Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post exam stuff

Well, so after a week of slacking and leaving my blog in the dumps, I’ve finally fished it out to post on. Unlike Clarice I think I will just split the days into different posts. Cos I still only have 94/95 posts registered. Ownage.

Script-checking duh. Funny that they split all the subjects over a week for the exams, then squashed them all into one day for script-checking.

First subject was Chinese…Great I think. Essay was so freaking much better than the one last semester. Paper B not as good sadly…but the comprehension was so freaking hard I think I was the best in my class XD. Anyway I scraped an A- WOOT.

Next…Math I think. Sick that day lurhh…so marks dropped obviously. 37/50 not even A- . Especially the last question…If I thought about congruent triangles I would have gotten A dammit. Fortunately I got full marks for both my common test…
Break was total pwnage. No geography gave me 1hr 40 min break XD. But being the gay I am, I went on Facebook and played cards.

After break was…Biology. Which was total ownage? I actually got A for both exams. But than that probably meant that my CA for the first module was really terrible for me to get a final result of B+ LOL. Darn. Should have put in more effort for those quizzes. But test good I happy liao XD.

Then, it was Physics. Epic Phail. For everyone. Better not mention it, except there was much bitching to the teacher by many students afterwards. I got B+ .

English totally owned. 24/25 for essay!!! XDXDXD. I got highest in class, if not for the fact that the marks weren’t counted but still I OWN XD. Just slacked at my seat.