Monday, March 5, 2012

Raise Your Glass

Someone needs to compile a list of classic Mr. Lim quotes. And situations.
So here.
“The whole world knows, you know. The WHOLE WORLD KNOWS.” *Three-fingered—I don’even know what to call it. For nerdness’ sake, I’m calling it the Nightcrawler hand* “Do you know? No? Then you’re not in this world!”
“…And then, monkey see, monkey do.”
“Sure. My pleasure!”
“…but it’s not that Mr. Lim wants to cheat you of knowing this wonderful short cut, you know; please don’t be upset. Are you upset? Oh, Samantha is upset I see. It’s OK, you and I could go out for some time and discuss Math over a cup of coffee…”
“Nicholas! You’re too bad at cheating—I think you need to pick up some tips from Mr. Lim, you know.”
“You know, if you want to you ought to bring in a sweater, and write all the equations on the sleeves, you know. But make sure that you bring the right sweater on the right exam date, otherwise you might bring the Physics sweater to your Math exam, and then—Oh no!”
“I realized that Singapore is not having enough babies for the replacement rate too, you know, and that’s not good. It’s because not enough people are dating, you know. The smartest men will date the women who are slightly less smart, and so on, and then there will be the least smart men and smartest women left without partners. I have a recursion formula for this, you know…”
Starbucks date <3
Taken in a different context that might not be completely appropriate.
But what the hey.
English. Bah.
I haven’t read my own essay properly enough to remember it. T.T

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