Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got caught

Hmmm what can I say? Too bad lor. Went to Battle Stations then lab tech caught me. So? Scolded me lor. But that was fun.

Him: Battle Stations fun right?
Me: Dunno...(I only just went to the app HTF I noe)
Him: So what was your partner doing? Was he playing? You better tell. (WTF make it sound like I went on a robbery with him like that. PARTNER and not SCHOOLMATE)
Me: Yea, he was. (and then he leaves it like that. Nice going)
Him (takes out yellow form. And flips it up and down LOL): Abuse of technology...serious offense. (Takes out a pen and crosses out the second chance a few hundred times as he talks. LOL.) We lab techs don't have second chances. So if another teacher catches you, it's straight demerit points. (OK lor)
Me: Yes.
Him: So what do you define as a game?
Me: Web games. Clicking buttons.
Him: Have you read the lab rules?
Me: Yes.
Him: Let me check if it says web games there...(goes out)comes in after 3 seconds and leads me out.(points at the notice) What does it say?
Me: No gaming is allowed.
Him: You know what is malingering? Lying. (WTF are you insinuating something. Of course you are)Unfortunately for you I wrote the rules. Means that no games are allowed. Web games, word games etc. (LOL you can try to play games without the web on these computers then. Tell me what other games you come up with.)
Me: Yes.
Him: So do you admit that you were playing.
Me: Yea. I hadn't started.
Him: Were you going to play?
Me: Yea.
Him: WERE YOU?!!!(WTF screaming at my face for freaking no reason)Do I have to raise my voice for you to answer my question? (Do I have to slap some sense into you?)
Me: If you hadn't heard i already said "Yea" meaning Yes, Yep, what ever you like.
Him: Is this the way you stand while talking (HTF you want me to stand. You aren't a Sergeant in NCC for God's sake)
Me: Yes.
Him: You signed the AUP. Mr Jerry Siah told you last year. Ms Van told you this year. This either means you Don't respect the teachers speaking, or you don't read what you sign. Go out to work, don't read contracts and sign, company lose money, your fault. (OK but the parents signed that policy first. And when I go out to work, if I don't sign a policy that the boss has signed, I get fired, still my fault. Then now you want me to read and question higher authority. Smart. Call a spade a spade please.)
Me: Yes.
Him: I can freeze your account. Or ban you for 6 months (YES PLS) But I'm not going to do that. Or trouble your mentor(WTF?) (Hands me the yellow form)Read, then write.
Me: (Fills in lor)
Him: (reads) Hmm your mentor has a headache. Not the first time already. I will inform him. (Yea, and the part about not troubling him?) In the meantime, you will tell all your classmates to read the lab rules. If another of your classmates is caught and he tells me you have not told him, I will some looking for you. (Whatever)
Him: (Walks to the door) If you have no other business, you may leave. I suggest you go to the canteen.

DISCLAIMER:This article is at best 50% accurate. I will not take responsibility for any questions regarding discrepancies in order of conversation, etc.

Just in case he accuses me of "malingering"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Trip to Sungei Buloh...

OK, so basically this is actually one of the last places in Singapore that I would go to, but I seriously had no choice but to go because of the screwed up biology project. Darn.

So, first was to plan for a time so that everyone could go. That was made REALLY complicated by my mum, as she says that I could only go on weekends. Dunno why the hell. So first I was trying to get Jit Wu to respond. Failed as he was probably playing some full-screen game. so I called Mitra. At first it was a little difficult as he was having tuition tomorrow. At the time I wanted to go. So we had a little discussion, and finally decided on the time to 3 p.m. Then I started to call everyone else. fortunately everyone else could make it :D Good start.

So the day after we went to Sungei Buloh. First thing I (actually my father)noticed, was the dark clouds over the North. Dang. First thing that Sooraj brought up too when we picked him up. "Hey Yu Han, bad day. Gonna rain in Sungei Buloh soon." Something like that. OMGWTFLOL. Then when I told him we were also picking up Keshiniy and Jit Wu. Then...
Sooraj:WTF? Why are we picking up Keshiniy.
Me:Cos she's in our group LOL.
Sooraj:WTF how come nobody told me.
Me:Oh LOL sorry Sooraj. Jit Wu was asking her for her bra size in exchange for asking me about her joining.
Sooraj:WTH man. The guy seriously got some problem.
So I was sticking around waiting for everyone else. Keshiniy came first. She came by car. And I, the dumb one was waiting at the MRT entry/exit gates. When she called me (I think) and I saw her. LOL. Then after that Jit Wu came. And didn't respond when I called him until i was standing just behind him. The retard. And then...
Jit Wu: Why isn't Keshiniy at the back?
Me: WTH for?
Jit Wu: So I can sit in front and the 2 of you can squash her.
Me: *bitch slaps him*
In the car we were discussing about whether we would see Daryl's group (Couldn't bear leaving his sister), then Sooraj and Jit Wu started zoning out to DOTA. LOL.
So when we reached the Reserve, we found that it had started to rain in earnest. Darn. Unfortunately Mitra was not there yet, so we had to wait in the air-conditioned Nature Cove. And slacked. :D
Well soon after Mitra came so we (sadly) gad to start our trip in the soggy Reserve. Darn. I hear they were discussing the relation of plants and dicks before we left. LOL.
So for most of the time we were just trying to poke our way through the soggy ground and it was me taking most of the pictures. Fortunately my dad was helping me to carry my bag. Sure tasks the hands less. But the mosquitos became a serious irritation after some time. You can see all my itches. O.o. So I was wanting to just go home (I think I had already collected enough pictures) but my father just told us to walk a little more. :(. But after we had gone back to the Visitor's Centre, We all had ice-cream! :D So concludes our trip. time to hit the computer to do the project :(
A little tidbit: Jit Wu and gang were having fun calling people on Keshiniy's phone as we were making our way back from the Aerie. Fun fun fun...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Physics is stupid...

Hmm...this is actually a post on Wednesday, but the main focus IS about the carp physics lesson. Come to that a little later.

So the day started...with the stupid Chinese test. Some parts were seriously freaking hard. But can do actually. So hopefully never mind...

Next was(drum rolls please) Physics. So we were supposed to do a practical. Involving heat capacity and energy transferred and some bull****. So first me and J.Lau (On this occasion, he was actually of some help,surprisingly. More of that later.)connected everything according to the circuit. Guess what? Nothing happened to the ammeter and voltmeter. At all. So we did the common sense approach and asked the teacher. She was trying to make the arrangement work like, for about 15 minutes. That was when everyone started complaining of not having their ammeters not working either. Good game.

So imagine our surprise when KM and Daryl actually came up with and arrangement that had the voltmeter AND ammeter working. at that time J. Lau and me were troubleshooting i.e. testing out every single piece of equipment to see what was faulty. Or went wrong. So we were having sneaking suspicions that it was the calorimeter (the thing we were supposed to measure) that was screwed. But when KM came up with the working circuit, J. Lau started being retarded and went around. Being retarded. After a while trying to fix the circuit, I decided to be fat and go around too.

It became boring after some time so I dismantled our circuit entirely and copied KM's arrangement. Guess what. The meters freaking worked OMGZZZ. So J.Lau was surprised and was staring at the new and working circuit for some time when he suddenly realized that the calorimeter was not part of the circuit. well then. No wonder the meters worked.

By this time some of the lab techs were coming in to check on the circuits. They couldn't do anything about it anyway though. So dunno whose weird idea, saying that the batteries were not powerful enough, and that they were getting in power ports can you believe it...

To cut a REALLY long story short. at the end of two hours of achieving nothing, Ms Seah told us all what we had suspected from the start: The calorimeter was screwed. WTF. And we had to redo the practical. So we started to argue about what time slot to use for the reprac. (KM was pushing for a CL slot to used. Sorry KM, it wasn't to be...) and Ms Seah finally decided to do it the next practical lesson. Which pushes us one week behind other classes. WTF.

P.S. Just a tidbit. When we were choosing the time slot, Wen Jun humped Candice! OMFGZZZ. Not that he did it on purpose. but he was in that position when Jit decided to give WJ a really hard shove. Forward. Pro man Jit. GG Candice. You must have been traumatized...XD

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I feel like blogging.

OK, let's admit it, actually I have nothing else to do. English homework is boring.

So, let me blog about Wednesday. I think it was a Wednesday.

Day started with...mentoring. Nothing else more interesting. So we had to do the anti-bullying poster. Jit and Soo were bitching about how I joined Daryl's group. Not that I care. What could they do? The poster was simple really. Daryl, me, Bryan and KM were just drawing stop signs, fists and random colourful words. (beautiful right, Mr. Cheong)

So after that was Geography a.k.a. break for me. Was just Facebooking on Bryan's com and playing different kinds of chess with Jit. A bit boring. And Yay now I can beat JJ! Partly because of my brother. Not that I want to mention it.

Next was the exciting Math. First thing I remembered was J.Lau the sleepy head sleeping for a while until Mr. Cheong came up to him , placed an eraser at the edge of the table and said: "Do you think I should just take this and...flick it at you?" Then he just snapped his fingers and flicked it at J. Lau. The retard JUST had to STARE BLANKLY at Mr. Cheong and got smacked in the eye. Which was just so cool for everyone to see. The fellow was screaming in pain and Mr. Cheong could only apologise. Come on Mr. Cheong, no need to apologise. The noob deserved it.

So somewhere later Mr. Cheong was trying to get Pin Lin to write out her working. THEN, HE STARTED SINGING SOMETHING LIKE A LOVE BALLAD WHAT THE HECK. So everyone was like going, Woah Mr. Cheong! Them he said something like Oh I try to speak as much as possible with Ruth each day. But all she says are :"Could you return my pen?" Then he says that he CONFISCATES HE PEN ON PURPOSE to hear her talk. OMGZZZ IMBA. And then he says, "Hmm, better not let this get out. Scandalous issue!" WTH...

Of course after that was break again. I think I played Chess. Dunno. But then Jee Hyun(senior) came in with Clarice. let me take that from Clarice.
jeehyun: "nvm, at least i'm still taller than zhien."
ze: -stands up- -walks towards her-
yuhan: -stands up- "but you aren't taller than me{or smth along that line}" -walks towards her TOWERING-
jeehyun: "errms.. err.. okay.." -runs awayy-
:D GG jee
Then some time after wards valarie and Sharmila came in. and I showed them my calculator. They JUST HAD to see beyond the piggy. O.o NVM...

After that, a trainer for IP came in. She was, er, teaching us things that looked like Lit. And was lit. And was stupid. What did I say last?
So like we had to get into groups, and after my group lost the 1st round, we won every single other round after that. Pro right. Cos Ruth practises silent command. She thinks and we listen.( I was joking)
Anyway at the end, we finally get our original groups. And we had to act out our solutions for the 2060 problem. And we had to insert some random phrase. Srsly random.
"The girl saw a beautiful rainbow and sang a rainbow song."
Fortunately our presentation of that phrase wasn't as random as candice's group. It happened at the end of my interview by Soosoo, when KM started singing the rainbow song. :D But Bryan got stage fright, I dunno, and forgot KM was to go for Olympic singing. So the teacher had to tell us that. Dang you Bryan.

End of day :D

Monday, March 2, 2009

I felt retarded

Yes, I felt retarded and decided to post this retarded post.

(Aren't I ALWAYS retarded?)

Never mind. Time to move on. I am writing about a dream, and dreams are ALWAYS retarded.

So, maybe I was thinking too much about Mousehunt and some plant, so I er dreamt that I was tasked to capture (or overcome? I can't remember) and extract some stuff from it. That part was retarded enough. Cos in my dream I sort of remembered that the stupid plant could move of its own will, and worse it had tentacle-like projections so yea, you can see how stupid it was, me and that dumb plant.

(OK the next part was invented to make this story actually make a LITTLE sense :D)

Somehow there were a group of lycans around that plant.(Maybe it drives them crazy, I don't know?!!!) So they pounced and one of them bit me on the shoulder. Not so much of BIT. MAULED would cut better to the point. So I turned into a werewolf. Makes lots of sense right.

(End of made-up bit)

Maybe it really did maul me, because I passed out some how and somehow found myself turning into a werewolf.

Turns out that unlike most stories, these werewolves lived in an apartment in a...jungle. Which makes you wonder how so many of them are there in the first place. (No humans to convert=???)A few days later, (it seemed like a few days later), the alpha werewolf decided to take us for a hunt. (This makes the least sense.) For some reason, the plant I had been hunting had properties that attracted any animal passing by, and while they struggled with its coils, the werewolves would attack and kill the animal. Or just bite any human. If a human is there.

So that day, some scientist was found struggling with the stupid vines. The werewolves, sorry, we, like any other animals, simply leaped out, snatched the retard and mauled him. Just another day in a beast-human life. Human-beast life.

And the dream ended there. OK, not really there. It ended as the scientist underwent the morphing into a wolf.

What is the moral of this story?

Dreams suck. Period.