Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ooh. Yumyum.
Sometimes reality TV is really stupid. And weird. Like when someone pretends to eat earwax for a joke. Hurm.
In any case. I am so screwed. I have completed everything except for work due on Sunday. Instead, of course, I am listening to songs and blogging and playing random games on Kongregate instead of doing it. I still have one day, after all. XD
So. Basically I am just waiting it out till eleven, or till mum gets home. To watch TV, of course.
But fortunately, with some rushing I managed to hash out a half-baked chemistry report yesterday. :D
Still. About the things that happened today, are getting dragged over a bush.
Not literally, just me bullshitting you.
Jit: James you’re in MA!
James: What? YEA!
Jit: Nope I’m just bullshitting you.
Imagine if this funny guy becomes a doctor.
Jit: Oh! Congratulations, you’re cured of your cancer!
Jit: Oh no, I’m just bullshitting you.
I was watching this competition just yesterday, and they were having some compound word forming sentence. And I realized that the first word I could think of meant incest. Hurm.
I am digressing too far away from the topic at hand, i.e. the fact that SOMETHING happened on Friday. But that is mostly due to my now abysmal memory for anything I want to remember. Also, I have an Economics article screaming for completion. And tuition soon. Bleurgh.
Physics wasssszzzzzz…. I mean, not that I sleep in the lesson. I’m never able to do that. Just that the topic is so zzz….
Chemistry was moderately more fun, with the addition of an untimely call from Ms Ong triggering Claire’s bitching to everyone. Yea.
About that. I have nothing more to say, because Mr. Yee also angry at us. Or, more specifically, those not wearing uniform during lesson and those playing the instruments.
Tsktsk. I stand in approval for teachers to provide all their phone numbers insteadof office numbers so that they are more easily contactable.
DH: *points at TC jacket* ey isn’t that the jacket that Pin Yee was wearing?
Well DUH.
Hmm. Now. That was easy.
Just one more little anecdote.
Mr. Yee: DH! Go buy new shirt! This one looks…very old and po lan! (tattered)
DH: Sorry man no money! Mr. Yee you spon me?
Mr. Yee: OK I will
DH: No lah JK JK I know you poor too. Ah Claire you spon me how?
Claire *whacks DH’s head with pencil*
DH: Mr. Yee did you see that? I demand that she sponsors me shirts for the…physical and emotional trauma she’s caused me
*after Mr. Yee leaves*
DH: Ok. For every whack you have given me you owe me one shirt. By my estimate you owe me five shirts already.
Claire: OK…come here…
DH: Yea, fine, come and whack me. You will owe me six. *offers head*
What. A.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sex on a Radio

N1 Man.
Been, as I told DH, burning candles at both ends.
Of course, I should begin the day with an interesting fact, provided by Monsieur Yap.
“I was talking to Pin Yee, then halfway through she asked me: ‘what do you think about James’. OBV I told her he was a retard. Then later I asked her what TTC got her for Valentine’s Day, and she said ‘something money can’t buy’. Because DH told me TC got her card I just said ‘CARD RIGHT! That TC so cheapskate n1’”
Must be influence right. DH the cheapskate guy with a cheapskate friend.
Jit: N1 lah DH cos got ppl like you, go out with Shini bring $10 only
DH: NO THAT’S NOT TRUE I bring only $5..or I make her pay
Jit: N1 lah also go scam Malay food stall everyday.
DH: HEY DUN YOU SLANDER ME! I only do it 5 times a week—I give them break on weekends.
Heheheh. Cheapskate is DA way to go.
I see retards being racist and pushy on MSN. Moving on…
Music was so GG. Not even doing anything then the software crashed on me. And YJ’ talking somehow got top marks. WTH. Next time I’m gonna rap too. No more holy of holies.
On a completely related note, I should read the Bible more often. But…TRUE man? I mean, SERIOUSLY? (OK at least they didn’t give the director some name like…Yahwah. Mhmm.)
Man x 2= Men
Men x 2 = Mens. Oh the Genius.
In any case. Physics was so.
ARGH. I dun want to talk about it.
Doctor: Cyrus, here are your muscle relaxants for your *ahem*rape*ahem* headache.
So on the way home, after viewing the most awesome topic which Annabeth was researching on, listening to Mr. Yee’s life story and managing NOT to make too much of a fool of ourselves before Dr. Nikolai, (exactly in that order…NOT) we were discussing the touchy topic of DH’s…LOVE LIFE.
Jit: Soon enough ur parents gonna call you for a meeting. Dad will say ‘Son, when I was TWELVE I was getting all the ass I wanted. YOU, ARE SIXTEEN! AND NOT A SINGLE GIRL YET! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?
Me: Wha disgrace to family name man…
DH: Yea, then even my mom goes ‘Son, I didn’t give you good genes for fun. You go get the ladies with the proper tools, man!’
Jit: N1 then Dad will say “Now you go get yourself some ass or YOU AIN’T COMING BACK!”
DH: GG lerh.
As DH’s brother says, why is a woman with many men a slut, but a man with many women a legend?
Let’s say the women are locks and the men are keys.
If a lock can be opened by MANY keys, obviously that’s a shitty lock.
If a key can open many locks…that’s a MASTER key!
Inappropriate much.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To the Sky

GG. You know, with the subject of most of the statements, now it’s getting harder and harder to write a proper blog post.
Add that to the Chinese test tomorrow and Music Test on Thursday as well as Research Congress and I’m like BLEAURGH. Gonna die.
Shini and TTC were chucking balls at each other. (Actually, just the one.) Then at the last throw Shini catches it with her netball skills, turns and throws back.
DH was in the way, two bottles in hand. Two hands.
Now it would be best if she wasn’t thinking that DH was the one who threw the ball. I mean, seriously?
Still DH was like WTH DOOD.
Math. Fun.
DH(suddenly I realize this helps people be not able to Google him) *after completing some complicated vector question*: YES! YES! JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS!
Me and Jit: WTH LMAO
There was a lot of that.
It turns out that James is going to go back to Korea. Because of…potentially scandalous reasons.
And now YJ proclaims his affection for her. Things are getting complicated.
Me: James no hope lah…one fast, one buff, the last one…
Jit: Nowhere lah…not even halfway.
So sad she was grounded. Still. TC got skill.
DH: It’s probably a “clean sheet night”
TC: NVM the TC-Messi will score a hat-trick soon
This reminds me of the Thursday when he was just sitting in the class half-naked studying for Bio I mean SRSLY.
Anyway. Lots of DH on crack going on, which I shall not go into deeply for fear of incrimination…yea.
Biology was much better than learning about worms. I mean, we WERE learning about worms, the nice, non-parasitic ones than aren’t spread by Bak chor mee. XD
I think Galen/Claire killed the earthworm. Poor earthworm. Shake some more n1. And the leech so FREAKING FAT HTH does it go unnoticed?!
Lim Jeck: It is so thick it looks like a third arm…so when you go look at it you say Oh I’ve grown a third arm and just ignore it. I mean, it’s a new limb so it doesn’t matter if it’s moving and swelling of its own accord. :D
Mhmm I liked the theory. And the fact that I changed my answers three times over the course of waiting for random people.
N1 Wei Zhang Mind Game Jeremias and PS. Actually me too but who cares not my prob he just keep letting me eat.
But bridge was mainly how we can eat Jeremias. Lots of eating allowed.
KJH: YJ nice underwear. I saw it last week!
I shall not discuss about what we were talking about at the other end. Except Jit was very excited about the prospect of watching. *ahem* sorry sick. Again because of VARIOUS PEOPLE ARRGGH.
Nice to bully using doubles. :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Blah. Life sucks. At the moment.
For no good reason I’ve been dizzy all day. Since yesterday. Maybe I’m pregnant.
Bah. Me bad. Thinking too much about worms when I should be revising for the other module. Fortunately my notes are all somehow with me. Now the only issue is remembering everything on them.
Anyway. Planning to do econs today AND CARRY THAT VOW THROUGH. And hopefully Math. (urgh. Why Math? Or, better, why REFLECTIONS?)
Mr. Lim was being stern on Friday. And failing at loading YouTube videos. You’d think the one in charge of InfoComm would know better than to full-screen a YouTube video while it’s still loading. And I would have loved to walk out the classroom except that I was just. Too. Freaking. Bored.
Also, Cyrus was sick. Kind of. Too much studying/stress? Tsktsk.
Am I too tired?
Who cares. I mean, I do, but I don’t count myself.
Yay for early Chemistry release.
Ms. Wong: Now I need to save your friend’s life, so you can all go for a 5 minutes break.
Who knew that taking advantage of someone in danger could be so satisfying?
This post is getting to be really short. I will add random excerpts from Journalism on Monday to make up for my not being able to have a session on Friday.
Annabeth: There is a prevailing notion among Singaporeans to use…Islam as an ADJECTIVE!
Randomness of the comment aside, mainly owing to the fact that I do NOT use Islam as an adjective, we spent most of the next 10 minutes trying to name the 150 first generation pokemon. And we failed to finish *sob*
We like wasting our time. And to think it all started with HEY WHAT EVOLVES FROM CUBONE?
Anyway. Math Test. Was. So Funny :D
Mr. Yee was constantly prowling around Jit. Dunno trying to look at what he’s written or what. So Jit just turns over the paper and gives him the universal “What?” sign language.
Then Tseren’s phone buzzes, and Mr. Yee makes to chuck it out.
And finally we have a minute of laughing observed for the Mr. Yee VS Jit staring competition near the end of the exam. (patting stomach, smiling. You know, the works, while everyone laughs)
At the back, people coughing. So common I can tell who is coughing just by listening to the cough.
I emos now at being denied the chance to relearn the joys I had in primary school.
And realizes I HAD rushed out Journalism yesterday. And may have time to complete Math only now. GG.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

California Gurls

The important point is that, in the rush to create posts, one forgets things. I am sorry to nag but at least one is better off nagging at oneself because one knows it can be cut :D.
Anyway, I found to my horror that I forgot to mention the presence of the awesome worms when staring at the clock ticking down the minutes/seconds to eight early in the morning. Of course, that might have to do with the fact the a) I was earlier up than usual on a weekend morning while still going to sleep as late as possible to previous night due to TV watching and b) I was, in fact, eating noodles. Now for those who do not see the painfully unobvious link between the latter point and…say, tapeworms, let me explain.
For those who would wish to eat bak chor mee at some point in your future should do well to skip the following explanatory paragraph.
Tapeworms reside in the intestines of humans and can grow to metres in length. This is extremely convenient for noodle sellers to induce a worm out of the anus of said afflicted individual and chop it up. Then they throw in minced pork and the occasional pig’s liver (trichinosis), some uncooked vegetables and sometimes there’s fishcake!
XD. So. Biology is a learning experience every lesson. Except I seem to have misplaced the notes which I need in order to study for the quiz on…Monday. GG.
Ah…um. I dunno. I have a new thumb drive now. To be more accurate, an old thumb drive I thought lost to the washing machine, so as to avoid Dr. Wong’s wrath.
Speaking of wrath, it was nice to know that I could actually finish a Chinese essay within stipulated lesson time with the sources of questions removed. :D. Of course, the course of talking beside me compensated for amusement, but at least I can listen and write at the same time, making him feel inferior.
I’m into making people feel inferior.
Running 2.4km was good. DH is such an encouraging factor. And for once, I meant that in a good way.
*first round*
(remembers the retarded noise that was the excuse for background…something in James’ recording. :P Noob James)
*last round*
DH: OK Last round buck up! Beat Galen!
Now imagine of your world was all a lie.
Isn’t it tiring for all the people around you? I mean, just how many years of lying can they keep up with? Truman should learn how to appreciate the fine professional work put in just being his ‘wife’. Mhmm.
GG the biggest enemy of chemistry this year is time. TiK ToK
And I wonders what the NCC squad was marching to today. And how the representatives did in the Biomedical Olympiad. And, above all, what is my one true purpose in the universe?\
Cyrus: Why do you keep calling me a failure? D:
Me: Nothing to do with you, I just like insulting people for kicks.

Friday, February 18, 2011


You know the times where life isn’t going so great?
I’m not going through such a patch. Yet. Fact that I’m STILL able to blog kinda proves that. :D
Wednesday, and Claire’s back. And pissed at the fact that Galen didn’t bring the worksheets/notes she missed for 400m.
Me: What’s she bitching at Tiong for?
Jit: Cos he didn’t take the stuff for her even though they live less than a kilometer apart?
Me: Didn’t we tell him that YESTERDAY?
Sometimes, you just HAVE to agree.
GG Maybe I should pick up a dialect. Een the cleaner knows more languages than me. Made me feel so inferior on Tuesday when Dr. Wong was disinfecting the iMac Lab. D:
Blah now I needa read up on ellipsometry to click with the professor? :O and seeing as DH probably won’t have much of the time to do so. GG. Better than TIONG though CHIONGING Biomed as I speak. Hurm.
In any case, there was a somehow-scam that Mr. Yee wasn’t around. So I was like somehow-NOOOO *does a Roy* LTR GET LI DA DIE D:D:D:D: Luckily he popped up :D
GG in fact we were all slacking around talking about bullshit and anything else OTHER than Math. Like Marvel comics and random overpowered superthings. XD Nomnomnom universe eaters.
Shit now I’m starting to sound like a certain Nicole. Badbadbad.
Bio was so epicly screwed up. That is all. At least I’m doing well for practicals, if Ms. Lim comments are any indication. I live in constant hope and delusions.
When the pictures on the card are attractive enough to influence the choice of cards in random directions, playing Bridge becomes seriously odd.
Peng Seng: NOOO Where’s my 8 and Queen Clubs? Now no motivation to win liao.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's my Name

Da blogging is getting into problems of late.
Right now I am deciding whether to procrastinate for Physics, Chemistry, and…I dunno. English and Econs? Perhaps I might get on with it. Or not. Still, procastination’s good, as a wise friend said. (The wise part can be debated. Any takers?)
Anyway. Tuesday had the inconvenience of being switched to being Wednesday, so.
Mr. Yee was headachy. And Claire was feverish. So we were kinda poking the dead-ish rose during English while Mr. Chin rambled about random argumentative topics. As we learnt that day, it is always better to pick a controversial topic of whose controversy dates back millennia, thus providing many rich pickings for random examples. As opposed to those who were getting a little too used to Mr. Chin not being around, and…well…
Galen: So you’re saying…employment is important because unemployment is a problem?
Anyway. Needs to mention here that we were basically kicking Galen to the side while we ripped open the envelopes for the Valentine’s Day notes. And Ming Wei sent a nice friendly MARRY ME CYRUS to…you guessed it.
Still. One should not be distracted by the 4 conversations one is having at the same time, with one mentioning how…never mind
Anyway. I was there early for music. Proceeding to complete holy music was fun.
Shreyas: Where do you summon the courage to sing in front of everyone?
Me: I know I’m pro XD
Bah almost 9. I must persevere. RAWR.
ACE noob sia. I thought that was English. Mr. Lee like didn’t even check my paper. :P As I said, I’m pro.
Delusional much. I like. DONG
Physics Scammed us much. But I liked the considerate laptops with Wi-fi. Although I -1 for not turning it on. D: Fortunately though it was an education in how one can be amused.
Galen: *something retarded I can’t remember*
DH: |||You’d make a good lawyer. Your Honor, my client would like to plead guilty…wait, what? NOT guilty? Oh, sorry Your Honor he pleads NOT Guilty…
Galen: Right…Your Honor, my client would like to plead guilty to rape…wait, wasn’t it arson and manslaughter? Oh…erm…sorry it was…molest and robbery…
DH: Your Honor, this packet of marijuana which I took out of my pocket just now—and I say JUST NOW—not more than 5 seconds ago, proves that my client was not in possession of the 100g of marijuana…oh SHIT
Galen: As you can see from these photos of my client’s crystal meth lab, there is ABSOLUTELY NO crystal meth present in his home at the time of the photo taking…
Me: In conclusion, your Honor, my client did NOT rape the witness…I did. Oh wait, urm, please strike that from the record :D
When your luck in Big 2 is so good oyu start having the same Two in every hand, it is bad.
For Bridge. DUH
Da Vinci. Douchebags.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't Stop Believin'

The coincidences of life are overwhelming.
So Candice says. Or anyone else getting screwed by coincidences at the moment.
But then, it was probably a coincidence that when Journalism starts having its meetings on Mondays (and Mr. Chin does turn up) THERE ARE ASSEMBLY SESSIONS EVERY WEEK DARN IT. :( Deny me my one hour break. The random outbreak of sessions when there’ve been like, NEAR ZERO the year before :O
Math passed in a LMAO. Nothing more. Other than the coincidence that it was, uh, Valentine’s Day, Shi Ni and DH were doing announcements real softly, DH remembered that he was not as short as Wei Hao, while taking over his role in informing us about sports events.
So. In the morning, I was there sweeping up the classroom as usual, and TTC and Pin Yee were there as usual, with DH at the side randomly rehearsing his speech for the morning which he was probably going to read from the script again. And while I was sweeping, I was witnessing TTC *ahem* placing his jacket tenderly on Pin Yee’s shoulders *ahem* while Pin Yee *ahem* rested her head lightly on Teck Chye’s shoulder *ahem* while I passed random related comments about the weather, or to be more exact, the air to DH, with another couple just outside the door. *ahem* Sorry about the coughs. Having cold and still not yet recovered. *ahem**ahem*
Essentially Galen was tasked to deliver the gifts to our class. Someone sent James a rose without a note, while someone else sent Jazlene a note without a rose. The only difference was, James’ gift cost $1 while Jaz’s cost nothing.
Galen: Oh sorry the rose ain’t yours Jazlene it’s James’
Mr. Yee: N1 Galen so bad to your classmate! Should sue this guy for…
Me: Emotional damages.
Mr. Yee: Yeah! Sue him for emotional damages…
Tsktsk Gabriel cheapskate sia. Shall not mention more in case he bought a bouquet in secret. :P
Chinese so alamak. Dropped a stack of 10 $6 books. GG. At least my letter is improving. I hope. D: Next lesson better sit in front.
YY: I won’t ask you how to write the words…cos I have no idea WHAT to write.
YAY Total Defence Day talk/presentation was short. But I can’t help mentioning…no matter how much we to, our little Red Dot can’t do no shit if someone decides to nuke the island. :O
Journalism involved a lesson in which one learns exactly HOW early one can learn the art of MAHJONG.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


To gay, or not to gay, that is the question.
I can just imagine Francis Bacon saying that, with his references to ‘voluptuous men’ and all.
But then, who am I to speak. I have a husband. :D
Today is Sunday. Which means that despite my best efforts I am lagging. Still. And still struggling to remember what happened on Friday.
In here I would like to mention the interesting usage of personnel in Physics videos. Hurm. One wonders.
But. Bleh. First thing in the day Mr. Yee no enough sleep, no enough eat, so no enuff happiness=emo
Mr. Yee: Whenever I don’t have enough sleep and not enough to eat I will emo *EMOS* OK finish emoing. *gets off Jit’s table*
N1 Nat poke Mr. Yee summore.
Anyway I am so screwed for Physics. Thanks to a non-reminding teacher. :(
After Physics I had been considering the many ways chemistry could be screwed up.
Later on, Cyrus *kinda* started a fire on the ground. Ms. Wong will feel insecure when he holds a lighter…Bunsen burner…generally every flame throwing device.
So basically for our Chemistry Research Project we managed to screw up every way I had anticipated, including a few that I hadn’t :P
Nat was so insecure during Math. In a different way.
I was feeling insecure during break.
And now I feel insecure about the numbers of projects I have been putting off.
And also about Ji being Wee Thean’s Girlfriend.
I mean, being one who has been at the receiving end of their randomness, me being random WITH Wee Thean on the day on Wednesday this week only so far not withstanding, it is very worrying. Our world has enough randomness already.
Or not.
But see, if they conceivably married all of a randomness.
And had offspring.
What if the babies were random?
I mean,
Oh, never mind. Imagination is the most powerful tool of the human mind.
Besides randomness.
Hey, maybe Ji and WT doesn’t sound so bad after all!
I have randomly convinced myself that the world will not suddenly turn into a random pot of begonias due to this occurrence. :D
Of course, there’s still the big question of my existence…

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Only Girl (In The World)

Big Bang Theory.
No, not that one.
Random much, but that's me.
Chinese was an example of why those with OCD should not be the Chinese rep. But then, I was also very bored. Thus tower building games involving the mountains of coins Jazlene happily relinquished to me ensued. 14 5 cent coins and an unknown sum in total. I managed to stack all of them in one tower :D until Rachel moved to place...three pieces of paper with a works of one gay Shakespearean author. And toppled the pile. D:
PE. Was. Torture. No energy to discuss four rounds and 200++ jumping jacks. Because there'll be more next week unless Mr. Foo returns from his WHATEVER DAMMIT JUST COME BACK I DUN WANNA RUN TEN ROUNDS T.T
The act of actually turning up?
Whatever the cause of our 3 and a half hour break blown on playing lots of cards, in which we ganged up on Jeremias who was just starting to play Hearts (yes we're bad that way XD)...One week break seems a bit too much. But I'm not complaining.
Jeremias: :O WTH GO eat Ansel man
GG. THe Cannibal of NUS High is in my class.
Firstly, though, we need to consider the act of actually being ABLE to eat Jeremias in the first place...
Chemistry. Confusing. Desssert with three 's'? Naw. Hess.
WE WERE ALL TIRED. At least, I was.
Nat: We should make more of you...can go hungry for about twelve hours still grow so tall. Thne we can spend one third the money for food :D
NUU stupid Econs noo SCARCITY GAME? D:

Love The Way You Lie

The pleasures of blogging at school.
On somebody else's laptop. *sigh*
That usually means that everyday I am lagging by two days. Which sucks. But life sucks, which means i'm pretty normal :D
I have a private theory that Mr. Chin is taking leave due to his unprecedented appearance on a Monday CCA session. Consequently, we were the only...10 or so people in the Student Lounge fro two hours in the early hours of the morning. Looks like it was probably good news after all. XD. Two hours of happiness.
MW is too much of a failure.
Me: *pokes*
Claire: *pokes*
Me: YOu are a failure, a man
MW: NO I--
Vivian: *pokes*
Me: *shrugs* Just what I said. Tsktsk.
Garageband is irritating. EIther that or my non-ablity to sightread a piece is less than 30 minutes. D:
But Angelic Chorus and Church Bells sounds good. On other news, I probably will have to redo everything come Wednesday, and Galen's Jazz is awesome. GG.
ACE can probably summed up in two words. Or not.
I'll leave the other word to imagination. But personally I thought my icon was cool :D
Effing hell. We spent one hour of Physics doing one worksheet, all in the holy name of revision. WTH ZZT I have a thousand better ways of spending that hour besides staring at a digital stopwatch. And randomming the many different ways you can sing Singing in the Rain with Tiong.
I'll be damned. who knew you could sprain youself walking down half-metre long steps. Of course, there will always be teachers who can manage it. besides, how in the hell do you conduct a research project on roosting crows? Climb rain trees? O.O Of course, it was amusing to draw in the steps for research. My pictures are most thought-provoking :D

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Gotta Feeling

Now I tries to remember what happened on Tuesday. Of course, it would be better if life didn’t suddenly become so damn screwed. :(
Math. Was. Blurry. GG. Can’t remember shit. Except maybe this.
Jit: TC gonna beat up James man GG
Tseren: This is Singapore *forms a tiny dot with his fist* And this is Korea *Mimes a huge country in comparison* You think Singapore can touch Korea?
Me: TC can run around Korea faster than James can run once around Singapore LMAO
Maybe DH was failing at integration? O.o Not sure because I can’t make head or tails of the Riemann sum either.
Jit: That’s uni level stuff man
GG :O Then who cares.
That damn electric piano is the most screwed up piece of crap I have ever seen. The entire chorus of Just the Way You Are is wiped out WTH. D:
Bio. Was is the lab. As it will be forever now.
Ms. Lim: There will be a quiz next week, from Lectures 1 to 3. With MCQs and structured questions. 10 minutes.
SO for practical we were supposed to do drawings of corals.
*Ms. Lim brings out a plate-like coral. Then she brings out a branched coral*
Ms. Lim: Yea you have to draw these. And jelly fish…in 10 minutes cos I have to take these to the other class.
Class: GG must be exact?
Obviously not, but not exact-ness should mean something, right? Or not.
The jelly fish look so cute and squishy :D Unless it’a a box jelly. In which case you’re screwed. Creepy little things even when they’re young. *ploop* two arms come out. Then they start crawling over the rock surface to find a good rooting surface, which reminds one vaguely of a hungry two-armed monster worm. XD
Alamak Ms. Lim scammed us say it’s plate coral? GG
Me likes my spicules. Unless I wrote protected. :O
PS: *points at his pen and pencil* N1 My pen and pencil!
Jit: Yea lah, EH I help you take it down man tsktsk
PS: -.-
Later on…
PS: eh can return me now?
Jit: Dude I helping you safekeep man XD

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dick in a Box

Damn. My mind is blown.
Tell you more about that later. GG.
So. Sad. Mr. Yee sick again :( Then DUNDUNDUNDUN Li Da for Math. N1 WTH.
Maybe I was freaking him out. Or not. Because in between bullshitting with Jit and DH and discussing how noob James was, I was grinning at him every time he passed by. Heh. At least he released us early. GG. :D
N1 Library trying to scam me of money. WTH.
How come everybody rushing bio today. Or, to be more accurate, WHY WASN’T THEIR PRACTICAL SUPPOSED to be due last week?
I feel so bad for myself. And DH, who took over my duties, and who probably will be taking over my duties from now on. Eh not my fault I’m so late everyday can. :(
Pin Yee was a major point of discussion today. At least, until the news that destroyed my mind was revealed.
IT WAS SO LOUD IN THE ROOM DAMMIT CLAIRE DID YOU HOOK UP TO TWO AMPS WTH. But there was still time to send retarded texts to Pin Yee with James’ phone LMAO. Which reminds me of da Chinese New Year Eve, which I have not blogged about. ~sadded~
Tseren: Do you know who I am (to Pin Yee on James’ phone)
Pin Yee: Tseren LOL
Tseren *turns to see Pin Yee just outside*
N1 noob LOLOLOL.
Halfway through our bloated break we had a mass toilet break. Or, to be more accurate, a mass sightseeing excursion to one of the Year Two classes. I wonder what the Year Twos were thinking :P
Bio was a period where DH was getting…sicker and sicker. GG. I think I gonna be sick also.
N1 James noob man teacher then dunno anything about the stuff you were supposed to be teaching.
Dr. Low: Oh, you’re the teacher? Good, good…
Sadistic/sarcastic much? XD
Still. Bio was a tad boring today. I mean, perhaps we could have done it Ms Huang’s way. Dunno what they were doing with WZ and Sooraj on one side in 302. N1
PMAT means Pin yee Meets Asshole Teck chye. :P. Thought up of my James and co.
DH: Later YJ also like Pin Yee, then we will have KOREAN WAR. And Singapore will stand at the side and sell weapons like America :D
High on drugs or flu lurr. Then sleep all the way through Student Lounge duty. GG.
DH: Gabriel got toilet paper? I use the school toilet paper rough like sand paper liddat my face sore liao.
So I finish playing cards, and what do I hear?
Jit: GG Ram was dreaming/fantasising about Roy in the sleep :O
Jit: Apparently he was dreaming about Roy on a nudist beach sitting on a chair. WTFH.
WTFS. I will not continue about the stuff I heard. As Wei Zhang said…
“DUDE RAM STOP answering questions we DO NOT NEED TO KNOW MORE WTH”
Roy must be traumatized.logpost
During Chinese, besides the endless exhortations my WJ to buck up (bleh) I learnt that Galen collected 1.2K in ONE HONGBAO ALONE. WTH That’s more than the total collected in ALL MY hongbaos. By three times summore. WTFH SHARE THE LOVE BUDDY
Roy *reading text*
Supposedly he missed a kick because of that too. Smart goalie :P
Assembly. DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUN police talk. WTH. I think I should have skipped it. I mean, I’m not saying I like it, but sometimes I should exploit the times Mr. Yee isn’t around.
Then again, maybe not. Unless there were inexplicable reasons for Claire and co. being herded in halfway through. Hurm.
BEING OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT FARCE DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULDN’T PUT CREATIVE EFFORT IN YOUR PRESENTATIONS. (and that condescending tone, but I’ll overlook it because I wasn’t listening anyway)
There. Cyber-bullying. So sue me :P
The SMS that made my day:
GOOD NEWS! We will have Journalism today.
Yes. What “good news”
Rarghh. Why did 2 of our 6 pizzas disappear after Mr. Chin made his appearance. N1. Leaving like…ONE slice for each member :O.
Stuffing the boxes down the nearest convenient rubbish bin is a good idea. CHARADES ARE NOT Bleurgh. Who would have known how ironic it could be.
And now Annabeth knowsabout my unhealthy fixations.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting for the End

Overseas Student Attachment briefing thingy. WHY DOES EVEYTHING HAVE PHYSICS IN THEM?!!!
Mr. Goh: Oh…those with natural insulation will have higher priority for the Moscow attachment.
N1 so suan. Like me after DH “taught” us yesterday.
Me: So MUCH substance!!! I was COMPLETELY blown away by the presentations :D
DH: How come that sounds so…sarcastic…
:P. Still. Physics was ZZZZZ
Galen: Huh how you got 17? Is it cos you did the extra question and got it wrong so Mr. Lim decided to dock two marks for it ‘Hmm trying to be so smart do extra question? WHERE SO SMART NOW?!’ LOL”
Yes THERE’S one smartass. XD.
So. Break. Or not.
Until it was known that there apparently was smoke from…a box in the car park, making the teachers and estate people run around in their funny little hard hats with extinguishers. Or not. Not sure. But Jeremias has a good theory.
“They couldn’t think of a better way to dry up the track is it?”
N1 LOL. Budden they chose SUCH A HOT HOUR. How in the HECK do they manage to find such a HOT TIME in such a COLD WEEK :O.
Ansel *holds a rolled up pink umbrella*
Mr. Yeo: *takes it away* Confiscated. For being too gay. *opens it up for use*
Ms. Wong so nice give us 15 min break. Except I don’t eat. AND I HAVEN’T BOUGHT COOKIES T.T I need comfort food.
Halfway through Chem:
Ms. Wong: Cyrus, why are you so happy?
DH: Obv doing somethings with Raphael…Something wrong…
Raphael: GAY SEX! :D
And Tseren a bit insecure leh. Actually, very insecure.
Cyrus: I put my arms around Tseren. Then he turned and said CRAP YOU’RE BI and runs.
Tsktsk. And who was the one pressing James on the table later on? Hmm?
Math Journal was such BS. Effing Graphamatica scamming my ass. STUPID PIECE OF SHIT. My MathGV dunno how many times better.
Noob Ji come to ask me how to do Econs then dun hv the worksheet.
AND Mr. Chin must be the slackest person in our club. I mean, AWOL for two days IN A ROW??? SERIOUSLY???