Monday, October 10, 2011

Ain't No Mountain Higher

Yay for the beginning of hell week, 2nd edition?
it really isn’t so much of the homework (no, not more than usual…just the same as we always have had...T.T)
But, you know, since they’re just a couple or so weeks to the examinations…One can surely hope for better things.
In the weeks to come, anyway… *sighs*
Yea, still a bit far away right. But heck it.
Independent Study sounds a really good idea. Oh well.
Bio: quiz.
Never a good news.
But, you know, GENETICS argh.
*should be easy manzzz*
We came up with the theory that if me or Tiong looks at DH’s face for extended periods of time, our IQ level will start dropping
Galen: *blocks out DH’s face with hand*
DH: N1 stop being hater man!
Here I must interrupt with news from Friday.
DH: Noob man Tiong do such shitty puncturing.
Me: Usually the CEO doesn’t do this shit. That’s why we got cleaners who are more pro at it! :D *points significantly*
DH:…shuddap man!
*blocks out DH’s face from the past*
Yep. Helps.
All these sisters and brothers and random incestuous relations are so complicated rawr.
Aaanyway. The quiz. At long last.
DH: DOOD where’s Tiong?
Jit: DOOD where’s Yu Han?!
DH: *sees me and tiong waving from opposite ends of the room* WTF they are at opposite ends of the…world! It’s like the…North and South Pole and this is…
Me: Africa…
DH: Come on! It’s Christmas! Come back here!
Galen: *blocks out DH’s face*
Good response. LMAO.
But seriously? Dragons?
And then ARGH CHEM.
Which was so simple.
With a really scammer bonus question. :O
Oh well. Better than a couple million Celsius. XD.
Chinese. He manages to waste an hour better than anyone ever could.
And lack of assembly invariably gives rise to…
DH: HEY WTH whenever we get into this circle, we invariably get started on the topic of…something embarrassing to me?
Galen: Look, it’s like this…Cyrus will say something screwed up, you will say something obviously homophobic, Claire will screw your mind further…Yu Han and Jit will laugh at your retardedness, and someone will walk in saying something else retarded. Like Teck Chye will say HI DH, which is already retarded…
Hey, it was his fault. I mean, he was saying something about…JERKING OFF IN BATHROOMS?
DH: *at Galen* you better not let me catch you doing that one day ah?
Tiong: Ah, look who’s talking?
DH: More like this dude man!
Jit: No man, never in my life
Yea, good joke.
Galen: *blocks out DH’s face*
DH: Liddat la A-hole!
Galen: *is shocked* you the a-hole!
Tsktsk. Kids.
An interesting fact as arisen.
I take it in my very evil stride. XD

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