Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Set Fire To The Rain

I noticed that not two posts ago I was in a class of whackjobs.
I miss that class of whackjobs.
So much. T_T
This class can get retarded at times.
(That's probably a good thing, by the way)
But most other it's frustrating.
One can stand an entire class of muggers for just so many times.
Now it would be fine and dandy if quizzes or graded class tasks were on the level of say, Honours.
(I will be missing major modules so badly when the Honours hit)
But no, they're the type that makes you regret THINKING of studying.
Oh well.
Too much Bio Olympiad, I see.
Also, I finally did not sleep during a Biomed lecture.
One can hardly tell whether that is for the better of anyone or anything.
Except for the fact that I am sleeping more, perhaps.
My story manuscript D:
I'm upset now. I think.
Mr. Lim: This method doesn't work for every case, but please, um, don't be upset because you think teacher is shortchanging you. But if you are upset we can always go out for, you know, a coffee, and discuss math over it.
Sometimes, though, this guy just brightens my day.
Nowadays everything is boring.
And I'm cruisin'
In a handy turtle shell, but still cruisin'

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