Thursday, October 13, 2011

Russian Unicorn

It’s…going to be a long week.
Bryan: HEY I got 21 for bio prac man!
J.Lau: Yea…I got 22.
I should have known better than trying to continue blogging but, ah well.
I guess, being in a class of whack jobs makes one a whack job.
What if the whack job influence comes from other aspects, huh?
Shi Ni: I WANT THE STICKY THING! *jerks hand up and down*
Me: WTF?
Jit: WTF?
I guess…that is quite an appropriate response in response to such stupidity.
That, on the other hand, is a stupid response no matter the situation.
Well, what did YOU expect?
The was raining so hard there was sea spray on the stairways. The sixth-floor stairways.
Mr. Soh: I’m so wet you guys need to join in the fun. Come to the Life Sciences lab.
Lashing rain+air-con=very good idea. :D
During Biology we have established that Morgan Freeman is God. Existing since 160,000 years ago.
And someone needs to sort out his tastes of music. That goes along with serious documentaries.
Ms. Soh: And now…the worst for the last…20/22
We actually made more headway on chem.
I can’t remember what else we did, but it was probably something awesome. And the rain stopped, so that was probably good.
Math. I need to get away from Jeremias. GET SMARTER DAO HAN *hinthint*
GG deck of cards with a quarter chance of drawing an ace. Must be my kind of deck. :D
Mr. Loo stares at people evilly sometimes. :O
And the one who has been doing all our work while we drink coffee is leaving NUUUU
But, we have cookies. :D

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