Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dirty Dancer

WJ intends to find a common time slot among all 9 classes, with the help of a couple other Higher Chinese teachers.
I tried almost in vain to find one among three classes by myself.
I don’t care how mnay teachers you rope in…good luck. XD
OK…buzzes with anticipation for the day which ends the earliest?
*sad about Tuesday*
Finally, English. :D. apparently we does something about Art and Culture, with emphasis on essay, but before that every one ought to hand up their remaining portfolio articles/ science chronicles essays. I know at least 4 who have.
In other news, Jun Qi is actually in 06, and so is Ming Wei. Not too sure how that got there anyway.
Oh, wait, that was Tuesday. Too.
Anyway. Ms. Koo is not the liking of Art. And Microsoft Word decreed that a grammatically accurate sentence. Smart technology ForTheWin?
I’m not sure what the goth-loli in Japan is supposed to entail, but…just not going there. The less one knows the better, probably. *Space Unicorns?*
DH: The Japanese are…fukotu upoutu!
Put…very discreetly indeed.
Just the first week back, and playing cards madly. One never does change, after all.
Peng Seng: Dr. Wong is teaching…Music Politics. I bet it will be something like “Ok, guys, self-study. Test next week on everything”
Dr. Wong: OK, because I’m leaving for the next two weeks I’m going to Australia. You see all the handouts here? Those will be your self-study notes for the test when I come back! :D
Me: *does quick silent count with fingers and realize they aren’t enuff*
Uh oh.
Lots of complaining later…
Me: *thumps stack on the table* and…this is just for THREE weeks?
Galen: Hell it actually makes a sound when you drop it!
Jit: Aiyuhh…No kick la. Only 300 and more pages to read through.
Jeremias: N1 Peng Seng predict so accurate for wut?
Peng Seng: OK. Now got ideal welcome back gift for James. “Welcome back!” ‘:O It’s OK I think I will stay in Korea for some more time.’
Me: Should give him when he’s back on Tuesday, and tell him the test is tomorrow :P
Good times ahead, I guess.
I realizes how lucky I was to have a non-croaking, relatively young male music teacher who was cool.
Jeremias: The Arts and Music lessons are joke sia, seriously. Only half an hour…
Dr. Wong: :O What do you draw in half an hour? Cartoon flowers?
Singapore, as oyu can see, is pretty much the epitome of good music education. Oh yes she is.
So we nomnom Mentoring the same way Simin’s primary school form teacher nomnom her Music lessons. For all the good times left.
Basically it’s all found on Facebook, and also because I’m too lazy to describe YJ’s multi slap, Jeremias’ multi-person punch, DH and Tseren’s buff poses and helium speaking (or failures in helium breathing)…yea it’s all there.
But I will make special mention for the class photos, for which we had to wait for Galen and thus have the time to do abovementioned retarded accomplishments before that.
First two: Serious shot. Everybody lean to the left and right…click
DH: OK Jeremias do buff guy pose and point at your biceps. All the guys hide face in hand and look depressed while the girls look impressed OK?
Jeremias: WTH?
Class: ON!!!
*after half a minute*
Mr. Loo: Er…Ansel could you get into the mood?
Ansel: Hah…? What…?
Class except Ansel: ANSEL!!!
At least we got one more or less good shot without being spoiled. EVERYONE CHANGE THEIR PROFILE PICS :D
Mr. Yee gave YJ cool tie OMG so Jealous XD
Crash course in omnomnom language. *feels enlightened*
Mind-f***ing Tseren=fun times ahead. Operation get Tseren a Boyfriend XD
Sometime later.
Shreyas: hey DH don’t you take 198 at the opposite stop?
DH:…Er…no I’m waiting for someone…
Shreyas: Oh? Is it…*winkwink*
DH: Yea la…need to get something from her…
Shreyas: Oh, you do, don’t you? Does it happen to start with a v? Have an ‘I’ in there somewhere? Huh?
DH: OK bye guys *walks to turnstile*
LMAO Should ask him if he got it. XD

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sometimes you get priceless moments, especially during Seminar Room lessons
Here’s to having Math lessons in Seminar rooms too? :D *hint hint*
Or at least, until Mr. Loo reads blogs. *sigh*
T-position during the 5-minute break. XD
Temperature taking will always be a time-honoured affair of people trying to scam their way into not buying a new one because of complete laziness. Maybe I’m just stereotyping there, but…I have one example. XD
Something about International frien—ZZZzzz
*still like the idea of friends with benefits*
Ms. Wong interrupts…nothing.
I wonder why my brother’s certificate of Participation is in the middle of all my classmate’s certificates. Hurm.
Ms. Wong: OK who took Shreyas’ certificate?
Me: How can anyone mistake their cert for yours…I mean, the name alone is…
Shreyas: Yea I bet no one has the surname Thiruvenegadem…
Ms. Wong: OK? Everyone got their cert? Don’t come running to me say you don’t have ah! *turns to Shreyas* You don’t have right?
So. Funnily enough our timetable is almost exactly the same as last semester. Except for languages, so there was Bio on Tuesday. Just after Mr. Yee disappointed us…Oh well.
Ms. Wong: Oh this will be your new Chem teacher Mr. Izam
Class: O.o so are you teaching us Bio or Chem
Mr. Izam: No I’m just taking over for one week while Mr. Soh is on reservice.
At least he’s…how do I say it…very Singaporean-ised? And somehow makes the explaining of million-year-old stuff not sound as boring as it does.
Mr. Izam: Oh BTW, which stall in the canteen sells good food?
Class: Exactly…none. The noodle stall sucks especially.
Not that I’d know. Speaking of lunch, and the one Jazlene owes me…
*During in-class assignment*
Mr. Izam: The other classes never asked so many questions, man…just quietly sat there and—
*James asks sth*
Mr. Izam: You’d like me to do for you right?
Whaddya think?
I should start a week-long smuggling project. Now that I’ve gotten a whole big break my way and all. But seriously, a RISK tournament? Like, about all the 9 hours we could spare?
Now the explanations. *sigh*
I dropped Econs. So did Jit and DH. I wonders why.
DH: All those soccer ppl like Yong Kiat took only 3 majors. Then getting 4.8-4.9 for CAP man! Can go HAVARD!
Me, Jit and DH: LMAO
Me: Even YOU didn’t believe that right?
Jit: Woah…Simin now considering hard…should I take 3 majors and go Havard?
The awesomeness of logic sometimes.
In the long break…all I can say is…metaphors, madness and mutilation. Mmhmm.
Now everyone know I retardbaby. Ahahahahah.
Jeremias: *Takes violin*Bye Simin.
Simin: *looks up*Nomnom
Jeremias: :O
Me: I think you’d better leave…fast?
Jeremias: kthxbai
*sometime later*
Simin: Eh Jeremias you back?
Jeremias: *holds up left-behind-iTouch*
Me: N1 almost lost in Claire’s house not enuff for you rite…
And finally, the culmination of all this staying back.
Ji Hyun: Why are you staying so late?
Me:…sometimes “for fun” doesn’t cut it anymore.
The three of us went to a…public lecture. Light refreshments were provided.
Guess what we went away full of.
Would Tseren get the violin G-string being broken joke, I wonder.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Loser Like Me

Finally blogging?
YES OMG SO MUCHTO TALK ABOUT. And so little time. Oh well.
We, as we all know…the new time table sucks…bad. D:
And then, Mr. Yee is leaving the school in two days. D:
But at least he leaves a pretty good successor.
Mr. Loo: We’ll do the first three pages, then we’re done for the day.
Oh. God. <3?
(Halfway through the lesson)
*Raphael walks in. 10 mins late. Or something*
Me: Hey Mr. Loo. Nice timing. :D
SO. Break. And. BIOOO.
*enter Dr. Low*
YJ: DR. LOW!!!
*runs over to pose for photo. With James, DH, etc…*
Click. XD.
Yea, I missed him too. Not the fact that he happens to teach a torturous module, but then again…
Dr. Low: *halfway through* It’s…so hot!
Class: Yea man why you no book seminar room? D:
Dr. Low: I…got a plan. The OTHER seminar room was unlocked…so…I’ll see you there in five minutes!
Class: WHOO ON
*shall not go into how bad the module will be. Soon. D:*
Four hours of lesson…can kill. *sighs*
Chem lesson was…foreboding. In a good kinda way. :D
Ms. Wong: There were reports that there was not enough video, animations, etc…so I made a lot of video, animations, fun stuff…then they tell me I only get to teach for five weeks. Boss order’s.
Forgot who: Good wut can slack rite XD
Ms. Wong: yea that’s what I thought at first! Then they told me that while Mr. Izam was teaching I still have to attend. Why? Write report. D:
*random chatter from the back*
Ms. Wong: *sigh* really need to get rid of these three guys man.
Those in front: *turn around to look at…Jeremias*
Chinese. WJ likes the new arrangement. I would guess so. Can finally utilize the full 3 hours to discuss randomness. XD
Me: Some CCA announced that there would be no meeting that day. Journalism will wait until three and tell us there’s no*bzzz*
*There’s a meeting today! See you there!-Wayne*
*has a telepathic revelation*
I cannot say how hard it is to work under distraction. When the attraction of random internet games while typing an essay is distracting enough. Also, the screen is so…mini…
I should have asked sooner. *learns lesson*
Ian<3: I wann go in and laugh!
Clarice: There’s nothing to laugh at, unless you find a 26-year old balding guy funny.
Me: *can’t help it* ROFLMAO
Galen: It’s good to pretend to hi-five a bald guy…then run the hand through your hair instead, going Can you do this? Huh? *all he can go is WIKIWIKIWIKKK*
So bad rite us. Making fun of those with the shinier heads.
In Journalism one topic was whether we would…get another shot at winning $400 apiece.
JT: Have we submitted anything for the ST comp yet?
Christopher: Huh?
Later on, when deciding team members, we realize we are short of one. We REALLY ONLY HAVE ONE YEAR THREE?!
JT: How do you know if we even qualify?
Mr. Chin:…We should!
JT: Says a lot…
I object mildly to Annabeth’s views on what good erotica should be. That is all.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Black and Yellow

Three hours taking about three different days to post.
I must be such a genius.
At what, though, I have no idea. Maybe the field doesn’t exist as a word as a dictionary.
Shall leave that to you to find out.
Me: They’re at, like the bowling alley so let’s take the lift up. (realizes that the bowling alley is…one floor up. Hurm)
DH: Oh…kay…eh. At second floor ah?
Me: Yea. Right here where it says bowling alley.
*walk out of lift*
Me: Oh. Erm. Right…
DH: And you fellers saw it and just continued walking?!
Me: You want to go back around…?
DH: Gah, let’s just…go back man! WTH
Me: Would it make any difference we’re already halfway around LOL
DH: It’s saving us a few seconds of our valuable time by not walking the wrong way anymore!
Jit: I think you just wasted that few seconds arguing here :P
Sometimes the polar bear displays such astounding insight I doubt it’s really him with me. Sometimes.
We arrived to realize Mr. Yee was gone. D:
(maybe if Jit and DH hadn’t spent time being fat…)
Yea, anyway. Fake strike with two pins much?
Sounds like the…Student Council application camp was fun. Or something. If anyone wants to kick start training on sleeping irregular ideas, join Student Council :D
(Although I suspect the sadism you get to level at applicants kind of pays off. Bad Tiong.)
Throughout the…I dunno, hour or less we spent there DH and Jit were being pushy guy friends egging on Galen to do the right thing. Mmhmm.
Kallang Leisure park is quite the place for leisure activities. More or less. All that’s lacking is…
…unmentionable. Heh.
Anyhow, arranging a mix for Mr. Yee sounds just less threatening than having to compose something entirely new. Now if only I could find Galen…online zzt.
Awesome Alice in Wonderland Fanfiction. :D Especially after the crap sometimes dishes out…
You know what? I think there was actually a point to all this posting. Other than Peng Seng finding his panda soft toy and not having enough dosh to pay for it, or DH coaxing Simin on the finer side of life…
Jit: Why would I want simin? She’s flat
OK, not the point really but OMG JIT SRSLY MAN
Jit: I was talking to the ppl in Hungary about DH and Shini
DH: Knew you’d talk bad about me around my back backstabber
Jit: Anyway, Jazlene was like HUH WHAT? Even Gloria O.O at her. Then she went I THOUGHT THEY WERE JUST NORMAL FRIENDS :O
Clueless kid. Which is much better than I can say for the point of this post. XD

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What are Words

“I want Jazlene!”
So said Simin some time before we boarded the Circle Line. Just one of those :O moments.
Cyrus: who do you think will be on top, Simin or Jazlene.
DH: Obviously Jazlene lah, so buff, do bench press on Simin.
And other assorted racist stuff that…I shall not mention. :D
DH: N1 lah pointing finger the other four are pointing back at you!
Jeremias: I’m pointing my whole hand of fingers…
Not sure what they were pointing over, (but I has a sneaking suspicion it concerned the subject of being gay. Or something related).
And all these took three stops, including one distasteful…something that I wouldn’t call artwork involving the photo of one half-constipated sportsman at Stadium station.
Time with Jit and DH at Starbucks was…educational in the least. For them. I think…
Jit: woah DH why you reading this mag ah?
DH: No lah, just happened to…catch my interest…
Jit: Nothing to do with all these hot models right?
DH: yea…eh, they’re seriously exploiting them to promote the technology man. Encouraging. (OK he didn’t really say this last word. Mainly because it’s too long a word for him, but something to THAT extent, now savvy?)
After their…I dunno, quarter pounder of cream in a cup, the next 15 minutes were spent in much…lassitude. By the two who’d just ingested the cream.
Jit: Woargh…can’t…move…
DH: I’ve just, like…gained 10kg or something…fries, Subway, now this…Then later when I get home my mom will be like…Aren’t you one of my son’s friends Jeremias? I’ll go Nope it’s me, mom. Eliciting the response GET OUT THE HOUSE
Me: Eh I go take a walk…and you can come look for me if you feel up to it?
Jit: Later you come back, then you find John Huang and William sitting amid 20 frappucinos.
DH: No lah even William can’t be that fat.
*sigh* Guys. Oh, wait.
Amid confusion (or more likely, a lack of link between on Subway attendant’s eardrum and his brain) of what Subway sandwich cyrus ought received, we found out that James was, unamusingly, not crying in a corner due to not finding anyone in Kallang Leisure Park after taking a taxi there while those who were there earlier were watching a movie.
Peng Seng: Mr. Yee called us using James handphone LOL.
Damn should have called him to come to Clementi where we would be all “waiting” for him. Just so we can see just how many taxi trips he can take.
So. Back to starbucks and potential John Huang and William.
Jit: *to DH* You wanna move?
DH: …Nope!
Me: Mr. Yee is, like, here already man.
DH: oh…we’ll move at 3.10. Promise :D