Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vanilla Twilight

Didn’t expect to see you still around.
(Frankly, the way things stand I didn’t expect to see me here either.)
I think I’ve lost the…taste to blog?
(Oh The Horror)
Or maybe it’s just the personal crises. New class of…closet muggers, a week’s worth of bio mugging to entertain me this Chinese New Year.
Ah well. All beginnings must have an end. Or is it the other way round.
Our hostel room is Spartan. And sort of dusty. Whenever I walk into someone else’s room.
Magiclean? Somehow I don’t like the mop. It always makes things…dirtier somehow. A soppier kind of dirty.
And I still haven’t gotten out of holiday mood. Really. Feels like one every week.
Obviously, then, no motivation to study.
Hello hostel life.
And…really still tryin to add the class to my people collection before I can relaly post much of substance.
Not like anything here was really of substance originally.
Also, I am losing things.
Three things in the same number of weeks.
T.T. Least I found one. Through stupidity GRRAWR.
Dr. Dewey likes glitter. And talking. Especially if he gets to take a jab at someone into the bargain.
And he’s British. Reasons for cuteness not necessarily in that order.
Mentoring, though, with our class.
Dr. Dewey: You people are…difficult!
*nervous giggles*
Eh heh. Seems like they aren’t too much of the talking sort.
(needing to mug still bugging me)
Oh. Well.
Screw off.
Debate was actually amusing.
I think.
Obviously, talking in impressive tones is enough to use complete bullshit you pull on the fly to impress everyone. But that’s just me, I think.
Oh, and five dollars which you have to spend 30 dollars to use.
One does not look gift horses in the mouth, I suppose. Especially gift horses that are not Times magazines.

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