Eh I listen to Jay Chou songs and even I recognize this—and this is definitely not Jay Chou.
Me: DOOD I play for so long still cannot hear?
Gabriel *mouths song title at her*
Shi Ni: OH! LMAO
Holy crap. Blonde. Seriously.
Let me relate another tale, of a week ago.
Shi Ni: eh why I dun have Internet?
DH: DOOD You haven’t turned on the Wi-fi LOL
Shi Ni: *turns on Wi-fi* Eh still dun have leh!
Me: You got connect to the network in the first place or not?
WTH lah.
Anyway, enough of her. Let’s talk about me. I like talking about me.
Everyone noticed the scratches on my arms. Everyone was overly concerned.
Mr. Yee: Eh how come your hand got these scratches?
Cyrus: Holy crap why are there scratches are you OK.
Blah. Jagged, short nails=bad when I scratch myself
DH: GG must be Claire trying to shadow scratch me and Jit…ten missed both of us and hit you. Can’t even see her fingers move.
I like that explanation. XO
Still. English today. Was so. Blah. Who cares. Lets just wait and see what missing one whole paragraph does.
Galen: :O Did you leave lines?
DOOD if I left lines where would I be left with HUH?
Music was good. I likes pulling red lines out of nowhere.
Me: Shit there’s supposed to be a red line here what are we gonna do?
*clicks lyric and drags a red line out from nowhere*
Jit: Hurm…
I like pair work. Unless we’re going to convert that into Garageband? :O.
Can’r even remember Physics. Except talking about nothing BUT physics. Like, say, how Galen’s new thumbdrive looks like Jit. XD Swallowing hazard, huh?
*hey seriously it’s cute*
Galen: Jeremias, we will *pulls apart thumbdrive cover* do this. Let’s say this is the whiteboard. *places upper half of Po’s body* ad this is the back of the classroom *places Po’s legs*
Clear enuff? XD
Thereafter ensued the fastest game of Monopoly Deal ever. Under one minute BEAT THAT.
And then, I found out how powerful rent cards could be at pissing off people. XD
Da Vinci.
“When a visitor walks in, he’s going to think, there’s something VERY wrong with this school”
Yea. Seriously, I mean, they could put at least minimal thought into planning a proper module.
*more incriminating evidence*

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday Morning

Yea. Such Bullshit.
On the other hand, there is probably the other factor of me not having enough time to post regularly. Besides the especial content censors. Anyway.
Math was such a great session.
Mr. Yee: I have got a lot of complain from the other teachers about you people. Actually the girls are OK, but I heard that the BOYS like TOUCHING each other! CYRUS, RAPHAEL, YJ, JAMES,
Galen: LOL
Galen: What?!
GG n1. Dint hear my name mentioned, which was good.
Mr. Yee: DH, Jit Wu
Galen: eh what BS then Nicole leh?
Mr. Yee Huh no she only do that in MY class. And even so only point point point and laugh.
I gotta agree on that particular point. She has many short term goals, and all of them comprise of eating the person closest to her. :O
Jit: I think, right, Galen keep on touching Clare…
D. A. (go figure)
Claire: *takes out a penknife*
Me: Jit. DH. BB.
Jit: Eh nothing to do with me it’s DH MAN (woah knows how to dodge bullets so fast)
DH: WHAT?! Hey Claire, could you, uh, not play around with that dangerous weapon? I feel very endangered.
Mr. Yee: Eh if you make my mentor rep angry and she attack you, I will close both eyes. Cos my mentor reps must defend them first right? Like you my class when not agree with other class I stand on u people side.
*Ansel potters around randomly*
Mr. Yee: OK Ansel although my class me not my subject so if u disagree with me I will *incriminating action*
Yes, Math was great. I can’t imagine why people would want to sleep through it.
*from other side of class*
I hatez. Bio quizzeh.
Like, I got 10.5 for the quiz. Upon 15. The mark allocation was:
1/5 for MCQ
9.5 for OEQ WTH.
As Dr Wong would say, DOOD.
On a more distressing note, my bio file has vanished. Along with, if I am not wrong, one of my practicals. GG.
*During econs*
PS: (to James) Pass to the perverts behind us.